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Chapter 5: Rabbit Trap

Mizuno Ami sighed softly as she looked at her watch then saved her work on her notebook computer. Since yesterday she had been worried about Usagi especially since she felt her power suddenly spike then disappear. None of the girls had been able to get a hold of Usagi on her cell phone or communicator and were deeply worried.

Just as she finished packing her things, she heard the sound of someone approaching the silent area of the library. "I was just packing up to go Kibu-san" she said expecting it to be the middle aged head librarian coming to tell her it was closing time.

"Kibu-san?" Taiki said as he looked at the bluenette with a curious expression.

Ami instantly recognized the voice and looked up. Her cheeks reddened as an innocent smile touched her lips. "Taiki-kun. You're back." She quickly walked to Taiki and gave him a hug. She jumped back blushing deeply. "Um Sorry."

Taiki smiled and laughed softly at Ami's actions. "It's quite alright Ami-chan,"

Ami blushed again and smiled but her expression quickly changed. "When did you get back and did the others come with you?"

"Seiya came back a few days before I did but Yaten stayed on Kinmoku" Taiki said as he helped Ami carry her belongings.

"Did you say Seiya has been here for a few days?" Ami looked up at Taiki surprised. "Maybe he has seen Usagi?"

Taiki raised an eyebrow looking at Ami. "What are you talking about?"

"Well it started last week when Usagi found out Mamoru had been cheating on her," Ami began as they walked out of the library. "Rather than running home crying, she gave him a black eye as did Makoto after Mamoru peeked up her skirt."

"Chiba is a pervert?" Taiki couldn't help but laugh. "Well he deserved it."

Ami couldn't help but laugh now that she though about it but she quickly sobered and took on a serious expression. "Well for a week after that incident, we had been watching her worried that this new attitude she was displaying was just a front and she would eventually break down crying. She got offended when the suggestion that she might truly be depressed and might harm herself came up and she stormed off. About thirty minuets after she left the shrine, we all felt her energy surge as if she were using her powers but then they completely vanish." Ami said concerned. "And I mean everything vanished, including her life energy and that of her silver crystal."

As they left the library Ami saw Ikuko exiting the grocery store humming softly smiling. She could tell by her expression she must have seen Usagi and quickly ran to catch up with her. "Mrs. Tuskino!! Mrs Tuskino!" Ami called getting Ikuko's attention.

Hearing someone calling her, Ikuko turned around and smiled brightly seeing Ami. "Oh Good evening Ami-chan. Is everything okay?"

"Have you heard from Usagi-chan yet?" Ami asked when she caught up to the older woman. "We still haven't heard anything from her and we're really worried."

"Oh that girl. She was supposed to call you and let you know she's okay." Ikuko sighed. "Then again she did have company so she may have gotten distracted."

"So she made it home safely?" Ami asked breathing a sigh of relief.

Ikuko nodded her head. "Seiya brought her back to the house a little after twelve this afternoon."

It was now Taiki's turn to look surprised as Ikuko said it was Seiya who brought Usagi home. "Excuse me Tuskino-san, but did you say Seiya brought her home?"

Ikuko nodded. "Apparently Usagi was on her way home when she got a call from Chiba-kun, but something set her off about the call and instead of heading home or to his apartment she found herself in the park. She was suddenly hit with a dizzy spell and fainted when Seiya found her and took her back to his place. At least that is what she told her father and I when we asked her what happened.

Ami looked at Taiki then back at Ikuko. "Is it okay if we drop by the house to make sure Usagi is okay?"

Ikuko smiled brightly and nodded. "I was just heading home myself so you two are more than welcome to join me."

"Thank you," Ami and Taiki both said at the same time earning a smile and giggle from the older woman walking with them.


Since their release the day before, Topaz and Opal have been diligently at work trying to hone in on the power of the silver crystal their master said would be able to open the portal and allow their dimension to merge with this one and the demon world could take over.

The couple sat back to back in an intricately drawn arcane circle reciting a chant in an incoherent language.

Opal's brow furrowed as she began to get a mental image of the holder of the silver crystal. As she concentrated harder, she began to fall out of sync with her partner chanting faster than he was as she focused on the image of the blonde hared girl unintentionally entering her mind and seeing memories of her past life, the present and a future

Shaken from his concentration and connection to his partner, Topaz opened his eyes and turned to face Opal concerned seeing her rocking back and fourth as well as the circle they sat inside had began to glow.


Chibiusa stared on in shock at Mamoru's action and noticed her mothers hands shaking as they clenched into tightly balled fists. "This isn't going to be pretty" she murmured softly to Seiya who nodded in agreement.

Usagi abruptly pushed Mamoru away from her wiping her hips in disgust. "Get Out!" she demanded, her tone colder than ice.

Fearing what she would do to him, Mamoru made his way to the open door. "I'll give you some time to think about things Usa-ko. I love you." he said as he exited the house just barely dodging the flying vase Usagi sent towards his head.

"The Nerve of that Prick!" she growled softly as she headed into the kitchen returning a moment later with a broom and dustpan. As she cleaned up she murmured softly a rather long string of expletives that if heard would cause the toughest biker thug to blush in embarrassment.

After Usagi finished cleaning up she sat on the sofa with, Seiya and Chibiusa.. The now twelve year old coughed clearing her throat pointing to Usagi's askew blouse which was not only revealing a lot of cleavage, but her pink and white lacy bra could clearly be seen.

Seiya caught on and smiled reaching over fixing Usagi's blouse taking the opportunity to steal a little grope. After the brief intimate moment, he then turned to look at the lavender hared girl.

"How are your parents Chibiusa-chan?" Usagi smiled at the preteen. "Also, what happened to your hair?" she asked running her fingers through one of the lavender pigtails.

Chibiusa frowned concerned as she looked at her mother. "Papa disappeared." She simply said worried. "Mama strangely was not upset over his disappearance. However about a week after papa vanished, Mama suddenly collapsed as if all the energy had been drained from her and she fell into unconsciousness and Crystal Tokyo began to fall into darkness as if it were disappearing."

As Usagi listened to her daughter tell what happened, she felt as if suddenly felt as if her mind was slowly being pulled apart. A pained expression crossed her face and it did not pass unnoticed by Chibiusa or Seiya.

"Usagi-chan?" Seiya called out softly as she gently touched her arm but looked on in fear as she once again fainted.


"Opal? Beloved?" Topaz called to her concerned as he sat in front of her trapped inside the circle. Gently he touched her hands and her eyes flew open but instead of a cunning ice blue, his gaze was met with a blue tempest as her eyes rapidly shifted from pale ice blue to deep indigo.

Topaz closed his eyes as he held his partner and mate's hands tuning his energy to hers and instantly realized that she had found the silver imperium crystal and it's holder.

They now knew her every alias and appearance, her friends, her family, her love and hate and they were now going to use that to their advantage.

As he once again became one with his Opal, Topaz entered deeper into Usagi's subconscious


"They're all going to die, and it will be your fault if you do not give us your crystal" Topaz purred softly as he formed mental images of all those Usagi loved one by one being destroyed in various and bloody ways.

Usagi body twitched and convulsed as if in the throws of a seizure as the two demons continued to taunt and terrorize her with horrific visions.

"Whoever you are, get out of my head and leave my friends and family alone," she murmured softly, almost incoherently.

"Usagi, what's going on? Please, wake up!" He gently shook her

"Come to us little rabbit give us what we want and we will leave your loved ones alone" Opal softly taunted her this time. "You have one hour little rabbit and don't try to run, we Will find you."

As the two broke the connection they had made with her, Usagi's eyes flew open startling Seiya and Chibiusa. Slowly the dumpling headed blonde rose to her feet and stood there for a moment almost forgetting the other two in the room. "Seiya, take care of Chibiusa for me and tell everyone I love them." Usagi cryptically said.

"Usagi-mama?" Chibiusa softly called.

"Odango-chan?" Seiya spoke softly.

Without another word, Usagi bolted for the door. After she slipped on her shoes she ran out of the house bumping into her mother, Taiki and Ami. She quickly murmured an apology and continued running.

Seiya and Chibiusa hot on her heels also ran out of the wide open front door only to be stopped by the trio outside.

"Seiya, what's going on!" Taiki asked surprised by the sudden burst.

"What's wrong with Usagi?" Ikuko and Ami both asked at the same time.

"I don't know, but before she bolted from the house she said tell everyone I love them" Seiya said as he watched Chibiusa take off after Usagi.


Since Usagi's power suddenly disappeared yesterday, an ominous feeling had fallen upon the fire priestess of the Hikawa Shrine.

"Rei-chan, you can't do this to yourself. You need to rest." Grandpa spoke concerned for his only grandchild.

"There is an ominous energy somewhere close Grandpa and I have a feeling that whatever it is, it's after Usagi.

Rei's grandfather frowned with concern though on the inside he was brimming with pride about his granddaughter's powers. He sighed knowing there was no winning. "Okay, but don't push yourself..."

Before he could finish what he was saying, the great fire Rei had been meditating in front of suddenly burst with great brilliance before faltering to a mere pile of smoldering embers.

"No I can't rest Grandpa... Usagi is in danger!" Rei gasped recalling what she saw before the fire snuffed itself out. The raven haired priestess sprung to her feet and ran out of the scared fire temple only to be stopped by her grandpa by the door.

"Take these, I have a feeling you will need them" He said with a serious face as he handed his granddaughter a small stack of ofuda.


Usagi continued to run through the streets unaware that Seiya, Chibiusa, Taiki, and Ami were following her. As she ran she collided with Mamoru just as he got out of his car.

"Excuse me!" Usagi mumbled as she got up and continued running.

Mamoru could tell something was wrong and quickly ran and caught up to her grasping her by her arm. "Usako, wait up. What's going on?"

:Let me go!" she screamed shoving him away.

Still upset about earlier, Mamoru continued to hold Usagi's arm, his grip tightening a little. "Listen, Usako!"

Usagi struggled wildly until she finally broke loose of Mamoru's hold and bolted off towards the park.

"What did you do to her, Chiba!" Seiya snapped at Mamoru as he caught up just in time to see Usagi struggling and eventually breaking loose of Mamoru's hold.

"I didn't do anything to her Kou! I was just getting out of my car about to go into the store here when she ran into me. What did YOU do to her?"

"Guys!" Ami screamed getting the attention of the two squabbling men. "Now is not the time for this! Usagi may be in danger now let's go!"

Seiya and Mamoru nodded and started running catching up to Chibiusa who kept running when the others stopped..

Perhaps it was the fear of those she loved being hurt or worse, but Usagi was driven to run faster and harder than she had ever ran in her life. She began to feel a little relief as the park came into view however that relief was transformed into terror the second she passed through the entrance to the park.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Sailor Moon," One of the voices that intruded her thoughts spoke.

"Usagi Tuskino" The second voice spoke

"Who are you!" Usagi demanded as she stared at the couple who just materialized before her.

"That doesn't matter now does it" Topaz sighed as he smirked a cold wicked smirk. "Now Princess, you can make this easy, and less fun for us and just give us the crystal now..."

"...Or I can take it by force" Opal spoke, her expression an exact double of her partner and lover.

Usagi knew she didn't have a chance against the both of them alone, so she turned to run from them.

"Really now?" Opal sighed as she held her hand directly in front of her. "I've always wanted to use this spell against a human." Once invisible runes began to glow upon Opal's arm swirling around moving towards her hand as if they had a life of their own. Her eyes began to glow as she chanted an incantation.

Just as Usagi was about to take another step she suddenly felt a darkness descend on her restricting her movement. Honestly she felt she was restrained by a gigantic hand and her body was no longer under her control.

"Now little bunny," Topaz began as the dark force pulled Usagi back to them completely restraining her movements. "Are you going to surrender the crystal?"

"Or do we have to take it by force?" Opal finished Topaz question. Usagi looked at the two in fear then anger determined not to give in to them. Opal sighed softly but smirked as she looked first at the blonde then at her partner. "Well Topaz my love, It looks like we will have to take it by force."


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