Disclaimer: I don't own Mario, Nintendo does. I also don't own the plot of this fic, since it is actually King Lear, by William Shakespeare. This applies to all the chapters, but I'll only be saying it once.

Author's Note: This is the third Shakespearean play that I've turned into a Mario fanfic, and hopefully it won't be the last. I was able to come up with cast of characters that fit both the play and Mario fairly well – it's not perfect like Richard III-Bowser II, mind you, but it's certainly better than Hamlet-Luigi. The biggest challenge was sorting out all the peripheral characters so that I could reuse Mario characters in various scenes; generally I'm good at that, but it was a real challenge this time around. For one thing, there were A LOT of extras, and only one of them had a name; I've dealt with this before, but when you take into account the fact that these extras are divided amongst three parties in King Lear, it gets even harder. I had to make sure the right people were in the right place at the right time for each scene, and since the extras seemed to change hands from act to act, I couldn't even use peoples' allegiances to decide who can play what half the time. But in the end, I think I finally got it all sorted out.

Rated T for violence, character death, coarse language and mature themes (particularly sexuality, though nothing explicate so I'm not hiking it up to M). Blame Shakespeare, not me – these were his ideas.

As always, here's the cast, showing which Mario characters (in bold) are playing which Shakespearean characters. I've included little explanations about who's-who in King Lear, though these relationships don't necessarily carry over to King Bowser. All the nameless extras (listed as Attendants, Gentlemen, Servants, Messengers, Soldiers, Officers and Captains in King Lear) are here too, though to save on space, I have lumped them together under the general header "Attendants/Soldiers". Edmund, Gloucester, Goneril, Regan, Cornwall and Albany "share" minions, so those extras are all listed together, whereas the few Attendants/Soldiers with unwavering loyalties to one despot are listed separately.

Cast of Characters

Lear, King of England: Bowser
Goneril, Lear's eldest daughter: Larry
Albany, Goneril's husband: Roy
Oswald, Goneril's steward: Toadsworth
Regan, Lear's second daughter: Iggy
Cornwall, Regan's husband: Wendy
Cordelia, Lear's youngest daughter: Peach
France, the King of France: Mario
Doctor, a French doctor / Marshal of France / Attendants of France: Luigi
Kent, an earl: Kamek
Gloucester, another earl: Ludwig
Edmund, Gloucester's bastard son: Daisy
Edgar, Gloucester's legitimate son: Lemmy
Fool, Lear's court jester: Kammy
Herald, a herald employed by Albany: Fawful
First Servant, one of Cornwall's servants: Bowser Jr.
Second and Third Servants, more of Cornwall's servants: Hammer Bros.
Burgundy, a duke / Curan, Edmund's friend / Attendants/Soldiers: Wario
Attendants/Soldiers loyal to Lear: Morton
Attendants/Soldiers loyal to France: Toad and Toadette
Attendants/Soldiers loyal to Edmund, Gloucester, Goneril, Regan, Cornwall and/or Albany: Waluigi, Petey Piranha and King Boo

As with my other Shakespeare adaptations, the Koopalings are adults in this story, but I won't be offering any in-text descriptions, as that takes to long and isn't very relevant to the story anyway. You can use your imagination or picture them as they appear in the actual games – either one will work. Personally, I picture all the Koopalings as adults, except for Lemmy, who I still envision as looking the same as he does in the games, whereas the others are all around Bowser's height, give or take a foot. I also picture Morton as short and round, but that's totally irrelevant.

Also, just to make the political scene a bit clearer, here's a breakdown of how the land is divided in the play: Bowser is the King of the Koopa Kingdom, which now consists of, not only Dark Land, but of Sarasaland and Mushroom Land too. I say "Mushroom Land" because it's not a "kingdom" anymore, having been conquered by Bowser. Similarly, the various "kingdoms" of Sarasaland (Chai, Birabuto, Muda and Easton) are now provinces of the country that is Sarasaland; Dark Land and Mushroom Land are classified as countries in this story too. I'll still do some in-story explanation, but I wanted to make sure I had it all clearly summed-up somewhere, just in case the narrative gets confusing.

And now that that's out of the way, on with the show!