The second 30 Sentences challenge for Lady Emzebel. More ZoNa? I really need to update Cookies. Poor Sanji-kun is being neglected!

One. flustered.

"Er, Zoro, why are you wearing a dress?"

Two. girlfriend.

"Excuse me, but my boyfriend and I have to go now."

Three. boyfriend.

"If your hand isn't off her ass, and you aren't out of the bar by the time I count to five, I'll cut it off."

Four. conjoined.

"You know, if you wanted to spend more time together, you could have just asked..."

Five. reflux.

"Well, that's what you get for drinking so much alcohol, now, drink this, it'll make you feel better."

Six. central.

"There's a red string going from your heart to hers; I can see it."

Seven. princess.

"Huh, you're going to be as spoiled as your mother."

Eight. tattoo.

A night on the town ended with an angry mob chasing them, and a tattoo of the kanji for 'katana' on Zoro's left butt-cheek.

Nine. wicked.

The devil's costume she wore for Halloween was very fitting, in more ways than one.

Ten. flounder.

"I-I-I, uh, i-it's not what it looks like, I was just helping her find an earing!"

Eleven. habitual.

It's been six months since she started spying on him while he lifts weights, and it never gets old.

Twelve. spelunking.

Getting stuck in a tiny lava tube was not Zoro's idea of a good day, but he needed to find a diamond for her ring before he could propose.

Thirteen. awake.

"H-h-hwaaaaaaaan. Sorry, Robin. Zoro kept me up all night..."

Fourteen. hug.

"Hmmm. You smell like sword polish."

Fifteen. kiss.

"And you taste like orange sherbet."

Sixteen. slap.

"Zoro! Not in public!"

Seventeen. dread.

At the end of every battle as the adrenalin rush wears off, cold fingers squeeze her heart and lungs until she finds him and assure herself that he's not dead.

Eighteen. token.

"If you keep a compass on you at all times, you'll... Well, knowing you, you'll still get lost, but maybe it'll bring you good luck...?"

Nineteen. wisp.

The only trace he can find of her is a wisp of orange hair, which he tucks inside his hakama till he finds her again.

Twenty. current.

He see her floating face-down, drifting slowly along with the current and his heart stops.

Twenty-one. dress.

"Oh Zoro, stop, you're making me blush!"

Twenty-two. summit.

"When I'm up this high, I feel like I'm flying."

Twenty-three. parched.

Zoro eyes Nami's bikini-clad body and decides he loves summer islands.

Twenty-four. downpour.

Sitting on a hilltop on Weatheria, Nami couldn't help but think that the icy rain suited her mood well.

Twenty-five. musk.

"Zoro, are you wearing cologne?"

Twenty-six. rogue.

"A beautiful thief and a rogue swordsman: sounds almost like a shojo manga."

Twenty-seven. languid.

She loves the lazy grace he moves with.

Twenty-eight. belated.

"We never celebrate your birthday, so I thought this year, we could so something... special."

Twenty-nine. congenial.

Zoro is very good-natured behind all his complaining and laziness, and sometimes it's too easy to take advantage of that, so she doesn't.

Thirty. leap.

"Just jump, I'll catch you."

The tone of this one seemed darker than the last, at least for some of the sentences, and I'm not as happy with it as I was with the first one... If sixteen confused you, he spanked her bottom. XD Eighteen is probably my favorite this time around.