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The 4th of What?

Ronald looked at the parchment and frowned. "I don't get it."

"It's simple Ronald. Just remember the dates. It's a quiz is all, not a real test that will effect your grade. It won't be on the O.W.L.S."

"No, not that." He looked across the table to Harry. "Thought you said it was the 5th."

"No." Hermione whispered and rolled her eyes. "That is the 5th of May, this is the 4th of July."

"Shhh," Madam Pince's warning let them know not only to quiet but also that they were here after hours by only her grace.

"The Cinco de Mayo, Ronald, and the 4th of July. Just remember the dates."

"How will I know which is which?"

"One is in Spanish, Ronald," Harry laughed, "it's a clue… you know, like they talk in Mexico."

"They talk Spanish in Spain," Ronald looked at him blankly. "I thought they spoke Mexican in Mexico."

"Right," Hermione giggled. "Like.. umm, Canadian in Canada and American in America."

"Right." Ronald turned to Harry. "See?"

"She's having you on, Ronald." Harry frowned at him then looked at Hermione and shrugged his shoulders. "You try, I give up."

"Ronald, they just want you to have some idea of the Muggle holidays. Who knows? You may be somewhere when one comes along and you'll have to be able to blend in."

"Bloody hell…" He turned the book to Harry and tapped the picture. "You think I am going to dress like this just to blend in you're bleeping crazy."

"It's like… like Guy Fawkes day, you know… it happened a long time ago."

"Good, because I won't do it." He pulled the book back and sighed. "Another 5th."

"November Ronald, not May," Hermione sighed. "Guy Fawkes is November 5th. America's Independence Day is the 4th of July."

"But it says here they signed the bloody thing on the 2nd."

"It doesn't matter Ronald, just remember the 5th of July."

"The 4th." Harry looked up from his book. "America uses the 4th of July."

"But it says right here it was signed on the 2nd of August. Why do they use the 4th of July?"

Hermione pulled the book over and read the section on America's Declaration and then looked up at him blankly.

"Got me. They voted to approve it on the 2nd, that's closer. Harry, three of their presidents died on the 4thof July years later. Adams, Jefferson and Monroe, that's strange."

"Maybe they were cursed." Ronald said seriously.

"Who would have done that?" Harry grinned.

"George of course, " Ronald popped a piece of chocolate in his mouth. "Dad's family married into the Hanover's back in the 1600's. He always said George was one of us."

"You are telling me you are related to the Hanovers?" Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Most pure-bloods go back far enough to be related to everyone. Dad always said with 15 kids Old George should be an honorary Weasley anyway. "

"So you are saying he cursed them … why?"

"Bloody hell, look what they did to him. Must have been right awful to lose a war to a bunch of farmers."

"Whatever, just remember the 4th of July and the fireworks."

"No, that was Fawkes," Ronald scowled.

"No, that was… Harry, he has me doing it now. Guy Fawkes is called Fireworks Night but the Americans use fireworks too."

"Ok, so just remember the date and what is called." Harry swallowed hard, all of a sudden none of the dates falling into place.

"Do you think we can have a special holiday when the war is over?" Ronald mused.

"We are not fighting for Independence, and you can't even get these straight. What would you want one more for?" Hermione hissed.

"Canada has a Freedom day. What are they free from?" Ronald tapped the list he had in front of him. "At least it's not on the 5th."

"It's called Dominion Day, not Freedom day. Only now they call it Canada Day." Hemione sighed and put her face in her hands.

"Why?" Both Harry and Ronald asked at the same time.

"Just remember the date, okay?"

"What date?" Ronald looked back at the parchment.

"The 1st of July," Hermione sighed. "And Australia day on the 26th of January."

"Don't ask." Harry grinned at Ronald. "They are just going to go and change it anyway."

"I was in Egypt when they had Revolution day." Ronald offered. "Only I don't guess that 's the same thing."

"I know I will be sorry to ask this, but when is it?" Hermione said evenly.

"July 23rd," Ronald proudly announced.

"Good, the only one you are sure of is not even on the list."

"My parents went to a dental convention in New York once. They said it was beautiful with all the boats and fireworks and all." Hermione nibbled on the end of her quill. "That was before I was born."

"Like New Years over the Thames. I used to get to see that with Dudley. I had to wait in the car so no one would mess with it, but I had a great view." Harry nodded. "I used to love fireworks."

"Bet we could get Fred and George to make fireworks for us. We could pretend to celebrate these dates." Ron held up the parchment and grinned.

"Good idea," Harry chuckled. "Ask them if they can do it next week. Right after the O.W.L.S. "

"Right," Ronald frowned. "It can be our Independence day from Umbridge."

"Yeah, bet it's great!"

Happy whatever you call it, whenever you celebrate it.