Chapter 3: Meeting in Luca

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The trip to Luca wasn't as bad as the trip to Kilika. While at Kilika, Yuna was able to earn another aeon and Avalanche met the whore-ish summoner Dona. Yuffie, Tifa, Cid, and Barret didn't like her very well. Cloud, Reeves, and Nanaki did their best to try to hold back the angry members. Lulu and Kimahri could only shake their heads and sigh. Tidus and Wakka laughed their butts off. Even Yuna couldn't help but laugh.

Approaching Luca, the S.S Winno finally docked on the pier. Yuffie couldn't help but jump with joy once she hit the solid ground. Everyone, including Kimahri, couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Soon, the Avalanche members and the Summoner party began to walk again.

"Hey! Do you think that we'll find Vinny Boy and Tokiko?" Yuffie asked as they walked down the piers linking to the main entrance of Luca.
"Maybe…" Cloud said.

"This is Vincent and Tokiko we're talking about." Tifa added.

"Yea! Those Fucking idiots better not die on us!" Barret yelled.
"If they do die, I'm gunna fucking tear out their throats and shove then right-" Before Cid could finish, Reeves and Nanaki tried to calm him down.

"Now Cid calm down." Reeves said.

"Its best if you be calm Cid. Remember, I can try and track them if I catch a single smell of their scent." Nanaki said. Cid just gave a violent scoff and muttered to himself. "They better be alive the next time I see them. Those idiots.." Lulu, Wakka, and Yuna couldn't help but look at Avalanche in shock and disbelief. Seeing the look on their faces, Nanaki asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"You mention two people, what were their names?" Yuna asked. Avalanche looked at Yuna.

"We're missing two other members of our little group. Their names are Vincent Valentine and Tokiko Tsumura." When Reeves said that, Yuna, Lulu, and Wakka just stared at them with huge shock. Not understanding what was going on, Tifa looked at them with worried eyes. "Are you alright?"

Being the first one to recover, Yuna looked at Tifa straight in the eyes. "Tokiko Tsumura, she was one of my fathers guardians." Now everyone one was shocked, except for Lulu and Wakka they were already in shock. Deciding to break the silence, Tidus exclaimed, "Hey! Isn't your father a summoner too?!"

Avalanche turned to Yuna for an explanation. "W-Well, I didn't know Tokiko very well. She came in the middle of my fathers pilgrimage. But from what I've heard from Wakka and Lulu, Lady Tokiko was able to lead three other summoners in total to defeat Sin! Her last summoner was my father, her fourth summoner. After my father destroyed Sin, people said that Lady Tokiko disappeared. That was about ten years ago."

Tifa and Yuffie let out a loud gasp while Cloud and the other Avalanche members looked shocked. "Ten years ago?! That's when Tokiko appeared in Edge!" Yuffie blurted out without thinking. Now they were caught.

Cid and Barret began to glare at Yuffie. "God damn it Yuffie!! What did we tell you in Kilika?!" Finally realizing her mistake, Yuffie was frozen in place. "Oh shit." She replied with a weak voice. Looking at them, Lulu said with a firm voice, "I think it's time for an explanation." 'We are sooo screwed.'

After Long Explanation

"Wow, this…is unbelievable. You're all from a different dimension?" Everyone in the summoner group was stunned. Tidus couldn't believe it either. They believed them but they didn't believe him about Zanarkand! But soon, they came to accept their reasoning but they didn't truly didn't believe them. As they continued walking, a crowed was forming around a single ship dock.

Coming out of the ship was Grand Maester Mika and Maester Seymour. "Citizens of Spira…" As Seymour spoke, his eyes roamed to the people, as if peering deep into their souls. His eyes so roamed into the eyes of the Avalanche members and the summoner party. His eyes soon gazed into Yuna's. Seeing this, Tifa, Yuffie, and Lulu couldn't help but block his view of Yuna by stepping in front of her. His eyes turned to theirs but quickly moved to gaze at the other civilians. Once he was done, Cloud said in a slight demanding voice, "I think it's time we head to the lockers."

With Vincent and Tokiko (Tokiko's Pov)

Currently, I was trying to relax in the Blue Café but Vincent just kept on staring at me as I drank my 100% perfectly made Spiran coffee. I couldn't believe I was in Spira! I really missed Spiran coffee. I couldn't help but give a heavenly sigh. Seeing this, Vincent raised an eyebrow. "Something wrong Tokiko." I gave him a slight glare.

"Vincent, why don't you just take a look around. I need some time for myself." Vincent just looked at me weirdly and was about to respond but I cut him to it. "Fine, if you won't leave me alone, then I'm leaving." And with that, I left without another word to him. Yeah I felt partly guilty for leaving him on his own in an unfamiliar world but I needed time for myself damn it! Walking around aimlessly I noticed a group running around as if looking for something. Walking closer to them to get a better look, I could see one boy that looks very familiar.

He had shaggy blond hair with sky blue eyes. His clothes looked nothing of Spira. It resembled Jechts' clothes. 'Wait…' Taking another look at him I let out a shaky breath. "It can't be…" It was Jecht's son. Slowly trailing the group, I looked at each and every one of them. In total, there were 5 people. Though I believe that there is more to the party. It actually looks like a summoner party. There was one gothic looking women, Jechts' son, and a ronso. But the last two put me into a big shock. It was Cloud and Nanaki! When I came to close to the running group I noticed Nanaki's head look to my way. 'Shit'. Quickly, I disappeared from his sight. Seeing nothing, he turned to Cloud and they ran towards the pier. "What are they doing?"

Silently, I began to follow them. At the end of their destination, they were at the piers of the Blitz Ball players. Apparently, they were facing the Al Bhed. 'So it must be a summoner group. But what is Cloud and Nanaki doing here?' Sadly, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that they needed help. Pitying them slightly, but they were able to destroy the machina in time.

Giving a sigh, I began to walk towards Luca stadium. Maybe I'll meet up with the others. Well…if they're here. Seeing that the second round had just begun, I began walking up the stairs of the stadium. "What will happen next?" It's been a crazy week so far. Vincent was a problem yes, but all the stares I got when I came walking into the café were just to crazy. I wonder how long it was since I've been gone.

Turning the corner I was frozen in place. I couldn't move as I stared at the person in front of me. "Auron…" Yup, it was Mister Legendary Guardian himself. He was just standing there watching the sphere dome in front of us. But his gaze was on me. "Tokiko…you're back."

Was that all he could say after ten years? I just looked at him calmly though. He sounded almost relieved. "Yeah, it's been ten years." He stared at me for a second.
"Are you ready?" Auron's voice shook me out of my confused trance. I gave him a nod for my answer. He turned back to watch the sphere and as Tidus swam out. I couldn't help but give out a smile. "He's more like his father than he thinks."

"He is."
"I miss them. Did that much happen when I was gone?"

"I miss them as well. Many things when you were gone but many things are still the same as they were." When he said that, I knew immediately what he was talking about. Yevon was still preaching about death to the summoners and the Al Bhed must still be trying to save the summoners.

The game went on and soon, the fans were calling for Wakka. Tidus looked disappointed but swam off to the bottom of the sphere. Wakka soon swam onto the sphere. In the end, the Crystal Cup belonged to Besaid and the Aurochs had won the game. But as soon as they won the game, the fiends had appeared. I couldn't help but get excited. Spiran fiends were much stronger then Gaian fiends. That was because Spiran fiends were made from the souls of the departed that did not accept death and those who did not get sent.

"Coming?" Auron said as a dragon appeared into the stands. I couldn't contain a smirk.

"As if you could stop me. I've been itching for a battle ever since I've arrived here." Auron smirked at my response and at the dragon that began to growl. Taking out Tsukiyomi, I stood in my fighting stance. "Ready?"

End of Tokiko's Pov

"More so then ever." And then the attack began. Quickly killing the dragon, they began to tear their way in the stands. Without noticing it, they were moving in perfect sync. They were defending one another and twisting one another to get to the fiends that each knew the other could handle. As they did this, soon an unexpected group came. It was Avalanche, Tidus, and Wakka.



"Lady Tokiko?! Sir Auron?!"

The pair just ignored them until down below a giant bird-like fiend appeared down below. Cries of children screamed out. Hearing this, Tokiko was about to spring into action when Tifa, Cloud, and Barret ran to the stranded children.

"Attacking children doesn't go so well with me." Soon, Tokiko began to let out strings of spells for far fiends and Tsukiyomi for close fiends. The spells soon ceased when Seymour finally summoned his aeon, Anima. When Auron and Tokiko finally stopped, they were standing back to back in a sea of pyreflies.

"Wow, they really did use to fight together, didn't they?" Tidus asked in a surprised voice. Avalanche was thinking the same thing. Wakka gave a nod.

"Yeah, Sir Auron and Lady Tokiko guarded Lord Braska together during his pilgrimage." Wakka then did the Yevon prayer.

"Even though Sir Auron is recognized as a Legendary Guardian, Lady Tokiko must be considered even more Legendary then him. She was given the title of High Guardian of the Moon. You see, as we said before, Lady Tokiko has lead in total four in all summoners to become High Summoners. Lord Braska was her last summoner. The nickname High Guardian of the Moon was given to her by one of her past summoner. No one knows which one."

It looked like it was hard to process the information in their heads. Was this the same Tokiko they were talking about? Soon, the chaos ceased and everyone parted ways. Auron excused himself and took Tidus with him. Tokiko on the other hand was going to go follow but unfortunately, she was stopped by Avalanche. "I think you have some explaining to do Tokiko."

Standing in the middle of them, Tokiko gave a heavy sigh. "I see that you all found out. Yes, I am originally from Spira. I was transported to Gaia about ten years ago."

"But you've been with us for about ten years!" Yuffie exclaimed. Tokiko nodded.

"Yes but in each world has its own time frame. It has been ten years since Braska defeated Sin. In those ten years, Auron and I have been missing in action. I was in Gaia not by choice. Auron however, I don't know what happen to him. " Tokiko then gave a heavy sigh. "A lot of things here are different from Gaia. Machines here are called machina. It would be wise to not mention anything about it Cid, Barret. I'm sure you've been informed about it. Anyways, lets go. I'm going to offer my services to Yuna. Come…"

Tifa, Yuffie, Cait Sith and Reeves just looked at Tokiko in shock. Cid and Barret didn't know whether to yell at her or call her crazy. Cloud, Red, and Vincent just stared at her with slightly widen eyes. Tifa couldn't help but let out a small, "What happen to the old Tokiko?"

Reeves just shook his head. "No, I believe that this is the side of her we have never seen before."

"I think we should follow her now."

Cloud stated. Soon, they slowly followed her to the near entrance of the Mi'ihen Highroad. Yuna., Lulu, Wakka, Tidus, and Auron were already there. "I see that he already offered his services." Avalanche just stared at her.

"Toki, who the hell are you talking about?" Cid yelled. Tokiko held her grip tightly in her palms at the nickname. The same one that Jecht and Braska used. Calming down quickly, she replied, "Auron."

"Oh yeah! That prick." This time everyone rolled their eyes. Walking up the stairs and on the bridge, you hear the surprised gasp of the Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu.
"High Guardian Lady Tokiko?!" Tidus gave a snicker.
"Looks like she's more popular then you old man." Auron gave a slight glare.

"Hn…" Walking slowly behind Tokiko was Avalanche. When they reached the summoner party, Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu gave a respectful bow with the Yevon prayer. Tokiko gave a small twitch. Vincent, Cloud, and Auron were the only ones who noticed it.

"I wish to become your guardian, do you accept?" Yuna, Lulu, and Wakka gave a surprised gasp.
"You're serious?!" Wakka exclaimed. Tokiko raised her eyebrow.

"You refuse?" Quickly, Yuna replied
"No, no! We accept! Right everyone?" Lulu and Wakka gave a nod while Kimahri gave a slow one. Tidus just looked confused while Auron gave a chuckle.

"O-of course! No problem at all!" Wakka exclaimed.
"But why?" Lulu asked. Tokiko looked at Yuna and then to Tidus.

"I promised Braska." Yuna looked slightly surprised.

"You promised my father as well? Thank you Lady Tokiko! You are welcome to join us!" Yuna exclaimed as she bowed down.

Turning to Avalanche, she then said, "They come to." This made everyone gasp, except for Tokiko herself and Auron. He already knew that she would invite them.

"If you don't mind me asking, but why?" Lulu exclaimed. Tokiko just gave a smirk.

"If they don't come, I afraid they'll get lost. Plus, I might worry too much." She just gave a quick smile before she became serious.
"So, where are we going?"
"We're heading to the Mi'ihen Highroad that heads through the Mushroom Rock. Once we get through Mushroom Rock, we'll be at Djose Temple." Lulu explained. Tokiko then nodded before walking towards Auron. Yuna looked at Tokiko before asking. "Lady Tokiko, is Sir Jecht alive?"

"I don't know. I haven't been seen him in ten years. Nor have I heard from him. I'm sure that these guys already told you. Not that I'm surprised. Am I right Yuffie?" This made Yuffie tense and made everyone glare at her again. "Oops."

Tokiko just gave a chuckle. "Don't worry Yuf, they were gunna find out one way or another." Yuffie just gave a heavy sigh.

"Thanks Toki." Again, Tokiko tensed at the nickname. The only ones who noticed this were Auron, Vincent, and Cloud. Tokiko then began to walk towards Auron once again. This time she didn't have any interruptions. They looked at each other until the silence between them was broken.

"Auron, we'll talk later." Auron gave a chuckle.

"Hmm, that should be my line." As he said this, he gave a smirk. Tokiko just gave a small one. Everyone was just looking at us confused.
"Well, then, I believe we should hit the road." The new and improved Summoner group turned to the Mi'ihen Highroad and began to walk.

'This time will be different. I will not let another summoner die. Not on my watch.'

End of Chapter Three

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