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He sat with his back against the cool wall, his legs tucked into each other and his hands resting lightly in his lap. His mind went over his plan slowly, calculating every possibility.

It was flawless.

… Almost.

His eyes flickered open and glanced up at the semi-conscious girl lying in the cot in front of him. She hadn't moved in 24 hours now but he knew every time that she slipped in and out of consciousness. Every time she sensed his presence, her heart quickened slightly and she tried harder to seem unconscious.


It all came down to her.

He rose silently and walked over to the cot. He stood for a moment and looked over her. The bruises were starting to turn a sickly dark yellow, and the cuts had healed into dark pink lines. She was ready.

"It is time." He said coolly down at her.

He watched as her eyes fluttered slightly before opening, and smirked lightly when she glared up at him with murderous intent. She was ready.

"Do you accept?"

He gazed down at her as she swallowed and closed her eyes for a moment. Her fine dark eyelashes swept her pale cheeks before fluttering open once more with a more determined glare. She licked her dry, cracked lips before answering in a raspy voice.


He nodded and turned to the door. As if waiting just on the other side, Kisame pulled the door open and walked in briskly. He had an almost comically solemn look on his face as he came to a stop in front of the bed, holding a large package.

"This is for you." He said seriously, and dropped it carelessly on top of her.

Itachi resisted a smirk as the girl flinched when the package hit her, and as she then tried to relax her face again. Kisame turned abruptly and walked out the door, leaving it opened for Itachi to follow.

"I suggest you read it. Your training starts at first light."

Without another word he walked out of the dim room and shut and locked the door behind him.


Hinata laid still for seemed to be a hour.

When she heard no sound and sensed no movement, she raised her hand and pushed the package off of her chest, sitting up slowly, wincing in pain.

She grimaced as her ribs ached, and pulled herself up to lean on the wall. She glanced down at the package and frowned. Hesitating for a few moments before curiosity finally took over, she pulled it towards her.

She lifted it into her hands and pulled the brown paper apart with stiff fingers. She frowned when a large green folder opened into her lap, spilling paper all over her. The frown deepened, and she froze when she saw a picture of her family. She stared down at the photo and felt hot tears forming in her eyes. She ran her finger along her mother's face on the photograph, but flinched, stiffening when she looked down to see the face of the small child she was holding had been scratched off.

It was her.

He father was holding a baby Hanabi in his arms and smiling down at her proudly while Hinata stood in front of her mother with her hand holding her shoulders still as they took the picture.

She gritted her teeth as the thought swept through her like a wave. Is this how they intended to win her loyalty? Erasing her from her family?

She hadn't realized that she was gripping the photo so hard until it started to crumple in her hand. She paused, and hurriedly tried to straighten it out but, stopped when she saw scribbling on the back. She flipped it over and stared down at the unmistakable writing of her father.

"True heir shall be placed when a mistake is forgotten."

Her mind went blank.

What was that supposed to mean?

She flipped the photo back over and stared at her father, pride evident on his face as he stared down at Hanabi. She knew he wasn't particularly fond of her but did he truly intend to forget her? And how?

She glanced down at the other papers finally and spotted her father's hand writing once more. She picked up the paper and glanced at her father's scrawled signature at the bottom.

"…remove the "issue" of this clan. You help would be greatly appreciated. The guards shall be absent on her side of the wing at exactly midnight on the full moon. I suggest you use this chance and make it seem as much like a kidnapping as possible. I would…"

She could almost feel her heart stop.

She glanced down at more of the papers, finding another near to where she found the first. She glanced over that as well.

"…failed at such a simple task! Compassion is for fools. Weakness should be removed as it has no place in this clan. The council will not accept her as the leader when her time comes. They warn for us to remove the 'issue' or they shall remove us from the head family permanently. This 'problem' must be dealt with immediately for…"

She choked on the air that sucked into her throat as she stifled a scream.

"LIES!" she finally managed to scream out, and crushed the letters into a little ball, tossing it at the door as hard as she could. She gritted her teeth as she fell back, pain searing through her body.

They had to be lies.

They had to be.

She opened her eyes reluctantly to stare directly at her father's sprawling signature and frowned. Could it be forgery? 'Please let it be.' She thought desperately to herself as she moved her hand to spread the papers more, her pale eyes skimming over receipts, mission files, private letters, and documents. All bore her father's signature, and some even the signature of the head council member, Hokku.

They were trying to get rid of her.

She choked on a sob as she sat up slowly and looked over more of the papers, desperately trying to find some evidence of lies. There was nothing. Even the wax seal of the crest was at the top of the scrolls, with its distinct curving of the y's. It was real.

Hinata sobbed silently to herself.

She was a failure.


This was the family that she was now desperately trying to avenge? A family that held no hope for her? A family that tried on countless occasions to kill her?

She wished it couldn't be true. She needed it to not be true.

She glanced at the crumpled paper laying on the floor as tears began streaming down her face. She would find out. She looked down and started searching through the papers quickly until she found the other letter her father had written. She looked at the name he addressed it to, the assassin he had hired to try to kill her but had failed.

Diachi A.

She ripped the scroll until she had the name alone on a piece of paper, then folded it in two and shoved it into her chest bindings. She would find this man and find out if it was true. Until then, she would continue with her plan.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and stuffed the papers back into the folder, replacing it on the floor. Now she needed rest. She would train and become strong, stronger than anyone ever expected her to.

And she would have her revenge.


Itachi sat with his back against the wall as Kisame looked out the door of his small room.

"She's done." He said finally and turned to look at the dark haired ninja in the corner.

Itachi opened his eyes and gazed over at the blue man, frowning as he saw him smirking and still staring out the door. He closed his eyes again as he turned to look at him.

"She's got a nice rack." Kisame said after a long pause. Itachi ignored the comment and continued to meditate. Now that she knew what her father had been up to, he was curious as to how she would take the news.

Tomorrow he would start his training on her. In a month's time he hoped to have her be able to defend herself in some way at a reasonable level. He would not fail.

He cleared his mind of all thought and focused on his breathing, sending a steady and flowing stream of healing chakra through his eyes. It was the only way he had been able to survive this long while possessing that level of the Sharingan.

He maintained his focus as he heard Kisame relax on his bed and stretch out, before soon his soft breaths indicated sleep. He focused his hearing to the girl once more to hear that her breathing had leveled and heart steadied in its rhythmic beating. It was going to be hard.

But she would be strong.


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