It's been one week since Ail brought Maribel and Renko into Gensokyo.

Renko has become fast friends with Akyuu, Keine, Reisen and Eirin, and Reimu has had her meet Patchouli as well, however that ended in terrible dispute over different logics.

Maribel has also made lots of friends and has found Marisa to be an interesting human, while Renko sees the witch as: 'just a show-off'.

Maribel tends to hang around Reimu and Ail most of the time, since those two have trouble falling on their laps constantly. Even the slightest incident tends to fall on their laps, and this gets Maribel so excited she always insists on accompanying them.

Ail and Rinnosuke have become really close friends, especially since she shopkeeper keeps asking Ail about outside world items he happens to find, added to the fact that they both end up playing video games every time they can.

Maribel, Reimu and Marisa have joined in their games as well, and it is safe to say the score-board on the wall says it all: "Girls 156, Boys 1."

Reimu looks at you angrily and says "hey, that loss was my FIRST game against Ail!"

Agava, the once powerful shadow demon is now a low level youkai. She looks like a 10 year old girl, her hair is lose, it no longer slithers like snakes and it reaches only to her mid-back, and her eyes no longer glow in the dark.

She's as tall as Rumia now yet she keeps wearing the same tight clothing as before. She also hangs around Rumia most of the time, challenging her to danmaku battles on a daily basis and losing miserably.

"Come on" insists Agava. "Fight me! I'll BEAT you this time!"

Rumia looks at Agava with a smile on her face and her arms extended to her sides, and asks "is that so~? Fine, let's battle."

Agava laughs excitedly and says "ha-haa! Now you'll suffer at my hands;" she pulls out her only spell card and from her shirt, and declares "Shadow Morph!"

She turns into a shadow and slithers around, shooting small danmaku orbs at Rumia, who simply smiles as the little shadow wraps herself around her, laughing as the orbs are about to impact; however Rumia grabs her wriggling tail and bites it hard, making her scream and wriggle around for freedom, and after 15 seconds the spell card times out and Rumia shouts "I win again!"

Agava turns back into a youkai and rubs and huffs on her feet, and then shouts "you CHEATED!"

Rumia simply replies a very bubbly "is that so~?"

On a hot sunny summer morning Ail visits the Hakurei Shrine, donates some money and prays after he does while Reimu, like always, watches from a corner while her eyes shine brightly.

The boy is about to leave when he says "I know you're there. Come out!"

For a second the shrine maiden thinks he was talking to her, but then Mima pops her head from behind the shrine's gate and complains. "Aww, you always do that! Why won't you let me scare you at least once?"

Ail sighs then says "if you're so bored why don't you help Reimu with the chores for a bit?"

Mima puffs and says "that's boring!"

Ail laughs, and then Mima asks "hey, um, any word from the hunk?"

He forces a smile and sounding a bit sad he says "no. That means everything is fine, I am sure."

The evil spirit smiles and says "I guess you're right."

Just then Reimu reveals herself with a broom at hand, making it look as if she has just casually come out of the living quarters, and sounding surprised she exclaims "oh hi Ail, how are you? Did you fix your roof at last?"

The boy gets annoyed by the question, but hides it well by forcing a convincing smile while casually saying "yeah; it's as good as new. Nobody could ever tell it was destroyed by a couple of small drunks."

Reimu looks at the sky and says "you know, it was around this time when you and Kyo came to Gensokyo, remember?"

Ail smiles and closes his eyes, remembering how he and Kyo fell into Yukari's gap; which at the time, they called a portal; and how they first met Reimu and Marisa and all their friends from Gensokyo.

"Yeah" says Ail after the nostalgia sinks in. "I can't believe it's already been so long. One of the best things that ever happened to me, I can safely admit."

Maribel smiles brightly as she exits the living quarters, then after seeing the visitor, shrine maiden and spirit, she happily says "Mister Ail, Miss Mima, and Miss Reimu. Good morning."

Renko rushes out from behind the blonde and exclaims "morning to all!"

Ail, Reimu and Mima reply "good morning" at the same time then Ail asks "off to the village already?"

Renko excitedly says "yeah, I promised Miss Keine I'd be there early, so come on Mary!"

She then pulls her friend's arm and drags her to the shrine stairs while Maribel complains by saying "but we haven't had breakfast yet. And call me Maribel, please!"

Just like that they both disappear after going down enough stairs as they head to the Human Village.

Later that day Reimu, Marisa and Ail sit at the porch at the back of the shrine, drinking tea and eating small cookies, while Mima is in the hot springs loudly saying "ahh, this is so relaxing!"

Reimu drinks from her tea cup and casually says "today is really peaceful."

Marisa nods and says "ya. So quiet too, ze."

Ail then adds "peaceful days like this one are good once in a while."

All three nod at the same time, when one of Yukari's gaps open in front of them and surprises them all.

Just as Yukari pops her head out Reimu lazily asks "what do you want?"

Yukari looks at Reimu and asks "is that any way to greet a guest? Oh well, I came here looking for him this time." She points at Ail with an accusing finger.

The boy politely asks "what is it, lady Yukari?"

The blonde woman keeps quiet and pulls out another woman from inside the gap who says "now you didn't think I'd let you go off like that with just one single little letter, did you?"

Ail opens his eyes widely. The woman has maroon eyes and short brown hair she makes into a bun.

She wears a plaid green dress and a white apron with a large pocket on the front on top of said dress. She has a whimsical expression on her face as she smiles, reminding Marisa and Reimu of someone.

Ail gets up and hurries to the woman, gives her a big hug, then the woman gives him a kiss on the cheek, and then Ail says to the confused Reimu and Marisa "Miss Reimu, Miss Marisa, Miss Mima..." Mima is now sitting where Ail was just a second ago.

The boy takes a deep breath and proudly says "this is Ayalina Leuch Higani... my mother!"

Reimu springs up with surprise and says "oh! Sorry about that. Hello Miss Ayalina!"

Ail then says "mom, these are my friends, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and..."

"Mima?" finishes Ayalina.

The boy looks quite surprised and asks "do you... know each other?"

Inside the shrine, Reimu prepares tea for Ail's mother, who explains quite a bit. "Oh yes, Mima and I go back a bit."

Mima is looking so confused that her face looks as though it's locked in thinking mode.

Ayalina continues "my name was... Well, I can't remember it now, but when I lived here in Gensokyo before, I used to have another name."

Ail opens his eyes widely and asks "you lived here; In Gensokyo? But then, what happened?"

"I fell in love" she says as-a-matter-of-factly before continuing. "I went looking for something in the outside world, and then I met your father. I was impressed by him because-... ah, but that's another story. You know, I used to be a really good flier. I wonder if I still got it."

Suddenly Ayalina lifts up into the air and flies outside the shrine, going in circles and twirling around, enjoying herself so much she starts to laugh.

After flying for a bit and leaving Ail awestruck, she comes back down and says "yup, I still got it."

Ayalina stares at Reimu and says "so you're this generation's Hakurei maiden, right? Hmm..."

She inspects the shrine maiden, who feels quite uncomfortable, then the woman, with a whimsical smile and tone says "you're so thin, darling. You need to eat more."

Marisa covers her mouth when trying to hide her laughter, but it's too late. Reimu has noticed and retaliation will eventually come.

Mima is still recalibrating her brain when Ayalina says "now I know why Mima can't remember me. She tried to destroy my home and made us run away. So we never actually met."

Mima snaps out of it and sweats while saying "err... sorry about that... heh heh heh."

Ayalina just keeps smiling whimsically at Mima while Marisa signals Reimu to get closer and whispers "hey, Reimu. Doesn't she look rather familiar?"

Reimu discretely stares at her for a few seconds, and just then Ayalina pulls out a fan from her apron's pocket and covers her whimsical smile, and then Reimu bluntly says "she looks just like Yuyuko!"

Yukari grins mischievously and says "but you'll notice three differences. One, she sounds older than Yuyuko, two, she's not dead, and three..."

Yukari opens a gap to Yuyuko's bedroom where the princess is sleeping and dreaming about dragon cuisine.

Ayalina sits next to Ail and pulls him close, then starts playing with his hair. The boy looks like he's embarrassed to no ends.

She then says "you'll be glad to know Kyo is doing fine. He's become a bounty hunter, and met a girl. She's quite a cutie too, although a bit cold."

Ail keeps trying to escape his mother's grasp when Ayalina, in some sort of dreamy state, says "if my friend Yukari hadn't found me I could have never come visit you. I'm so lucky."

After freeing himself from his mother and presenting Sanae; who arrives to the shrine to deliver some ceremonial sake from her shrine; Ail asks "but mom, why didn't you ever tell me anything about Gensokyo before?"

Ayalina's eyes become distant as she smiles and says "at first I didn't think anyone would believe me, but then I guess I just forgot."

Reimu and Marisa both think at the same time "just like Yuyuko!"

The woman continues "I think I remember something else now... I am... a flower youkai. Yes... there was someone else too; another flower youkai that was very dangerous to be around, but a pleasure to look at."

Ayalina looks around and says "you know, when those two girls told me you were here in Gensokyo, I knew you weren't coming back home. This place is just so wonderful; but my life on the outside is just as beautiful, so I'm going back later. Oh and before I do; Miss Sanae, please look after Ail while I'm gone. He can be a bit hard-headed, and you look like you're good at dealing with that kind of thing."

She then looks at Reimu and adds "in a non-violent way."

Sanae blushes and looks down to the ground, and Ail also blushes and looks out the windows. Ayalina giggles after noticing their reaction, gets up as soon as Yukari prepares to open her gap, when she suddenly says "wait... Kyo told me something VERY interesting when we talked. He said a blue-haired vampire attacked you a lot when you first met her; said she loves your blood."

Ail quietly nods and says "but its ok. We're friends now."

Ayalina looks at Yukari and smiles, and then the blonde smiles back and opens a gap.

"Sakuya; SAKUYAAAAAAA! Save meeeee!"

The fearsome Remilia Scarlet screams for her maid's aid while she runs in fear as various explosions set off all around her. "Saaakuuuyaaaaaa!"

Ayalina flies behind her and cackles wildly before saying "so you tried to kill my son? Not just once, but twice? You naughty child!"

The blue-haired vampire cries out loud "I'm sorry, I didn't know he was your son, I swear on Vlad!"

Various more explosions set off around her when Ayalina unleashes more hellish bullets in the shape of beautiful petals.

Sakuya gets in front of the seemingly sweet woman who asks "are you Miss Sakuya? My, what lovely complexion you have. I'm a little envious."

The chief maid blushes and says "I'm sorry, but I must protect my Mistress from any attacker."

Sakuya stops time, and quickly realizes Ayalina was unaffected. "W-wah?"

Ails' mother cackles manically and says "you'll have to try something else darling. Those tricks don't work on me~, BWHAHAHAHA! Ahem; experience you know."

Once more Remilia finds herself crying and running away from the cackling mom while shouting "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, waah~!"

From outside the mansion Ail, Sanae, Reimu and Marisa wonder if one of them should go in there while staring at the red building from a safe distance.

The Hakurei Maiden stares at the young boy and asks "aren't you going in there? She's your mother."

Ail looks back and says "I'm not brave enough. Besides, you're the Shrine Maiden of Paradise here; this falls on your lap and jurisdiction."

Reimu looks up at the sky while resting her head on her hands and says "but she's your mother, not mine. Still, it seems Remilia knows her well too."

The boy stares at the mansion again and replies "it appears that's the case. Anyway, she's having too much fun; and I'm just not brave enough to stop her."

Mima rushes to them from the skies; almost crashing with Marisa; and says "you guys! Mystia just told me Renko, Maribel and Keine went to the Garden of the Sun and now Yuka is chasing after them. They need help!"

Reimu smiles at Ail and says "see, now that is a job for the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. See ya~!" She waves her fingers as she takes to the air.

Marisa covers her eyes with her hat as she takes off after her red and white friend, and says "sorry Ail but I'm her backup. Good luck to you, ze!"

Ail sighs loudly and says "well she's right. That's my mother, so I better go in there and try to persuade her, or something."

Sanae places her hand on his shoulder to show her support and says "don't fear, I'll be here to help you."

The boy smiles and says "alrighty then. Hmm, I somehow feel more confident with you staying with me."

And so they walk inside the mansion while Mima stays outside and listens to the mess in the comfort of safety.

She hears Flandre shouting "GRANDMA~" and Ayalina replying "oh my, little Flandre. You're still a little cutie, aren't you? You're going to grow into a lovely vampire someday!"

Flandre giggles then Ail shouts "mom, could you leave Remilia alone?"

His mother then says "aww, but I'm having so much fun! Can't I chase her for another hour or two?"

Flandre then shouts "BIG BROTHER~!"

Ail abruptly screams "Flan wai- augh;" and then Sanae says "oh dear; his spine broke again."

A loud snap is heard, Ayalina starts laughing like a mad-woman again, and then the explosions continue while Remilia screams "somebody stop heeeeerrrrr!"

Ail breathes hard to recover himself, then shouts "Sakuya, get some dumplings!"

The maid shouts back "already on it!"

Ayalina suddenly moans contently and says "mmm, something smells really tasty, and I am sooooo hungry~!"

Meiling cries "ow, ow~ waah-wait! I'm not food! Let me go! Let me go!"

Remilia angrily shouts "that's IT; I want you all OUT OF HERE, NOW!"

Ayalina then says "hey, don't talk to him like that."

The seemingly brave vampire cries "wah~ just go already~!"

Mima shrugs and says "not my problem..." then slowly floats away; heading back to the Hakurei Shrine when she's suddenly frozen, falls down, and then Cirno shouts "I am the strongest ever!"

Misplaced Sukima End...

Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Ayalina, Agava and the "Shadow Morph" spell card were created by Willie G.R. (any similarities are strictly coincidental).

JUN 8 2009

Written by

Willie G.R.

-Edited on JUL 18 2013 by Willie G.R.-