"Mom, just stop it! He's not my brother!" Bella said.

It was true. The fact that her mother had recently decided to married Dr. Carlisle Cullen, didn't make Edward her brother. For god sake! She had despised him for years! And now, she was just supposed to like him? He was the most arrogant, self-centered, awful man she had ever met. No. Not in a million years she would treat him well. It was enough torture the fact that they had to live together.

"Wow. That was really mean, Bella. That hurt my feelings," Edward said.

Fucking liar. He was sitting in the couch, facing Renee's back, and smirking right at Bella.

Renee didn't say a word. But the look she gave her was definitely not a nice one.

"Oh my god! Fine! I don't care! Here," she said throwing the remote control to him. "Choose whatever stupid, boring, pornographic tv show you wanna watch! I don't care!" Bella yelled exasperated. She sat once again in the couch, in the only space available: right besides Edward. Smirking fucker.

He kept flicking through the channels because he knew that that, just drove her crazy.

"Oh my god! Just pick a fucking channel!" She yelled.

"Bella!" Renee scolded her. "I didn't raise you to speak like that. Now let Edward pick a show."

"Yes little sis, just be patient," he murmured in her ear so that Renee wouldn't hear.

"God. Just kill me." she murmured so that only Edward could hear.


"What the fuck?" she mumbled.

A moment ago, she was seating over the kitchen counter eating her ice cream, the next second the ice cream was gone and her hands were empty.

Of course, it took her a whole second to figure out what was going on.

"Give it back, asshole" she said.

"Well. Hello to you too, sis" Edward sneered.

He was now standing across the kitchen from her, with a cocky smile and the carton in his hands.

It had been six months already, but things kept getting worst. They couldn't stand each other, even if Carlisle or Renee begged them to behave, they had hated each other all throughout high school, and there was no going back.

He didn't even look at her, too occupied attacking the ice cream to actually pay attention. He dipped his spoon into the chocolate chip ice cream, collecting a large scoop of it and he was about to eat it when, out of nowhere, he heard Bella's growl.

"Don't you dare," she said, her voice full of venom.

Edward looked up amused. Bella was furious, and that just pleased him even more than stealing her ice cream.

"What are you talking about, sis?" A smug smile crept over his face while she kept glaring at him.

"Just give me my fucking ice cream back, Cullen. And stop calling me sis. I'm not your sister. I'll never be."

But that just pushed him more over the edge. Without breaking their gaze, he took the big spoon of ice cream to his open mouth, until Bella spoke again.

"I swear Cullen. Eat that and I'll punch you so hard you'll never feel Stanley's… warmth again!"

He laughed. "What? You can even say "pussy", Swan?"

But Bella just glared at him, so he kept going, the spoon gradually getting closer to his mouth, daring her to move.

"Cullen…" She warned. But he kept slowly moving the spoon, until he held it just inches away from his mouth. Bella growled through her teeth, clenching her hand hard around her own spoon. He was taunting her and she knew it.

Don't give in, don't give in, don't give in. She said to herself.

"Don't you fucking dare Cullen" She said.

But there was determination in his eyes and she knew it. She held her breath, but she knew he would do it. Her eyes widened as his big smile crept all over his face and she saw with blinding fury how he took the scoop into his mouth. Fucker.

"Mmm… delicious…" He said staring straight at her.

"Agh! You're such a fucking asshole Cullen!" she screamed. But that only intensified Edward's smirk.

"Oh yeah? Well right back at you, sis" he said.

Bella snapped. Anger run through all her body. Without another thought she throw herself over Edward wrapping her legs firmly around his waist, and yanking fistfuls of his hair. She was livid. She wanted to physically harm him.

"You bitch! Let me go!" He snarled angrily.

"Ha! Who's the bitch now, bitch?"

Edward froze. She did not just call him her bitch.

Before it could fall into the ground, Edward dipped his hand deep into the ice cream collecting a large scoop of it, and holding Bella's neck fiercely in one hand, he pulled his ice cream filled hand all over her face. He had lost his patience too.

Bella drew in a ragged breath. She was stunned. Her face was bathed in melting ice cream. Immediately she went to pick up the ice cream, but she soon realize that it was on the floor, out of reach, so she only had one way to go. She curled her hands around his neck pulling him all the way down to her and she frantically clean her ice cream face with his own: she brushed her cheek against his cheek, her forehead against his forehead, her nose against his nose.

With the abrupt attack Edward lost his balance and ended up pinning her body against the closest wall while she kept fighting for control. Her muscles were clenching around him, grabbing him fiercely against her body, and their faces were pressed so close, that she could taste his breath in her mouth and so could he.

Edward kept grabbing her tight firmly, trying to push her face away with his hand on her cheek. But it was pointless. She kept soaking his face with melting ice scream.

They swore against each other, their breathing more and more heavily with each push he gave, in each pull she forced, until their lips lightly brushed each other in that overwhelming frenzy.

Then they froze. They where breathing so hard, and they were so close, that she could feel the heat from his hand, burning beneath her skirt, or he could feel her heat against his strained cock and they could both burn in the softness of her body pressed against his.

She looked up meeting his eyes but neither of them could spoke.

Bella looked down to his lips. And he did the same.

Their bodies were tensed. But they didn't move.

Their breaths were heavy.

When Bella look up again, his eyes were still on hers, never wavering.

"You're disgusting" she whispered between ragged breaths.

"Right back at you, sis" he said with the hardest tone she had ever heard. He loosed his grip on her, letting Bella tumble to the ground.

She pulled her skirt back down covering her bare tights and without saying any other word he turned away.