The title was Julia's idea, it's from "…like a new pair of underwear; at first, it's constricting, but then it becomes a part of you." (–Garth, Wayne's World.)

Just a cute little short, about a page long.

…GAH, I forgot to credit Julia last chapter! We co-wrote The Wedding! Sorry, Julia! EVERYONE, pay attention, thank Julia for helping me with the The Wedding! It was mostly her idea too!


"Mmm…" Colin stretched, his eyes still closed, feeling the soft yet firm body he was lying on shift as his boyfriend realized he was awake. He opened his eyes to see brilliant green ones gazing at him intently. He shifted a little self-consciously. "What?"

"You're very beautiful," Tory said simply, still watching him in contentment.

"…good morning to you too," Colin blushed, sitting up in a straddling position on Tory's stomach. Tory sat up too, causing him to slide down into the redhead's lap.

Tory smiled at him and leaned forward, kissing him on the nose. "Good morning."

Colin sighed happily, wrapping his arms around Tory's neck and snuggling in. "Don't wanna get up."

Tory laughed. "Well, we do have school," he reminded him. "You've missed enough as it is without skipping for no reason." He sounded a little admonishing, because he didn't like going several days at a time when he couldn't see Colin.

"Right, right, Monday," Colin groaned. "Still, I can't believe the doctor let you spend the night on a school night," he commented as an afterthought. It was several months after the doctor had discovered their relationship, and having still been getting used to the idea of Colin having a friend, he was now only very slowly coming to terms with the fact that Tory was an important and rather permanent fixture in Colin's life.

Tory hugged Colin tightly. "I'm glad he did, but if we don't get to school then he'll never trust us to do it again."

Colin groaned, but knew Tory had a point. "I have an idea to make it more fun," he said. "Let's wear each other's boxers to school," he suggested impishly, and Tory laughed outwardly. Inside, Tory nearly melted at the idea of getting to wear something Colin's body had been in.

"Okay," he quickly agreed, and hugged Colin again before letting the boy crawl off of his lap.

Colin fished around in his closet for clean clothes, and came out to the bed. He smiled sweetly, slipped his boxers on, massaged himself lightly through them for good measure, and then pulled them off, handing them to Tory. "Here."

Tory ogled at him, but smiled, fishing around in his change of clothes for his boxers before doing the same. He handed them to Colin, and they put each other's pair on, grinning at each other and blushing. Then they finished getting dressed.

They held hands as they went downstairs, and when the doctor saw that he didn't seem too bothered. He was at least getting used to the less blatant physical signs of what he had taken to calling "the package deal" after Colin had threatened to stop participating with Gaia research when he had suggested moving away from Tory.

He drove them to school, and they fell asleep in the backseat on the way, Colin's head nestled in Tory's warm neck and Tory's in Colin's soft hair. After all, they had been up most of the night. They smiled in their sleep as they snuggled together involuntarily. Today felt like a good day.