Chapter one

disclaimer: these characters are Kishimotos not mine

note:expect lots and lots of lemon

my name is sakura and I am a slave. I have been for four years. My will is gone, my only desire is to do my masters wishes. Also to fuck ino of course. I will die in 20 or so years. By then I will have no doubt given birth to 15+ children. I have already given birth to two and am three months toward my third started on a mission years ago. This is the story of how it happened.


I was running down a narrow corridor. The lighting was nonexistent. I could feel something else in the room. I looked down a saw I was naked. Confused I asked myself where the fuck I was. I would never truly find out. However I will learn what else is in the other end of the corridor. I turned around and saw something that shocked me. Four tentacle like appendages appeared out of the shadow. They where an odd blue color and were covered in a green goo. They where small but appeared long. Confusion turning into fear I decided to try to get away, and turn to run.

I kept on running for a long time. I only stopped when I reached the end of the corridor. I looked behind me and the tentacles were still coming. I sighed, I had no choice cut to use jutsus. I tied a clone justu but to my surprise nothing happened. I tried a substitution but it didn't work either. Now that I look back on it none of my ninja skills worked. I had no time to think before they struck. The first one struck first and grabbed my ankle. It was course and slimy. It was probably the most disgusting thing I ever and would ever touch in my life. I had little time to be preoccupied by this before it pulled me off my feet and started dragging me across the floor.

Suddenly the second tentacle grabbed my other ankle and joined in dragging me to the other end. I let out a scream and started clawing at the tentacles. The tentacles reacted a gain and the other two grabbed at my wrists. I tried to resist but the tentacles were to strong. Suddenly another tentacle started coming toward me. By this time I was even closer to the creature then before I started running. The tentacles stopped dragging me, standing up I prepared for the next tentacle. It went beneath my legs and then turned and went up my but. I let out a cry of pain and shock and resumed struggling. All the while it continued to squirm up my anus causing a mix of pain and, shocking to me, a little pleasure. My nipples hardened, it appeared I was.... turned on?

I could barely notice due to my situation but three more tentacles appeared. the first flew into my mouth. The first thing I noticed was the taste, it tasted like the worst thing you can think of. Squared. It wrestled my tongue for control of my mouth. As it reached reached down my throat choking me to a degree, the one in my butt kept crawling continuing to simultaneously cause me pain and arouse me. Meanwhile I was vaguely aware of the other two tentacles circling upward around my thighs. I tried to bite the tentacle in my mouth but it took a few tries. When I bit it off I experienced the only thing worse tasting the goo, it's blood. As I doubled over retching and vomiting. The anal tentacle withdrew. It was only then that I noticed the two had completely wrapped around my thighs and were right in front of my pussy opening. Only then did I realize what would come next, I shivered and prepared to take it. Oddly it didn't come. Instead they stopped at my pussy's lips and opened them wide. I cried in pain. This was the equivalent of being in labor. While rolling on the floor in pain, I caught a glimpse of seven more tentacles quickly coming toward me. I then realized why the two did what they did, and cried. harder. I let out a moan as all seven entered my defenseless pussy. As they made their way up inside of me I realized I belonged to whatever this is. I let out a small inaudible sob as everything faded to black, and I heard one word.


and then I woke up.

Shocked I jolted forward. It was all a dream? IT WAS ALL A DREAM I thought triumphantly, yet blissfully unaware. I was wearing a small shirt and short shorts. I wondered what was the deal with the dream but was interrupted by the clock. "o my god it's nine, I'm gonna be late". I undressed and prepared to meat kakashi and naruto. While doing so I noticed something odd. There was a purple triangle on my hand. I tried washing it but it didn't work. In fact I spent 15 minutes trying to get it off but failed deciding I would deal with it later, I never got a chance to. I dressed myself and left to meat with my team.

"wow sakura what took you so long" joked naruto

"now now" said kakashi "I'm late every day cut her some slack"

"yeah" answered naruto "but your allowed to be BELIEVE IT"

shut up naruto" I said before punching him "what are we doing today sensei, do we finally have permission to investigate sasukes whereabouts?"

"maybe" answered kakasi "we were told to talk to tsunade about a mission"

"finally" sighed naruto "I'm going to find him, BELIEVE IT!"

"whats with you and that phrase" I asked.


"stop shouting" kakashi said calmly "let's head out".

All the way to the hokages office I was thinking of sasuke and where he probably was. Now I have completely forgot why I cared about him. He was just a boy, but then he was my life. Actually my life is right now about one person. But to me he is closer to a god. Oh master. Oh wait where was I. O yeah the hokages office. As the three of of us walked in tsunade sat at her desk just looking at paper work. For someone that age she was beautiful, With a absurd rack. Just thinking about it makes me horny. Master would like her. But wait, she was already too old.

"come in have a seat" she said.

"are we going after sasuke?" naruto asked impatiently.

"no" said tsunade flatly

"WHAT" me and naruto yelled simultaneously. " but we have to BELIEVE IT!" shouted a person whose name you could guess.

"shut up and hear are mission" quietly said kakashi.

Tsunade started "todays mission is b rank. You must go to the town of shen long and find and return princess oka of the land waterfalls. Two weeks ago she was kidnapped by unknown assailants. This has caused her father to get very angry, and is causing tension between the land of waterfalls and their neighbors the land of horses. Rumors have shown up that she is in shen long, that is why I am sending you there. The thing about shen long is this, it is a slaving town. Witch means she was captured by slavers. Her father gave us 80,000 units for ransom."

"80,000" naruto said in shock.

"yes" she replied "as a princess she is no doubt invaluable. If that is all you may leave."

naruto and kakashi got up and prepared to leave. I approached her and asked

"see this mark on my hand what is it."

after checking it she replied "apparently a tattoo"

confused I got up and prepared to leave. Leave on what would be my last mission.