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Ritsuka raced up the stairs and shut Soubi in his room just his mom came in the door. He issued firm instructions to Soubi that he was keep quiet and stay in Ritsuka's room and then walked back downstairs to greet his mother. Luckily she was preoccupied with an email from Seimei and didn't notice his ears twitching as he lied and said he had a headache and he should probably go lie down for a while. Ritsuka had always been a rotten liar – his ears gave him away every time.

He backed carefully out of the kitchen and then scampered back upstairs. Hopefully the robot had obeyed him and was still in his bedroom. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw his bedroom door was closed. Phew! Now he just had to hide him somehow.

He walked into his room and stopped in shock. Soubi was still naked and he was sitting on Ritsuka's bed pumping his cock.

Ritsuka took one look and quickly slammed the door shut and locked it. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I am very aroused, Goshujin-sama. I find you exceedingly attractive."

"Ah, o.k., whatever," Ritsuka mumbled and tried to find something else in the room to look at. "Hey, where'd the crate go?"

"I have disassembled it and placed it under the bed, Goshujin-sama. You did say that you wanted to hide it from your parental unit, correct?"

"Yeah, but look, can you stop calling me Goshujin-sama? Just call me Ritsuka."

"Ritsuka-sama," said Soubi tentatively, as though testing the words.

"No, no, just Ritsuka! If I'm your master, you have to do what I say, right? No 'sama', o.k.?"

"It is respectful to address my master correctly," Soubi said, standing up and suddenly advancing on Ritsuka, cock in hand. "Master, I am ready to ejaculate. Would you like to assist me?"

Ritsuka shrieked and jumped backwards, "No way! Why the hell would I want to do that? Just go over there and – and – take care of it."

"Ah, I see. Ritsuka-sama likes to watch. What position would you like me to assume?"

"Uh . . . position? What? Just sit back down and finish up. Hurry up!" Ritsuka ducked his head to hide his flaming cheeks. Likes to watch! Gah! That sounded so perverted.

Soubi returned to the bed and sat down facing Ritsuka. "I will do my best to please you, Master."

There was silence for a minute and Ritsuka heard the bed creak as Soubi shifted position. He glanced up anxiously to see what the bot was up to and his jaw went slack with astonishment and desire.

Soubi was lying back on the bed with his legs spread wide, completely exposed. One hand was pumping his erection and the other was pinching a nipple. As he saw Ritsuka's eyes land on him, he brought one hand up to his mouth and began to seductively lick his fingers, his eyes fixed on Ritsuka's.

Ritsuka could feel his face getting hot, but he just couldn't tear his eyes away from Soubi. The man – robot – was striking beautiful. His body was slender and delicate, his skin was pale and creamy except for his rosy nipples and flushed cock, and the long blonde hair that was currently spread out on Ritsuka's bed looked soft and enticing.

He shivered as Soubi slid two fingers into his mouth, his cock instantly hard at the sight. Soubi began to slowly suck on his fingers, sliding them slowly in and out of his mouth. Ritsuka watched in a daze, remembering what it felt like to be inside that mouth.

Soubi smirked a bit at Ritsuka's hypnotized look and then leisurely pulled his fingers from his mouth, slowly moving them down his body. Ritsuka's eyes followed Soubi's hand as it moved between his thighs, and then he gasped in surprise as Soubi slipped both fingers inside himself.

Soubi moaned out loud; fingering himself in front of his master was intoxicating. He pushed his fingers in deeper and cried out in pleasure, spreading his thighs even wider and pulling roughly at his cock.

Ritsuka's knees suddenly bumped the edge of the bed and he found that he'd crossed the room without even thinking about it. His length was pulsing, begging to be touched, and he began to rub the front of his pants as he watched Soubi fingerfuck himself.

Soubi was moaning uninhibitedly now, in a frenzy of lust at performing in front of his master. Ritsuka was staring at him so intently – and he'd just begun to fondle himself. Oh, yes, Soubi was definitely pleasing him . . . he would do anything to please his master . . . anything and everything that Ritsuka could ask of him.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the bedroom door. "Are you o.k., Ritsuka?"

"Ah!" Ritsuka leaped on top of Soubi and clamped his hands over the blonde's mouth. "Yes, mom, I'm fine!"

Soubi didn't stop for a second – having Ritsuka pinning him to the bed was getting him even more excited. He jerked his cock even faster and plunged a third finger inside himself.

"I thought you were going to take a nap?"

"I am, Mom, I was just on the phone." Soubi groaned and twitched under his hands and Ritsuka pressed harder. His mom could not find out about the bot!

"O.K., let me know if you need anything."

Ritsuka heard his mother's footsteps retreat down the hall and sighed in relief, then looked back down at Soubi – just in time for Soubi's cum to splatter all over his face, shirt, and arm. He froze in surprise. Wait . . . the bot had . . . semen? And ew! He raised his hands to wipe his face off, but Soubi was quicker. The blonde flipped him over and grabbed his shirt, pulling it off before Ritsuka knew what was happening.

"My apologies, Master, I have soiled you. I will clean you immediately."

"Uh, that's o.k. . . . " Ritsuka reached for his shirt, intending to wipe his face with it, but Soubi tossed it to the floor.

"I will lick you clean, Master. It is my pleasure." Soubi paused at Ritsuka's bewildered expression. "Unless you wanted to taste me, Master?"


Soubi smiled and bent down so his mouth was over Ritsuka's wrist. His tongue lapped over Ritsuka's wrist, licking him clean with long slow licks, carefully roving over Ritsuka's skin to get every last drop. He gradually moved up his arm to his neck and collarbone, nibbling a little before finishing at his lips. Ritsuka shivered as the licks turned into deep kisses and Soubi's tongue slipped inside his mouth. He moaned and pressed his hips upwards, rubbing himself against Soubi.

Soubi slid a hand down and gripped Ritsuka's erection. "Master, you're aroused again. Are you ready for penetration now?"

Ritsuka cried out in surprise and tried to jump off the bed, but the bot was much stronger than him. Soubi held him down gently but firmly.

"Master, there's no need to worry. I've had extensive training. If you want to be fucked, I'll make sure you enjoy it. Or you can fuck me. Would you prefer that?"

"I . . . I . . . no . . ."

"No? But you obviously require release and it's my duty to service you. How should I relieve you? Would you like my hand, my mouth, or my ass?"

Ritsuka's mind spun at the bot's words. Soubi was offering him . . . his ass? His head spun as he thought of the blonde moaning as he fingered himself. Could he really put it in there? His cock twitched at the thought and he shuddered. Well, he was still a virgin and he wasn't ready to have sex just like that. Not today.


"Um . . . " Ritsuka's ears flattened in embarrassment, "your mouth?"

"Of course, Master," Soubi replied. He deftly opened Ritsuka's pants, stripping him from the waist down, and then took Ritsuka into his mouth.

Ritsuka began to whimper and push himself into Soubi's mouth almost immediately. Oh, he could definitely get used to this. The bot was amazingly talented with his mouth. Maybe he should keep him after all? He threw his head back and closed his eyes, reveling in the hot mouth enveloping him.

"Ahn! Uhn . . . uhn . . . oh!" Just like the first time, he was already so close to coming. He clutched the bedcovers and pushed his hips upwards, his tail furiously twitching, trying to get as far into Soubi's mouth as he could. Soubi grasped Ritsuka's hips and pulled him closer, bobbing his head rapidly. And then he was coming, gasping and shuddering as he poured himself down Soubi's throat.

Ritsuka sank back down on the bed, half asleep already. He was vaguely aware that Soubi was licking him clean again. He giggled to himself sleepily – was the bot part cat? It seemed that he'd gotten a kitten for his birthday after all. A very pretty kitten.

Soubi heard a faint giggle and looked up from his cleaning. Ritsuka's eyes were half closed and he was sprawled out on the bed, wearing only a t-shirt. Soubi eyed his new master appreciatively. Ritsuka was so cute with those black cat ears and big violet eyes. And he tasted so good! He was generous too – it was their first day together and he'd already fed Soubi twice.

Soubi hummed happily to himself and moved up the bed, snuggling close to his new master. He pulled a blanket over them and wrapped an arm around Ritsuka. His master was so easily aroused - surely they'd have sex soon? He wondered if Ritsuka would prefer to fuck him or to be fucked. He was so shy that it was hard to tell what would please him. Well, either way, Soubi would enjoy himself. He was living every sexbot's dream: finally free from the lab and bonding with his new master.