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Chapter 16 - Reflection


My backbone scraped against the cold tile walls as water rained down our overheated torsos.

Edward's firm thrusts sent prickles of pleasure throughout my body. I should have been exhausted. I should have been sore. But I wasn't. The sensation that I experienced when skin met skin was like a drug and Edward was my personal brand of heroin.

Why had I spent so much time fighting the inevitable? Fate had played her role and brought us together, even if it was for the night.

"Fuck me!" I shouted.

If I thought that Edward naked was swoon worthy, naked wet Edward was a whole other story.

His talented dick was hitting all the spots. Edward had me pinned to the shower wall, holding my legs around his waist. The water cascaded down his muscular chest as he pushed into me. My eyes roamed of their own volition to pursue the happy trail down his stomach leading to the juncture where we were joined.

I moaned loudly at the feeling of him filling me. Words like spectacular and magnificent couldn't begin to describe it.

My orgasm came strong, knocking me over the edge and into bliss, taking Edward with me.

Later, after we had toweled dry and climbed under the bed sheets, he pulled me to him, his warm arms tightened securely around me.

"Bella, that was amazing". He whispered.

He leaned in and kissed my temple.

I closed my eyes and replied "Mindblowingly amazing".

It was the wee hours of the morning and my body decided it was time to shut down into a blissful slumber.

Morning. There is a reason I didn't do mornings, especially when I had fallen asleep only a couple of hours ago.

I groaned and stretched, my toes brushed against something warm. I rolled over and discovered Edward sleeping like a baby. There was no way that I going to wake him this early, but I could unabashedly stare at him.

There were no words for how gorgeous this man lying next to me was. I didn't want to get my hopes up too much like a girl after prom night sex, but I knew my feelings ran further than lust and instant gratification.

Edward eventually opened his sleepy eyes and grinned at me.

That's a good sign- right?

He squeezed me to him and nuzzled his nose in my hair.

"Mmmm…you smell good"

"You don't smell so bad yourself."

Edward's phone beeped informing him that he received a text. Much to my chagrin, he reached over to the nightstand and checked it. Ben had sent a message that Edward needed to be on set in an hour, which probably meant that I was due there too. I didn't have my phone with me, but I was sure that Angela would be on my doorstep with coffee looking for me soon.

I bit my lip and peeled myself out of bed; dancing around the room attempting to clothe myself. Of course, that was a little difficult when the object of my fantasies was lying in bed, hands behind his head watching my every move with darkened eyes like he was stalking prey.

"That is such a fucking turn on when you bite your lip, Bella. I am going to have to start pulling your lip from your teeth or I will be inclined to fuck you at some very inappropriate times."

Umm… I vote option B, please.

"I didn't realize that I did it that much. Sorry?"

Mental Note… Bite lips a lot.

The sexy mess threw me a shirt to cover myself up more and walked me to my room. We kissed goodbye and made the traditional promises that we'd see each other soon.

I checked my phone and sure enough, Angela had sent me a message that the car would be coming to pick me up momentarily. I also had two texts from James.

James. What to do… what to do. I didn't want to jump the gun and tell James that Edward and I were dating because I honestly didn't know what we were doing. Things were going well, but in this business, the only thing constant was change.

James had started a routine of texting me in the morning to ask me what my plans were so that he could fit into that schedule to see me. I had to admit that I gave him an 'A' for effort. I wasn't keeping James on as a standby or anything, but I didn't want to rush and hurt him if things didn't work out. I knew that he still cared for me much more than I felt I was capable of returning. If Edward and I truly started dating, that would solidify the fact that James and I could only ever be friends.

I decided not to respond to James until I got more of a grasp on how Edward would act towards me once other people were around. He had been a perfect gentleman after our night together, but my insecurities were getting the best of me. I was concerned that I was another notch on his bedpost.

Much to my surprise, Edward hung around me the majority of the time that he wasn't needed on set. Things weren't awkward at all and in fact he had me laughing most of the day. Naturally, he felt the need to gloat about the previous night and between takes he went so far as to lean in and whisper all the naughty things he wanted to do with me the next time he fucked me.

My cheeks were a perma-crimson color and I was wound up tighter than a virgin's daughter. I couldn't wait for him to fulfill even a fraction of those fantasies.

Let me just say that the man had a very creative, yet naughty mind and I benefited greatly from that… and then some. We spent that night in my room christening each and every surface. The next day, we discovered we couldn't wait to keep our hands off of each other and he showed up in my on set trailer.

His hands cupped my apex eliciting a pleasurable response from my nether regions. Then it was all a blur. At one point I was bent over a desk and he was gripping my hips while he plunged into me.

We went through so many damn condoms that I even started carrying them with me. A girl's got to be prepared.

We were quickly falling into routines and to an outsider we were together, but I still hadn't broached the subject with Edward. I knew that I owned his dick, for all the time that it spent with me, but I still needed that extra reassurance that he wasn't getting any 'car maintenance' if you know what I mean.

Finally, an indication of Edward's intensions towards me surfaced the day that James showed up. He was already on set when we arrived, obviously on a visitor's pass for the day. As I waltzed up to the snack table, Edward crept up behind me.

"Bella, I am a little confused."

"Ahh! Edward! Stop that shit. You made me drop my bagel."

"5 second rule?"

I kicked it under the table and grabbed another.

He quickly placed his hands on my shoulder and turned me around.

"What is he doing here? I thought we had an understanding." He pointed to James who was busy talking with Kate.

"I didn't invite him if that's what you mean." I should have expected it, though. I Had been standoffish with him lately.

"You let him know that you are mine. Trust me, I know what he's thinking."


"So now you're a mind reader?" I protested

"I have told you, I was a douche just like him not so long ago. Some things I just know." He smiled and tapped the underside of my chin to bring my lips to his. He gently placed a kiss that melted my resolve.

James waved and gave me a quick once over as he smiled. Edward might not have been so far off base.

"Edward, what is that… I mean what exactly are we?"

He shifted uncomfortably and jammed his hands in front pockets.

"We are whatever you want, Bella. I…I want you and I don't see that changing."

I decided not to respond and instead postpone that discussion so I could collect myself enough not to do a visible fist pump in the air.

"James deserves some of my time and complete honesty." I was dreading this conversation and I had hoped that things would have worked themselves out by now.

I approached James and told him that we needed to talk and invited him back to my trailer. Needless to say, Edward's eyes bugged out and he tapped his watch indicating five minutes. I guess he didn't want even the slightest chance of me being left alone with James in a small confined space.

I told James that quote, 'I was seeing Edward now and that due to his feelings, I didn't think that it was fair to him for us even to be friends.'

He seemed fine, albeit not happy with the situation.

We hugged, but then he fucked up royally when he decided that he would give it one more go. He cornered me, pushed his body up against mine and planted a kiss on my lips.

James fought to push his tongue in my mouth and I managed to push him back and give him a good slap… just as Edward opened the door to the trailer.

"What the fuck, James!" I shrieked.

"I've been patient Bella and patience has gotten me no where. I thought that I would take the initiative so you could see what you were missing before you give us up for him."

Edward took his own initiative and quickly grabbed James by the shirt, practically lifting him off the ground as he tossed him out of the trailer.

He turned back to me. "I'm taking out the trash! I'll be back in a moment."

I nodded and he promptly jumped out, slamming the door behind him.

Sinking down to the floor, I tried to be optimistic that kissing was all that James had intended on trying. I licked my poor abused lips and took inventory that they were in fact slightly swollen.

I hadn't seen this side of James before, I it really took me aback. I didn't know that he had it in him… and to think of all those times that we were alone. Perhaps it was just desperation, but given the combination of what he rationalized was appropriate and the fire in his eyes when he backed me up against the wall; I decided to avoid any occurrences where we might be alone.

That wouldn't be as difficult now, since Edward seemed to be hanging around and shall we say, claiming me as his. I needed to evaluate if I even wanted to be his friend rather than just cooling things off for a while.

When Edward returned he pulled me up into a warm embrace.

"Bella, I knew that asshat would do something stupid. I am sorry that I didn't check on you sooner."

"Really, its ok. Though, I am glad that you were being a little overprotective…"

He let his hands fall to my hips and pulled back to look me squarely in the eyes.

"Its not ok if you didn't give him permission and right now I am the only one with that." His took his index finger and traced my pouty lips, his eyes becoming hooded. "These belong to me." His smug grin was back in place.

"Yes they do." I agreed.

"What about these?" I questioned while tapping my finger on his lips.

"Yours, only yours"

In our own little way we had shown a commitment to one another.

I reached up on my tippy toes to pull his head to mine. We kissed for quite some time. I wanted to erase any trace of James' kiss from my mind and my lips.

We were very thrilled to have a couple days off from production. What was even better was that it coincided with Halloween. That was a coincidence that Alice had not overlooked, hence we were having a Halloween party.

Not an intimate party, no not when Alice was involved. Everyone we knew was invited, with the exception of James and it was being held on our floor of the hotel.

Being sweet, but very persuasive as she is, she managed to secure permission from the hotel management to take over that wing of our floor. Alice had promised on her Christian Louboutin's that she would contain our guests and that everything would be completely cleaned, shampooed or replaced afterward. It also helped that she handed over her black AmEx card.

Certain rooms were blocked off so that we could store any valuables, but every other room was fair game and had a haunted theme. My room became a castle with creepy lighting and stone walls. Who knew you could order all those props online besides Alice? Emmett's room became the maze of mirrors, Jasper's room had the blindfolded buffet and Rosalie's room had the music and dance floor. The guys had to move some of her furniture out for that, but we figured that her room was ideal due to there only being a storage room located one floor below versus someone trying to get a peaceful night's sleep.

I suspected that Alice worked and was fully devoted to her job, but you could never tell it with all the time that she put into our party. Rose and I picked up her grocery list of food and drinks, but Alice handled everything else including our costumes.

At ten till six on the night of the party, I still didn't know what I was going as. Alice stood in front of me teasing out my hair and then added yet another coat of eyeliner.

"Ookay! Now go into the bathroom and put the outfit on. Then I'll apply your lipstick. I don't want any smudges." Alice stood back and assessed her handy work.

When I entered the bathroom my heart plummeted into my stomach and I started to panic.

"Alice! There isn't anything in here but a scrap of leather!"

She flung the door open and gave me an incredulous glare.

"Seriously Bella? Did you think I was going to let you wear a nun habit? Put it on. I guarantee that once it's on, you'll have much more confidence."

I could tell I wasn't going to win this one either and I didn't have another costume to replace it. Probably why she kept it secret in the first place.

As I stared at myself in the mirror I was actually pleased. I had black leather pants and some sort of leather tube top that criss-crossed with thinner pieces on the sides of my abdomen. Alice had added pointy tips to my canine teeth and had finished the product with blood red lipstick.

A vixen vampire.

I slipped on my designated heels- Alice and I had compromised with 3 inch ones because she and I both knew that once I started drinking that I would very likely twist an ankle.

Rose met us in my room before we opened up my castle and we all walked out to the party that was already underway.

I heard laughing and music. There were so many people and so little material on my body. For once, I gathered my insecurities and locked them away. I could do this.

We stepped out amongst the growing crowd, vampire, Alice as Tinkerbelle and Rose as a playboy bunny.

I cracked up when I spotted Emmett strolling around in a red robe clutching a cigar. Classic. Tink quickly found her Peter Pan. I never thought I would see a man up close with a green loincloth, but these days nothing is surprised me.

Edward was nowhere to be found. Lauren showed up as a French maid and Jessica was a slutty cheerleader and I prayed to the heavens that Mike didn't find his way here as well. I wove through the mingling partygoers from room to room, finally making my way into the mirror maze. We locked Edward's room because that is where we stored our valuables, so he could have been in there…

"Edward? Are you in here?"

A couple brushed by me on their way out of the maze giggling and readjusting clothes.

The lights were dim, but I still caught the sudden movement through one of the mirrors and quickly turned in that direction. Nothing.

"Edward- is that you?"

…another movement out of my peripheral vision as I walked further.

"This isn't funny anymore. Seriously who's there?"

The door to the room shut.

Several names popped into my head of people who might have wanted to play a nasty joke on me.

Oh shit… you're screwed now.

The only way to get in was if someone had the key card or I opened it from the inside and I doubted that anyone would hear me if I screamed.

I held my breath to avoid making a sound and stepped towards the exit just as the lights to the room went pitch black.

Oh well, I lived a good life and died with a happy hoo-ha…

I dropped to my knees and crawled in the dark brailing my way to the door. I couldn't hear a damn thing. Whoever was here was probably at the same disadvantage and was waiting for me to make my move.

Someone knocked on the door and I held back from screaming and revealing my location.

The sound of laughing rang in my ears close, very close.

My hands brushed the door and I stood to find the handle moments away from my escape.

"Its not going to be that easy, Bella."

Of all the sick, twisted…

"You're fucking not funny, Edward. I almost thought that Mike or James or even some serial killer was after me."

"Didn't you do scary shit like this when you were little at Halloween? I am surprised that Alice didn't warn you." He chuckled.

He flipped the dimmer switch on and I flipped him off with my middle finger.

"Leather" He smiled appreciatively.

"Yes and how nice would these leather pants have been if I pissed myself from your antics?"

It took a minute to click what exactly Edward was wearing. Black pants- very tight, white button down shirt with the top two opened revealing a hint of the sexiest chest alive. Two bloody puncture marks were at his jugular and blood droplets stained the collar of his shirt. Simple and so mine. His hair was in sweet disarray and his green eyes glowed with delight as I checked him out.

His hands ghosted over my bare arms and I shivered.

"I promise not to scare you again like that. I need to have you coherent so I can show you something."

He led me into the middle of the maze and coaxed me lay down after throwing an afghan blanket down. Leaning on his left forearm, he hovered above me.

"Bella, look around us. You can see everything in this room."

Edward gently unzipped my pants and leaned down to shimmy the supple leather off my feet.

This time Edward bit his lip. Panties were pretty obsolete given the fact that my pants were practically painted on, so I hadn't bothered.

"You're driving me nuts. I didn't think that it was possible to be so turned on until I met you."

He pushed his hard on against my leg to illustrate his point. Moisture seeped from me and I very adeptly unfastened his trousers and kicked them down his legs. He swiftly shrugged them off after ditching his shoes.

He took his time caressing the lines of my body. My head was crooked slightly to follow his every move in our reflection.

"Edward, please?"

At this point, I was ready for quick and dirty, but he decided otherwise. Edward rubbed his cock on my wet entrance and slowly eased in. I could literally feel every inch tease my sensitive clit. He stilled and pulled his length almost completely out before returning back to the homeland.

The view of his backside while fucking was like nothing I had ever seen before and it was glorious. Edward's muscles flexed and released and it fucking mesmerized me. His butt could have starred in its own pornographic show. I could see where we connected at so many more angles too.

The rhythmic in an out was tender and different than what I had experienced before.

I came powerfully and screamed into Edwards shoulder in ecstasy.

"Edward come for me."

"I'm not finished with you yet," he growled.

It was then that I got my quick and dirty.

My back arched with the overload of sensation and he thrust in and out in rapid succession. His eyes met mine in the mirror and the intensity was almost too much to endure. An emotion that I didn't recognize flickered in his gaze and he quickly ducked his head down to kiss the side of my neck.

My second orgasm took possession of my body and Edward came with me moaning my name.

It took us a minute to catch our breath and we finally collected ourselves enough to join the party.

When we exited, there was a line for the mirror maze- go figure.

The party was a blast and we got the boys to kick everyone out around 6 in the morning. I crashed in Edward's suite and we didn't even leave the room for the next 24 hours until Edward suggested another attempt at car shopping.

I knew exactly the car that I wanted too.

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