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It was a cold, dark night with not even the moonlight to lighten it, covered as it was by heavy clouds that obscured the sky and its stars. The forest was mostly silent. All the nocturnal animals seemed to have decided to remain in their dens, leaving only the sound of the rain to disrupt the otherwise absolute silence.

The ground had already been transformed in a single vast knee-deep mud puddle, while aloft the trees were using their leaves to bravely and vainly try to block the falling water, only to then let it drip from their bark.

Up there, a lone figure jumped expertly through the wet foliage, unfazed by the slippery surface offered by the tree branches. It was hard to say whose silhouette it was. They appeared to be short, the same height of a young teenager, but it looked larger than that.

Suddenly the figure landed on the ground and stopped panting slightly, the sound of that was mechanic, almost asthmatic, as if the air was being filtered by something. They took off a huge scroll that they were carrying on their back laying it on the ground. There was no mistaking the form of a young teen, now.

The roar of a thunder was followed closely by a flash of lightning came from the sky, which illuminated for a second the rebreather that covered the lower half of their face as well as the metallic object tied around the figure's forehead. A hitai-ate, the symbol that identified all and every ninja.

The pause didn't last long, as soon as the ninja caught their breath, the scroll was lifted on the figure's back and they resumed their run under the crying night sky.

The ninja's mother's always said that the rain was the reflection of a suffering soul's pain. And then she used to murmur to herself that this country had plenty of them, so much that it was named after all those shed tears.

Amegakure no sato, the Village Hidden in Rain.

Fitting for a place that, after being the battlefield for the last secret ninja war, had been plagued by civil war for years, just for now being ruled by a bloodthirsty dictator whose only policy consisted in systematically killing any opposition without mercy.

Not that other Kage didn't do that as well, some with even more force; from what the fleeing teen had heard the mizukage had gone as far as to even start a new academy program that provided for the students to kill each other in order to graduate.

Officially the aim of the project was to assure that the new genin were ready for the battlefield, but even a retard could see that the mizukage was crippling his own ninja forces to avoid an eventual coupe d'état. See what nominating a paranoid idiot did to your country, not that any of the elder who elected him were alive from what the rumours said.

But that man… that bastard … that monster … had absolutely no humanity in him. Using force to rule a country was one thing, and in a sickly twisted way that modus operandi in the end even did some good to the Hidden Rain. But what he had done as a man didn't have a plausible explanation if not his own cruelty. No one should ever do what he did to her, his own wife for God's sake!

The fleeing ninja's tears of sorrow and rage joined the sky's ones. Without her there was no reason to remain in that damned country. She was her mother and her only family. Because that beast wasn't her father, had never been, and never will be. He admitted that much too, that he had no value for a useless failed experiment of a daughter like her.

Oh yeah, his experiment. Trying to integrate his summons' abilities in human DNA and create a brand new bloodline limit for himself. But as in all risky gambles, he needed to test on some subject first. And what better than his progeny, whose genetics was similar to his own?

If he had had his way he'd probably have breed tens of children until he had his damned bloodline, then he'd let them fight among each other until only the strongest survived. And finally, the last one of his offspring would have the honour of being killed by him.

Nice fucking idea of family he had.


Of course, his great plan died faster than a convict who had his head chopped off when she didn't gain any special power from his playing God.

Naturally that didn't mean he didn't force her to become a ninja. As soon as she could walk he had started her training and pretended the impossible from her. After all she still had his blood in her veins, so she had to become the strongest kunoichi in the world or die trying. Probably the bastard was hoping for the latter. The few sparring session she had with him certainly gave that impression.

He had the habit of scheduling one when something wasn't going as he wanted, and then take his frustration out on her in what officially was called training, and practically was a brutal beating. More often, however, he took his anger out on his wife, her mother; a kind lovely soul who he had basically kidnapped many years ago. He ripped her away from her country and friends, killed her family, and then made her his wife against her will. A will he then proceeded to break.

The girl had seen it in her mother's eyes, her will to live was long gone. She had held onto her life a bit longer only to see her grow up, to let her know that despite everything she loved her, and to try to shield her from her sire. The young kunoichi had often wondered how strong her mother really was to still be able to love her in spite of the circumstance that brought her into this world.

But eventually, a year ago, she died. And that beast just scoffed and shrugged. He didn't give a damn, he had ruined her life and he didn't give a damn about it. Bastard. Damned fucking bastard.

The running girl chocked back a sob. She had decided that same night that she wouldn't remain there.

But she couldn't leave right then like she wanted either. He didn't want her, but he wouldn't let her leave. It was a honour or a pride thing; for him they were like properties, and for that he wouldn't let her go just like he didn't let her mother go.

And for that, he had ruined her mother's and her life; because he wouldn't let go of what was his, because he had an image.

Well fuck him and his damned image. It took an year but now she was leaving, and with the scrolls containing the most valuable jutsu of the village too. Take that bastard.

The best part was that she used his own paranoia and demands against him. No one had stopped her from taking the scroll because, albeit unwanted, she was his daughter. Stopping her would have been like throwing an insult at him. And once she was out of the boarder hiding would be a piece of cake. Stupid shitstain, he didn't even know what her face looked like.

No one knew, really. She had always kept her rebreather and bandanna on, taking them off only when alone with her mother. No one would dare to demand her anything because of their fear of that man, and he simply didn't give a fuck.

He wouldn't allow anyone to harm her because it was disrespectful towards him, but he didn't even care enough to look at her face. Hypocritical bastard.

She let out a bitter laugh without stopping her run, not caring for the tears falling from her green eyes. She was not only crying out of sadness, but from happiness too. She knew where she was, she had covered this very same track not more than three months ago when she was on patrol.

The border.

She was finally free, like her mother had dreamed for both of them, but didn't dare to hope. Free like she herself had wanted for both of her mother and herself. Free like she had never been before in her life.

'I've done it, mom. I've done it. I'd just... I'd just want you to be here with me.'

The young kunoichi stopped again and let the big scroll on her back fall on the ground. She then took off her hitai-ate that she was wearing like a bandanna. A cascade of long hair, as a fiery red-hot river of lava, covered her back all the way to her waist.

Taking out a kunai from a pouch secured on her right tight, she drew a horizontal line that crossed the four vertical ones that represented the Hidden Rain. Then, with that same knife she cut her index finger and started drawing symbols on the scroll that was previously on her back. Fuuinjutsu.

Two minutes later she finished her work and activated the seal. What once was a scroll almost her size, had shrunk enough to be carried in a pouch like normal scrolls.

'Stupid thing was heavier than I thought, it made me waste too much time. I should have sealed it as soon as I took it'

A shiver went down her spine at the thought of being caught in his office while writing the seal to shrink the scroll. She took a deep breath to calm down the fear that thought brought to her. Maybe it would have been better to just leave the damn scroll behind, but after all her mother and her had suffered it seemed a good payback. Besides, it could be the only way for her to join another village.

'But I don't know if that's what I want now that I'm finally free. Dammit, I can't believe I was so reckless! I must work on controlling myself, it could get me killed one day.'

Shaking her head, she pocketed the scroll, her headband, and her rebreather; then, with the same kunai as before that had never left her hand, she cut her pants to make them look shorter and used the cloth to bandage her arms. Finally she took off her jacket and wore it inside out, making it look green instead of grey.

With one last final glance towards the country she had lived in and suffered all her life until now, the girl turned away and dashed towards the wild unknown world.


Isamu closed his eyes and took a deep breath before walking towards his kage's private training ground. At first glance he seemed calm, but if one looked carefully enough they'd see the sweat collecting on his forehead as well as the slight trembling of his hands.

Why, why did he have to be the one to do this? He was too young to die, dammit.

The young jounin swallowed and kept going on. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see the elite guards that always accompanied and surrounded his lord, their dark black cloaks and hoods, their rebreathers, their shining eyes like blood thirsty demons …

Isamu looked straight ahead and ignored both their presence and what he really hoped were fear-induced hallucinations. However, the thought that those ninja were demons somehow wouldn't leave his mind, and if they indeed were monsters, then he was going straight to the Evil God himself.

He was at the limit of the clearing where his kage was meditating when three of those guards appeared in front of him blocking his path. The jounin gave a document to one of them, who, after reading it, made some signs to his comrades in the trees. Meanwhile the other two demo- shinobi, dammit, searched and took away all his weapons.

Standing there completely defenceless made Isamu feel like an cockroach with a shoe over him.

Raising his eyes he finally saw the first good thing of his day: one of the guards was warning the meditating warlord of their village of his presence. That meant he won't die because of an automatic reflex, and could actually live long enough to talk.

Grimacing he wondered if it was really a good thing. That doubt was blown away when a pair of green eyes glared straight at him, it'd definitely have been better to just die right away than actually facing the angry God in front of him.

Isamu immediately kneeled at bowed his head and waited for permission to speak. He staid like that for a minute, a long interminable minute in which he felt like the man he was kneeling to could kill him with just his oppressive presence and nothing more.

Then finally he spoke, "What do you want?"

The deep and slightly metallic voice that came out of his rebreather sounded like a death sentence and clearly held contempt and disgust for Isamu's intrusion. After all he was just a common jounin, nothing compared to the deity that stood before him.

"My apologies Hanzou-sama, I would have never disturbed you but your daughter failed to present herself for her training this morning. We were expecting her an hour ago."

Direct and blunt, you don't want to waste Salamander Hanzou's precious time with unnecessary frivolities. He killed for less, and it was a well known fact that he didn't really like policies and word games, as long as you showed him respect you should come out alive. He was a pretty direct man in a very violent way.

"I see."

Those green eyes flashed with annoyance and some other similar emotions that Isamu prayed weren't directed at him. Those two last words were spoken with a finality that had scared him like nothing else ever had in his life.

Isamu didn't make a sound nor moved when Hanzou treaded on his left hand while passing him. Even when Hanzou and his demon guards had all left the clearing he still didn't move for another couple of minutes. Tears were tracing lines on his cheeks, he was alive and had only a broken hand.

'Thank God'