Shugo Chara

Hot or Not

Summary: Amu makes a bet with Ikuto. She is going to be alone with him for two weeks and see who can be more passionate. As rewards, Amu gets Ikuto to stop doing perverted things for 3 months. Ikuto gets Amu to do whatever he says for 3 months. Who will win?

Shelly: Hmm, to lazy to do a chat. Or add Cullen to the end of Shelly. The title came because in order to be passionate, Amu and Ikuto have to try a number of tactics (Mostly Amu) to see what's hot and what's not. So let's just begin the story! ;3

Chapter One:

All Bets On

Normal POV

"IKUTO!" Amu screamed into the house. Three girls sweat dropped in the modern styled living room. Her friends, Rima, Nadeshiko, and Yaya were tired of this whole "Ikuto sexually abusing Amu" nonsense.

"You know," Yaya stated, giving a thoughtful look. "I thought it would be fun to have Amu-chi blush and Ikuto-san tease her, but it's getting annoying!" She sighed in defeat, the other girls nodding in agreement.

After Tadase, Amu's crush, had left for vacation promising to get souvenirs, Amu had been waiting for his return in order to tell him her true feelings. What everyone didn't expect was for him to get a girlfriend. So the three girls had said that Ikuto was the runner up, giving the two their time alone.

And at first, it was cute seeing Amu embarrassed around the sly black cat, but they soon saw that the harmless teasing was getting the two nowhere.

"We have to do something," Rima said in her usual quiet voice.

"I agree," Nadeshiko stated, sipping at her tea cup.

"So does Yaya!" The youngest girl whined, lifting her hand up like a child.

"Hmm, what should we do though? Those two only like teasing and fighting. They'll never just admit their feelings for each other...At least, not anytime soon," Rima figured, bringing her gaze to the other two across the round coffee table.

"I WAS NOT GRINNING!" They could hear Amu's yell from the other room, then the light sound of rustling.

"Ugh," the three let out their share of groans, sulking.

"You're right, Rima," Nadeshiko replied, holding her china tea cup like a proper lady would. Then she smiled, a bright idea coming along. "Hey, I have an idea," she whispered to the two depressed girls.

"What is it?" Yaya asked, her boredom dissolved in seconds.

"Those two like to play games, right? Why not call a bet?" She smirked and whispered the details to her friends.

Amu's POV

"Ikuto!" I screamed, my day having unexpectedly turned for the worst. Mama and Dad were out, taking Ami to a dentist appointment while Rima, Nadeshiko, and Yaya waited in the living room. I was in my own bedroom, looking for the disappearing act of a cell my phone loved to perform, when discovering I had an uninvited visitor.

"What are you doing here?" I accused, a little quieter so my friends wouldn't overhear. Ikuto's expression was as plain as ever, playfully challenging me to pull the answers from his eyes. After all, his dark blue eyes did look very intense today for some reason, almost…mesmerizing…Wait, WHAT THE HECK? I shook my head, clearing my thoughts.

"Your friends invited me while I was taking a walk; something about you being in denial?" He asked, questionably. My cheeks started to heat up from embarrassment.

"I am NOT in DENIAL!" I shouted, hoping that the girls would hear that. Boy, when I got a hold of them…

"Well, that doesn't matter. I'm already here. What's done is done," he stated, spreading out on my bed and delicately placing his chin into his palm. I glared.

"What do you mean, 'what's done is done'? You shouldn't be here! Especially in my bedroom! I told you not to come in anymore without permission!" I reminded him, my own body filled with anger. It hadn't fazed Ikuto though. He only looked oddly amused.

"Ah, but Amu! You did invite me to sleep in your room, and then locked me in your closet. You must have really been anticipating something to happen, huh?" I blushed at his words, twisting the facts so it made me sound like the pervert. "You even admitted to having grinned at me while I was sleeping," he added to the list, smirking. My cheeks grew hotter.

"FOR the last time, Ikuto. I WAS NOT GRINNING!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, my voice hurting from using it against Ikuto so much. I looked at Ikuto, who now was standing in front of me, smirking at my face. I flushed again, turning my head to the side. "W-What?" I asked.

"You're so fun to tease, Amu-chan. One day I might just end up kidnapping you," he admitted, locking onto my eyes. My heart started to pound unevenly as my palms grew sweaty, and when I thought I couldn't be anymore embarrassed, he winked. I gasped.

Ikuto then burst into a fit of hysterics as I glared. "AH! You tricked me AGAIN?" I growled as he hugged his sides from laughter.

The door suddenly opened and all three girls came in, Nadeshiko and Yaya grinning innocently, while Rima simply gave off her regular straight faced expression. I raised an eyebrow. "Can you guys please explain why you brought Ikuto to my room?" I asked, but none of them seemed to pay attention. I crossed my arms, waiting.

"We have a bet for you two," Nadeshiko spoke, smiling at her own cleverness.

"Bet?" I asked, unsure and curious all at once. Ikuto seemed interested as well, for he was staring at the small group now.

"Yes, we all had a discussion and decided." She clapped her hands together as we waited. Crap, this can't be good.

"For two entire weeks, you guys will be alone together at Rima's house," Nadeshiko started, turning to Rima.

"And the bet is to see who is more passionate. You or Ikuto," Rima explained the second part quietly, showing no sense of humor or smiles as the others had.

I stared at each of them, wide eyed and astonished. I shook my head head, laughing softly. They were kidding…right?

"Do you think my parents would let me stay with a perverted cat boy alone for two entire weeks?" I asked with a joking smile, still taking their bet as a joke. Yaya was encouraged then and smiled, joining in.

"Already covered, Amu-chi! I told your parents we'd all be going to Rima's on vacation! And Rima is going with her parents out of town at that time," Yaya declared, sticking her hand with her pointed index finger up in the air happily. "It's perfect, right?" She asked me.

I felt myself twitch, the reality of this suddenly becoming a nightmare. Alone…with Ikuto…for two entire weeks? I opened my mouth to call it off, but Ikuto interrupted.

"Even if we do agree, what would the prize be?" Ikuto asked them politely, coming into the group circle we had unconsciously formed. I backed up, a bit surprised to see him actually listening to what they were saying.

Nadeshiko's grin widened. "Well, we thought a nice prize for you would be having Amu as a slave for three months," she replied happily.

"WHAT?" I spit, red with anger. I never did agree to any of this! This was ridiculous, IMPOSSIBLE for me to even consider. And Ikuto…God, if I was a slave to him who knows what would happen! Thoughts filled my head as I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.

"Amu, don't think so dirty now," Ikuto commented to me slyly, whispering in my ear his own little cruel joke. I jumped, not noticing how close he was and blushed even more.

"I-I was not!" I yelled at him, glaring as best I could.

"Wait, Wait! We didn't finish!" Yaya cheered, raising her hand around to grab our attention again. We both turned back to the group before us.

"Amu, your reward is not having Ikuto do anything "perverted" to you for three months," Nadeshiko added for my benefit. I thought for a second. A whole three months…not having to worry about him? Maybe…

"How do you know he'll listen?" I asked, unsure how this could actually work, and amazed I was even asking this question when it was obvious I was going to say no. Rima answered this time.

"We'll make sure he does. If he lays a hand on you…let's just say I know some people," Rima reassured calmly. I swallowed. The silent ones are always the most dangerous…

"Okay, okay. I believe you," I stated, sighing. Was I really going to do this? "But…the most passionate? How will anyone know if it's just us two?" I asked, blushing at the mere mention of "us two".

"Easy, you just keep score on paper," Yaya joined in again, jumping up and down in pure excitement. I thought for a second. I could just say I did some stuff. It's my word against his…

"Don't think about lying, Amu," Nadeshiko threatened as she read my mind, giving me a deadly glare. I jumped and hid behind Ikuto's tall figure. "If either of you lie, you'll have to deal with ME!" She called, emitting a dark era. A smirk curved to the side of her mouth, almost as if encouaraging us to try anything. I trembled behind Ikuto who didn't seemed fazed at all.

"So, do we have a deal?" Rima asked, flipping her long blonde hair and distracting me from the previous fury. I turned to her, already answering with narrowed eyes. There's no way I'm doing this. No way!

"Amu, did I mention that if you win, you can get Tadase back," Nadeshiko cut in, stealing my attention in a heart beat. I listened, intent. She smiled and went on "I heard he broke up with his girlfriend. I could arrange for you to see him with a private jet, but that is..." Nadeshiko smiled, tempting the offer, "If you win this bet."

I stuck out my hand without a second thought, noticing that Ikuto had already agreed. "Done!"

Shelly: Hmm, what will happen? And did Amu just make the biggest regret of her life? *Pulls out book on 'how to be passionate'.

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Amu: You would, pervert! *Sticks out tongue.

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