Thank you Stephenie Meyer for many hours of inspired fanfiction reading and now writing... you own it all.

So this is my first dabble as a writer. Please be gentle with me! I have mapped out this story, so no worries. It promises to be fantastic!


Chapter 1 - Sparks


Fate… and a very good agent are what have brought me here today.

I stare blankly at the names on the list, all blending one into another. I am completely bored.


That was enough to bring me back to consciousness. Its show time so I go sit on the bed as another would be Romeo saunters into the room to read lines from the script excerpt.

He thinks he is so hot… I can just see the smirk on his face as he sits down on the edge of the bed with me. Man, he's already all in my personal space… uhhh! I so hope that he invested in some tic tacs, unlike the last guy because he is so not kissing this face until he does. I peek down at my lines before glancing at this muscle bound all American guy, who for most other women, would be soliciting some major panting. Not my type at all.

"Uh… hi! My name is Tyler"

"Bella Swan" was my short reply. No sense in getting wordy with any of these guys. I am sure that there are another 10 where he came from to audition with. Besides, they think that I am this stupid little teenager and all they have to do is wear tight jeans to impress the director and I. My thoughts run much deeper.

"Ok everyone, we need silence… and 3…2…1…"

Tyler scoots closer to me his heart pounding out of his chest. His eyes raised and gazing into mine – then to my boobs – ooops- no back to my eyes again. This moron is a pro!

"Kristin. When I am with you, I feel so protective. I want, no need to be with you…always. Here, I want to try something… be still… "

And then he came in for the kill. (KISS)

Nothing… absolutely nothing. He was so stiff and I swear his lips encompassed my whole mouth. Was I just kissed by a Bassett Hound? I mean, I don't have any mad skillz myself in the kissing department or anything. Hell, I have only had one boyfriend and he was my first everything. Tyler is making me so glad that I haven't explored other options.

"Ok – cut!"

I jumped up off the bed and quickly made my way over to Katie, one of the up and coming directors of this time, to discuss the latest entry into our search for a leading man. This was a special Indy film that was coming to fruition due to the mass support of a series of books called "At Dusk". There had been a never before seen following and studios felt like it was time to pull the trigger and capitalize on the exponentially growing fan base.

So here I am, Bella Swan, 17-year-old actress extraordinaire.

The director and I quickly agreed that this was not our man.

"I am looking for someone otherworldly," she describes. "While cute would sell tickets, don't you agree that we need someone who looks the part and has that chemistry that you can just feel on screen?"

As an actress, you encounter co-stars all the time that give you momentary butterflies and things go great, until the director yells "cut" and they go back to being the egotistical pricks that they are. I am just an ordinary looking girl; none of these actors would take a second look at me, if they didn't have to.

" I agree, I can totally see where you are coming from on this one".

Whew! Saved from kissing that one ever again!

Katie scanned the list for the next contestant, while I stared around the studio bedroom set. There was a closed set today, just an intimate few of us this late on a Sunday evening.

So I take my place again on the edge of the bed. I really don't want to be here all night. Maybe I should hurry up and just pick a guy… I don't know. I roll my eyes awaiting the next Casanova for the evening.


I didn't even look up this time. Suddenly, I felt something in me stir, so I made a quick glance in the direction of the door. Only I couldn't look away. Right when I looked, my eyes locked on the most indescribably gorgeous set green eyes that I have ever seen. I couldn't look away if I had wanted to. My breathing hitched for a moment and I thought that I saw him gasp as well.

I watched every step that he took with curiosity as he gave his information to the director. Wow! Check out his ass! He puts the Greek sculptures to shame! Come to mama! Of course, these are things that I am thinking… In reality, I would just studder to death if I didn't have scripted lines to say and he would probably run away – quickly.

So he walked over to sit next to me on the bed. The Adonis is sitting with me on the bed...only in a movie.

I am so blushing- dammit! Not a good thing for him to know what I am thinking.

"Hello. My name is Edward… Edward Cullen"

He seemed unusually calm. I wondered if he had kissed many strange girls before. He must be used to this, girls probably throw themselves at him all the time. Just then, I noticed his hair. It looked just like sex hair! Ughhh! I felt the butterflies taking flight in my stomach.

I wonder whose bed he just came from? Stop it! Stop it! Bella, you have a very loving and supportive boyfriend who is waiting for you at home, so get those pervi thoughts out of your head!!

Back to reality…

"Uhhh… hi… I am Bella," I stated in a nonchalant way as I ran my fingers through my bangs and hair.

The director walked over to us for one last motivational speech. "I know that you just met, but I need you to feel the passion that these characters have for one another and show me what you got!"

"Silence on the set and.3…2…1"

Edward turned to me and slowly looked up at me through his thick dark lashes and smiled a sexy crooked grin. A look that I am sure has dropped many panties. Then he placed his hand on my upper thigh while slightly leaning towards me. Feeling the heat in his touch sent my senses into overdrive and all of the sudden I wanted more, mentally cursing the layer of jeans between us. My body instantly flushed again- traitor.

"Kristin. When I am with you, I feel so protective. I want, no need to be with you…always. Here, I want to try something… be still… "

Keeping our eyes locked he leaned towards me, eyes half laden. Then he looked down for a moment at my lips and then back up to my eyes almost asking for permission. I instinctively licked my lower lip, too anxious to taste him. Damn these hormones! He took his hand off my thigh and raised it to tenderly cup my cheek while slightly brushing his thumb between my cheek and the corner of my mouths.

I instantly felt a pull from deep within me and a sensation that felt tingly, almost like sparks as he touched my face. Was he feeling this shit too? Did someone put something in my coffee?

Bella breath… was all I could think about… a basic function or so I thought until he turned his head slightly to the side and leaned in to tenderly graze his perfect lips with mine.

He pulled back a little as my breathing hitched. He gazed at me for a brief moment, a fire igniting in his eyes, then dove in and captured my lips with his. Oooh… his lips were so soft and they were so hungry. His other hand quickly raised and caressed the back of my head to drive us deeper into the kiss. Edward turned more directly in front of me so that he was between my legs and urged me to scoot back further on the bed. Our lips never parted as our bodies moved and our hands roamed. Once, in a suitable destination close to the pillows and headboard, I laid back and he positioned himself over me and between my legs. My girlie parts were alight and in tune with every move he made as his hand slowly traveled up the inner seem of my jeans inching higher towards…

"Ahem… ok – well… um … thank you for … coming… here that is…"

There was an audible group exhale in the room breaking the sexual energy.

"Wow! Who broke up the party? Oh yeh… I guess we did have an audience. That was so HOT!" my inner monologue shouted.

I quickly moved back to the end of the bed and readjusted my clothing, trying to remember how to formulate sentences.

I looked over quickly to see that Edward hadn't much left the spot where I had left him, seeming comfortable where he was. I could get used to seeing this guy on a bed… bad thoughts, bad thoughts… When did I turn into such a perv?

That is where I left him as the director called me into her office to discuss our options.

"He is the one!" I proclaimed as soon as the door was closed, of course. "I don't care who else you have lined up, I won't do this movie unless he is the leading man!"

"But he is 22 and virtually unknown… do you think that he can handle it… or you?"

I thought about exactly why I had chosen him and realized he had other qualities that fascinated me as well.

"Edward is the only actor that did not come in here all pumped up and hard core about kissing the hell out of me and he did not overdo the lines. It was like he was on Valium or something. Hell, I think that he may not have even read the lines before he got here or the book much less! Everything he said and did was unrehearsed… and you can't deny the chemistry…"

I trailed off the last sentence as I reminisced about our brief tryst in the next room.

She stared at me for a moment contemplating and said, "If Edward gets this kind of reaction out of you unrehearsed, then I think that he will have the fans swooning when he does rehearse and actually reads the books. He does have the look that we need as well… I will contact his agent."