Pavel Chekov sat dazed at his chair aboard the bridge. It was late. Probably 11:40 something and he was tired. Being just an ensign, Starfleet didn't care if you went to bed at three in the morning; you still had to be at your post by six.

His shift could only have some twenty minutes left in, so Chekov decided to power through.

But that wasn't to say he wasn't fighting off sleep. Staring out into space (literally) Pavel felt himself begin to nod off. But he focused his eyes straight ahead of him, determined to make it until the end of the night. He had only ever fallen asleep at his post once before, and Sulu and Scotty refused to let him hear the end of it. They often asked if coffee was another great Russian invention, and if so, why hadn't Chekov ever heard of it.

It wasn't until he felt a large, heavy, hand on his shoulder that Chekov even realized he had been asleep.

His eyes fluttered open, and he turned around in his chair, to come face to with the captain. Chekov also noticed quickly that the bridge was empty except for Kirk and himself. He blushed when he saw the clock read 12:11.

"Ah, allo keptin. I'm sorry, I must hawe dozed off." Chekov apologized.

"No problem Chekov, I just wanted to let you know that your shift is over, and your free to get some sleep in a real bed." Said Kirk.

Chekov hoisted himself off of his chair, and gave a weak smile to the captain before his knees gave out.

"Chekov!" Kirk yelled, catching the small boy in under his arms. "Are you okay!"

"Yes k-keptin. I'm just wery tired, and hawen't had much to eat today." He explained, steadying himself on his chair.

Chekov let out a big yawn, so Kirk rolled his eyes, and picked up the Russian, so Chekov's legs were wrapped around Kirk's waist, and the boys arms around the captain's neck.

Normally Pavel would gave resisted, but he neither had the strength nor willpower tonight, being so tired and all.

As the captain carried Chekov down the halls, the Russian rested his head on Kirk's shoulder, and began to drift off again. "Keptin," he breathed, "hawe you ewer carried any other ensigns back to their rooms before?"

"No Chekov, only you."

"You promise?"

"Yeah," Kirk said, "I promise."