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He had left her alone for almost 15 minutes and she was getting bored. Rogue got off the bed, once again ignoring the protest from her injuries. He told her not to try and escape and in her state she knew she wouldn't get far and despite everything she still wasn't in the mood to die.

Victor hadn't said anything about not exploring the rest of the cabin though, so she exited the room not bothering to try a be silent with her movement. With all of her stealth training she knew she could never sneak up on him, which pissed her off slightly.

The cabin was bigger than she expected and a lot cleaner. It was nowhere near Martha Stewart standards but at least there wasn't dried blood all over the place and body parts lying everywhere. Rogue could hear music being played from somewhere further into the cabin, the tune sounded familiar but she couldn't remember the words.

She found the bathroom halfway down the dimly lit hallway, she was covered in dirt and dried sweat and was feeling desperate for a shower. Flipping on the lights she breathed a sigh of relief at seeing that the bathroom wasn't as gross as she felt. The only thing that concerned her was that he didn't own a shower curtain. Closing and locking the door behind her out of habit she quickly stripped down and fiddled with the knobs until the water was just right and stepped under the lukewarm spray.

"Hmm, what type of shampoo does the mighty Sabretooth use?" she mumbled to herself as she picked up one of the bottles.

"Axe shampoo, really Victor?," she asked with a roll of her eyes, silently having wished for something like Dove or Loreal. "Great, now I'm going to be walking around smelling like a guy," she grumbled as she squirted a generous amount of the sticky liquid in her hand.

The water was bordering on freezing by the time she got out and she was slightly surprised that the feral mutant hadn't burst in on her at any point. He certainly had more self control than she had given him credit for. Rogue became aware that he was constantly surprising and catching her off gaurd and she would have to make a point to broaden her view on the man before it bit her in the ass.

As Rogue towled off an idea popped into her head. It was a risky move and she knew that while playing with fire there was a good chance she would get burned. But the oppurtunity to fuck with Victor's head was one she wasn't going to pass up. Besides, the closer she got the easier it would be to rip his head off.

Victor sat at the small kitchen table, smoking a cigarette and cleaning Rogue's M110 semi-automatic sniper rifle. He had left the girl alone just to see what she would do, if she tried to run for it then there would be a certain sense of poetry if he shot her in the head with her own gun.

But she knew when she was beaten and had instead gone to the bathroom for a shower. The feral had entertained the idea of walking in on her but decided against it, she was injured but he was sure she had enough strength to kick his balls up into his stomach.

So he sat in the kitchen like a good decent host and waited for her to become presentable. He wasn't expecting her to stride into the room and sit down at the table with only a wife beater and a thong on. His eyes grew dark for a moment as he looked her over and he could smell some of his scent mingled in with her own.

"There a reason you're messin with Rita?" she asked her southern accent coming in thick. Victor grinned "Rita?" he asked in amusement.

"Yea, I named my rifle, you gotta problem with that?" Rogue asked defensively.

"Would you care if I did?"


"Then why bother asking me?" he asked and she glared at him as she snatched the pack of cigarettes and lighter off the table.

It was silent between them and Rogue watched as he handled the rifle with practiced ease. "I never figured you for a gun man," she said as she flicked her ashes into what she guessed was an ashtray.

"I never figured you for a payed assassin," he replied without looking at her.

"Well I guess we're both just full of surprises huh," Rogue purred as she stood up and crushed her cigarette in the tray before walking over to the fridge.

Victor's eyes glanced up as she sauntered away from him, there was an extra bit of swing in her step and he had to admit that she had an ass you could bounce quarters off of. She bent down slightly as she opened the fridge and peered inside and he supressed the urge to growl.

"Do you have anything other than meat, good grief," she complained.

Rogue turned around as she heard the clip being loaded into the rifle and the safety being clicked off. The barrell of the rifle was aimed at her head and Victor's eyes danced with dark mischief. She put her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow at him. "You gonna shoot me or what?" she asked cockily.

Victor flicked the safety back on and set the gun on the table. "I still have some questions," he said and she smirked in triumph which made him consider putting a few extra holes in that beautiful body.

"Shoot," she replied darkly.

"Why did you take the job?" he asked.

"I needed the money, isn't that why you take on your jobs," she asked as she began to search through the cabinets for something to eat.

"Answer the question," he growled.

"I did," she snapped.

He stood from the table and was behind her faster than she could register and he grabbed her hips and pulled her back into him. "Why me, why this job?" he asked with a whispered growl as he took a deep breath and inhaled her sweet scent.

"Because there's nothing I'd like more than to see your head on a fucking pike," she replied as she pressed her ass back into his groin causing his growl to rise in volume.

"You gotta death wish bitch," he stated and she chuckled. "Maybe, what about you?" she asked as she grabbed his hands and forced them on to her breasts.

"I'm almost sure I can't die,' he replied.

"Well then you shouldn't be worried about me or anyone else that's going to come after you," she said, biting off a moan as he pinched her nipples through the thin fabric of the tank top.

"Worried?" he asked with a chuckle and he pinched her nipples even harder and he heard the gasp she tried to muffle. His right hand drifted downwards, his shortened nails grazing over her skin and she knew she had to end it before her plan of driving him slowly insane went all to hell.

She looked up into the forgotten cabniet and spied a box of saltines that looked fairly new. Rogue grabbed the box and slipped out of his grasp just as the tips of his fingers breached the waist band of her thong.

"Well what do you know, you do have more than just meat," she said with a smirk as she walked back over to the table.

Victor was straining in his jeans as he glared at the cabniet in front of him. He silently wondered when the fuck he had bought crackers.

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