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Without further ado (Cause I'm just so much drama… forgive me hah), Chapter 7!

Chapter 7

First Day of Work

"Does someone want to explain to Tsuna how we usually start our day?" Yamamoto asked the three guys standing by him. Unfortunately, he didn't't get much of a response out of the others. Only Big Brother seemed somewhat interested in what he was saying since Grumpy was too busy death glaring at Creepy. "No takers?"

"Well, I love to help you Sawada but… I can't remember to the EXTREME!" Ryohei admitted unabashedly.

"That's ok Big Brother, you helped me plenty yesterday."

"What a stupid lawn head." Grumpy laughed.

"You're one to talk octopus!" Big Brother said.

"Guys…" Yamamoto started.

"You stay out of this asshole, we don't need a fucking peacekeeper in this place. If we did I call the cops first" Gokudera spat at Yamamoto roughly. "Your attitude pisses me right off."

Grumpy's continuous use of swear words made Tsuna flinch. He was not used to so many… bad words in one sentence nor had he ever met a guy this rude. Surprisingly, Grumpy's insults seemed to just bounce off of Yamamoto and it did not appear to affect him at all. Therefore Tsuna concluded that Grumpy's attitude was not uncommon to the other residents in Vongola Workshop.

"Hey now! You don't have to swear at Yamamoto!" Big Brother shouted back.

"Don't tell me what I can say and what I can't say you stupid EXTREME bastard that uses EXTREME every two sentences!"

"That's enough Gokudera."

"Why you!" Grumpy threatened and took a swing at the guy. Yamamoto side-stepped the first punch and when Grumpy tried for another blow, he found himself flung and laying flat on the ground. One quick flip and the fight was already over. Of course, Grumpy didn't go down without another string of curses.

"Owww you piece of shit!" Grumpy cursed. Tsuna sincerely hoped and prayed to whoever lives in heaven that this would not be a daily occurrence in Vongola Workshop cause otherwise, he just might have to shoot himself.

"If you don't stop this right now, no one can guarantee what Reborn will do if he found out." Yamamoto stated. A thick heavy silence fell over the room as Grumpy debated the pros and cons. In reality, no one had a real way of contacting their ex-manager but in a lapse of common sense, Grumpy did not realize that fact.

"Whatever, I guess it's not worth the trouble." Grumpy huffed in defeat.

"Ok, great." Yamamoto smiled. "One problem solved but now we're back to square one."

"Well what about you Mukuro? Wanna explain?"

"I rather not… But if I remember correctly… There's a rule in the Vongola Handbook that allows us to vote among ourselves for a decision to be made where majority rules… In that case, who would like to vote for Gokudera-kun to explain?" Creepy said looking rather mischievously at Grumpy. Immediately three hands shot up which evidently overruled Grumpy's protest. It was Creepy's victory.

"Majority rules!" Yamamoto grinned.

"Why have I not heard of this rule before?!" Grumpy demanded. "I read the whole book and I know that rule is not in there!"

"Maybe you just missed it?" Creepy suggested.

"Just give it up octopus head and explain!" Big Brother said.

"Fine, but I'll remember this stupid majority voting rule and one day I'll…" Grumpy muttered, the remainder of his vengeance scheme unheard. "You! Over there!" He shouted at Tsuna who was standing behind the desk.

"Yes!" For some reason, Tsuna felt like he had to salute Grumpy even though he's technically Grumpy's superior.

"Listen carefully ok?! Cause I'm only going to explain this once." Gokudera said in annoyance.

"Yes!" Tsuna had to stop himself from shouting out sir and saluting Grumpy. How grumpy can one person get anyway, it's like he hates the damn world.

"Don't salute him." Yamamoto whispered, suddenly appearing at his side.

"Huh? How did you-"

"Shh… Don't worry, I get the urge to salute and yell sir at him sometimes too." They shared a small secret smile between them.

"Take notes if you need to. Ok. As you already know, the Vongola Workshop is practically a place that takes in requests of odd jobs and such."

"Actually I didn't know that…" Tsuna said sheepishly.

"Jeez, do you know anything?! How is this clueless guy gonna be our manager?!"

"It is his first day you know. And the manager left in such a hurry he didn't't leave him with many instructions." Yamamoto defended him.

"I'll learn quickly! I promise!"

"Octopus head, you shouldn't't be the one to talk when you think back on how clueless you were on your first day here." Big Brother said.

"Anyway." Grumpy ignored the other two Vongola members and continued to explain. "Everyday we will assemble at your office at 7:30 a.m sharp."

"And that's why I said you were running late Tsuna." Yamamoto said. The man received an instant death glare from Grumpy when he interrupted but Yamamoto only responded back with a puppy guilty grin. It was weird to see such a silly grin on a grown man's face but it suited Yamamoto perfectly.

"We should thank the gods Gokudera-kun over here isn't medusa or we would all turn to stone." Mukuro joked casually. Big Brother laughed openly at the humorous remark but Tsuna didn't dare let out a sound. No need to splash oil on fire.

"Haha." Grumpy laughed back in his best fake voice. "And we all know you are the funniest one around here."

"Why, thank you." Mukuro merely smiled.

"That wasn't a very good comeback you know." Big Brother commented.

"Shut up! I thought you wanted me to explain." Grumpy shouted. "Back on topic, the manager who happens to be you from now on, should have sorted out all the requests sent in by the time the members assemble in your office."

"… And where are these requests now?"

"They come in e-mails, letters, notes, faxes, and whatever else you can think of. This is ultra important! Our lives and wages are based on those requests. You must reply to every request that we get, whether you accept it or deny it."

"However, the Vongola Workshop is famed for not turning down a single request ever since it opened up for business." Yamamoto added the extra tidbit happily.

"We answer all the requests? Even if it's like assassinations and stuff like that?" Tsuna asked incredulously.

"Mufufu, you're thinking too much like a movie or something." Creepy chuckled at his expense.

"Besides they have a different division set up for stuff like that, we aren't authorized to handle assassinations." Grumpy explained.

Tsuna gasped, although he couldn't remember whether it was aloud or not. He wondered if Grumpy was merely joking. Tsuna re-thought that and decided that Grumpy might not be even capable of cracking a smile, much less a joke.

"But that's not the point! The point is that you must keep track of all of the requests and keep our reputation spotless."

"Spotless, got it." Tsuna answered quickly to prevent Grumpy from getting well… more grumpy.

"I think the manager organized the requests he got last night before he left this morning." Yamamoto told Tsuna. He moved to where the new manager stood and reached down to search the drawers. Their face touched although Yamamoto didn't seem to have noticed. His freshly shaven face felt soft against his own. The close contact with another guy wasn't something that Tsuna was used to, ever. Frick, he didn't even have friends back at the university. Yamamoto's shoulders leaned slightly on top and Tsuna wondered if the man would think he's weird if he moved slightly aside. He decided to ignore the hot breath blowing by his ear and just dove in to help find these god damn papers.

"There! Found it." Yamamoto chirped cheerfully, holding a piece of sticky note with a couple lines of fancy handwriting. Tsuna took it carefully and read it aloud to the group.

"The hospital is short on hand, a home tutor needed for Math and English, a bee house worker help, a plumber needed, and… there's one that's already crossed out." He finished listing the requests.

"Oh… Hibari probably already left for his job. He tends to wake up earlier than everyone else and always disappears."

"Hibari?" Tsuna asked, it was another new name he hasn't heard of before.

"He's the rabid dog Gokudera was talking about. Don't let Hibari hear you call him that though, he might bite you." Yamamoto warned. The new manager was unsure whether to take him seriously or not. "He lives on our floor too, you know the room with the dark door."

"Although with how many times I've seen him, I can't even be sure he lives there." Big Brother said.

"You might catch a glimpse of him if you woke up on time Sasagawa-san." Tsuna made sure to store what little information about remaining mysterious Vongola member in the back of his head. Just in case he ever needed it.

"So now what do I do?"

"Just divvy out the requests and we will be on our way."

"How? Randomly?"

"However and whatever you want. It doesn't't really matter." Yamamoto shrugged.

"Alright then… Cree- Mukuro-san can help at the hospital, Big Brother can do the bee house, Yamamoto, you can do the plumbing and that leaves… Gokudera-san to tutor."

"God damn it! You just had to give me the worst job didn't you." Gokudera complained.

"How is tutoring bad?" Tsuna said quietly. Before Grumpy could explode on him again, Yamamoto and Big Brother came to his rescue.

"Remember this is Tsuna's first day, he doesn't know our job preferences nor does he even know you as a person." Yamamoto said.

"Yea!" Big Brother echoed his argument.

"Fuck, I don`t want to know him."

"Why do you always like to make things difficult for everyone?"

"Whatever. He just better get the hang of this soon."

"Yamamoto… Should I switch him another job?" Tsuna whispered quietly to the taller male.

"Don't worry about him, he's secretly happy that he got to tutor. He just acts like that to give you a hard time."

"If you say so… I believe you." It was different for Tsuna to say he believed in someone. Those words seemed foreign in his mouth.

"Well, I'm off…" Creepy whispered, barely audible in the room full of loud guys. As if by magic, the blue-haired mystery disappeared from his sight. The door didn't open a quarter of an inch but the man was indeed gone. Just poof, gone.

"Did he jus-"

"That's Mukuro for you. It's one of his natural talent I think. Don't worry too much about it unless he randomly appears in your room when you're sleeping." Yamamoto said smiling, as if people appearing in your room from thin air was an everyday event at Vongola Workshop. Tsuna seriously hoped that was not the case because that would mean his privacy just went out the roof and jumped to its death.

"Well we'll be off then. See you later, probably around supper time."

"Later to the EXTREME!" Big Brother waved his hands, jumping excitedly.

"Wait!" Tsuna called after them, although he was calling for Yamamoto at particular since he seems to know what's he is talking about. "What do I do for the rest of the day?"

"Oh, that's right. You don't really know how things go yet do you?"

"Sorry…" Tsuna apologized.

"Silly" Yamamoto said encouragingly and petted Tsuna's hair like a kitty cat. " There's no need for you to apologize. Let's see, you probably won't be able to find Mukuro by yourself but if you like, you can follow one of us to our job and get some field experience, you know feel the lay of the land. Or if you prefer, you can stay in the office to take calls and maybe see if Reborn left anything else behind for you."

"Let's see… I think I will…"

What should Tsuna do today?

a) Follow Gokudera at his tutoring job

b)Follow Yamamoto at his plumbing job

c) Follow Ryohei at his bee house job

d) Stay at the office and pick up calls

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