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Summary: When a group of nomad vampires; Harry, James, Laurent and Victoria come to Forks. Things get interesting.

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-Prologue: The Nomads

Bella POV

Carlisle was up to bat, Edward catching, when Alice suddenly gasped. My eyes were on Edward, as usual, and I saw his head snap up to look at her. Their eyes met and something flowed between them in an instant. He was at my side before the others could ask Alice what was wrong.

"Alice?" Esme's voice was tense.

"I didn't see – I couldn't tell," she whispered.

All the others were gathered by this time.

"What is it Alice?" Carlisle asked with the calm voice of authority.

"They were travelling much quicker than I thought. I can see I had the perspective wrong before," she murmured.

Jasper leaned over her, his posture protective. "What changed?" he asked.

"They heard us playing, and it changed their path," she said, contrite, as if she felt responsible for whatever had frightened her.

Seven pairs of quick eyes flashed to my face and away.

"How soon?" Carlisle said, toward Edward.

A look of intense concentration crossed his face.

"Less than five minutes. They're running – they want to play." He scowled.

"Can you make it?" Carlisle asked him, his eyes flicking toward me again.

"No, not carrying-" He cut short. "Besides, the last thing we need is for them to catch the scent and start hunting."

"How many?" Emmett asked Alice.

"Four," she answered tersely.

"Four!" he scoffed. "Let them come." The steel bands of muscle flexed along his massive arms.

For a split second that seemed much longer than it really was, Carlisle deliberated. Only Emmett seemed unperturbed; the rest stared at Carlisle's face with anxious eyes.

"Let's just continue the game, Carlisle finally decided. His voice was cool and level. "Alice said they were simply curious."

All this was said in a flurry of words that lasted only a few seconds. I had listened carefully and caught most of it, though I couldn't hear what Esme now asked Edward with a silent vibration of her lips. I only saw the slight shake of his head and the look of relief on her face.

"You catch, Esme," he said. "I'll call it now." And he planted himself in front of me.

The others returned to the field, warily sweeping the dark forest with their sharp eyes. Alice and Esme seemed to orient themselves around where I stood.

"Take you hair down," Edward said in a low, even voice.

I obediently slid the rubber band out of my hair and shook it out around me.

I stated the obvious. "The others are coming now."

"Yes, stay very still, keep quiet, and don't move from my side, please." He hid the stress in his voice well, but I could hear it.

He pulled my long hair forward, around my face.

"That won't help," Alice said softly. "I could smell her across the field."

"I know." A hint of frustration coloured his tone.

Carlisle stood at the plate and the others joined the game half-heartedly.

"What did Esme ask you?" I whispered.

He hesitated for a second before he answered. "Whether they were thirsty," he muttered unwillingly.

The seconds ticked by; the game progressed with apathy now. No one dared to hit harder than a bunt, and Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper hovered in the infield. Now and again, despite the fear that numbed my brain, I was aware of Rosalie's eyes on me. They were expressionless, but something about the way she held her mouth made me think she was angry.

Edward paid no attention to the game at all, eyes and mind ranging the forest.

"I'm sorry, Bella," He muttered fiercely. "It was stupid, irresponsible, to expose you like this. I'm so sorry."

I heard his breath stop, and his eyes zeroed in on right field. He took a half step between me and what was coming.

Carlisle, Emmett and the others turned in the same direction, hearing sounds of passage much to faint for my ears.

-When the Storm Breaks-

They emerged from the forest edge, ranging a dozen metres apart. The first male had dark hair and olive skin; he strode forward confidently, smirking slightly.

The second vampire had light blond hair and was slighter than the first, he sneered at them before stopping in front of them.

The next vampire to exit the forest was female. She had pale skin and bright orange hair; she had a distinctly feline posture.

All these vampires' eyes were red.

Then, the last vampire entered. He was short and didn't seem threatening at all. He walked casually along, a slight skip in his step; his messy black hair blowing gently in the wind.

When he looked up, they saw that he had bright golden eyes.

-When the Storm Breaks-

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