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Nami stared down at the blade that had been driven through her chest, her eyes blank. She stared at the purple and red liquid that mingled and dripped off the edge of the silver-black blade, and wondered if getting stabbed was always this strange. At first she felt nothing, but as the swordsman pulled the sword from her body, as she fell to her knees, wild fire blossomed violently from the hole in her chest. She could not stop the gasp of pain that escaped her lips. And he turned and saw her, standing behind him, injured, poisoned, by the blade the had been meant for him, he went a new kind of berserk.

All anger left his body, fleeing as quickly as it had risen. He became a deadly calm. And Zoro turned back to his opponent, and coldly removed the man's head. After that, everything was a blur of silver, black, green, and red, as he executed every person in the vicinity who held any sort of weapon.

And then she was in his arms, and he was running for the harbor, for the Going Merry, for Chopper, and he was murmuring prayers under his breath, murmuring profanities under his breath, cursing her stupidity, cursing his inability to protect her from harm as he always had before, the anger that had deserted him earlier rising and threatening to crush him.

She stirred in his arms and blinked weakly up at him. The fiery pain from before was gone, replaced by a spreading numbness the was slowly creeping through ever inch of her body. "Z-Zoro?"

"Stupid woman. Don't talk. I'll get you to Chopper." He said harshly, powerful legs carrying him up and onto the ship. She was unconscious by the time he stood on the deck.

"CHOPPER!" He roared, the little doctor's name exploding throughout the ship like a cannon's shot. Tendons and veins stood out in his neck and forehead, he was shaking all over with rage and fear, and the green-haired swordsman was truly a terrifying sight to behold.

Chopper stumbled onto the deck, tripping over various bandages that hung loosely from his arms, like some kind of strange white streamer. He'd been on the ship long enough to realize that being called up from his 'office' when the ship was docked at an island usually meant that one of the crew was injured. But for it to be Nami was unusual.

The reindeer's bumbling manner vanished as soon as he saw the two figures on deck. Zoro standing there, Nami in his arms, both of them covered in blood, mostly Nami's. The ship's doctor went from childish to professional in a millisecond. "Take her to my office." Chopper said, turning around and heading back down the stairs. He already knew he would have to perform surgery, to close up any internal damage, make sure her organs were all intact.

Zoro placed the Navigator gently on Chopper's operating table. And left the room as the little reindeer gently removed Nami's shirt, and began to the fight to save her life, be it a large battle or a small one.


When Chopper emerged from his doctor's cabin, he had already washed the blood from furry arms and hooves. He glanced up at Zoro and the rest of crew, who had slowly accumulated at the ship, seemingly drawn from whatever their activities had been, by the strong sense that one of their nakama was in danger.

"Is Nabi godda be okay?!" Sanji wailed, trying to peer past the fuzzy doctor to see Nami. Chopper pulled the door shut in Sanji's face.

"She's out of danger for now. The sword missed anything vital, thank god. But the blade had poison on it. I know the poison, and I gave her the antidote. But she needs rest. So you all have to BE QUIET." Chopper hissed the last two words, frowning menacingly at them, especially the rambunctious captain.

And the whole crew nodded wordlessly.


Gathered in the mess hall, the crew, minus Chopper and, of course, Nami, brooded in silence until the Love-Cook broke the barrier that surrounded them with a question.

"What happened, Marimo-head?" Sanji's insult was only half-hearted at best.

Zoro glanced up at the chef, his expression unreadable. "Some shitty bounty hunters tried to catch us." He said, emotionless. "And one of them tried to stab me in the back-"

"And Nami took the hit for you?!" Sanji gasped, outraged. He lunged at Zoro, his foot punching a hole in the wall where the swordsman's head had been a moment ago. The fight could easily have progressed to a level where bloodshed was inevitable, but Luffy and Usopp stepped in, pulling the two away from each other. "Chopper said Nami needs quiet! So ssshhh!" Luffy stage-whispered, holding a finger to his lips.

Just like that, the building tension was diffused, leaving them all to sink into black despair. And then their descent was halted when Chopper appeared in the doorway, grinning broadly, in stark contrast with the tears that flowed openly down his furry face. "Nami's awake. She's gonna be okay." He sniffled, trying to wipe away the tears with the back of one arm.

His statement was followed by a mass exodus of the dining hall.

"No, No!" Chopper shrieked, dashing after them, wailing that Nami could only receive one visitor at a time. Zoro watched them leave. And he wanted to go after them, but the guilt that rose in his throat to choke him kept him from following.


Zoro stayed in the dining hall alone for nearly two hours while the other members of the Straw Hat crew filed in and out of the sick bay. He could hear their hushed concern turn into happiness, soft laughter and Nami's weak voice making their way to his ears. And then Usopp appeared in the doorway.

"Nami wants to see you." The sharp-shooter said quietly, only to jump aside as Zoro stormed past.


"Close the door behind you." Nami said. From the doorway he couldn't see her face, just her orange hair in stark contrast with white sheets covering her. He crossed the room to stand over her, wracked with guilt. She peered up at him, and the paleness of her skin made it so much worse. "Sit down." She said, slowly pushing herself into a sitting position.

He knelt by the bed instead, opened his mouth and found himself unable to speak. He'd always been a man of few words, and now it was biting him in the ass. He stewed in silence for moment, and then she spoke.


Zoro's head jerked up and he stared at her. "I-" He was silenced when she whacked him weakly over the head.

"Baka." She said, leaning back against the wall and closing her eyes. "I can see the guilt on your face. You moron. You're upset because you think I got injured saving you. You're mad at yourself because you think this is your fault. Did you really think I was trying to save you when I got stabbed?"

It was a rhetorical question, and she gave him no chance to answer it aloud. But yes, he had, and that was part of why he felt so guilty.

"I was saving my own ass, stupid." She told him, opening her eyes long enough to wag one finger at him. "I mean, think about it, not that you do that much. If that bastard had stabbed you, and you got poisoned, there's no way I could have fought off all those guys on my own. And on the off chance that I managed to beat all of them, if you got stabbed, there is no way I could carry you back to the Going Merry, what with you being so freakishly huge and all."

"So stop feeling bad about it." She finished. "That is, unless you want me to add some more berri to your debt. Just for annoying me. Maybe five-thousand berri..."

If she was insulting him and threatening to increase the amount of money he owed her, then all was right with the world. Zoro felt a heavy weight lift from his shoulders and his heart. "Witch." He growled, rising to his feet.

"Oi!" Sanji's voice came through the door. "Speak civilly to Nami-swan or I'll come in there and kick some manners into you, Shitty Swordsman."

Zoro exited the sick bay, one hand resting on Wado Ichimonji's hilt. "Bring it, Ero-Cook." He growled.

Nami grinned to herself, laying back down under the blankets, and drifting into the blissful realms of sleep to the sounds of Zoro and Sanji sparring and hurling profanities at each other, and Luffy, Chopper and Usopp doing a celebration dance, making up a ridiculous song on the spot.

All was right with the world.


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