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A/N: Hey, this fic was written in honor of my bff's birthday. And because my original birthday fic sucked. Oh well. Aida, I figured you'd like this one more, so, here it is.

Motoki was polishing some glasses, when a blond-haired beauty waltzed through the arcade doors. She grinned cheerfully and came to sit at the counter, in Usagi's regular seat. Motoki took a good look at her, and nearly dropped the glass in his hands.

"Usagi! What did you do to your hair?" he yelled. Gone were the odangos, along with a good three feet of her hair.

She shushed him, "I want to see if Mamoru-baka notices it."

He nodded. "Ok, you want the usual?"

"No, can I have a coke instead? I don't want to make it obvious that it's me."

"Sure." He nodded. "He would recognize you immediately, since you are the only one in the whole of Tokyo who could stomach one Usagi Special."

"Awww! You named a sundae after me?" she squealed, batting her eyelashes at him. "Arigato, Onii-san!"

Motoki grinned, and then winced as her shrill tones penetrated his skull.

The bells on the door dinged, and Motoki wilted in relief. Mamoru walked in, and Usagi's quickly scooted aside, a few stools away. However, she could still hear all that was said, so she pretended to be engrossed in her drink while listening to Motoki and the Baka talk.

"Hey, Mamoru. The usual?"

"Yes please."

Wow, the baka had manners? Who knew?

"I didn't get to sleep until about three. I need the caffeine if I'm going to last the entire day."

"What were you doing that had you up that late? A girl?" Motoki said, teasingly.

"Motoki! Get your head out of the gutter!"

"So it was a girl."

For some reason, that bothered Usagi. She could feel herself turning red.

"Motoki, it wasn't like that!" shouted Mamoru, probably in response to Motoki's amused expression. "There was a youma attack in the park last night, and the sailor scouts turned up to fight it!"

"And why exactly were you in the park? Were you…with someone?"


"Just kidding. You really need to get a girl though."

Usagi frowned.

"Hey, where's odango? She's usually here at this time." said Mamoru, looking around and effectively changing the subject.

"Don't know, haven't seen her." said Motoki, offhandedly, looking sideways at her.

Mamoru's eyes narrowed. "Motoki, you are a horrible liar. Now where is Odango?"

"Uhhh…What are you talking about? I really don't know…And why do you insist on calling her that name anyway? She hates it."

Usagi straightened up, this would be interesting!

Mamoru took the bait, and missed Motoki's sigh of relief while psychoanalyzing his feelings.

"I-I don't really know." Mamoru began, puzzled. "It just comes out. I don't mean it in a bad way. I do it just to tease her."

Motoki smiled mischievously. "I get it. Guys only tease the girls they like."

Neither he, nor Usagi expected what came next.

Slightly dazed at the conclusion he had come to, Mamoru said the first words that came to mind.

"I don't like her, I love her."

Happy Birthday, Aida!