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After the delivery men had gone, Ritsuka stood there staring at the crate in dismay. His mother was not going to be happy about this. The box was quite large and filled up most of the hallway and it was too heavy to move easily. What was Seimei thinking, ordering something so big? And how on earth could he have forgotten about it? His brother had just left to attend university in London and wouldn't be back for two years. He'd love to call Seimei up and scold him, but he needed to get this out of the hallway before his mother came home. She was so fragile nowadays that any little thing out of place sent her into a rage.

He walked around the box, inspecting it. Hmm . . . it had so many warnings on it. Fragile. Perishable. Open with care. To be opened only by purchaser! Open immediately to ensure contents are not damaged. This end up! His ears twitched with interest – could it be an animal? Ritsuka's birthday was next week. Maybe Seimei had gotten him one of those exotic kittens he'd always wanted? But a tiny kitten wouldn't come in such a large box, would it? And there were no airholes. If it was alive it would need air, wouldn't it? Maybe . . . was it a plant? Or food? Ritsuka's tail was swaying back and forth now with excitement. He wanted, no – he needed to know what was in that box. If it was so delicate and in need of immediate care, then he had to open it, right? A good brother would open the package to make sure that Seimei's purchase wasn't damaged, right?

A tiny sound caught his attention and Ritsuka leaped forward and put his ear to the box. It sounded like something was moving inside. It must be alive! Maybe it really was the kitten. Or two kittens! Seimei was such a considerate brother, always looking after Ritsuka and making sure he got what he needed. He wouldn't have forgotten Ritsuka's birthday, even though he was far away. The small scraping noise started again and Ritsuka jumped up. It was alive, and if it was the kittens, they would suffocate!

That did it – he was going to open it. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors, then ran back to the box. He cut the rope away and then stepped back. He could hear the noise again. Whatever was inside the box wanted out. How long had they been in the box? Poor things!

"Don't worry, kittens, I'll get you out!"

The crate had latches on the sides. It looked like it would open right up if he opened them. He opened one side and then the other, then tugged at the box. Nothing. He stepped back, frowning in concentration, then suddenly saw that there was one more latch on the top. There! And now if he just pulled . . .

"Ahh!" Ritsuka yelped as the side of the box came free and knocked him to the ground. What the hell? Why would someone need to ship kittens in such a heavy box? He kicked the piece of wood off his legs and laid there on the floor, rubbing his head. Ow. Whatever was in the box had better be worth it. He shook his head and started to sit up, eager for a first look inside.

"Wha-" His mouth dropped open in shock. Blue eyes. Long blonde hair. And skin, lots of very naked skin. A slim hand reached up and detached an oxygen mask from a face. A slender, pretty face. The figure uncoiled and began to crawl across the floor to him and Ritsuka saw that it was a man. Yup, definitely a man, dangly bits and all.

The man was close now, practically on top of him, and Ritsuka said the first thing that popped into his mind, "You're not a kitten."

"No, Goshujin-sama, I am not," the stranger replied in husky voice, "but we can pretend. Would you like me to be your kitten? I'm very good with my tongue."

"Goshujin? What? I'm not your master." The man kept crawling forward, right onto him and Ritsuka finally put his hands up, trying to shove the man off. "Hey, what the heck? What are you doing? Get off me!"

The man was on top of Ritsuka now, straddling his body and pinning his shoulders to the floor. "Goshujin-sama, we must complete the imprintation procedures. It is essential to my operating procedures as described in the manual."

"Huh? Manual? What are you talking about? Get off me!" Ritsuka couldn't help but notice that the blonde was well endowed and hard as a rock . . . and he really didn't want to know what the man planned to do with that.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Goshujin-sama, but you can punish me afterwards."

"After . . . ?"

"After I've tasted you." The blonde smiled and licked his lips. "You need to feed me once a day or I will shut down." His hand slid down to the front of Ritsuka's jeans and he rubbed the teen's crotch. "You're very beautiful, Goshujin-sama. I will enjoy servicing you."

"Service me? Are you crazy? What the hell are you talking about? And stop calling me Goshujin-sama! My name is Ritsuka."

"Ah, Ritsuka-sama, it is a pleasure to meet you," the blonde purred. "Did your brother neglect to inform you? I am a premium sexbot, Septimal Moon model Platinum 9000FF, but you can call me Soubi. The FF stands for full function: I am capable of any sexual function you might require, and can bottom or top as you'd prefer. Happy Birthday."

Ritsuka's brain was spinning. Bottom? Top? He didn't have a clue what the man – robot? – was talking about. "But the package was addressed to Seimei! You've got the wrong person!"

"I believe I was meant to be a surprise. But in any case, I've already begun to imprint on you and now I must finish. Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" His voice trembled as he said it and he should have been embarrassed, but this was really too much. He just wanted a kitten!

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you enjoy it," said Soubi and then he yanked down Ritsuka's jeans and boxers, ignoring his squeak of surprise.

He slid down Ritsuka's body and nuzzled his face into the teen's crotch. "Mmm, you smell so good." He began to delicately lick Ritsuka's cock and balls, not taking him into his mouth, but teasing him with small, quick licks.

Ritsuka gasped and shivered all over. It felt so good. His arms were free now and he could have tried to push Soubi away, but he was mesmerized by that tongue and getting harder by the minute. He moaned and pushed his hips up, and Soubi rewarded him with longer licks, running his tongue slowly up and down Ritsuka's length.

"Ah . . . ah . . . more!" Ritsuka spread his thighs wide and grabbed at the blonde's shoulders pulling him closer.

Soubi raised his head and looked at Ritsuka. "Do you want me to suck you?"

"Ah!" Ritsuka turned beet red and hid his face.

"If you want me to suck me, you have to say it." There was no response, so Soubi wrapped his hand around the teen's erection and brought it to his half open mouth. "Say it, Ritsuka."

Ritsuka peeked at Soubi from behind the arm he'd thrown over his head. Oh! Seeing the blonde's mouth right by the head of his cock was almost enough to make him come on the spot. He trembled at the thought of that mouth wrapped around his cock. "I want you to . . . "

Soubi swirled his tongue around the tip of Ritsuka's cock. "Say it."

"Suck me," he whispered.

"My pleasure, Goshujin-sama," Soubi said smugly and then he slid Ritsuka into his mouth.

"Ah!" Ritsuka moaned as Soubi's warmth engulfed him and bucked his hips upwards, shoving himself deep into Soubi's mouth. Oh god, this was so good! So hot and tight. He grabbed a handful of blonde hair and began to thrust upwards, fucking Soubi's mouth.

The blonde didn't object – he just sucked him harder. Ritsuka was moaning loudly now. He was going to come any minute. "Nngh . . . hah . . . hah. . . AH!" He felt his come spurt into Soubi's mouth and the man drank him down, sucking every last drop from his cock.

Ritsuka let go of Soubi and fell back onto the floor. Mmmm. He was so sleepy. He was going to fall asleep right here in the hallway, with his pants around his ankles.



"Goshujin-sama, my imprintation is complete. You are now my master. I will be happy to fill all of your needs, sexual or non-sexual."

Oh shit, the robot! Ritsuka opened his eyes to see Soubi leaning over him.

"Did I please you, Goshujin-sama? Was my cocksucking satisfactory?"

"Urgh." Ritsuka closed his eyes. Was this real? His brother had really gotten him a sex-crazed robot for his birthday?

"Goshujin-sama, you must remember to feed me with your semen once a day in order to maintain optimum performance."

"Argh! Stop calling me Goshujin-sama already!" He sat up and glared at Soubi. "I told you, it's Ritsuka."

"Yes, Ritsuka-sama. Are you tired? Would you like me to carry you to your bed?"

"Huh? Uh . . . oh shit!" Ritsuka leaped to his feet and glanced around wildly at the clock. It was a little past five, which meant his mother would be home any minute. "The box," he cried, waving his hands at the massive wooden crate that still filled the hallway. "My mom will be home any minute and she's going to completely freak out! We have to get rid of it!"

"Oh?" Soubi stood up and hefted the heavy box with one hand, then leaned down to pick up the side that Ritsuka had pulled off. "Where would you like it?"

"Ritsuka? Ritsuka-sama?"

Ritsuka shook his head to clear it and tried to stop gaping. Okay, the robot was super strong as well as sex-crazed. And very sexy. He blushed at that last thought, then shoved Soubi towards the stairs. "Upstairs, the last room on the right. Quick!"

Soubi paused. "Are you coming?"

"Yes, just go!" Ritsuka finished zipping up his pants and glanced around the hall. He grabbed the oxygen mask that Soubi had tossed aside and a small book that had fallen out of the crate and ran up the stairs. He didn't know which would freak his mom out more – a beautiful naked man or a huge wooden crate in her house – and he didn't intend to find out. He had to hide them both before she got home . . . and then he was going to call his brother and cuss him out. What on earth was he thinking, giving his teenage brother a sexbot? Seimei could be unpredictable, but this was pretty weird, even for him. Hopefully it was a mistake and everything could be fixed. Except . . . maybe he could get one more blowjob before he sent him back?