Chapter based on the song "Come and Get It" by the Beatles. Every single chapter is going to be based off of a Beatles song. I know it's a bit wierd seeing as how the subject matter shouldn't go with the Beatles but it works trust me. Anyway I hope you guys like it, please review.

She hadn't seen any of them for 10 years, well that was a lie, she had seen one of them but they hadn't seen her. Rogue chuckled to herself as she remembered looking through the scope of her high powered sniper rifle, watching as Bobby began to charm two girls who were four years younger than him.

Rogue couldn't hear it over the gunshot and the distance but she imagined his brains had made a nice wet splattering noise all over the pavement. The young woman knew she should be disturbed by what she had done, what she did for a living. But she had too many psychotic men swirling inside of her head that she shouldn't have been surprised that she had ended up this way. Killing Bobby hadn't been a payed hit, it just made her feel better.

Wolverine hadn't been surprised in the least, the night she left he knew exactly what she planned on doing for the rest of her life. Something unsavory and politically incorrect, and with all the days of training in the Danger Room with her surrogate father had taught her all the skills she needed to become a deadly assassin. Logan had just given her a tight hug and whispered in her ear, tips for getting away with murder. Things like "police your brass" and always make sure to that she left no strand of hair or cigarette butts behind.

The young woman laughed as she sat in her black 1977 Pontiac Firebird. A gift from Logan, given to her months after her birthday and months before christmas but only a week before she had left. Her father always knew her better than anyone else, she missed him when she had time to think about him. But for the moment she had to think of someone else. Victor Creed, aka Sabertooth's file sat propped on the steering wheel. The picture was recent, he had gotten a hair cut and trimmed his beard down and Rogue couldn't help but see traces of Logan in his murderous gaze.

The last time she had seen him was when she had just been a scared girl that had to be rescued at every turn. But she wasn't a little girl anymore and she was more than capable of saving her own damn self. Her employer didn't give his name and she hadn't asked, but she had already decided that she liked the man only because he wanted Creed dead.

Logan would be pissed when he learned that she had killed his arch-enemy but Rogue knew that she would be forgiven. All she had to do was bat her eye lashes and pout a little and his anger would dissipate. Her female charms had saved her one more than one occasion, but she wasn't sure they would work on the dangerous feral mutant. Rogue smirked as she started her car, she always did love a challenge and with Wolverine swirling madly in her head she began her hunt.

Victor sat in a high tree branch in the middle of the dense forest that surrounded his secluded house, his eyes closed and his arms crossed. He smirked as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. He was being hunted and it wasn't the runt or the military after him either, someone new yet old had their sights set on him.

His eyes snapped open and the golden irises dilated at the sudden invasion of light. He chuckled "Come and get me," he said softly before leaping out of the tree and hit the ground, landing gracefully on his feet.