So I was in a coming out mood. Well, not me literally, but you get the idea, even if our boys don't get it…yet. *insert evil grin here* Bwahaha. They're not really sharing my coming out mood when it happens. xD


Tory struggled to hold in a groan, making sure he was sitting more than a foot away from Colin as the door swung open yet again. God, how many things could a mother possibly need/want from her child in one night while he was studying with a "friend" who was catching up on school from a week and a half's worth of absence?!

He sighed, knowing he shouldn't direct his anger towards his mother. The tension in the air between him and Colin was almost tangible, a want, a need to touch manifesting itself between them as almost a hunger. But they couldn't. They didn't have time. Exams were coming up and Colin had so much to catch up on if he didn't want to be held back a grade.

Which was out of the question. They'd hardly see each other in school anymore, and Tory refused to let that happen.

Even so, even if they didn't have time to spend the evening together in the way that they'd like to, curled in each other's arms, it seemed that every time they took a break for a hug or quick kiss while stretching, his mom had come bustling in for something or other.

His laundry, because it was Friday night and she was sorting it for the next day. A double check to see if Colin was allergic to anything she was cooking, since she thought he always looked sickly. To bring a snack of cookies and milk, even though it was just before dinner, because she thought that they were both too skinny for their own good. To check and make sure that Colin was allowed to stay for dinner. To see how their homework was coming. And this time: could they take a break to go run to the store real quick?

Tory bit his tongue before he politely answered that they didn't have time. He knew that if they got away from the house they'd spend at least an hour out there, in an alley on the way back from the store, holding and touching and kissing. They couldn't afford that right now. But – that did give him an idea.

A few minutes after his mom went back to the kitchen, mumbling something about making brownies to replace the cake she had been going to send them out for, Tory nudged Colin. "We forgot something at your house."

Colin looked at him, confused. "We did? What did we—"

Tory cut him off. "No. We forgot something at your house."

Colin caught on, sort of, and smiled, nodding.

Tory stood and opened the door, Colin following him out into the hall. "Mom, we forgot some stuff at Colin's, we'll be back in a few!" He called out as they passed by the kitchen. He opened the front door, put his finger to his lips at Colin's look, and slammed it.

They couldn't go to Colin's house; the doctor was in patrol mode because he at least noticed that they never got too much studying done when he came over, and Colin had so much to catch up on.

Tory turned and tiptoed in his socks to the hall closet, which was just outside of view of the kitchen. He opened it softly, beckoned Colin inside, and shut the door. He didn't turn on the light because it would show in the crack under the door, so he felt around for Colin's face, quiet giggles reaching his ears as his questing hands felt the smaller boy up. When they found Colin's face, he sealed their warm lips together.

He wasted no time, taking Colin's lower lip in between his teeth and nibbling lightly, making the shorter boy gasp and run his tongue over his bottom lip. Tory followed the tongue back into Colin's mouth, savoring the taste of the cookies they had eaten. It made Colin's mouth even sweeter. Colin moaned lightly as Tory plundered his mouth, having been waiting for this all evening. He rocked his hips lightly against Tory's, who groaned.

Tory walked back a couple feet until his calves hit a heavy box of Christmas decorations or something, and he sat on it, pulling Colin to get the boy to straddle his lap.

Colin gladly did so, rocking their crotches together and grinding circular motions in Tory's lap as they continued gasping into their intense, messy, needy kiss. They broke for air a few moments, Colin panting and hugging Tory tightly as the redhead sucked hickeys into the soft skin over the vein in his neck. He moaned as Tory flicked a tongue over his earlobe, hearing his boyfriend hiss "GOD I've been needing this…"

He whimpered in agreement, turning his head to lock their lips together again, letting all of his desperation flow into the kiss, happy to finally have an outlet for his sexual frustration. Tory responded in kind, clutching Colin close and pressing their groins together firmly. Colin let loose a hungry moan, running his hands through Tory's hair. He calculated their odds: they'd been fast before, they'd been quiet before, they could potentially get away with it in ten, fifteen minutes; would that be a buyable amount of time to spend away "at his house?"

Colin decided they couldn't risk it, but possibly they could get away with dry frottage. Tory had clean boxers they could change into; it would be fine. He pressed his hips in hard, letting Tory know what he wanted, slipping his hands up the front of his boyfriend's shirt to massage at the pectorals. Tory squeezed his ass with both hands, assisting in their grinding, both of them gasping hard at the friction before starting another open-mouthed kiss.

Neither of them noticed as the door opened, caught up in passion as they were.

Mary stared into the closet, finding that she was not nearly as surprised as she should be at the source of the odd noises. After all, Tory had never had a girlfriend, never shown any kind of interest when she asked about girls…and it wasn't like he didn't sometimes leave several notebooks laying around open and then leave the house to go do tutoring while she vacuumed his bedroom on Saturdays. The Colin content in those had been pretty hefty, to say the least.

She watched, slightly interested, a few moments longer, before her "mom propriety" set in and she cleared her throat noisily. She watched, amused, as Colin squeaked and jumped, hitting his head on the wall and falling backwards, and Tory cursed loudly and tried to catch Colin, ending up falling on top of him on the cramped closet floor, limbs entangled. They peered up at her, the abject picture of guilt and frustrated pouting.

She tried not to smile and failed miserably. "Are you boys ready to come out of the closet now?"

Unexpectedly, Colin grinned. "Figuratively or literally?" He asked slyly.

She laughed, while Tory tried hard not to snort. "I'll give you a few minutes to…get yourselves decent? And then come to dinner, we have some talking to do." She closed the door, walking away, tuning them out because she was pretty sure that they were going to finish.

Tory swallowed. "That was…awkward?" He stifled a groan when Colin ground their erections together, too far gone to possibly have wilted. "Colin…" he gasped, grinding back involuntarily, still lying on top of the raven on the floor.

"Tory, just ride my hips, okay? I'm not stopping now, not when I'm so close." Colin panted a little, glaring, though Tory couldn't see it.

Tory smiled, hearing Colin's cute scowling pout in his voice. "Fine." He untangled himself, sitting up on Colin's lap. He rocked their groins together, gravity making his weight press heatedly into Colin's crotch, causing them both to gasp. Tory seized Colin's face again, meshing their mouths together to silence them, mindful of his mother.

Colin moaned into the kiss, trying to press up, telling Tory to move more with his body signals. Tory started rocking in a rhythm, frotting hard against Colin, making them both groan into their kiss, hugging tightly and moving faster and faster. Tory let go first, gasping as he broke their kiss, cumming hard. He kept up his rocking until Colin came too, the boy muffling a little choked-off moan into his neck.

Tory sighed in pleasurable relief and knelt up, getting to his feet and offering Colin a hand. They exited the closet and moved to his room, changing their underwear quickly before washing up for what was sure to be an interesting and awkward dinner.


They were halfway through a delicious meal of roast beef and baked potatoes, the two boys mostly just pushing their food around on their plates, before Mary set her fork down, clearing her throat. "I suppose my not being completely appalled by your "closet behavior" makes me a failure as a mother, doesn't it?" She grinned, and the two boys looked at each other.

"Um, what?" Tory asked cautiously.

Mary sighed. "I know that kids these days tend to look at relationships a little differently. Not that I support teen pregnancy, and I'm sure that if Colin were a girl you'd probably be practicing safe sex, but that really isn't an issue the way things stand." She frowned a little. "Now, I know that sex can really embellish a relationship, because I know personally that it's very pleasurable and intimate…"

Tory groaned in embarrassment and thunked his head on the table next to his plate, seizing Colin's hand underneath the table. They obviously didn't a sex talk if they already knew how to have sex!

"…but I just want to be assured that your relationship isn't built around sex—that is, that it isn't a driving force. That your relationship isn't just sexual." She explained.

Sort of in answer, Colin pulled their linked hands above the table where she could see them, rubbing the back of Tory's knuckle with his thumb.

"We love each other," Tory added, beet red.

She smiled at the shy sincerity in their faces. "If I told to you have a chaste relationship until you're both of "legal" age to be having sex, could you?"

Colin and Tory glanced at each other, trying to hide their dismay. "Well, we…could, I guess." Tory said in an uncertain voice after a bit of hesitation.

"We wouldn't like to, we enjoy expressing our love to each other," Colin added unhappily, trying not to sound petulant.

"Hmm…" Mary thought out loud. "I can tell you really do care about each other, but, well…"

Colin scooted his chair next to Tory and they hugged each other for comfort. Mary saw this and couldn't help but smile.

"Well, I suppose I'm not really against it, but I do need to talk to you two about self-restraint. I mean, in my hall closet?" She arched an eyebrow, and they both blushed.

"We haven't seen each other in a week and a half, I've been gone on a trip," Colin defended pleadingly, eyes firmly fixed on Tory's plate. "We don't usually have that kind of desperation, I promise."

Mary considered that. "I tell you what, boys. I have a couple of conditions. Well, three. Okay?" She sighed. "One, not when I'm home. That's a little inappropriate. I'll forgive you this time, but try to avoid that at all costs. I work late a lot, it shouldn't be too hard for you to stick to that one. Two, I want you both to be tested," she stated firmly, her tone making them both look up meekly to meet her level gaze. "Just so that you both know for yourselves. It might be a little too late, but I still think it's important for you to know for yourselves."

She waited until they both nodded in acquiescence, and then continued. "Three. I hate to make it sound like I don't trust your hearts, but I want to make sure that you fully care about each other even without the benefit of sex. I want you to promise me one month of chastity." She looked at their dread-filled gazes in complete seriousness. "I trust you. I won't check on you. But I believe it's something you should analyze for yourselves as well. I think that touching each other is reasonable: kissing, hugging, hands above the waist. Clothes on at all times. Second base, as it were. One month. Will you promise me that?"

They looked completely put out, but after glancing at each other, nodded in sync. "Alright," Tory almost groaned out, and Colin sighed in resignation.

Mary smiled. "Boys, at least I'm not making you wait until you're seventeen," she pointed out. "Or until after Tory moves out of my house."

They couldn't argue with that.

She continued. "I'm going to go stay in a hotel tonight. Aside from screwing like bunnies to tide yourselves over for a month—" Tory thunked his head on the table again "—I'd like you to discuss safety measures for how to keep yourselves from going too far when you're alone together this next month, and where and when you're going to get tested. Sometimes partners like to go together, for emotional support, and sometimes not, if they don't want the doctor to know their sexual orientation. It's completely up to you how comfortable you boys are with that. I won't interfere."

She stood. "Now, I smell the brownies ready, I'm going to go get them from the oven. Eat!" She suddenly uttered the monosyllable in a fierce, chastising tone, causing them both to jump in shock. "You're too skinny!"

They both dutifully picked up their forks, Colin moving his place setting over next to Tory. After she had left the room, Tory said quietly, defiantly but not stepping out of the boundaries of her demands, "she never said anything about masturbating to each other, as long as we aren't naked in the room together."

Colin grinned, thoughtful. "She'd notice if we were suddenly on the phone with each other a lot. …What do you think about exchanging…dirty…photos?"

Tory smiled.