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Two weeks before spring break, a horrible snowstorm made its way to the ever hot, New Mexico. And which caused…a major sleepover. It wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend a snowy Tuesday, tutoring Chad and having my oldest sister and best friend with her boyfriend show up to "surprise" us…

My breath caught in my throat, my dreams had come. I could finally stop dreaming. Before I could answer the door bell rang. Chad and I groaned and pulled ourselves away. And both of us went down the stairs, books and notes in hand. I looked at Chad to see that he had already gone into the living room. I hung my head and went to answer the door. Every step that I took I became angrier at the person on the other side of the door, interrupting Chad's and I's time. I threw the front door open to find my oldest sister, Locelyn and Gabriella and Troy.

"Surprise!" they yelled, well Gabi and Loce yelled Troy just stood there shivering.

I had finally gotten my dream come true, Chad confided in me about a deep secret and I was the only one that knew…outside of the slut, Carrie…

"Chad? Is everything alright?" I breathed

"Yeah…it's just that…I haven't… you know, gone any father."

I gasped. So Chad really was a virgin, just like me. My heart soared and my smile grew. But then...

"But what about Carrie from grade eight?"

"Oh, well the thing is we never had sex. I had kissed her, yeah and all see did was grind up on me but after that she passed out. I guess from…I couldn't even tell you but some kid in our grade saw that my hair was messed up and saw that Carrie had passed out on the floor of the closet and he immediately thought that we had sex. The kid was a crazed sex freak anyway." Chad confessed in a low whisper

My eyes grew wide. So Chad was virgin the whole time? I couldn't believe that Chad trusted me enough to tell me this. I wonder if Troy knew, or if I was the only one besides him that knew the truth?

"And yes Taylor you are the only one that knows. Troy doesn't even know. Troy feels that, just because he has already had sex with Gabi, that he is up with me. That we are even equals."

Things got steamy and you could say that I wasn't exactly quite…pure anymore. But it didn't matter, I had the guy of my dreams beside me and he wasn't planning on leaving me…

"Chad, we can't. What if we get caught?" I whispered harshly

"Just for a moment, I need to catch my breath. Besides you're my girlfriend now, I don't want to seem like it was a hit and run. Then what kind of trust would you have had for me then?"

He was right about that one. I snuggled up closer to Chad, which hadn't been one of my pillows or a bowl of popcorn, it was…Chad.

But everything didn't go exactly as planned...

I dialed a familiar number and only hoped that she would answer. One ring, two rings, three rings...please answer

"H-h-hello?"The voice answered raspy


"Yeah? What's up?"

I could tell she was a bit busy at the moment, and I didn't mean from working out either.

"Gabi? Uhh are you alone at the moment?"

I heard shuffling at the other end, I heard murmured words and then a 'Yeah…you too." And the other end fell silent.

"Yeah…what's wrong?"

"Well it's been three weeks, I haven't heard from Chad and I'm worried."

"Aww." Gabi cooed

"It's not funny Gabi, I'm really worried. Has Troy talked to Chad since my famous sleepover?" I breathed

Gabi stayed silent for a few moments until I heard a rather annoying beeping noise. Gah that Gabi is probably texting him now, asking. You would think she could call him, probably have phone sex while asking him but if she called Troy I wouldn't hear from her for probably a few hours so I'll allow the texting this time.

"I'll put you on speaker."

I continued to hear the mild beeping when I heard a sound, alarming that I had a call waiting on the other line.

"Hold on Gabi." I said while checking, Gabi, it's HIM!" I squealed

Gabi laughed, told me that she'd call back later (Yeah right) we said our goodbyes and hung up, then I swiftly answered

"Hello?" I said in my best sexy voice


Awe crap something bad was going to happen, Chad never called me Taylor unless it was something important and didn't require much emotion.

"Yeah Chad? Everything okay?"

"Taylor, I can't continue to be with you anymore."

I stayed silent, everything in my brain stopped. What? Why? I didn't have the heart to ask.

"Umm alright…"

Things seemed to go downhill after that…

I quickly ran to the bathroom and emptied my stomach into the toilet. Hmm that was rather weird, what all did I eat today? Maybe it's Mom's new perfume that triggered it.


I turned around to notice my Mom standing in the doorframe with a worried look on her face.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just felt sick."

"Sick? Taylor you haven't been sick in the last two years outside of a little hay fever."

"Eh, well with all the snow and walking home and freezing temps could be causing it too Mom."

She shrugged and began to walk away

"Hey Mom?" I called out

My Mom popped her head back into the bathroom and looked at me "Yes?"

"Have you bought any new perfume in the last couple days?"

"Taylor, I haven't bought any new perfume in the last twenty years."

"Okay, thank you."

My Mom walked away; well it couldn't have been the perfume...


The following week at school it seemed that all my friends began to avoid me. First Chad now them? Gabi was the only one that stuck around, pretty rare if Troy was around too. Finally my favorite subject, Lunch was up and going and I was currently waiting for Gabi to come and walk with me to lunch

"Excuse me…"

I looked down to see a rather small freshman taping my hand, getting my attention

"…Uhh Yeah?"

"This is for you." She passed me a note and walked away

Open it now, or later? Hmm, how about now. I gently opened the note and read the inside...I gasped and tears began to cloud my vision…How could they?


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