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She couldn't sleep.

Hinata laid motionless in her bed. The night seemed to be uncommonly quiet but her senses where tingling. She'd felt strange since she woke up that morning. She felt anxious and jumpy all day but she couldn't understand why.

Her eyes went to her window as the bright moonlight shone in and casted an eerie glow to everything. She was about to get up and close it when she herd a soft scuffing.

Her body went ridged.

Her eyes kept locked on the window.

But nothing happened.

She activated her Byakugan and looked around but there wasn't anyone except for a maid walking down the hallway. She sighed before getting up and walking to the window and closing it.

She'd just been turning to go back to bed when she was thrown to the ground. Her ears rang and she could smell smoke. Her immediately reactivated her Byakugan and bolted for the door.

She threw it open and started down the hallway towards the sound. Her eyes caught the fading light of the now dead maids' chakra. She paused. The woman laid bloodied and mangled on the floor. But she wasn't burnt. She was stabbed. The black kunai stuck from the woman's bloody chest. The symbol of yang in red pain on the hilt of the blade. She pulled it free only to be thrown across the hall as another explosion erupted from her room.

She heard screams now.

It was like everything had been on mute before and now had suddenly been turned to maximum. She pulled her self up and gasped before falling back to the floor as pain seared through her body. She looked at her leg and saw a piece of charred wood in her thigh.

She saw the flames now.

The orange flames where spreading like wild fire. She yanked the wood from her leg and tore a piece of her shirt to bandage the wound. She heard alarms and yelling coming from outside followed by the clashing of metal.

She crawled back over to the dead woman and pulled the kunai free before standing and limping quickly down the hall.

"Intruders!" she heard a man yell before a scream and a thud.

She leveled up and ran into the main hall. She gasped as she nearly slid on the blood soaked floors. The shredded remains of the people she cared for laying about her.

Tears welled up her eyes as she dropped to her knees. She touched the still warm cheek of her nanny. She had raised her from the time her mother died.

A scream drew her attention and she looked up to see Hanabi run into the room.

"Behind you!" she yelled and threw a kunai.

Hinata ducked and rolled before skidding to a stop a short distance away. A dark figure stood in the door way just behind the spot she just stood. The face was masked in shadows. Her heart pounded. Eyes the color of flames stared down at her.

"W-w-who are y-you?" she gasped out. She spun quickly as she heard laughter behind her. Another dark figure caught her eyes. She stood up with both figures at her sides. She glanced to her sister and gasped. She was held in the center of the room by a tall man in a mask with her father tied right next to her.

"Father! Hanabi!" she choked and nearly dropped her Kunai. "why?!" she shrieked.

"They have to see." the words came as a whisper on her ears. She immediately turned and tried to stab him with the kunai but her caught and spun till there was a sickening snap and fell to the floor in pain.

She heard a shriek but she couldn't recognize the voice.

"Kill the old man." The voice said quietly before she yanked up from the floor.

The pain shot through her and she heard the shriek again. Could it have been from her own mouth?

"No. Please." She sobbed as she was brought closer to her father. The cloth around his mouth was yanked free. And he stood proudly.

"You will never get away with this!" he seemed to command.

"Watch us." The one holding him said calmly before slitting him from shoulder to waist.

She cried out as her father fell to the floor with a gasp. She heard her sister whimpering next to him and felt a sob escape her throat. She tried to get free but man grabbed her other arm and started to twist.

"Tobi I said kill him."

Tobi sighed and grabbed her father's arm and pulled him unto his back. She heard him laugh faintly as he ran the kunai gently across her father's chest.

"Stop!" she pleaded with a sob. She felt as though he was gripping her heart as well as her arm. Tobi looked up at her and she heard him chuckle as he kept her gaze then slit her fathers throat.

She tried to get away again but the mans grip tighten before she felt the wind knocked out of her and she sent sailing across the room. She crashed against the wall and slid to floor before scrambling to stand. In a flash the man was standing in front of her. And grabbed her arm again and spun her around before pulling her back to her father's body.

"I suggest you watch. This might be the last time you see them."

She sobbed as Tobi stood again and kicked her father's body.

"What must Tobi do about the girl?" He asked.

"Do what ever you want." She heard the voice say with a hint of amusement.

She heard her sister whimper and she felt her knees buckle. Why where they doing this?

She watch as Tobi walked behind her sister, letting his masked face run slowly along her shoulder and neck. He raised his kunai to her chest.

"Reinforcements are coming." She heard a voice say from the corner. Her eyes darted to the voice that sounded as smooth and chilling as ice. "We have to leave now."

She glanced back to the man who held her sister and heard him sigh. The she watched the knife slide along her throat. Her sister's body fell lifelessly unto her fathers.

She sobbed as she watched Tobi turn and started walking from the room.

"Itachi. You watch this one." The man behind her said and threw her to the bodies.

She didn't hear a response. She scrambled to her father and sister and threw her arms over them and sobbed. She didn't hear him approach until he was right behind her. She tried to use her good arm to swing at him but he caught her easily and a seconds notice her back was slammed into a hard chest.

"Do not try with me girl." He said smoothly into her ear.

"Itachi." She heard the unidentified person say impatiently from the door.

She looked over at him and had barely seen a glimpse of blue skin before she felt her head explode and in an instant she was falling into darkness.

She hoped she was dead.

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