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(Author notes) This story starts in Naruto Shippuuden. After the fight between Orochimaru and Naruto and his four tailed form. So after episode 52 in the anime.


It was quiet in Naruto's room as he lay there sleeping having a nightmare about failing again to bring Sasuke Back home. He did not remember much of the fight with Orochimaru,

But was told by Yamato how he had produced 4 tails and even hurt Sakura. A thought that had made him feel sick. His body even with its enhanced healing powers granted by the Nine-Tailed fox still ached from the release of so much power.

Naruto twitched in his sleep, followed by another twitch. Slowly a red aura crept up from beneath him climbing up his sides and swirling like fire, painting the room in a red hue.

The red chakra surround him entirely, and Naruto woke with a start blue eyes wide.

"What" Naruto exclaimed, quickly getting over his surprise and getting angry. "Stupid fox get back in your cage, no bothering me in the middle of the-"

The blond was cut off as he was suddenly wracked with pain. It felt like some one had pored molten lead in his mind, he closed his eyes and grabbed his head in an effort to

keep it from exploding. Screaming in agony as the molten lead feeling shot down his spin causing him to arch his back. Then fire consumed his hole body every muscle twitched and contacted, pain was the only thought in Naruto's mind as he curled into the fetal position. He gladly slipped into the sanctuary of unconsciousness as the pain was just too much.

Darkness. 'Am I dead?' Naruto thought, his thoughts echoing around him as if they were spoken. "HEHEHE" a deep growling laughter came to his ears.

"Who's there?" Naruto called out.

"How very amusing"

"Who are you?" The only reply was the Same growled laughter. "I know that voice, What did you do to me you stupid fox?"

"Why are you so quick to blame me you brat?"

"You don't even have to ask that question, now answer me what did you do."

"I truthfully did nothing." for a Nine-Tailed demon fox he certainly sounded much too gleeful.

"If you didn't do anything, then what has happened?" The blond demanded

"If I am not mistaken in our fight with that snake bastard put a little too much pressure was put on the seal and it slipped." The fox said nonchalantly.

Naruto became frightened that he had just failed the village in a big way. Failing in his job as the keeper and jailer of the fox. The Kyuubi seemingly sensing his distress continued in a much darker tone.

"You need not worry about me that damned seal still keeps me trapped just as tightly as it always has. Too bad I would have enjoyed getting out to destroy you."

"Then what is going on what has happened with the seal."

"I could tell you but why would I want to help a brat like you?"

Naruto once again growing angry with the fox. "Stupid fox is that anyway to talk to your landlord?"

The growling laugh retuned as the Kyuubi said. "Well it seems that the seal was suppressing more the just me but that is no longer the case."

"What do you mean, just tell me what happened?" Naruto ask nearly panicked.

"But that would just ruin the fun surprises and anyway it seems that it is now time for you to wake up."

Jerking awake feeling the worst he could ever remember feeling. He had a spitting headache, and he was shaking violently covered in a cold sweat. Naruto grabbed his head in an attempt to stop the spinning. He groaned and opened his eyes causing his headache to worsen and the room to spin faster, so he closed them hoping that would help. Naruto laid back as slowly very slowly the shivering stopped.

Rolling over to the edge of the bed and swinging first one then the other leg off the side. Groaning like an old man he stood up joints popping as he straitened. Naruto open his eyes and looked around groggily it was still dark but every thing seemed to be in the proper place, his room was still intact even if his body was not. Breathing deeply he was overcome with nausea and stumbled like a drunk to the bathroom. The blond did not even bother turning on the light as he leaned over the toilet. After a few dry heaves but failing to expel anything his stomach calmed down.

"I'm thirsty" Naruto mumbled to himself and shuffled into his small kitchen. Opening the refrigerator he squinted as even the small light inside hurt his eyes. Grabbing a new carton of milk he opened it and drained it all in one go. Letting the carton fall to the ground he stumbled back to his bed and looked out the window the was the sky was brightening with a new dawn. Naruto felt horrible even that dim light hurt his eyes looking around he grabbed his head band wrapped it around his head as a makeshift blindfold then climbed back in bed and quickly fell asleep.

Naruto woke around noon feeling much better which is not saying much because he still felt like awful, but not like he was going to drop dead at any second. His muscles were all sore and tight as if he had run a hundred laps around the village, on his hands, with Gai Sensei chasing him screaming about youth..

His eyes still hurt, so he turn his head band so that the metal plate was on the side and slightly opened his eyes behind it. There was enough light shining that the thin cloth shielded his eyes enough so the bright light did not hurt but he could still see. Standing and stretching an activity which was very relieving on his sore muscles, Naruto got dressed in his token orange and black jumpsuit and decided to grab a late breakfast or early lunch at his favorite ramen shop.

The walk to Ichiraku did wonders for his muscles. Some people did look at him weird because of the eye covering, but he just ignored them as usual.

"One miso Ramen." Naruto said as he sat down at the stool.

"Hey Naruto what's up with the blindfold lose a bet or something?" Ayame asked.

"No my eyes hurt, rough night don't wanna talk about it." He mumbled

Now that he was sitting down and had some time to think about last night. He did not like what the Kyuubi was talking about, there was only two things that could make that fox happy. One of them being able to break free of his prison and the other would be any sort of misfortune that befell his jailer but did not threaten both of their lives. The fluff ball said that the seal still held him in place, so it was unlikely the fox was getting free anytime soon not on his watch anyway. Naruto did not like how the fox laughed at whatever he found so amusing, there had to be something up with last night other then mind numbing pain.

"I'll talk to Kakashi sensei about it." The blond mumbled thinking out loud.

"Here's your ramen." A bowl of steaming goodness slid under his nose.

"Thanks old man." Naruto said as he grabbed some chopsticks and inhaled the food. Naruto got up paid for the meal and set out for the hospital that Kakashi was still at from the mission to the sand.

"Humm something must be wrong." Ayame said as she looked at the retreating from of her best customer as he walked away. "He only had one bowl."

As Naruto walked to the hospital ignoring the questioning looks from villages. 'Guess it's better then looks I usually get.' It had been almost three years away from the village and the villagers still loathed him

He reached the long set of stairs leading up to the hospital at the top of Hokage mountain. Lee was there stretching looking like he was getting ready for another round of his odd training as he bent down to touch his toes.

"Hey Lee what are you up to?"

"Hello Naruto." Lee said, not looking up from his toe touch. "I am preparing for 100 trips up and down these stairs."

"That's allot of stairs even for one trip." Naruto replied as Lee straitened from his stretch.

"Huh why do you have you headband over you eyes." Lee asked, pointing at him.

"Lost a bet." Naruto smiled mischievously. "I can still see through it well enough so don't worry. Alright I'm going to see Kakashi in the hospital see you around." Naruto took two steps toward the stairs. when Lee's hand shot out and grabbed Naruto's shoulder turning him around.

"Wait Naruto." Lee said with a brilliant smile. "Since we are going in the same direction I challenge you to a race to the top. I am curious how you have improved since your training with master Jiraiya. If you win I will do 200 trips up and down these stairs as well as wear my headband over my eyes for the rest of the day."

Naruto smiled knowing about Lee's self imposed rules, he really had nothing to lose. "Alright your on. On your mark." They both got set in standing ready positions. "Get set, GO!" Naruto and Lee blasted up the stairs.

Right from the start Naruto could tell some thing was different, he was easily keeping pace with Lee. Glancing over he saw a look of determination on Lee's face and legs pumping like pistons up the stairs. It was almost like Lee was slower then he remembered Naruto just push himself a little more and took the lead. He arrived at the top several seconds before Lee enough time to turn around and watch lee flying up the stair. He looked fast enough but some thing just did not feel right.

"That was Brilliant." Lee said as he arrived. "I did not think my rival would come back so well trained." Lee beamed with a huge smile and a thumbs up.

"Yeah Lee you didn't go easy on me did you?"

"Naruto! I am offended, there is no point in doing something unless you go all out."

"Yeah right." Naruto said quietly. He really wanted to speak with Kakashi. "I gotta go Lee see you around."

"No! Please wait! I do not take defeat so easily." Lee said with fire in his eyes. "I wish to double the challenge."

"Huh?" Naruto turned back to Lee.

"This time we will go down then back up the stairs, and if I do not beat you I will make 400 trips and wear my head band over my eyes for two days."

Naruto's mind was else where and before he knew it he had already accepted the challenge.

"Excellent!" Lee said with enthusiasm Lee kneeled down and removed his orange leg warmers that entrapped his leg weights and pulling them off with a dull clanging.

Naruto's head was swimming going into overcharged thinking of what was going on, he faintly heard Lee saying some thing about fire of youth, Lucky day, and refusing to lose.

But he snapped himself out of it when Lee started the count down. "GO!" And they were both off.

This time Lee was much more challenging, even though he was having a hard time keeping up with Lee Naruto was still doing it! Both runners blasted down the stairs leaves and dust blown around behind them. They reached the bottom of the stairs slowed and stopped, spinning around together in perfects unison.

"I Will Not Lose!" Lee yelled, racing up the way they came Naruto right beside him.

Something was definitely not normal. Naruto had never gone this fast. Lee's legs where moving so fast they were a blur. There was no way he should be keeping up, but he was! Naruto decided to push everything he had into the run. The newfound speed demon put his head down, concentrating and pushing himself faster. Slowly he started taking the lead. He was only several steps ahead of Lee when the green beast yelled at Naruto to watch out.

He looked up just in time to see a wide eyed Sakura Haruno standing in his path. There was just not enough room to go around her and not run into Lee.

He jerked to a stop less then 2 feet in front of Sakura as Lee flew past. "Sorry." Naruto gasped, and chased after Lee leaving Sakura literally in his dust.

Lee was already at the top of the steps hands on knees gasping for air as Naruto caught up. he was only at the top for two seconds until he dropped to all fours breathing very hard, with a major cramp along his sides.

"That was most excellent!" Lee Exclaimed.

"That... was... allot.. of stairs." Naruto replied between gasps.

"Too bad I did not win."

"What are you talking about? The blond asked. "Of course you won you got to the top first."

"No Naruto, if Sakura did not get in your way I am certain you would have beat me. The best I can see that the race is a tie. So now I must complete 400 trips up and down these stairs with my head band over my eyes for two whole days."

"You don't have to do that bushy brows."

"Of course I do for that is my Ninja way." Lee said while tying his headband over his eyes. "It will make me stronger and help my spacial awareness."

"Ok Bushy brows I'm gonna see Kakashi Sensei now." He said getting off the ground.

"Right! After I am done I would like to challenge you again!" Lee said giving a large smile and thumbs up to a tree two feet to Naruto's right.

"Uh, Lee I'm right here."

"Of course." Lee said repeating the gesture directly at him.

"Are you sure you can see alright."

"Don't worry about me I will be fine." He said, with the same sparkling smile.

Naruto Sighed. "Ok Lee see you around." With that he headed to the hospital still trying to catch his breath and holding his side from the cramp.

When he entered the Hospital one nurse rushed to him thinking he was a patient from the head band, shuffling and holding his side. Naruto corrected her and she sent him to go visit Kakashi. Naruto knocked on the door and Kakashi bade him enter in he bored tone.

"Hello Sensei can we talk for a bit." Kakashi had not even looked up his nose buried in one of his favorite books.

"What's up" finally putting the book down and looking at Naruto. "Hmmmm that's a new look for you. Is this some new fashion trend, or are you trying to out do you teacher."

"No this is just part of the reason I wanted to speak with you." He said gesturing at his covered eyes

Naruto was just about start explaining everything when a red faced, angry looking Sakura entered the room and with an exclamation of "NAR-U-TO." thumped him on the head.

"Ahh Sakura why did you have to hit me?" He asked sadly.

"What was that? I just spent the last few minutes spiting out and trying to remove the dust you and Lee covered me in!"

"What's this about?" Kakashi asked, now interested.

Naruto turned to Kakashi. rubbing a bump on his head. "Sorry this is another reason I wanted to speak with you."

Naruto then turned back to Sakura bending apologetically.

"Sorry Sakura, Bushy brows challenged me to a race."

"You call that a race all I saw as a orange and a green blur charging strait at me."

"Will you please let me explain." Naruto pleaded.

Sakura and Kakashi agreed to let him speak, and Naruto told them the story of Lee challenging him to a race to the top. How he had won first one and Lee challenge him again this time both ways with his weights off, ending with how he had almost won until Sakura almost got ran over.

"I did not know you were as fast as Lee." Sakura said a little surprised

"Neither did I." Naruto replied his hand up and shoulders shrugging.

"You know your not making a whole lot of sense." Kakashi sighed.

Naruto continued his story about waking up surrounded by red chakra. Sakura looked a little worried having just earlier that week seen his four tails transformation.

Also the extreme pain that had hit him, and about his talk with the nine tailed fox.

"I did not know you could talk with it." Sakura spoke slightly shocked.

"Only of very rare occasions. He does not seem to like me very much. Anyway he said something about how the seal had weakening, but that it did not weaken in any way that he could escape." Naruto shrugged. "Then it said something about releasing something else that it had been suppressing before."

Naruto finished his story with the condition he was in when he had woken up. His headache and how his eyes hurt and were extremely sensitive to light and that was the reason for his head band.

Kakashi shifted in his bed "Well I don't know exactly what is going on here, but I think the Hokage should know about this. Its as good a reason as any for me to get out of bed. I am scheduled to be released today. So give me a minute to get ready."

"Right Kakashi Sensei." Sakura agreed. "Naruto, while he is getting ready take you headband off I wanna check out your eyes make sure they are alright."

"Sakura its alright I can see just fine."

"Come on, I'm a medical ninja just let me see."

"But they are really really sensitive to light." Naruto whined.

"Naruto! Stop being a big baby and take off your head band." Sakura said, turning red and raising her fist.

"Fine but could you shut the blinds a little. Just to darken the place a bit."

"Ok, Kakashi sensei could you please?" Sakura asked.

As the shades were moved into place darkening the room enough so that Naruto could shift his head band back to the proper position. Squinting down at the floor Naruto got accustomed to the light. Opened his eyes and raised his head. Sakura gasped her hand by her mouth even Kakashi's normal calm cool composure as shattered his one visible eye open wide.

"What?" Naruto asked suddenly uncomfortable.

"Yes, I'm sure the Hokage will want to know about this." Kakashi said eye still wide.

Before Naruto could ask again Sakura turned him around pointing him to a wall mounted mirror.

The peaceful quiet of the Hospital was Shattered with a loud.. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!" followed quickly by and equally loud. "Naruto SHUT UP we're in a hospital!"

Naruto rubbed a second lump on his head as he stared into the mirror. His eyes were different. Well to call them different would be an understatement. They were completely changed.

Naruto's eyes were a very light blue and the pupil was gone. They were the eyes of the Byakugan.

"H-how can this be?" Naruto stuttered

"I don't know but maybe the Hokage will have some answers." Kakashi answered. "Naruto put you head band back the way it was, we're leaving right now."


(Author Notes) Alright this is my first FanFic and I hope you enjoy, and if you don't well that's your problem.

(More Author Notes) A lot of people have asked how Naruto could see while looking through his headband. Well do this take think peace of cloth like a tee shirt and hold it up to the light, I am sure you will be able to see through it too.