A/N: I decided to try my hand and a school based fan fiction, like all fan fictionist eventually do. A heads up, some of the cast don't know each other yet. You're going to have to forgive me if this doesn't appeal to your tastes, but I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't try!

Also, my first dedicated fic. This one goes out to you elvenheart993, Chika. For getting my hooked on this stupid anime. Do you know how long it's been since I had a non Naruto related dream?!

Chapter one - Roommates

Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.

"Shut up." Tenten groaned, turning over on her side as her cell phone attempted to rouse her four hours earlier then she normally would have gotten up.

Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.

"Be quiet already." She moaned, attempting to stifle the beeps by covering her head with a pillow, pulling the covers up over that.

Bleep, bleep, bleep - No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP!

"Tenten, where are you? You're promised me you'd be here in time to put your name down for the rooms! Pick up!"

"FINE!" Tenten growled, reaching over and snagging her phone from the bedside table, whacking her hand on an empty glass as she did, sending it slamming into a wall and shattering into tiny pieces, cutting her hand painfully.

"God damn it!" She cried, reaching for some tissues to stem the blood flow as she wedged her open cell phone between her shoulder and cheek.

"I'm up Sakura! You can stop shouting!"

"Up! You're late by about half an hour! You just missed the opportunity pick your roommate! God knows, you're probably going to be paired up with some weirdo! You may even have to share a room with a guy! You know how lax they're on the whole gender issue -."

"Calm down, Sakura. I'm sorry." Tenten pleaded wincing as she attempted to pull a shard of glass from her hand, rummaging amongst the countless trash on her floor until she unearthed a reasonably clean t-shirt to wrap her hand in.
"What's wrong? You sound like you're in pain."

"That's because I am. I cut my hand because of your stupid phone call. I was content just sleeping." Tenten muttered, standing up and stumbling around until she managed to locate her first aid kit.

"It's your fault. The school's not taking requests any more."

"I'm not worried about that. I'm sure I'll live."

"You'll reconsider if your roommates a boy." Sakura vowed.

"Just so you know, I'm rolling my eyes. It won't be a boy."

"There's a fine line between optimism and down right delusion."

"Which I haven't crossed yet."

"We'll find out tomorrow."


"Neji Hyuuga? What the hell is this?!" Tenten demanded staring at the sheaf of paper the secretary held out to her, along with a detailed map of the school and her class schedule and a pouch containing keys to her new room.

"Well, you had no requests for room partners, and neither did Neji. In fact, neither of you bothered to show up for the information day yesterday morning." She sighed, looking overly harassed and buried beneath mountains of unsorted paper work.

"That's because I was sleeping." Tenten said indigently, reluctantly accepting the papers. As if she could sense what Sakura was about to say behind her she spun around, confronting the pink haired girl.

"Don't you say it?" She warned.

"I told you so!"

"God damn it I told you not to say it!"

Sakura grinned with out the slightest remorse and Tenten groaned. "If you believe in something everything's supposed to be alright." She mumbled, bending down to grab the handle of wheelie suitcase thing, tugging it along behind her.

"Oh well, I'm sure he'll be nice. It's just my privacy I'm worried about." She explained. "Who are you sharing a room with?" She asked as she attempted to drag her suitcase up three flights of stairs.

"An Ino Yamanka. As you didn't put your name down. At least it's a girl."

"Well this is my room." Tenten she sighed, stopping before the door numbered 301. Sakura laughed, winking as she backed off, just a few doors down.

"My room!"

"Gah! So close! Now I have to put up with you living two seconds away rather than ten minutes away."

Tenten let out a frustrated sigh and fumbled for her keys. After several tries she was had just about got it when the door flung open, resulting in Tenten poking her new roommate in the ribs with her keys.

"Uhhh..." Tenten raised her eyes, cheeks reddening as she raised her eyes to inspect the person she would be spending the next few years of her life sharing a room with. "Sorry. That was completely accidental." She assured him.

For the first time she took in his appearance.

He had long brown hair, with a hair tie a few inches from the bottom and cool, gleaming silver eyes, his mouth set in a hard line a sure sign of an anti social personality.

"Uhhh... Can I come in?" She asked, feeling sort of stupid that she had to ask permission to enter her own room. That ticked her off, feeling stupid I mean.

Neji stepped back allowing Tenten to drag her suitcase over the threshold.

The room was cheaply furnished, two single beds, two desks, two sets of shelves, two wardrobes with inbuilt draws and a door presumably leading into a bathroom. One bed was neatly made with plain white blue sheets and the desk not for from that equipped with notebooks, pens and a shinning white laptop.

Tenten dumped her suitcase on the other bed, hearing the click of the door closing behind her as Neji returned to his bed, sitting calmly down, staring impassively at the thin light blue carpet.

Tenten slowly unpacked her stuff, feeling sort of ridiculous at the simplicity of her clothing. Although it occurred to her Neji didn't look like the kind of guy to bag on simplicity.

"Well... This room arrangement is in no way awkward." Tenten muttered, attempting to initiate a rather depressing conversation between her and her silent roommate.


"Ahh... The talkative kind, hey?"

"The sarcastic kind, hey?"

"Hn." Tenten exaggerated the syllable. Neji's eyes narrowed.

"Ohmygodyoushowedemotion!" Tenten cried, translating into Oh my god you showed emotion. Neji sighed. "Hn."

"And we're back to square one. This conversation is going no where." Tenten muttered. Neji smirked. Tenten poked out her tongue in a very child like gesture.

"Mature." Neji commented. Tenten grinned in response, approaching her small collection of books that had travelled with her to her new home, selecting a title she hadn't read it a while. She wanted to listen to music but she wasn't sure Neji would appreciate it.

She sprawled out on her light green and white patterned bed spread.
She had become totally caught up in the book when she vaguely aware of someone calling her name. To enraptured by what was transpiring in the book she didn't glance up until a hand roughly shook her shoulder.

"Gah! What do you want?" Tenten snapped, jerking her arm free, bright red at how badly she had flinched. Neji frowned. "What the hell are you reading?" He asked.

"Nothing." She muttered, attempting to stuff the book away. Neji was far faster then she had thought, snatching the book out from her hands he raised an eyebrow at the title.

"Undead loan. A zombie novel?" He asked sceptically. Tenten snatched the book back.

"Nobody said that girls were all about romance." She muttered, stuffing it under her pillow, flushing she sat up.

"What do you want, anyway?" She snarled rather viciously. Neji's expression grew icy and he wisely took a few steps back, approaching his desk where his laptop was open.

"There's somebody at the door for you."


"How should I know? She has pink hair."

"Sakura?" Tenten asked in surprise. It had only been half an hour since she and Sakura separated to organize their rooms. Sakura was usually the kind to take hours unpacking.

"Hn." Neji sat down at the desk and began tapping away at the laptop keys.

Tenten sighed, rolling her eyes she went to answer the door, sort of appalled Neji hadn't invited her in and just left her standing out there.

"Hi Sakura." She said cheerfully, swinging the door open. Sakura smiled, and glanced nervously over her shoulder at her dorm room. "What's wrong?" Tenten asked, frowning at Sakura's apparent nervousness.

Sakura grinned sheepishly, and ran her hand through her short, bright hair. "Me and my new room mate don't get along to well. We had a bit of an argument and in short I'm locked out until I can 'downsize my forehead a bit'." She said, obviously quoting whatever this Ino has said.

Tenten blinked. "She sounds like a real charmer." She frowned. Sakura smiled ruefully.

"So I was wondering if you would like to go for a smoothie or something. I mean, if you're done with your room and everything... I'll buy."

Sakura had pushed Tenten's buttons in just the right way. A smoothie, let alone a free one were not something Tenten was able to turn down without considerable pain on her part.

"Stay right here. I'm just grabbing my jacket." She informed, backing back into her room and closing the door in a victorious Sakura's face.

"Aren't you lucky?" Tenten commented striding past Neji as he typed to get to her wardrobe.

"You have the dorm room all to yourself for an hour or so. Now, try not to throw and loud disturbing parties whilst I'm gone."

"Hn." Neji answer predictably. Tenten couldn't help the small smile that slid across her face regardless of the fact he was completely ignoring her. With skill that could only be the result of years of practice she deftly opened the wardrobe door and expertly snagged her denim jacket from its coat hanger, slamming the door shut before the avalanche of random junk she had shoved in there could topple out on to her.

She turned to see Neji watching her with something akin to amusement.

"What? Not everybody can be as neat as you." She said, eying his perfectly clean desk, all books on his bookshelf alphabetically sorted as opposed to her books randomly thrown onto the shelves, with only enough care to make sure they weren't damaged.

"Hn." he said turning back to the computer screen. Tenten pulled a face at his back.

"I can see your reflection in the laptop."

"That was sort of the whole point. There's no point to putting all this energy in to distorting my oh-so-glorious face, of you can't see it."

"Did I detect a hint of sarcasm?"

"I don't know, did you?"

"Answering sarcasm with sarcasm. Cynical."

Tenten slid into her jacket and pretended to snob Neji as she passed by his desk. He didn't seem to care.

"Alright! You owe me a smoothie!" Tenten said as soon as she exited the room, clicking the door firmly shut behind her as she bounced happily down the hall with her pink haired friend.

There wasn't many student's on campus yet, only a handful that had arrived four days before school was due to start to adjust to their new lives, so it was with relative ease that Tenten and Sakura procured seats at an on campus cafe'.

"Two mixed fruits smoothies please." Sakura ordered, before the waitress could even offer them menus. She went away looking rather disgruntled.

Tenten grinned, idly fiddling with the napkin dispenser on the table.

"So." Sakura said, entwining her fingers and resting her elbows on the table, propping her shin up on the makeshift support.

Tenten couldn't resist the urge to say "So what?"

Sakura grimaced, as if Tenten's ignorance had offended her. "Your roommate. How is he?" It looked like Sakura had a hard time getting around the fact Tenten had been paired with a guy.

Tenten wrinkled her nose. Sakura didn't seem to notice. "He's not hard on the eyes, though, is he?" She said playfully nudging Tenten's arm.

"Hey Sakura did you know that this napkins have stripes on them?! How weird... Sorry, were you saying something?"

Sakura let out a frustrated sigh, rolling her eyes heavily and Tenten grinned apologetically.

"I said your roommates not too hard on the eyes, is he?" She repeated.

"Huh? Guess not. All though he's really..."

"Distant. Cold. Isolated. Calm. Controlled. Neat and -."

"Ah, I get it, I get it. His got some faults." Sakura laughed. Her face changed to that of envy. "He has unnaturally long hair for a guy though..." She said, her expression wistful as her hand skimmed along her own cropped locks. Tenten grimaced for her friend. Sakura had gotten gum stuck in her hair a while ago and had to have it all sheared off much to her horror. She had not quite gotten over it yet.

"Don't be envious Sakura; I think you look much better with short hair. You look totally kick ass. You looked like a goody two shoes with long hair."

"Um... Tenten I don't believe that's a complement."

"Two mixed fruits smoothies." The overly confident voice of their server interrupted their conversation as two smoothies in tall clear glasses were placed on the booth table top.

"Arigato." Sakura said as she slipped back over to the counter, four bunched up pony tails pointing in their direction.

"So, what exactly is Ino like?" Tenten said in an effort to steer the conversation away from herself where she wasn't particularly comfortable with it.

Sakura gave an exaggerated wince. "Loud, blond and annoying."

"So basically a yellow haired version of yourself?" Tenten joked, receiving a playful punch on the arm from Sakura. Tenten pretended to rub her arm and complain about her marring her prefect skin.

"You shouldn't be sarcastic all the time."

"God forbid no one take me seriously."

"I'm serious!"

"So was I!"

Sakura gave a frustrated sigh. "That's exactly what I'm talking about."

"So, whilst you're picking out my faults anything else you want to rag on?" Tenten asked, true annoyance starting to seep into her voice. She took a sip of her smoothing via the bright purple straw to calm her.

"Well..." Sakura eyes traversed Tenten and Tenten grimaced, preparing herself for what she knew was coming. Sakura's sharp emerald eyes examined Tenten's less than impressive outfit. Plain white shirt, tattered jeans, worn out black converse, hair in trademark buns on her head, scars on her elbows from her constant skating and clumsiness.

"You could be more... Well, girlish. There's a fine line between tomboy and plain arrogance of gender."

"I'll have you know that I haven't crossed that line. For one, I know sharing a room with Neji is going to be awkward and..." Tenten bit her lip, her eye brows creasing as she struggled to think of something else that would prove her innocence to Sakura's claim. Nothing sprang to mind.

Sakura raised a perfectly arched pink eyebrow. "Need I say more?"

Tenten flicked a not quite crushed berry at her with her straw. Sakura rolled her eyes and flicked it off the table.

"And Tenten, You need to grow up a bit. You're fifteen. Not five. Nobody's going to look twice at you if you keep this up."

"What do I care? I've got you. That's enough."

"Sweet. But really Tenten..." Sakura trailed off and took a long drought of her smoothie, eyes distancing. Tenten took this opportunity to flick yet another berry at her resulting in an all out berry flicking war.