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Naruto looked around in the chest, and pulled out a large tan envelope. Inside were precious pieces of paper; otherwise known as pictures. Naruto shuffled though the images, there were so many of them. A lot of the pictures held the image of Minato his father the Forth Hokage. Many of the other photos had the picture of a woman that he could only guess was his mother. Some of the pictures held the faces of people that Naruto did not recognize, but he did notice some that looked like younger versions of Kakashi or other people he knew.

Naruto looked down at the smiling face of his father. Minato was a tall man with shockingly blond hair that looked almost exactly like Naruto's, except it was longer and a little messier. It was funny how Father and son looked surprisingly similar, although Minato often wore a smile that could rival Gai sensei.

He looked through the pictures and paused on an image of the woman he guessed was his mother. Uzuki smiled back, she was very beautiful. Long brown curly hair fell down to her middle back, pale blue Hyuuga eyes looked out from below a black leaf headband. It was so wonderful to have pictures of his family.

However one of the best thing was that many were paired with almost identical pictures except for a few hilarious changes. Naruto found a picture that had both his mother and father in it. Minato and Uzuki were standing with peaceful smiles of their faces, his father had his arm wrapped around Uzuki's shoulders. It looked like his mother was pregnant, her belly was swollen and she had one hand lying over it. It was all very peaceful

Although the first pictures twin was great, showing that he got his mischievous side from his parents and not the fox. His parents were standing in the same clothes with his father's arm wrapped around his mother. However that was where the similarities stopped. Uzuki's face was fixed in joyous surprise, as both of her hands were pointing to the swell in her stomach. Minato was slightly hunched over, his eyes looking suspiciously away from the camera, his other hand was at his mouth in a shushing gesture.

Another pair of pictures had both the Third and Fourth Hokage standing side by side each with pleasant smiles on their faces. The Third did not look so old his hair still had some color in it, and his face did not seem so stressed. The Hokage hat rested on Minato's head as he wore his robe the with the flame design around the hem and Sarutobi wearing the traditional red robe.

However the picture's hilarious double had Naruto laughing hard enough that he needed to gasp for breath when he stopped laughing. The pair of Hokage were frozen in an eternal mock struggle. Sarutobi and Minato were battling over the Hokage hat, a look of strain were on both of their faces as they pulled the hat between the two of them in a ninja tug of war.

Naruto found another picture of his father surrounded by four ANBU. They all looked very serious all dressed up in full battle gear, each one had their arms crossed in front of them. Naruto noticed a female ANBU he was sure was Uzuki. She was the same size and build and wore a smiling cat mask. The twin braids on either side of her head were the same dark brown. Another ANBU he thought might be Kakashi, his face hidden behind a dog mask. The two other ANBU wore bear and hawk masks respectively. The Fourth Hokage and the ANBU looked very formidable, it seemed that they were daring anyone to show up and fight them

However the picture it was paired with could destroy some of the feared reputation of the ANBU black ops. Minato had the sleeves of his robe rolled up exposing his well defined arms, that were curled below his chest as he flexed his biceps. His head was uplifted a heroic look on his face his jaw stiff. The woman in the cat mask was in the traditional Kung Fu crane position both arms uplifted hands pointed down, with one leg locked up bent at the knee. The ANBU in the dog mask was in the exact same position as the former picture except for he was upside down. In show of extreme balance he supported his entire body with just his head. His arms were crossed in the same position as before,. The Bear ANBU seemed to be using some sort of water jutsu, a large sphere of water was suspended in front of him giving his face a magnified look, that enlarged it comically. The Hawk ANBU was juggling kunai his one hand holding one knife while other two were frozen above his hands.

One of the pictures had Minato kneeling in front of Jiraiya, while Jiraiya had his hand extended right above Minato's head his finger pointed strait down dramatically . If a picture is worth a thousands words then three of those words would be, 'Teach me master.' They both had priceless looks on each of their faces, Minato's face was fixed in solemn submission. While Jiraiya's expression seemed arrogant and victorious.

Naruto lost himself in the pictures of his mother and father. In one picture Uzuki was wearing a beautiful dark red kimono. It was strange, Some how the kimono's dark color clashed with her eyes, but it did it in a way that was breathtaking. She looked radiant, the colors of the outfit and Uzuki's natural coloring Look almost like the center of a flower, or the sunset reflected on water.

Naruto looked at the picture and wanted to now more about her, about both of them. He had always heard of the spectacular fourth Hokage, but never anything about the Hyuuga ANBU in the cat mask. He would have given anything to know them, even just to meet them for just a little bit. Naruto put away the envelope of pictures, each one a frozen memory, a window to the past. He would bring them out later and share some of the pictures with Jiraiya, and others that knew the secrets of his family.

The blond leaned forward, again looking over the contents of the chest, he didn't know what to open next. They all seemed so very important, each one held great sentimental value. Naruto felt like he was handling liquid gold, and if he was not careful he might spill and lose some.

Another scroll drew his attention, this one had a large scrap of paper wrapped around it and secured by a string. Naruto picked up the scroll and undid the knot holding the odd piece of paper in place. The scroll underneath was colored yellow, but what really caught Naruto's eye was that the underside of the paper was written on. He checked it over and found it to be a hastily written message from his father, the Fourth Hokage. The writing was very messy, and at times the lines overlapped and the letters intersected one another.

Naruto I feel a little funny writing a message to you when I am holding you in my arms, it's kinda hard to and hold you at the same time. I don't have much time, gotta deal with something big, red and fuzzy. So I have to tell you some things while I can. In this scroll is the details and training for the Namikaze kekkei genkai . Since you have your mothers eyes I doubt that you will also have my bloodline limit, but its always a possibility, and any kids that you may have might have it.

In all reality by itself the Namikaze bloodline limit is not terribly impressive, it would only be considered a minor kekkei genkai. While it is helpful it is not extremely impressive, and not the biggest help in battle.

The kekkei genkai allows you to move at increased speed between locations but not in combat. The bloodline limit is tied directly into your will and mindset, it will active under the desire to move faster towards the direction you wish to go. Its quite simple, you want to go faster then the kekkei genkai will manipulate your chakra allowing you to move faster. The beauty about it is that it is accomplished with no seals and no preparation, it just responds to your will and the desire and focus to move.

However there are some big downsides to it. The biggest is that it only grants increased speed between locations, not to your body movement in combat. Since your mindset is different when you are in combat than it is while changing locations. So you can't throw a punch faster then the other guy, but you can run faster than him.

The other downside is that its quite a chakra intensive technique, the faster you move the more chakra it takes to keep your speed. So its best to only use it for quick bursts of speed not extended travel, as I said it would only be considered a minor kekkei genkai. However, even thougth I don't like to brag, but with my brilliant mind I have developed a way for it to be truly formidable in battle.

I invented the unique jutsu named Flying Thunder God, not because it has anything to do with lighting affinity chakra, but because it sounds super cool like that. With the help of my kekkei gankai I created a teleportation jutsu like no other. Using seals and chakra blades it increases the speed so much that the normal eye cannot see the movement. With the ability to move at increased speeds with no seals or need to mold chakra, it allowed me to move around a battle field with no wait time to form seals, and no puff of smoke or swirl of leaves upon use of the technique.

I think the reason I am called The Yellow Flash is because while the technique does not allow me to stab someone while moving at high speeds, it did allow me to move behind them, decelerate and then stab them. A process that could take less then a second, so all people might see in the time I decelerate and activated the jutsu again and was gone would be a flash of my hair.

While this is a great ability it is not foolproof, it can be countered. I have fought with people that seemingly can sense where I am going to decelerate around them, and anyone with fast enough reaction speed can counter my attacks. That's one reason why I developed the Rasengan, it's a lot harder to defend yourself from the Rasengan than it is a blade.

I think that is all the time I can afford on this. I wanted to tell you about this because I am the only person alive that knows these secrets, and I wanted to pass them on to you.

I'm very sorry for what I am about to do to you, I'm sure it will make your life much harder. This is the only way I can think of that will successfully save the village, if there was any other path I would take it.

You need to watch our for yourself, and since you have your mothers eyes and my rugged good looks I'm sure that the girls are going to be all over you. Watch out for the fairer gender, but also watch out for enemies and the Hyuuga I'm sure they wont be happy that you have the Byakugan. Listen to your mother, she will take care of you.

Some fatherly things I have to tell you before I finish this. I'm sure you are going to be a spectacular ninja, and as such you will most likely have to deceive people. However when you give your word about anything, never break it. When you give your word it should be binding. When you set your mind on something never give up, you can accomplish great things by sheer determination.

Make me, your mother and your village proud as I know you will.

I wish I could be there for you as you grow up. I love both you and your mother more than you will ever realize. Watch out for your mother, and give her extra love from me.

Love your dad, Minato Namikaze.

Naruto finished the message from his father, and he was stunned after reading it. The ending was all wrong, it was so incredibly unfortunate. Minato had thought that he would have lived his life with Uzuki. The Fourth did not know that his mother had also died that night, leaving him orphaned. The blond paused thinking about the message. Both of his parents had died that night, and both deaths could have been avoided. They should both be alive, they did not have to die.

Naruto looked back in the oak chest, he pulled out the envelope of photos and studied them in a new light. The carefree smile of his father, The beauty of his mother, all lost. He would never truly know them, no matter how long he looked at those pictures. No matter how many stories he heard about them, they were gone, he could not change that fact. He did not even have a day with them before they were taken away. He had no memories of them, no sound of his father's voice, no warmth of his mothers embrace.

Naruto thought back to the beginning of his life, about all the pain, the loneliness. If only one of his parents were still alive, just one and it could have all been better. Everything would be different, if it were not for one event. He shook his head rethinking, not one even, one thing. All the blame, all the guilt could be laid on one thing, the entire tragedy was caused by one thing. The Nine-Tailed Fox.

Not very far way in a dark dank pit hid Orochimaru the Snake Sannin. He was waiting for the return of his subordinates, his usually patience was stretched thin because this was a special case. Just recently he had received news of an enigma, a person with a double kekkei genkai.

This information alone would have easily drawn his attention faster than a moth to flame. However in this particular situation it was extra enticing. The child in question possessed the Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan, a doujutsu that is feared all around the Five Elemental Countries. The Byakugan gave those gifted with it a nearly all seeing eye.

Genjutsu specialists found their attacks useless to the penetrating gaze of the eye bloodline limit. Ninja who had trained all their lives in the art of stealth were easily found as their own chakra betrayed them, making them stand out like a torch on a moonless night.

The Hyuuga were formidable opponents, a novice in the Gentle fist could kill with a single strike. Fighting even the weakest Hyuuga could be deadly if you were not careful. One slip up and they could get an attack though your defenses and with a simple strike stop your heart. However the ability to kill with a touch was not the only reason they were dangerous.

Their kekkei genkai allowed the entire chakra system as well as the chakra points to become easily visible. Those skilled in Gentle Fist could manipulate an enemies chakra system. Even if you were skilled or lucky enough to avoid a deadly strike, there were still other ways to be defeated. The longer you lasted in a fight with a skilled Hyuuga the less you could fight. The Hyuuga clan were detested for their ability to slowly destroy the opposing ninja's ability to fight. Bit by bit as your chakra points were hit the less affective you became, your ability to manipulate and control your chakra was eventually destroyed. Any jutsu you used became less and less effective, until they failed you completely.

Yes, the Hyuuga clan produced very impressive ninja, however with out their enhanced eyes they were nothing. The Byakugan, that is what gave them those feared abilities.

It was amusing how this boy had suddenly been blessed with the eyes of the Hyuuga kekkei genkai. If it was a simple case of another Byakugan user it would not be enough to attract Orochimaru's attention. However the special person was gifted with a second bloodline limit, one of particular interest.

A wielder of a double kekkei genkai was a rarity unheard of in the ninja world, but what made the situation extra attractive was that the second genetic trait was from the Yellow Flash. His son possessed the ability to use the same technique that gave the Fourth Hokage his namesake.

The Fourth Hokage, just thinking about that man was gave Orochimaru a sour taste in him mouth. He should have been the one to become the Fourth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, not Minato. The Yellow Flash was the student of that fool Jiraiya. Minato was considered a prodigy, a true genius that only came along once in a hundred years, but he paled in comparison to himself. No one had ever compared the two of them side by side, He had more skill, more experience, the more talent, he was the better genius! The position of the Fourth Hokage should have been his!

Orochimaru took a breath and calmed his mind, it was not the time to be thinking about the past, the son of the Yellow Flash is what his thoughts centered on. Naruto Uzumaki possessed the Fourth's kekkei genkai, and with it the ability to perform a terrifying jutsu, The Flying Thunder God. Such a precocious name, but Orochimaru could not argue with it's results. That single technique is what gave Minato his nickname, his fame, and the position of Hokage.

The Yellow Flash was so feared other elemental countries issued flee on sight orders. As his fame spread so did the amount of people that feared him. A jutsu that allowed him to disappeared, then appear next to a fellow comrade kill them, and then move on to kill the next was horrifying for an enemy shinobi. Tales of where he single handedly turned the tide of a battle spread out to all the Ninja Villages. There were rumors of other ninja killing themselves instead even trying to fight him.

It was truly fearsome technique, and the thought of performing that jutsu himself amused Orochimaru to no end. The idea of using the son of the Fourth Hokage to increase his power was deliciously ironic. Using the Flying Thunder God himself to strike terror into the hearts and minds of his enemies would be most pleasing.

That was but one of the possibilities that Naruto Uzumaki held, with the help of the Byakugan he could use the doujutsu to increase the amount of data gathered from his experiments. With those eyes he could see any changes in his test subjects down to the level of their chakra system. So many possible benefits besides just the combat enhancements could be his.

Besides the gifts of two amazing bloodline limits Naruto Uzumaki also held within him the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Whether this was a blessing or a curse was yet unknown, but one thing was certain it made him even more interesting. Orochimaru had fought the child just weeks ago, although that was not completely true. He had fought the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, the boy was not fully in control of himself, and that is what concerned Orochimaru.

The idea of possessing a body with a double kekkei genkai delighted Orochimaru. However it was the Kyuubi that could ruin the entire plan. The beast was no doubt powerful, and that could cause problems with the Living Corpse Reincarnation ritual.

While the problem of the Nine-Tailed Fox did concern him, Orochimaru would not give up so easily. There were too many variables when it came to that demon. It could be that the ritual would not work on a Jinchuriki, or that it might kill him if he tried. So many things were remarkable about that particular boy, if there was a possibility of taking his body Orochimaru would find it. If it was required that he reinforcing and strengthening the seal so that the Fox was no longer a problem he would do so if necessary.

However there was one possibility that made his mouth water, there was a reasonable chance that him being a Jinchuriki would not pose a problem. It might be that by possessing the body of the child he would gain the power to control and tap into the chakra of the Kyuubi. The power contained within that boy was staggering, and with a little luck that power would soon be his.

Orochimaru was lost in his happy thoughts when Kabuto entered the room. "Lord Orochimaru, They have returned."

Orochimaru's happy mood was destroyed. Just from the simple tone of Kabuto's voice he could tell the team he sent had failed.

"Send, them in." The snake Sannin said calmly, but inside he was seething with rage. The two remaining members of the team Shiori and Kazuo entered the room. The sight of half the team returning from the mission after failing to capture the objective sickened him ever more.

The pair of sound ninja kneeled in front of Orochimaru bowing low. Shiori, the poison mistress looked quite frazzled, just from the way she held herself he could tell that she had received some several injuries, but it was the sight of Kazuo that displeased him the most. The clone specialist he had chosen for the mission looked like he had not taken part in any battle, it seemed that the only thing that was wrong with him was slight exhaustion.

"Care to explain why you have returned without the target?" Orochimaru hissed.

Kazuo kept his head down however a slight quiver could be seen in his shoulders, good he should be fearful for his incompetence. On the other hand Shiori stayed firm, she raised her head slightly. "I give no excuses for my failure, Lord Orochimaru. I will take any punishment you deem worthy for not returning with the target, even death."

A shadow of a smile appeared on Orochimaru's face. Shiori had just put her life completely in his hands, and she said it without any hesitation in her voice. However Kazuo was visibly shaken by what she had said, as he looked over unbelieving at the small woman beside him.

Any amusement from the situation was absent from his voice as he spoke again to the ninja before him. "Why don't you explain what happened, then it will be easier to decide your punishment."

"Yes, of course." She said firmly. "Infiltrating the village was easy enough, we used underground movement to keep our location secret. We found the target training in a secluded area, and moved in to capture him. However the target was not alone, he was accompanied by another Hyuuga. It was fully my fault, I failed as team leader. I underestimated both the target and the girl he was with. We surrounded the target, and then I moved in and spoke with him. I asked that he come with us quietly, he refused and a battle occurred.

Very early in the fight he used the technique that you warned us about and disabled the ranged specialist of the group. After that the battle went down hill, the Hyuuga girl provided enough of a distraction that we could not all focus on the target. If not for her I'm sure that the mission would have been a success.

After the first member of the team fell Kazuo engaged the target but was unable to subdue him-."

Shiori was cut off as Kazuo interrupted her. "It's not my fault he was just too fast! He destroyed my clones as fast as I could create them. I ran out of chakra. I was sent to counter his clones, not to slow him down!"

Orochimaru was not pleased by his pathetic excuses. "Ran out of chakra?" He said slowly, watching Kazuo recoil. "It seems that you require more power. Kabuto take our friend here and seal him, if he survives then he will have the power he needs. Then he will not be so worthless to me."

Kabuto stepped forward and grabbed Kazuo's arm guiding him out of the room. "No, wait that's not needed, please Lord Orochimaru I can do better. Please-" His cries slowly faded away as he was lead out. The curse seal was very painful when you first received it, and if he survived it he would learn proper respect for the snake Sannin.

"I'm sorry of the interuption my dear, please continue."

"Yes, Lord Orochimaru. As I was saying, the target was very skilled in taijutsu stopping every clone that came at him. I did manage to disable his movement, but I was injured by the Hyuuga girl as soon as I did so."

Orochimaru did not miss the anger in her voice as she talked about 'the Hyuuga girl,' it interested him.

"The target then created a large group of Shadow Clones, and Kazuo was already low on chakra and was unable to match the number of clones. Once again It was the Hyuuga girl that disrupted the plans. She knocked the second member of the team unconscious. After that I knew that there would be no way that we could continue and successfully retrieve the target. The battle had lasted long enough and was sure to draw attention. If I had managed to kill the targets teammate, there would still be no way I could move a captive by myself, and get away from any hunter ninja."

Shiori finished and Orochimaru paused for a minute studying her kneeling figure. His thoughts were interrupted by a distant scream that filtered into the room. He smiled, Kabuto was doing his job. With his help they had increased the survivability rate of the subjects given the curse mark. But it was still dangerous and very painful.

Orochimaru held no qualms about giving pain to others. Pain was temporary, but often the memories lasted much longer. Enemies that survived his wrath would think twice about opposing him again because they remembered the pain he inflicted on them. His subordinates would perform better, because they would know the price of failure and the pain it brought. Yes, pain was just one of the effective tools that Orochimaru enjoyed to use.

"What am I going to do with you?" Orochimaru asked. "I sent the four of you because you should have had no problem neutralizing and capturing the target I sent your team after. Instead of the prompt success I expected, you have disappointed me by coming back with nothing, and returning with half the team I sent out." Orochimaru's tone was calm and almost mocking, however Shiori stayed immoveable crouched on the floor.

The poison mistress impressed him. She was able to withstand the slow trickle of killing intent he always released when talking to subordinates, she did so without flinching. Others were often visibly shaking after an extended encounter with him. Shiori was able to stay calm and collected in his presence.

She had been one of the ninja that had been a part of the failed invasion of the Leaf Village. Shiori was the only survivor of a squad that had encountered heavy resistance while moving through the village. They had engaged two squads of ANBU black ops, the rest of her team quickly fell to the Leaf's counter attack. She had barely escaped with her life after sustaining several injuries. She was skilled there was no doubt about it, and it was never wise to dispose of something valuable.

"I beg your forgiveness Lord Orochimaru, I failed you." Shiori said.

Orochimaru smiled. "Do not fret my dear, you could only do so much yourself. If it is anyone fault it is mine. I should have sent better teammates with you on that mission then those three incompetents. The question now is what to do. If one thing has come out of this failed mission is that we know more about the boy, and knowing this this new information he has interested me even more. But, what to do, how to get him here?"

Orochimaru pondered the blond demon container. It seemed that he was adapting quickly to his new powers. However his thought were interrupted when his young prodigy silently entered the room.

"Why are these people here?" Sasuke demanded, his voice completely emotionless. "You never have others with us in the base. The screaming interrupted my rest."

"Ahh Sasuke." Orochimaru hissed, "These ninja have just retuned from seeing old friend of yours."

"I don't have friends anymore, only my mission." Sasuke murmured, in a dead toned.

Orochimaru was just about to responded when an idea struck the Sannin. He like the idea, the question was if it would work out the way he envisioned it, If it did then it would most assuredly bring him what he wanted.

The entire plan hinged on Sasuke. It was dangerous to risk him, but he was more then skilled enough to pull it off. After all Sasuke held no more loyalty toward the Leaf Village, If Orochimaru had not stopped him then Sasuke would have killed his former teammates. It would work, just how should he pull it off.

"Have you heard any of the news about your former teammate Sasuke?" Orochimaru asked, then he paused and smiled. "I need you to perform a mission for me."


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