Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just love them...
Note: Hm, how to explain it...I pretty often ask myself all sorts of weird questions in connection
with my favourite characters from the movies, and lately I asked myself how could Commodus'
afterlife have looked like... Then I was listening to Gladiator soundtrack and suddenly I got
this really amazing vision, I mean I saw it all as if it was really happening - (I know, I should
visit a shrink:):):):)) So I sat and wrote, here's what I've come up with... PLEASE, let me know
what you think!!!!!

I stand alone amongst the shattered dreams of past
Shadows devour my every thought

I am hounted by darkness
No one else to blame but me
Time to go, but the road is unknown
Blood mixes with wine and drowns the pain
Blood on my hands...
Cold marble floors and hot sand under my feet
Freezing wind and burning sun
I must go on, I shall not stop
Everyone is already gone, there's no one here but me
I walk through the ruins of palaces,
All great monuments are thumbled down
Wind blows in the empty chambers
Repeating one question
I cannot answer
Eternity...- it's so long
And yet too short...to understand it all
Forever hanging over a precipice,
Unable to fall, and yet falling all the time
Unable to go back to the top, and yet still remembering the view
I have failed, although I tried so hard
There's no forgiveness and no oblivion
Just shattered dreams, shadows and dust...