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10,000 years…

Its been 10,00 years since I took the job from Rei-hime and became the new Kyuubi no Kitsune. I have watched over the world for all these 10,000 years while living in a cave with my beloved tenshi, Rei Himutasa. When I was 14 years old all those millennia ago she had told me that my body was changing into that of a demon and that I would be taking up her position as the newest Kyuubi. I had known about her for 10 years already and I knew she loved me and I loved her. We have been together ever since I turned into a Gennin which marked me as a official adult.

Over the years the world kept having times of peace and equality between the elemental countries and times of war and despair. When I was 15 years old Leaf and Sand were at war with Sound and Grass. Kumo and Iwa even after all these years were still affected after the Third Great Ninja War so they with Kiri stayed neutral in all this. Wave, Spring, Waterfall, and other small villages were joined up with Leaf thanks to me. The war lasted until I turned 17 when Sound was destroyed and Grass had given up. The Hebi-teme was killed by his favorite boy toy Sasuke Uchiha. After that had happened my damn godfather, Jiraiya of the Sannin, had to go and get himself killed by the Akatsuki leader, Pein.

A month after the war there was another tragic event… the Akatsuki strike. It was a normal day for the village of Leaf when out of no where Akatsuki struck while I was away finishing up my Toad Sage Arts training. The false leader, Pein, with the remaining members, Zetsu, Kisame, and Konan, struck. It was a massacre of the Leaf forces until I was summoned. The final showdown was me versus all 9 of them, Pein's six bodies and the 3 others. I killed off Kisame quickly with a rasengan to the head. I used a A-ranked fire jutsu to knock out Konan. Zetsu was a tricky bastard but when I used my rasenshuriken on the ground itself he was annihilated. When it came down to me and Pein it was a real tough battle. (basically if you read the manga from then you know the battle itself)

After Konan woke up and departed peacefully with the dead bodies of her two best friends, Yahiko and Nagato. After me and Nagato talked he had given his life to revive all of the dead Leaf citizens and ninja and I was hailed as a village hero like I should of always been hailed. Damn villagers and council being ignorant. Soon enough after the battle with Grandma Tsunade in a coma a new Hokage, the traitorous bastard Danzou, took over and ordered the death of my best friend and secretly cousin, Sasuke Uchiha.

The next event that changed the world was the final showdown between me and Madara Uchiha. The damn bastard who had forced my beloved to attack the Leaf all those years ago. The battle was long and tougher then even my fight with Pein. In the end I used my rasenshuriken and he was torn apart. I had returned to the Leaf village battered and on the brink of death itself until ba-chan, who had came out of her coma before I left, saved me. I was out for a whole week… hehehe good times.

The next event was probably the most devastating for me and my friends… Sasuke's attack. While the village was still repairing itself after the Pein attack was when Team Hawk attacked. Everyone fought tooth and nail to take them down. Teams Gai, 8, and 10 with their senseis fought against Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin. While that was happening Team 7 was having a reunion in the council chambers where Sasuke had killed 2 of the elders of the village but Danzo had gotten away. Now the battle of the Neo Sannin had begun and would be remembered for centuries. Sasuke with his snake summons, me with the toads, and Sakura with the slugs.

The battle was in itself past Kage level as we fought our hardest, but the bastard had killed Sakura with his S-ranked jutsu, Raiton: Kirin. That had put me over the edge and boy did it. I instantly turned into my 6-tailed form and since I am the Kyuubi the effects were not hazardous anymore and so after throwing Sasuke around he finally showed his trump card, Curse Level 3. I had to go all the way to 8-tailed to match him and when I had finally killed him I broke down crying as I held both Sasuke and Sakura's dead bodies. The whole world was weeping as the biggest rainstorm in the history of the elemental countries hit as if the gods were crying. It was also that day that my bloodline was completed.

After that day I had gone into a depression which only 2 people were able to get me out of. Of course my beloved Rei and surprisingly Kiba's sister, Hana Inuzuka. For a month me and her had just chatted and talked until it bloomed into love and even Rei accepted her and so after our first couple dates I told her everything down to who my parents were, me being the new Kyuubi, and that me and Rei were lovers. She didn't care about the negative things and after a couple more dates we made love. For 6 months me, Hana, and Rei were lovers but until the 'incident' where after coming home from a A-ranked mission I found Hana dead and she had been raped. I couldn't control my anger and I turned into my 4-tailed form and when I found out that Danzo had ordered her death I made Rei-chan's attack look like a toddler was having a temper tantrum. The whole Root headquarters when was investigated had blood painting every single spot on all the walls. All the Root members and Danzo were wiped off the face of the earth. After the incident was my first talk to the Shinigami where I asked him to take Hana's soul to heaven for me in exchange for a hundred pure evil souls. It took me almost 7,000 years to get every single pure evil soul I could kill but I did it.

After the incident I left the Leaf but not after I had cleaned out my father's estate and had copied all of the scrolls in the Hokage vault including the forbidden scroll. When I was done and ready I left the village. I had wandered the countries learning jutsu and copying down all jutsu of every village. I had become the world's first SSS-ranked missing nin, known as 'Flash Fox'. I had collected every known jutsu written and taken them from the shinobi world. Over the first century I had totally mastered every jutsu until they were almost like second nature. Every jutsu scroll was sealed up into a tattoo seal on my right shoulder.

Over the thousands of years many things happened that caused the world to change. First was the loss of usage of chakra for the humans, but not demons like me and my beautiful mate, due to a incurable disease that spread across the land. Second was the coming of the samurai age (aka Rurouni Kenshin). During that time I had learned under Kenshin Himura and using a reverse blade sword as to not kill him mastered the ancient sword art Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. After that civilization evolved further to the medieval kind of times, but then the downfall of man happened in the form of the demon gates opening allowing demons to wander the world free until they were forced back by me and my old friend Sparda. Sparda knowing the gates wouldn't be closed unless sealed sacrificed himself to seal them.

As civilization tried to rebuild over the centuries the gates were opened again and now the twin sons of my old friend, Vergil and Dante Sparda, along with my help had sealed them off again but at the cost of Vergil's life. Then one last time the demon gates were forced open allowing the devils and demons to wander again. This time a faction was created that worshiped Sparda and fought them. One of them was the last son of my old friend, Nero Sparda. Him, Dante, and me all fought and finally eliminated the devils and the renegade prophet, Sanctus. After the long battle Nero gave me both Red Queen and Yamato so he could give up demon hunting since the gates were permanently sealed. Dante now wanting to live his days eating pizza and listening to heavy metal gave me Rebellion. The world continued on as if nothing ever happened.

Soon the world evolved into the age of the pirates (yes I mean One Piece) with the Pirates against the World Government and Marines. I was a good friend of the very first Pirate King Gold D. Roger and the 4 Yonkou or the 4 Kings, especially Whitebeard and Shanks. Over time when Roger was going to be executed he told me that he would be using a cave near mine as the hiding spot for the so called One Piece. Over time a group of pirates in the world made itself known as the strongest and their names were the Straw Hat Pirates. As I was exploring the world I came across the Pirate cook 'Red Leg' Zeff who taught me his Red Leg style. And thanks to me owning probably the most powerful blades in the world I became the second master of the Santōryū style and the true master being Roronoa Zoro himself. After the era of pirates had ended I had finally found the last blade that I have been looking for, Force Edge. Now that I have all 3 blades of my old friend Sparda I have settled down with my love, Rei.

So here I am a master of the sword styles of Santōryū, Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, Swordmaster/Trickster Style (Rebellion's style), and Dark Slayer Style (Yamato's style). Since there is no set styles for Red Queen and Force Edge I just mastered all the techniques with them. The Taijutsu I mastered are the Red Leg and Hummingbird styles (created style of the Fourth's). I am also am a complete master of sealing thanks to Jiraiya's and my father's notes. I also have the last remaining bloodline of the world… the Sharingan or as it is now the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

This is my past and now my future… my name is Naruto Namikaze Uchiha, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha's and Namikaze's, and I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Present Time

The sun was shining through the entrance of a cave. It was a beautiful sight from the entrance as it was high on top of a mountain. Inside this cave we can find a sight that is baffling. The cave opens up to a magnificent cavern where a small 2 story house was situated in the middle. The outside of the house was a mahogany color with a porch. The cavern around the house was beautiful as the sunrays bounced around the slightly wet walls making rainbows and making a ethereal glow that made it a sight to behold.

Shall we go inside then? Inside we find a normal living room with a couch and lounging chair with a coffee table in the middle. Exploring further we find a average sized kitchen and dining room. Why not head upstairs? Upstairs we find 3 doors, one leading to a guest room, one to the library, and finally the master bedroom. As the light from outside comes into the windows we hear a slight groan coming from the master bedroom. Inside said room we find a king sized bed with 2 figures sleeping cozily together. In the corner was a dresser and another one right beside it. To the right of the door was the walk in closet and to the left was the master bathroom. Now back to the 2 figures.

One of the figures was a male and the other a female. The male had blond hair that was flopping everywhere and over his eyes slightly. On his face were 2 sets of 3 whisker marks, with canines protruding from his mouth, and on the sides of his head were blond fox ears. On his right shoulder was a tattoo of a skull and cross bones (has all the jutsu scrolls sealed inside). On the left shoulder was a tattoo of a heart with 2 blades stabbing into it at two angles with what looks like blood dripping off it and in the middle was the kanji of 'Edge' (Force Edge's seal). On his chest was a black tribal tattoo with the kanji of 'Tradition' in blue (Yamato's seal). On the right forearm that was draped across the woman's body was the black tattoo with the kanji of 'Honor' in red (Red Queen's seal) and on his left forearm was the same tattoo with the kanji of 'Resistance' etched in it (Rebellion's seal). The blond's nails were actually sharp claws. The rest of the male's body was covered in a sheet so onto the woman.

Said woman was peacefully sleeping with her head on the blond's chest. The woman had blood red hair that was messy as if she had a wild night (wink wink). On the sides of her head just like the blond were 2 red fox ears twitching to the small breathes of her lover. She had a almost goddess-like body with the curves all in the right place. Her 'assets' even though covered by the sheet were at least 38Cs making them the perfect size and also they were round and plump and could be fit perfectly in the palm of the blond's hand (mumbles 'lucky bastard'). In all the 2 looked like that they were 2 gods or goddess sleeping soundly.

Through the window came sunlight that shown straight through the cave entrance and since the side of the house that was facing the entrance was this side the sunlight perfectly shot through the window into the blond's closed eyes. With a groan of annoyance the blond moved his left hand over his eyes to block out the sun but failed. With another groan the blond slowly opened his eyes showing 2 orbs of pure sky blue.

'damn sun' the blond grumbled then he tried to sit up but couldn't and when he looked to see the cause his eyes softened into that of love and affection at the sight of his longtime red headed friend and lover

Kissing the redhead on the forehead and wrapping his nine blond tails around her naked form he lifted her slightly as to not wake her and got out from under her. He lightly laid the red headed goddess down who whimpered at the loss of her personal pillow making the blond laugh silently at the cute sight as he walked to the bathroom to take a shower. When looking at his calves we can see a barbwire tattoo covering the whole calf on both legs. On the blond's back was a enormous tattoo of a phoenix and a black dragon spiraling upwards with the heads near his neck and the tails wrap above his waist making a heart that had the kanji for N + R. (ok for all the tats the first three are summoning tats for his blades while the others are just plain tats). Also on the shoulder blades of the blond's back were two small almost invisible slits that are hard to see if you don't concentrate on them.

As the blond was taking his morning shower the redhead started waking up to the sound of the running water. As her eyelids fluttered open you can see her ruby red almost blood red irises that have a black slit going down through them. While she was moving to sit up she started stretching her arms out while the sheet slid off her revealing her upper half and also showing off the 9 blood red tails to the world. When she was fully stretched she looked around and found her ruby red kimono lying right next to the bed and grabbed it and slid it on.

Just then the water turned off in the bathroom and the blond came out in only a towel around his waist. When the two looked at each other they smiled warmly.

"Morning my tenshi" the blond said getting a wider smile from the redheaded woman who got up and walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his chest and leaned into him whispering

"Morning my koi" the two looked into each other's eyes then leaned in and kissed each other passionately before the woman walked into the bathroom giving one last wink to the blond before slowly closing the door

"I don't know if I hate it when she does that or love it" the blond mumbled as he walked over to his dresser to get dressed then head downstairs to make breakfast

Minutes later the blond walked down the stairs wearing black steel toed boots with a flame design along the bottom, black baggy cargo pants with many pockets. Over his chest was no shirt showing off his chest, tattoo, and abs and a black vest that had multiple pockets and over this was a mid-arm sleeved (goes down to elbow then stops another words) black trench coat with the kanji in red on the back of 'Foxfire'. Another words the blond looked badass. He walked over to the fridge and got out some bacon, sausage, and eggs with a carton of milk and orange juice.

15 minutes later down came the red haired goddess in her blood red kimono that hugged her curves perfectly showing off her nicely shaped hips and ass. The blond had already set the table for them both and had a pot of coffee being made on the counter. The blond was reading a newspaper before looking up to look at his lover and smile and lean up and peck her on the lips.

"Well hime I think its time we go." the blond said over his paper while the redhead was making her plate

"Oh you want to leave today? Why so soon?" the redhead asked looking up while eating

"I know but since this world doesn't need me anymore since their isn't anymore chakra left in the world we should leave to another world." the blond said making the woman sigh

"I guess your right but first we will need to talk to Vincent-san (random name for Shinigami) about our departure. And also you had wanted to meet your parents before we left anyway so we can kill 2 birds with one stone." the redhead said softly making the blond's eyes soften

"I have been waiting for that moment my entire life Rei-hime and there isn't a soul on this planet that will stop me from seeing them." the man said with conviction causing the woman to giggle at her lover's antics

"Well I'll go start packing ok Naruto-kun." the newly named Rei said putting the plate in the sink and heading upstairs

The newly named Naruto got up and emptied the table and started doing the dishes while using one of his tails to hold his coffee cup and drink from it.

This has been like this for over 3 millennia where Naruto and his lover, Rei a.k.a. the old Kyuubi no Kitsune, have been living. Naruto had hand built this place after him and her left the world to itself. Over that time the land of Whirlpool's became a safe haven for foxes, near extinct mystical beasts of legend like dragons and phoenixes, and any other creature that was willing to living a peaceful ecosystem. Naruto was called the caretaker of the lands stated the kings of the dragon and phoenix clans proclaimed, explaining the tattoo on his back. Now since the thought to be extinct mystical beasts have begun to prosper he has decided that he would the strongest and most caring 8 tailed kitsune be the new Kyuubi and caretaker of the now called Forgotten Lands.

He had narrowed it down to 2 kitsune, Shippou (silver) and Tsuta (Ivy) but thank his lucky stars that both of them were engaged and later on today he would call Shippou to take on his new title since Tsuta can keep his hyperactive ass in line. So far his to do list was as follows:

1. Pack up the belongings.

2. Announce Shippou as the new Kyuubi and caretaker of the Forgotten Lands.

3. Meet with the 2 Royal beast king and queen and tell them goodbye. (Phoenix Queen and Dragon king)

4. Summon and talk to Vincent and tell him about the departure.

5. Meet parents before leaving.

6. Activate jutsu and leave this dimension.

So far him and Rei were only on number 1 but it's a slow process and being that the two of them are connected still and immortal they had all the time in the world. Yes its true the seal couldn't be destroyed unless we both want to die and we don't want that so we just altered it where she would leave all her endless chakra in the seal and have her mind and soul appear in her old half-demon body. The seal even now is still seeping Rei's chakra into my already near godlike supply of it. (being that this is a Bleach and Naruto cross I am having chakra equal to 1/20 of reiatsu's power so Naruto's chakra while in the bleach world would condense but will still keep growing over time thanks to the seal and Rei's endless chakra still inside the seal and also since he basically had to die to change into a demon he already is a soul just with a physical manifestation of his body on earth) Also over time Rei gained back her 9 tails of chakra with enough sleep which took 1 whole week to do.

After finishing going over the mental checklist Naruto finished the dishes and put them away. He figured that he would tell Shippou and Tsuta that they could use his home as their new home and could use the supplies he stockpiled over the years to make a bigger home if needed to. Once he finished putting everything away he walked upstairs to the library to get his books. Due to being 10,000 years old Naruto had been collecting books from all over the world but his favorite was a instant classic, The Legend of a Gutsy Ninja by his godfather, Jiraiya. After first reading the book he learned that it was basically his whole life up to when he fights Pein then it cuts off cause Jiraiya said that it didn't catch the eye of his producers so he stopped writing it. Hell it was all thanks to that book that he beat Nagato all those years ago. (end of Leaf vs. Pein saga of Naruto manga)

Once entering his private library he found the master scroll where he had sealed all his books inside thanks to the endless pocket dimension that the master seal created that took Naruto a whole week to create. The seal could fit pretty much him and Rei in their fox forms and still have a lot of extra space in it and hell thanks to the space they sometimes use it to have some fun while in their fox forms in there (wink wink).

While Naruto was creating another tattoo seal on himself lets jump on over to Rei shall we?

Rei just now had fully sealed up all of the couple's clothes and basic necessities. They didn't have much that wasn't already in their personal pocket dimension that is actually Naruto's mindscape. Ever since she had become free, the blond's mindscape changed drastically to a open meadow with a blue sky and mountains in the background. There was a single storage vault in his mind that had all his knowledge, money (you don't go living for 10,000 years without collecting a huge amount of gold, jewels, and valuables (mainly from the pirate age)), and personal belongings like his swords, jutsu scrolls, and soon to be books, (yes all his sealing tattoos are connected to the vault in his head) sorted out and safely sealed so no one could enter it. She was still in her kimono and now wearing red heels. She walked out of their room and saw Naruto come out of the library as well. With a warm smile the two walked downstairs while Naruto sealed away the last of their things and using clones to do a last minute clean up making the house spotless.

The two walked out of the house and Naruto locked it with a key and the two continued walking out of the cave out into the sunlight to see a gorgeous scene. Since the cave was above the valley it had a perfect view of it. From where the couple stood they could see vast forests, ponds, and a couple of lakes. Critters were running around all along the ground down below and up in the sky were the majestic phoenixes and dragons for their morning flights. When some passed by the couple they bowed their heads in respect as Naruto had made the Forgotten Lands the best place to live ever and with constant work the blond with the help of earth dragons and thousands of clones had expanded the island and made it into continent that was still multiple miles away from the elemental countries.

With the help of seals Naruto had made a gigantic interlocking genjutsu seal that made covered the continent and kept prying eyes away. Also Naruto with the help of another set of seals made a pocket dimension that had made the caves of the mountain gigantic even though they really weren't. (basically it's a normal small cave but thanks to the seals the end of the cave expands into large cavern for the dragons)

When the couple look up to the top of the mountain they can see the phoenix roosts that have taken up the top of the mountain that actually is a inactive volcano that hasn't exploded since the first demon war 50,000 years ago according to Rei. Thanks to the heat from the underground lava the mountain became a perfect area for the phoenix and dragon roosts.

Shaking his head from his thought Naruto with Rei starts walking to the den of the kitsunes to speak with Shippou and Tsuta. While the 2 were walking through the forest the critters and animals that had stopped to look at the pair bowed their heads before moving along. Soon enough the lovebirds came up to a large cave in hillside that goes downwards. Naruto then put his fingers to his mouth and after warning Rei who covered her ears he gave off a loud whistle that echoed down into the cave that had a certain pitch that was actually a summoning whistle when a higher ranking kitsune requests a certain kitsune.

Moments later 2 medium sized that had 8 tails each came out of the cave entrance. The larger of the two was Shippou who fits his name as his fur is all silvery. Tsuta on the other hand had was light brownish color. (same color as Tails from Sonic) When the two approached Naruto and Rei they bowed their heads before speaking.

"What is it you need of us Kyuubi-sama?" came the gruff voice of Shippou

"I have called you two because as of today me and Rei-hime shall be leaving this world and I have come to choose you, Shippou, as the new leader of the Kitsune clan." Naruto said in a leader-like tone

Being surprised by the sudden promotion Shippou askes, "And may I ask why you two are leaving, Kyuubi-sama? And also why choose me when there are better candidates then me?" the questions make the blond chuckle but he answered anyway

"The reasons as to why we are leaving is because the humans have learned to live without the bijou's protection and guidance anymore. And I chose you because 1. You and Tsuta-chan are going to get married soon, 2. The two of you are the right chose to take up my job as caretaker of this land that I had called home for the past 10 millennia, and 3. You two are the strongest kitsune under my leadership and also are the most caring so the Forgotten Lands would still be treated just like I have treated it over the millennia." Naruto finished with a caring smile on his face as he holds Rei against himself. Both the kitsune in front of them were stunned and happy, plus slightly embarrassed by being called out on their engagement, by the reasons.

"He's right you know. You two have been caring for this land as much as we have and hopefully you two can live happily as caretakers and lovers and also just to mention it feels good doing it fox style." Rei said making both the kitsune to go totally red blushing and to have small nosebleeds, Tsuta more so then Shippou cause she is on the receiving end of sex, and causing Naruto to laugh

"A-alright I'll become the new leader Kyuubi-sama and Rei-sama." Shippou said after bringing his blush into check although he did stutter a bit

"Excellent now you two may go and inform the clan of my decision and tell them that we will miss them. Right now we need to go and tell the Bahamut and Hisui (Jade) about our departure. It has been a privilege to be your leader you two." Naruto said with a bow then leaving the two kitsune to themselves as Rei and Naruto head on over to the phoenix and dragon roosts.

After 30 minutes of walking

Naruto and Rei arrived at the main council room where the leaders of both royal clans would meet and watch over the lesser clans with the help of Naruto. Inside of the room right now were 2 thrones and 10 chairs around a large rectangular tanble. All of the council members and both kings were in their human forms due to the size of the room not being able to hold multiple elder dragons and phoenixes. At both ends of the table were the 2 thrones with one having Bahamut, the dragon king, sitting in it and the other having Hisui, the phoenix queen, sitting on it. In the 10 chairs were the 5 dragon council men and women and 5 phoenix council men and women. The meeting the 2 clan councils were having was quite active until they went silent as both king and queen of the clans raised their hands when they noticed Naruto and Rei standing at the door.

Upon being seen Naruto approached the table with Rei next to him with a somewhat sad smile on his face. He was sad because both Hisui and Bahamut were mere hatchlings when the dragons and phoenixes started to settle down onto the Forgotten Lands. Rei and Naruto had both raised them till they were ready to take up the titles of Dragon King and Phoenix Queen. Naruto and Rei were like a true father and mother for the two clans. The two were pretty much loved by everything on the island even the land itself as Naruto had brought the once drought lands of the southern part of the Lands back to flourish. So it was going to be heartbreaking to the two clans that the two are leaving.

"Ah, welcome Naruto-tou-san and Rei-kaa-san." Bahamut's rough voice came as he welcomed the couple

"Yes, welcome to the meeting tou-san and kaa-san." Hisui's angelic voice came as well

"The pleasure is all ours Baha-kun and Hisui-chan. We have some news we would like to give to both councils." Naruto said with his voice getting sad at the end making the king and queen to look at their father and mother figures in concern.

"What is it that makes you sad tousan and kaasan?" Bahamut asked concerned getting a nod from Hisui and Rei answered in a sad tone

*Sigh* "We have come here to tell you that me and Naru-kun are leaving this dimension and heading to another one to explore and live out the rest of our immortal lives there. I know you two will protest but we have made our decision and we are leaving after we have finished a couple of things. All we ask is for you two is to keep taking care of the land that has severed as a home for us all for all these years."

At seeing the sad face of Bahamut and the crying face of Hisui, Naruto opened up his arms and said 6 words that made the two of them jump into his arms knocking him over and cry onto his chest. "Come here my aijou (beloved daughter) and aisoku (beloved son)"

When Rei saw Naruto wave her over she obliged and hugged the 3 as she started to sooth the 2 crying clan leaders. It took at least 10 minutes before the 2 were done crying and back in their respective chairs with sadden faces. The whole table was silent as the two people that had been their father and mother figures said their goodbyes but not before saying that he would create 2 permanent blood clones of them with seals that allow them to draw energy from nature to survive throughout time which made them brighten ever so slightly.

And with that the couple leave to go and perform the ritual that summons Vincent, better known as the Shinigami, and tell them the plan. Naruto had to unseal a certain letter that was created by Vincent that shows him how to make the very complex summoning seals that are required for summoning him to the human realm from his keep in the shadow realm. The letter goes like this:

Dear Kyuubi-san,

If you are ever in need to contact me then the instructions are down below so follow them completely and perfectly as to not cause a rip in the time/space continuum like the last person almost did so long ago.

Sincerely yours,

Vincent the Shinigami

Below the message was a complex drawing of the summoning seal and all the things needed to make the seal. To Naruto it was nothing to get forever to make as it is actually about 100 different seals all connected to a main access seal that connected through special ingredients mixed together. What all this tells the blond is one thing.

'This is going to be one LONG day'

And so after almost 12 hours the seal was done and perfect just like the picture showed. It was totally exhausting cause the blond had to do it all by hand and not use clones cause everything had to be totally perfect and nothing out of place by more then a foot. Pretty much the seal's diameter was as wide as one of the Rashomon was. (Demon gate that Orochimaru summons to protect himself from the kyuubi menacing ball from Shippuden) Naruto and Rei were standing before the seal ready to pour at least one tails worth of their chakra into it and summon the Shinigami himself. The couple looked at each other and smiled before nodding and setting both their hands on the seal then start pumping one tails worth of chakra each into it.

At first nothing happened until the seal started to glow dark red then start getting brighter and brighter until it was bright crimson just like the fur on Rei's fox form. Then the multiple kanji and seals inside the massive seal started moving to the main access seal in the middle. It took a total of 15 minutes before every seal and kanji moved to the focal point before the chakra started to move towards it now. The main access seal then started to spin like a top and started spinning faster and faster until a tornado appeared above it. The tornado then started expanding till it was the same width of the circle and as tall as the couple in their fox forms. Then as the tornado started to slow down a portal opened up that continued to enlarge as one then two ethereal arms started pulling its body through showing the head and face of the Shinigami in all its glory as it finally passes through the portal floating above the access seal. The black soulless eyes of Vincent open and peer on its summoners only to get a small surprise of the couple standing before him smiling.

"It has been so long since I have made a entrance onto this plane my friends. What is it that you want of me?" the voice of the Shinigami could make a weak hearted person fail as it is eerily calm and full of power

"It has been what? 9-10 millennia since we last spoke to one another my old friend. And I would like to tell you something and also a favor to ask of you." Naruto said with a smile gaining a nod from the God of Death

"Yes it has been that long since we have seen each other and I am thankful to mention that Hana-san is doing alright in heaven. (basically heaven and hell are the same places for every dimension and also I am only having 1 other person from the Naruto universe in Soul Society and I already mentioned her name up in the dialogue. Everyone else was taken by the shinigami and eaten ok.) Now what is it you need to speak with me about and what is this favor of yours?"

"Well first of all I would thank you for telling me about my other beloved, Vincent-san. Second I would like to tell you that me and Rei-hime here are thinking of leaving this dimension and head to another one and get away from all this responsibility especially after the other 8 bijuu returning to hell and passing on their titles to their last containers who also have left for hell. So I called you here to tell you goodbye and also one last thing you could do for me before we depart." Naruto said

"Well I must say that this is sudden and that even I didn't predict this, heh. Well my old friends I say my goodbye to you both. Now what is it that you need of me before you leave?"

This time Rei spoke in a soft tone, "Vincent-kun is there by any chance that Naruto-kun could see his parents before we leave since it would be the only chance to speak to them."

"Hmm… I might be able to do just that but the maximum amount of time I can give you is 2-3 hours before they must go back to the land of the dead. It will take me about 5 minutes to get the incantations finished so you will have to wait." Vincent said getting 2 happy nods making him smile before closing his eyes and start to chant something under his breath that caused a unnatural breeze to sweep by and the waves nearby at the cliffs to become slightly more aggressive.

After 5 minutes of constant chanting Vincent opens his eyes as he says the final words, "Alzati e venire a faccia ciò di cui ha chiesto per la vostra presenza. (Arise and come forth to face that of which has asked for your presence.)" Then with two flashes of bright white light came two figures.

The first was a male with unruly blond hair that partially covered his face. Over his forehead was a customized Leaf headband. The man's eyes were two cerulean orbs like Naruto's. On to his attire the couple see he is wearing a black muscle shirt with a light green flack jacket over it. He wears black cargo pants that have multiple pockets with black ninja sandals on his feet. Over all of this is a white trench coat with the kanji for "Yellow Flash" on the back. This man was the legendary Kīroi Senkō and Yondaime Hokage of the Leaf village, Minato Namikaze, Naruto's father.

The woman could only be described with one word, beautiful. She did no justice from the pictures that Naruto got from the family estate. She had long midnight black hair that was flowing like a waterfall down her back. Two trademark black eyes sported her face that was unblemished. She wore a lavender kimono that showed her curves and endowment well. On her feet were a pair of house sandals. This woman was feared almost as much as the Kīroi Senkō of Leaf for her battle prowess and deadliness. She was known as the Kurohime (Black Princess) or the Black Angel of Death. This woman was Kushina Namikaze Uchiha, Naruto's mother.

The pair of legends had to adjust to their surrounds and took 2 minutes for it. When Kushina turned to look away from her husband when she gasped at the sight in front of her. To her it was a perfect clone of Minato just with different clothes, whisker marks, and haircut. Both Minato and Kushina had shocked looks on their faces until they heard two magic words that brought them joy and happiness.

"T-Tou-san? K-Kaa-san?" Naruto stuttered out not totally believing the sight in front of him until he felt a squeeze of his hand telling him that Rei was there for him.

"Naru-kun?" Kushina asked softly with tears in her temporary body's eyes and more when the blond in front of her nodded. The next thing that happened would forever be etched in the temporarily reunited family as Minato and Kushina rushed at Naruto who also rushed at them causing them to collide and hug each other with tears running down each of their faces. Rei and Vincent stood or floated to the spirit off to the side at the happy moment. Rei had tears in her eyes as she saw her beloved finally reunited with the two people that gave birth to him.

After 5 minutes of crying the 3 wiped their eyes and stood facing each other with smiles on their faces. Naruto for seeing his Kaasan and Tousan and Minato and Kushina for seeing their Sochi for the first since his birth all those years ago.

"So Sochi why have we been revived? I mean I should be in the shinigami's stomach for all eternity and your mother in the land of the dead with her dead relatives. Not that I am complained though cause this is all of a sudden." Minato tries to understand only to hear a voice that was forever etched into his mind to speak

"Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uchiha you two have been temporarily revived as per a favor of the current Kyuubi no Kitsune, Naruto Namikaze Uchiha." the God of Dead said stunning the two as they look at their son who averts his gaze to the ground

"Naru-kun is he telling the truth are you truly the Kyuubi now?" Kushina asked with a hint of fear in her tone making Naruto cringe and look further to the ground

"Hai…" was all that Naruto could say before he braced himself for the coming hatred from the two people that he cherished as much as his 2 beloved himes (meaning Hana and Rei)

"How did this happen Naruto?" Minato asked making Naruto look up in disbelief that they haven't yelled anything bad at him but shrugged thinking its his parents they love him to not care and started talking.

"Thanks to the seal that you used on me, Rei-hime's chakra started turning me into a half-demon and since it was inevitable that I turn into a full demon at age 21 she and I made a deal that made me the new Kyuubi and for her to have her freedom. And ever since then we have been in love and living on this land that is now known as the 'Forgotten Lands'." Naruto explained still looking down

Kushina then asked something that has been bothering her for a bit. "Ano, Naru-kun… could you please tell us how your life was while we were dead?"

With a nod and a wave motion tell them to follow, the four, five if you add in the shinigami, arrived at the house that Naruto and Rei have been living in for so long. Now situated in the living room Naruto started his long tale about his life. It took at least 2 hours to fully review over the life of one, Naruto Namikaze Uchiha.

To say that Minato and Kushina were shocked, angry, and sad would be like saying Jiraiya is only a small pervert, a HUGE understatement. They were shocked about all that has happened in Naurto's life after they died. Angry at the village that long has passed on for the first 2 decades of Naruto's life. They were sad cause of what Naruto told them of what had happened to his second lover, Hana. Kushina was crying into Minato's shoulder as Minato had a hardened face while rubbing his wife's back to sooth her. Naruto and Rei were sitting across from them with sadness in their eyes. After Kushina finished crying and wiped her face she turned to see her son's head facing down.

With a sigh Naruto looked up but his usual blue eyes were now 2 red eyes with a complex pattern inside them. (basically it's a 9 pointed black star with a red upside down 9 pointed star inside the first one) When the two in front of him saw it they gasped.

After regaining her composure Kushina asked "Naru-kun what happened to your Sharingan?"

Sighing again the blond started to explain that its his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and that it was the final form of the Sharingan. He also started telling how he got the Mangekyo through killing Sasuke then taking his eyes as per request from him as to carry on his legacy. Since Kushina was the younger sister of Fugaku making her part of the head clan family she knew about the abilities of the Mangekyo and the side-effects from using them too much but Naruto told her the way to counter it by taking the eyes of someone you are related to that has the Mangekyo as well and replacing them with your own eyes combining the two Mangekyo designs into a whole new pattern and getting rid of the possibility of blindness and grant the person immortality even though Naruto is already immortal.

To say that Minato and Kushina were stunned would be a understatement. They knew about the upsides and downsides of the Mangekyo but their son had all the upsides with no downsides from the eyes.

"Now that my life is out of the way how about I get down to the first thing I wanted to tell you two before you leave." this catches the attention of everyone in the room causing the blond to smile and finish what he started "I love you Kaa-san and Tou-san."

Those words made both parents to break down and hug their son while saying "We love you too Sochi" Naruto even pulled Rei into the hug making her yelp in surprise to which Naruto smile and kiss her passionately on the lips before hugging 3 of 6 of the most important people in his life. Just then realization came onto Naruto's face with a smile that held mischief which sent a shiver down Minato's and Kushina's spines.

"Ano, Kaa-san, Tou-san, would you like to meet your adopted grandkids?" Naruto asked making Rei's eyes shine with realization as well. Minato's and Kushina's eyes though shined with shock and happiness but also a slight hint of fear from the smiles on the couple in front of them.

"Of course Sochi where are the little ones." she then started regretting it when she heard Naruto start to chuckle with mischief.

"Oh Kaa-san you are going to flip when you meet my adopted children." getting up and walking out of the house with the others following close behind as he went to the council chambers that him and Rei were in earlier today.

Said Council Chambers 10 minutes later

The group entered the chambers to see even though 12 slightly depressed people sitting at a table they were active with conversations. Naruto then cleared his throat making everyone turn to him and then two blurs later he was on the ground with a rather good looking woman and handsome man hugging him to death while the blond was laughing heartily.

"Now now Baha-kun and Hisui-chan that's no way to treat your father in front of oyur grandparents." Rei chided making the Dragon King and Phoenix Queen look up at her like she grew a second head until they saw Minato and Kushina looking at them with wide eyes. Naruto chuckled at the sight.

"Alright intros are in order. King of the Dragons, Bahamut Namikaze Uchiha, and Queen of the Phoenixes, Hisui Namikaze Uchiha, I would like you to meet your grandmother and grandfather, Kushina Uchiha and Minato Namikaze." Naruto said with a slight tone of merriment in his voice.

"D-Dragon King!? P-Phoenix Queen!?" Minato and Kushina exclaimed with wide eyes

"Yes Kaa-san, Tou-san I have raised these two since they first hatched with the help of Rei as a favor to some old friends of mine who were the old leaders of the two royal clans. Pretty much I am the father figure of almost every single creature on this island and Rei is the mother figure. There is no one here that doesn't look at us like that but these two are my favorite and I adopted them." the last part caused the two people hugging Naruto to smile.

Hisui got off her adopted father and stood up and bowed to Minato and Kushina before straightening up while smiling and started to speak. "It's a honor to meet Tou-san's parents as he once told us stories of you when we were still hatchlings." Bahamut got up after she was done and wrapped his arms around her waist making her lean back into his chest causing both to smile and Rei and Naruto to smile at their children finally admiting that they love each other.

"Finally you two admit it to each other that you love one another because I seriously thought we were going to leave before this happens. Congrats you two." Naruto says proudly while making the two blush because they didn't know that there parents were aware of their feelings for each other.

Minato and Kushina were smiling as well at seeing the new couple holding each other in a loving embrace. (remember the 2 are the heads of two different clans so its not incest of any kind and they are not really brother and sister its just that Naruto refers to them as his kids.)

"Alright since you have at most 1 hour left until you have to return back lets go enjoy some time as a family, ne?" Naruto asked getting nods all around

"Alright council members let the meeting end for today and we will pick up tomorrow." Bahamut's voice rang out getting nods form the 10 people still sitting at the table who started leaving to go home to their familes.

Back at Naruto and Rei's home

Once arriving at the home and settling down in the living room the family started happily chatting with each other about several different topics. Rei was sitting on Naruto's lap laying up against his chest with his head resting on top of her's, Hisui was sitting next to Bahamut with her head resting on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around her waist. Kushina and Minato were in the same position as they were.

Its been 50 minutes and the 3 couples are just sitting down enjoying the happy environment until Naruto hears a whisper in his ear that sounds like Vincent. 'Naruto-san it is almost time for your parents to leave back to the land of the dead now.' Naruto then sighed catching the attention of everyone in the room.

"What is it Naru-kun?" Kushina asked

"Vincent said that its time for you to go back Kaa-san." Naruto sadly replied getting sad nods from his parents

"Well I suppose this is it eh?" Minato sadly asked

"Yeah…" his son replied making him sigh but put a smile on his face

"Well I guess we should head back to the circle ne?" getting nods all around

Back at the summoning circle

In the middle of the circle stood Minato and Kushina next to each other with sad smiles as they look at their sochi and his girlfriend next to their grandchildren.

"Remember you four we love you with all our hearts and hope that we will see you again in the next life that is if you ever get there." Minato joked causing everyone to laugh together one last time.

"We love you too Kaa-san, Tou-san" Naruto, Bahamut, and Hisui say together

"It is time." came the calm voice of the God of Death who appeared above Minato and Kushina

"Hey Vincent-kun could you do me one last favor?" Rei asked all of a sudden making the God of Death look at her to continue "Could you please allow Minato-san and Kushina-san into heaven as one final request from an old friend." This got shocked faces from the 2 below the God of Death himself and also surprised looks from the other 3.

Nodding the Shinigami started speaking again "As one last favor I shall… Onii-chan." and with that Minato and Kushina were teleported away to heaven (soul society) and Vincent left with a warming smile on his face as he looked at her shocked older sister one last time

Rei was shocked to hear what the God of Death had said and she let a stray tear slide down her flawless face. Naruto walked over to her and held her close as she sobbed at finally finding what had happened to her long lost younger brother. Naruto started rubbing his lover's back to try and sooth her. He had heard of what happened to Rei's younger brother and he was happy that his love had finally found him. Turning his head to his two children.

"Well now that we are finished with our list of things to do we will start the procedure that will allow us to transfer dimensions. But before that I will make that permanent blood clone that I promised ok." Naruto said getting nods from Bahamut and Hisui.

Naruto then cut the palms of both his hands to get some blood pouring then crossed his fingers and shouted "Chishio Bushin" creating a perfect clone of himself and Rei then put a special seal on them that would allow them to last forever by absorbing nature chakra. Naruto had created this kind of clone all those years ago to help him with all his training, physical included.

After this was done he and Rei started gathering the things needed for the dimensional jutsu. Even though they are the last 2 beings on the planet that can use chakra it doesn't mean that they don't need a medium for the jutsu so it doesn't accidentally rip a rift in the dimensional rift.

2 am the next day

It was before dawn that the couple had gotten the area ready for the jutsu. Hisui and Bahamut had left at midnight due to being too tired to stay up. Naruto right now could barely keep his eyes open while off to the side Rei was rolled up into a ball snoring cutely like she does in her mini fox form.

Naruto looked over his work then nodded that he saw it was flawless. In front of his was a large seal but not as big as the summoning seal that called Vincent to this plane but at least 1/3 its size. It wasn't as complicating but it was the part where Naruto had to cross several hundred seals together that range from only the size of his fist to meter wide. It took from when he started at 9:30 to now but he was done. He shook his head while smiling thinking he was pushing himself too hard. He turned around and walked over to his first true love. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her bridal style back to the house for one last night here on this planet.

Arriving at the house Naruto went straight for their bedroom and laid Rei down on the bed before slowly taking his shirt off and looking at one scar that was forever etched onto his body. The one scar from Sasuke shoving a chidori through his lung near his heart. All it was now is a lighter tone on his tanned skin. He sighed while remembering those days.

A moan pulled him from his thoughts as he looked to see his love slipping one of her fingers down her pants and fingering herself. He chuckled and crawled up to her and kissed her passionately on the lips eliciting a louder moan from the redheaded goddess. He moved his head down and started kissing and biting her neck which woke her up with a louder moan. When the couple looked into each other's eyes, they smiled and their last night on this world was memorable.

12:00 am

After 4 hours of hot sex the couple had went to sleep. Now we find the couple dressed and ready to leave this dimension. Bahamut and Hisui were there and surprisingly Vincent was there as well. The second he appeared in his human form (basically gigai) Rei tackled him to the ground and happily sobbed at finally finding out what had happened to her little brother after all these years. Once everyone was fine and stopped crying Naruto and Rei stood in the middle of the dimensional seal looking at a large crowd consisting of all of the inhabitants of the 'Forgotten Lands'. In front of everyone were Hisui, Bahamut, Shippou, Tsuta, and Vincent. After all was quiet Naruto decided to speak up.

"I thank you all for being here today to see us off. I know that I should stay here and take care of this land for the rest of my immortal life but I think I need to go on a new adventure or even go take a nice long vacation. Don't worry Shippou-kun and Tsuta-chan along with a blood clone of me and Rei-hime will take over my job as the caretaker of this land as to be a legacy. To you all remember me as the one that brought you peace and harmony and I wish you all a good life." Naruto looked at his love to see if she wants to say anything but paled slightly when he saw a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Now I know you all might not know of this but as of yesterday Shippou-kun and Tsuta-chan became happily engaged and I have one thing to tell all you happy couples out there." This caught everyone's attention but Vincent just covered his ears due to remembering that his sister was a pervert and prankster, a bad combo. Naruto not wanting to totally embarrass everyone started the seal by pumping his chakra into it. Right before the seal activated Rei finished off her little speech with a devious smirk, "Just to tell you all sex is the only way to truly relieve stress am I right Shippou-kun and Tsuta-chan"

And with that said the two disappeared in a bright white flash leaving behind several blushing creatures and even some that were knocked out by massive nosebleeds. Vincent thanking his good judgement uncovered his ears and turned around to see both Shippou and Tsuta crimson red blushing in embarrassment. He let out a hearty laugh and bid everyone a farewell and left the plane again only to return when someone needed him once again.

Karakura Town (100 years before start of Bleach)

Sitting on a rooftop that stood up over all the other buildings sat a beautiful woman. This woman was 5'9 and had a track athletic build. She had chocolate eyes with the same colored hair. Under her eyes were a pair of red triangles that looked to be tattoos. She was wearing a black hakama with a white one under it. Tying it together was a black obi that also held up her zanpakuto. She wore woven open toed sandals for footwear. This woman was a shinigami or a soul reaper from Soul Society. This woman is Hana Inuzuka and she was on patrol for the soul society as a 3rd seat of squad 10. Today she was bored but also today was going to change her life forever.

Hana sighed cause there was nothing to do and she was bored. She got up and looked around before checking her hollow tracker for any possible threats. She sighed again not seeing anything. She was about to jump off to another area of town when out of no where a massive spike of reiatsu spike nearby. And when I mean massive I mean above Yamamoto's when he goes shikai. She instant shot off in the direction already knowing that the spike would bring maybe a hundred hollows instantly.

To the spike

In a white flash 2 people were left on top of a roof. These two people were Naruto and Rei and they stretched themselves out to loosen up their cramped joints from the shift of dimensions and also get used to the gravity of the planet. What the 2 didn't expect to happen in the next minute was several dozen beasts with white masks and holes in their chests to appear all around them. The biggest and probably leader spoke up first only saying one sentence.

"We are going to eat… your soul!" it bellowed before all the hollows attacked but the two weren't phased instead they were excited to see a battle within moments of coming to this new world. In fact Naruto was grinning like a madman before unsealing Yamato and Red Queen. He tossed Red Queen over to Rei who caught it with ease and slammed the tip into the rooftop before revving it turning the blade red. Naruto just put Yamato's sheath into his belt before grinning even more before talking to Rei.

"How about a bet eh love?" he got a laugh in return

"Who kills more wins and loser pays for dinner for the next month?" she replied getting a 'Hai' in return before saying "Your on love." Then the slaughter began.

Back with Hana

Hana was speeding towards the spike before seeing something that scared her. A massive amount of hollows charging what looked like 2 people on a rooftop up ahead. She had to get there before the hollows could devour the massive amounts of reiatsu and turn into S-ranked hollows or worse. She then felt 10 other low ranked soul reapers appear next to her.

"Hana-sama what should we do?" a soul reaper asked

"What were going to do is save those souls and were going to do it no-" she was interrupted by a loud shout of "Look!"

When the group looked at what the person was pointing at they had wide eyes and slack jaws. In front of them where the hollows were the 2 people were slicing through them like nothing. The male of the 2 was appearing and disappearing faster then a Shinpo! The woman was slashing apart hollows with a sword that looked to be on fire. The two were tearing the hollows like they were mere chew toys.

Getting out of their shock Hana ordered them to help the people out before she started attacking as well.

Back to Naruto

Naruto was having the time of his life! With his mastery of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style he was demolishing this creatures before they could do a thing to him. He sliced Yamato through his 30th hollow before he saw out of his peripheral vision 11 people in black hakamas wielding swords starting to attack the creatures as well. He shrugged it off before getting back to his killing. He disappeared again and reappeared sheathing his blade before a explosion of blood came from the 10 hollows he slashed apart. He grinned while watching his love annihilating her fair share of these beasts.

He then her a male scream and turned to see one of the people that came to help being overrun by the some hollows. The blond sighed before shooting off to the man to eliminate the aggressors.

When Naruto appeared in front of the soul reaper he released what he suspected chakra into his eyes making a massive reiatsu field that caused everything to stop attacking and look at him in surprise (the soul reapers), fear (the hollows), and lust (Rei). He then unsealed both Force Edge and Rebellion and then close his eyes before reopening them to show off his eternal mangekyo sharingan. He put the hilt of Yamato into his mouth and took hold of Rebellion in his right hand and the unsealed form of Force Edge in his left hand. (go onto google and look up force edge then click on the site for Sparda (Force Edge) there is a pic of both its sealed form (Force Edge) and unsealed form (Sparda)) He then got into a stance before breathing heavily.

Everyone was watching him then out of no where he disappeared without even a trace. Then the sound of a demon roaring was heard. The sound of a sword sheathing was heard and all but the hollows turned to see Naruto kneeling with Rebellion on his back, Force Edge back in its seal, and him sheathing Yamato slowly. When a click rang out around the quiet rooftop a massive explosion of blood from all the hollows being ripped to shreds. This scared the crap out of Hana and the 10 soul reapers. Rei was looking at the blood with almost uncontrolled lust from seeing her love dominate in a brutal and ruthless way.

It was almost a whisper but it echoed so everyone heard it "Oni Giri (Demon Slash)"

Back to Hana

Hana was speechless. In less then 10 minutes these 2 people leveled about 7-9 dozen hollows ranging from D to A rank. She was a soul reaper for about 3,000 years and she wasn't even this powerful. She knew that whoever these people were they were not to be messed with. When she heard footsteps she turned to see the redheaded woman walk to the blond haired man. What the woman said next shocked her to the core.

"I guess you win the bet Naruto-kun." the woman said as the man stood up

But what really shocked her and made her tear up and gasp out loud was when the man turned his head to show the 3 whisker marks and cerulean eyes that only belonged to one male she ever knew. The person she loved back when she was still alive. Naruto Namikaze Uchiha.

Back to Naruto

After sheathing Yamato Naruto started breathing slowly to regain his breath. That move was only meant for one target but with enough skill and mastery of the style he was able to expand it to multiple targets. Once he regained his breathing he resealed both Rebellion and Yamato back into their seals before hearing his love call out to him.

"I guess you win the bet Naruto-kun." Rei said as she came over and handed Red Queen back to him and he resealed it. The blond then turned to face Rei and smiled when he heard a gasp that made him turn to the sound. What he saw made his heart practically stop and his eyes to widen. There on the other side of the roof stood the one person he thought he would never see again. The chocolate haired beauty that captured his heart along with Rei. The person that was killed by Danzo's Root. Hana Inuzuka.

General View

The 2 groups stood there facing each other. Hana in front of the soul reapers with tears in her eyes while looking at the two people in front of her. One that she knew was her lover Naruto and from what she could recognize the redhead was Rei, the other person that she was sharing with for Naruto's love. Naruto and Rei both were staring at the soul reaper group with widened eyes while Naruto had a couple tears in his eyes from looking at the beautiful face of his second lover. Hana and Naruto both spoke out at the same time in whispers but they traveled to the each other's groups.


"Shikon-hime?" (Fanged Princess)


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