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Hot or Not

ShellyCullen: Now this here is the last chappie! :`( I'm going to miss this story so much!!!

Ikuto: Yeah, I'll miss teasing Amu.

Amu: Well, I'm happy this little bet is over.

Shelly: Hmm……

Amu: What? What are you thinking?

Shelly: Chapter 20!


Ikuto = 17

Amu = 13

Nadeshiko = 14

Yaya = 12

Rima = 13

Tadase = 14

Nagihiko = 14

Chapter Twenty:

The Winner

Amu's POV

"As you all know, we're here to find out the winner of Amu and Ikuto-san's bet. Who can be more passionate." Nadeshiko called as Yaya came and gave me a hug from behind.

"Good luck, Amu-chi!" She giggled, her brown hair slightly falling into my face. I smiled.

Everyone was here. Kukai, Utau, Rima, Nagihiko, Yaya and even Tadase. Ikuto still hadn't appeared though, and we had started without him. Why this many people had to be here for this, I had no idea.

Of course, the happy couple, Rima and Nagihiko were sitting next to each other. And Kukai had been comforting Utau in her time of need. Ikuto and I had been an official couple the rest of the week, but I was still determined to win.

We had been getting points at the most random and unexpected times, and I must brag a little when I say I,Amu Hinamori made the, Ikuto Tsukiyomi blush! It really was priceless. And all because I gave him a quick kiss just before going to bed. But it was the first kiss I gave him, so I could see why he did that.

"And now, we will quickly review your scores." Nadeshiko stated, whiling bringing Yaya and Rima over to the corner. I sat on Rima's couch, waiting.

"Waiting for your boyfriend, Amu?" Utau asked from across the room. I blushed, still not used to the saying. Me and Ikuto and the word boyfriend still gave me a funny bubbling feeling in my stomach.

"N-No." I said, turning my head to the side in my cool and spicy way. "I'm perfectly fine with Ikuto not here. That way I can win and not worry about his sorry butt!" I added. It probably would have tricked them, if my cheeks didn't grow hotter at the mention of his butt.

"Oh? So you're staring at my brothers butt?" Utau challenged, raising an eyebrow. Man, I hate how related Utau and Ikuto are.

"OF COURSE NOT!" I yelled, my hands in fists as I glared. Curse my flushing face! And curse the perverted Tsukiyomi personality! I didn't look at his butt! Well…maybe once…but by accident!

Kukai, Nagihiko, Utau, and Tadase stared at my various shades of red. I bit the inside of my cheek, irritated.

Someone plopped down next to me, and I turned to see Ikuto sitting there, a bored expression on his face. I blushed just by his very presence and looked at my hands. It sure was weird to be around him with all my friends. The fact that they KNOW I'm dating him. Embarrassing!

"Who's the winner?" Ikuto asked and we all stared at him.

"They didn't decide yet." I said, barely making eye contact with the fool.

"Well, we all know the result. Amu's going to be my slave for three months. And do whatever I say." Ikuto muttered, grabbing my chin with his hand and making me face him.

"T-That's not going to happen! I'm going to win and you won't be a pervert for three months!" I yelled in defense. Only, is that what I wanted? I shook that thought. YES I DID! Even if I love Ikuto, he doesn't have to make me blush every five seconds!

Ikuto seemed to see right through me because he smirked, rubbing his thumb against my skin.

"We'll see." He stated, dropping my chin and leaning in for a quick kiss. I blushed and pulled away.

"N-Not in front of people, you pervert!" I whispered to him and he chuckled.

"Okay, we have found the winner." Nadeshiko smiled, Rima on her left and Yaya at her right.

"The winner of who's more passionate is…Amu!"


Did those words actually come out of her mouth? It took me a second to process this fact. I won.

"YAY! Amu-chi!" Yaya chirped, running and giving me a big hug. Along with Rima who grabbed my sleeve and smiled. I grinned in victory.

"I beat Ikuto!" I declared.

"It was a close call." Nadeshiko stated over the loud hoorays. Utau looked astonished.

"We're going to celebrate, Amu-chi! With candy and cake, and SUGAR!" Yaya was bouncing with excitement. I could only laugh at her happy behavior.

"Oh, hold on…" Nadeshiko announced over everyone. I turned and was able to see her holding a white piece of paper.

"Seems like we have a last minute entry." My eyes widened. What. There's no way.

"And today, for a quick kiss to change the score, Ikuto-san wins!" She called as Yaya stopped jumping. I could hear yays again, but for someone else now.

"T-That little!" I murmured and stomped my foot. No fair! That kiss was just now! How can that even count?!

"You ready, Amu?" Ikuto asked, suddenly whispering behind me. I jumped and turned to face him.

"H-Huh?" I asked, stupidly.

"Get ready for 3 months…of being my slave."

This is hell.

Ikuto was now swarmed by everyone and I took a few steps back, sighing. He won…that sly cat!!!

"Will that be hot or not?!" Yaya asked, randomly appearing out of nowhere. I raised an eyebrow at her strange question.

"Knowing me…" I muttered to her. "I have a feeling I'm the one who's going to end up getting hot." I replied, just as my cheeks turned their usual pink and burned.

Maybe…I'll get through this. I do love Ikuto, after all. How bad can it really be?

Ikuto turned to me and smiled, as I smiled back. If only I had seen that smirk he was hiding…

ShellyCullen: And that's it! The End. Hot or Not is officially finished! And…if you're all up to it, I was thinking about a sequel. If you all want to hear it.

Ikuto: Just say it.

ShellyCullen: Okay, it takes place after Ikuto's prize a few months later on. Remember this story started in June, which means he had an Amu slave until September. I wanted to start the sequel during Shugo Chara's Christmas break!

Amu: And the summary?

Shelly: Here's the summary: How much self-control does a boy have? Not much. So when everyone is officially together, the girls make a bet. While they stay in a vacation house, the guys can look at them, but cannot kiss, grab, or touch for ten days. And the girls? Can do whatever they want. Mostly Amuto.

Couples are Amu and Ikuto, Rima and Nagihiko, Utau and Kukai, and maybe a Yaya and Tadase pairing.

The title I'm thinking of is Hot n Cold. So it fits in with the first book, Hot or Not. If you want this sequel, just say so in the review. I'm hoping it's a yes! ;3