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Bella's POV

I didn't think that it was humanly possible for this day to get worse. As hard as it was to believe, the screaming crowds so eager to pass through the doors, smearing bad make up and drinks across my new glass store front didn't even skim the surface of clusterfuckery.

I mean my day was seriously FUBAR—fucked up beyond all recognition—and dirty windows felt like a really bad metaphor. My boutique was due to unveil its new label today, the same way we always did when we introduced new designer fashion lines—big or small—with a runway show. What you'd expect to go wrong; like missing clothing or accessories—you know, easy fixes—were fine. More than fine, they'd been promptly delivered nearly a full two weeks prior. They'd been checked over twice by the designer, my adopted sister, and deemed worthy, which was great, except aforementioned adopted sister was MIA and I was seriously up the creek without a paddle.

I mean I loved—love my sister. She's like a kamikaze fashion deity or something, seamstress when needed, the stylist cum critic and wonder kid, designer extraordinaire to boot. As luck would have it though, I was the biggest thorn in her side and I had been for as long as we'd been sister's. Charlie—Dad—and Renee—Mom—adopted Alice when I was about three—so it had been nearly two decades, of which we'd spent the past year working on her label—and two years after the adoption was finalized my mother and father decided they were better friends co-parenting than loves=rs. MAB, or Mary Alice Brandon a label exclusive to my—our boutique.

She and I had ventured into the boutique business together; it was kind of something that we stumbled upon, kind of like kismet. We'd been walking through town when I slipped on a flyer, it was one of those 'do you want money; do want to be famous' pamphlets that tend to end up on the floor. I didn't actually read the flyer but when I sat up I was staring into the face of an old run down dress shop, it had mannequins and fallen down furniture, but the thing that caught my eye was the sign that read: Need to sell. MOVING. If that as well as the flyer wasn't a sign from some god I didn't know what was.

As soon as I got home I checked my finances and wanted to know how much a bank would be willing to loan me—it wasn't a lot. Not enough to even scratch the surface of their asking price. Fortunately enough, my parents were willing to help me and co-sign on the loan. They had stable jobs, steady incomes and reasonable amount in savings which was enough incentive for the bank to give me enough to buy the space. I managed to keep Alice out of the loop, mostly because I wanted to surprise her. I mean, I'd always wanted to open my own business, but a boutique wasn't my ideal business of choice, but I figured it would be a way for me to help Alice live out her dream. One week later and the super low price of thirty thousand dollars, I had my new store.

Thus, bringing me back to my dilemma or maybe quadrilemma—is that a thing?— I was four models short for a six model runway show.

The two models I did have were great; they were currently, probably ranked as my first and second favorite people—or maybe equal first— in the world because they were both here.

Rosalie Hale, was the statuesque model everybody talks about. Her hair fell in long and thick in the most stunning shade of golden blonde I had ever had the envy of seeing, and it set off of sun kissed skin making her whole body glow. She had eyes you couldn't help but stare at they were such a deep blue, they sometimes appeared purple and they were framed so generously with long almost feathered eyelashes.

If I sound like I have a girl crush, it's because I do.

A natural beauty like hers was hard to come by, but to top that all off she was humble and fiercely loyal. The fact she, Alice and I had been friends since pre-K, could attest to that. She was also dating my Dad's deputy on the D.L and they were completely mum on the topic.

Jasper Whitlock, was my other favorite person and Alice's personal Herculean God. He'd been hired to work the grand opening for the store and he'd been with us for every show since. I'd like to think it was his loyalty to the store, but it was his love for Alice that kept bringing him back. They had the most unconventional of meetings, Alice having had walked into the wrong fitting room opening night and managed herself a full frontal peek at Jasper.

His face was gorgeous enough to have you standing in a puddle, but at a respectable 6' 2" with hobbies that include—but are not limited to—surfing, running, kayaking and trekking his body was a well maintained temple. The guy was wrapped from head toe in lean muscle. Top that off with Hollywood good looks; sky blue eyes, honey blonde hair and a smirk that's cheeky as hell, you've got Jasper; God's gift to women—except he's taken.

I will admit, I am a tad jealous of Alice. I'm big enough to say that.

Sometimes, I wonder how Alice and Jasper fit as well as they do. I mean, Jasper grew up in a small town in Texas and knew all about hard work. Not to say that Alice didn't, I just don't think she and Jasper see hard work as the same thing. I mean Jasper's parents were Ranchers, our parents; a cop and a teacher. The only kind of herding that went on in my family was done by my mom when she was herding her kindergarten class to and from recess.

I mean, aside from knowing hard work, Jasper was also incredibly level headed. I mean nothing could faze him. He was just that cool. Cool as a cucumber seriously was named after Jasper, whereas Alice, well…she was like a toddler on crack, or P, or ten gallons of straight caffeine or sugar. I mean she was all energy all the time! I don't know, sometimes I think Jasper keeps Alice grounded. I know he ensures their bills are paid on time and Alice isn't over spending—I don't know, maybe that's just how they work?

But that was it for models. They were the only two models I had on the premises—I was willing to let walk—and the show was due to start within the hour. I'd lost Angela, our usual second, because she'd had to rush off to be with her best friend Jessica, because she was the god mother of her first born child and the only contact the hospital could reach.

Two of my male models, who were really only up and coming, had been double booked and they'd chosen to commit themselves to the other booking rather than mine because they believed they would get more exposure. Yeah, exposure don't mean shit if you're blackballed—which between Rose, Jas, Alice and I we could totally do.

I also technically had Leah Clearwater who was always on hand as a stand-in/fill-in but she'd just been dumped, or dumped her boyfriend—again—and was three sheets to the wind. If this wasn't such a massive show for Alice, I'd have showed her anyway and maybe walked her out with a male model, but I wasn't in the habit of risking any model like that. Unfortunately; if I had been more evil I'd have done it anyway for all of the drama Alice and her disappearance was putting me through, but as luck would have it, I was too damn nice.


So now I was missing my sister, who was probably hyperventilating in her car or a closet or something and Rosalie and Jasper were in hair and makeup after failing to get in touch with models on such short notice—they tried, which was something at least.

God, I probably looked like a nutter. Certifiable. I mean I was all over the show. I probably looked deranged or something.

I was running around like a headless chicken looking for my sister and at the same time I was happy and sad, angry, pissed and I kept looking at my phone to see if there was anything from Alice or modeling agencies—but nothing.

I knew that there were people everywhere doing their best to make sure that everything was ready. I mean I had enough staff on—even my part-timers and contract casuals were working to try and help us out today. Most of them would just be assisting with the crowd, but we did have some taking pre-orders or manning the tills when the show was over. We were just fortunate to have Sue, a friend of my Dad's helping out with alterations or we would be at a standstill because Alice was still AWOL and unless we had some kind of miracle befall us or something we were f—

"Miss Swan?" I startled from my thoughts—a voice smooth like velvet pulling me from my reverie.

"Bella," I corrected out of habit as I turned to face the speaker…and he was beautiful.

I was probably staring, but with a face like his, it was hard not to stare. He looked like he was carved from stone, his whole face was perfectly angled with high cheek bones and a strong jawline. I couldn't tear my gaze from his, his eyes were such an intense green, slightly darker around the outside with odd speckles of gold through the iris. Even his hair was out of this world beautiful. It was on odd shade between copper like a penny and bronze. I assumed it probably looked amazing in the sun or by firelight. But, it was currently sticking up like he ran here or something and I wanted to touch it.

I don't know. He was just…beautiful. Even dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, as he was, he looked like a walking GQ cover model.

Sorry Jasper, you've been replaced.

"My apologies, Bella." He answered with a smile—I kind of just nodded, my eyes focused a little too intently on his lips. "I couldn't find Alice and I know that normally I report to her when I finish with the computing systems but I think someone told me she was busy and just to tell you." He stood there staring at me for a good minute or two before I realized he had been waiting for me to reply. Still a little stupefied, I did manage to nod my head for him to continue.

"Ok, so I ran a diagnostic test over all of your files and they all seem to be good, I

installed another spy ware server, because you seem very set against putting in a network pass key and I also checked with the grids for the automatic doors…" he had kept talking and his voice was so smooth, I could have sworn it moved over my skin like liquid silk and sex.

I must have been doing something stupid with my face as I watched the I.T guy try to disguise his laughter behind a cough. When he unsuccessfully managed that, he straightened up a little more. "Are you okay, you, uh, seem a little out of sorts?"

"No. Not even close." I answered quickly, without really thinking about what I was saying, yet, I felt slightly better. A teensy weensy bit lighter.

In all honestly though, it was the truth; however, I doubt there was anything my I.T guy could really do to help me.

"Is there anything that I can help you with?" he asked kindly, a kind smile spreading across his face.

"I don't think you could help me, don't worry about it really. Thanks for everything today...?" I trailed off, realizing I didn't actually know his name.

"Edward." He filled in. "Are you sure I can't help, you seem completely out of sorts?"

"It's fine. I mean, it will be. I'll sort it. Really, I don't think you'll be able to help me, but, thanks any way." My voice all but shrunk as I spoke.

I fe1t Edward's finger under my chin as guided me head up until our eyes met.

"Bella, what is it?" his voice was so smooth and compelling it was hard not to reply properly.

I let out a sigh and just told him, "The stupid modeling agency double booked Mike and Tyler so I am two male models short as well as two female models because of Leah—I know she is practically my cousin but she got completely trashed last night because Sam Uley is a cunt and can hardly manage to stay on her feet. Angela had to go and visit Jessica at the hospital because she was in labor and no one knows where Alice is because she started hyperventilating and then practically disappeared, which means that Jasper is having trouble getting ready because he doesn't know where his girlfriend is and now I have people messing up my windows with their sticky faces and cheap makeup hands." He'd opened Pandora's box and by the time I'd gotten everything out, my heart was soaring and I realized that crushing feeling that was sinking over me was dread. Yet, at the same time, I felt so much better getting that off my chest.

"Bella, I'd be happy to model for you and Alice. You've both been so good to me with work, it's the least I can do." Pinch me.

"Are you serious?" I asked stunned. "You do know that will mean you would have to wear swim wear and if Alice does turn up, which I really hope is soon she will probably give you one of those odd guy makeup face things."

The beautiful smile didn't falter as he stood to his full height again, his hand leaving my face in the process.

"I would love to. I mean, so long as I'm wearing something, it can't be that bad, right?"

I was screaming on the inside, so for a second there all I could manage was as bobble head worthy nod, which was soon followed by: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Which was then followed by my lips on Edward's; his lips were soft, warm and smooth and molded to fit mine perfectly. A small screaming voice in the back of my head kept my tongue in my mouth, but it didn't keep my hands from sliding along the taught planes of his chest, before tangling in his hair.

You win some, you lose some.

However, he wasn't pushing me away, and after an indeterminable length of time, his lips started asking questions of their own and mine started responding. I was straining on the tips of my toes, but I couldn't stop myself. He was my hero currently and if Kirsten Dunst gets a Toby Mcguire hero kiss, then I can have an Edward—whatever his last name is—hero kiss. It was with that mindset, my body started bowing to his as he leant down toward me, his arm falling to my lower back as he held me close to him.

"Bella!" I heard a booming voice call from the direction of the back employee entrance. I realized what I was doing and pulled away quickly.

"I'm sorry—I, I…" I began not knowing what to say, my apology didn't sound normal as it came out as a pant.

I knew my cheeks were blushing scarlet, I looked up to Edward to see that he had a huge smile on his face, "Don't worry about it, Bella." He said sincerely, we both turned to the booming voice, it was none other than Emmett Cullen, Charlie's deputy who took it upon himself to be my big brother figure. Like I needed another testosterone fueled man protecting me with a gun license.

"Hey Emmy," I called as nonchalantly as possible, using the nickname that I had given him just to tick him off.

"Izzy, who is your Fr—Edward, Bro. you do realize you just made out with the Chief's daughter." He knew I hated it when he called me Izzy, just as much as he hated me calling him Emmy.

Turnabout is fair play, I guess.

"Bro?" I questioned looking up at Edward. "Izzy?" he retorted. We both shrugged answering in tandem, "Long story."

"Is something going on between you two?" Emmett questioned, his face smug as he looked between the two of us, wagging his eyebrows. We both choose not to answer him, instead I asked.

"Where's Charlie?" I was happy Emmett just took the new line of conversation and ran with it, otherwise he'd be questioning us relentlessly until he decided we'd exhausted that conversation line.

"Um…Oh, Charlie was parking the cruiser, he should be—Hey, you didn't answer my question. Edward why were you and Bella sucking face? I mean if you're an item, why did Charlie and Rose say she was single?" Damn.

It was worth a try I suppose.

"Oh, I am—uh. Like I said. It's a long story." And deflection. "When did you and Rosalie plan on telling me you were official?" I didn't lie, as far as I knew I was single. I think.

Rosalie and Emmett were a different story, I knew they had gone out a couple of times, but neither one had said anything, but they had managed to talk about me. "Oh, um…" he trailed off; I was looking up at Edward when I was struck with an idea, what if I could get both the Cullen boys?

"Bella, you have to promise me you won't say anything." He pleaded with me, hand clasped in front of his chest as his eyes bore into mine.

This was going to work to my advantage.

"If I promise—and I'm not saying I will—you'll have to do something for me in return?"

I offered, knowing full well he'd agree. Rosalie was loyal and fierce, but that lent to vicious if you crossed her because she had a short wick and once you'd lit the fuse, you'd better be in Antarctica when she blew or you'd be up the creek without a paddle—probably after she'd beaten you with it.

"Yes—Okay, as long as you promise not to tell Rose, I'll do anything." My smile was probably huge, Edward understood immediately what I was going to make him do and he was leaning on my shoulder as he laughed. I'd never been a big fan of people touching me—everyone knew that—but Edward's touch had my stomach aflutter and it was an odd sensation I didn't want to go away.

I gave Edward a wink as I turned to Emmett, trying my damnedest to hide my smirk.

"Emmett, you're due in hair and makeup twenty minutes ago."

Emmett's eyes were huge when the size of the 'favor' dawned on him. He was shooting daggers at his younger brother who was shaking violently with laughter that he was trying to hold back.

"You little. You wouldn't. N—," I'd end him if he tried to go back on his word. I hoped he knew that, and if he didn't he was going to find out shortly too as I signaled Rose over to us as she headed into the dressing room from makeup. She was covered in her robe, a pair of simple black pumps on her feet.

"Rosalie! Guess what Emmy just told me?!" I enthused as Rose stopped in front of me, her body angled away from Emmett.

Because that's not obvious.

She raised her eyebrow as she waited for me to continue. "I wanted to say I'm so h—,"

"Rosalie, Bella asked me to model and I said Yes!" Emmett all but shouted cutting me off as he cupped a hand around my mouth. I glared at him before biting his hand, cringing as I did so.

Emmett ripped his hand from my mouth with a girlish squeal as I continued to glare at him.

"Try and stop me from talking again. Go on, I'm sure Charlie would love to see that. Imagine what he'd do." I seethed, and unfortunately, Charlie had seen that. Sorry, Em.

"Cullen!" Edward, Rosalie and I were shaking with laughter when we heard the anger in Charlie's voice, he may not be in touch with his emotions and finds it awkward to discuss love, but no one ever touched his daughter, thank god he missed my little kiss with Edward.

"Chief, what's up?" Emmett said abashedly as he took a step away from me, towards my father.

"What were you doing to my daughter?" Charlie asked, his voice a tad hostile.

"Um, I—," I decided to save Emmett. I didn't have time for him to get a lengthy 'Don't touch my daughter or I'll cut your balls off with a rusty spoon and feed them to you through a straw' speech. I mean we were already pushing it on time as it was.

"Dad it's fine, it was a little joke. Edward, Emmett I need you both to see Sue and tell her you need to be fitted, the makeup team will get to you while you're being fitted. Go!" I saved Emmett and ordered him to go and get ready, he would have to thank or kill me later.

"Emmett's getting fitted for what—and what's this about makeup?" Charlie questioned with a smirk, the anger on his face now replaced with humor.

"Emmett drew the short straw so he's helping Ally and I out today. We were a few models short—and I'd love to go through everything else that has gone wrong for me today too, Dad, but I still need to find and maim your daughter for leaving me high and dry. I love you—thanks for coming, I'll talk to you after the show." I kissed Charlie on the cheek before dashing backstage and into the fitting rooms. We had thirty minutes. There was no way in hell we were getting more models.

Backstage, I checked all of the dressing rooms that were empty—I didn't really need to see Emmett naked, and the fifty-fifty chance was too high to risk my vision. They all turned up empty. Even the makeup artists—three in total—hadn't seen the whacked out Pixie.

Alice being AWOL wasn't helping Jasper get ready either, because he was stressing about his girlfriend's wellbeing—which he rightfully should have been because when I found her, she was dead.

I'd wasted another ten minutes looking for her when I'd had enough. I headed to the counter and jumped on the intercom, turning up the volume to just below ear piercing I went off my nut.


I hadn't even switched off the microphone before Alice all but materialized at my side, a beautiful woman in tow. She was clearly older, probably about the same age as Renee, with a heart shaped face and incredibly deep, emerald eyes. Had she not been there, Alice would be dead, but alas, next time.

God forbid there's a next time.

"You've got some explaining to do, first to me, and the to the makeup artists who've been hesitant to do much of anything without your approval. Then you can explain to Sue, who's been working on all the fittings what you've been up to, because she's been run ragged since you disappeared off the face of the earth. You can also tell me what you've managed to do about our lack of models, because you've still got a six model show planed and we don't have near enough models. I also need to blame you for making me look like a fool in front of this woman and my staff because I made out with the I.T guy for sticking his neck out for me, because I have been so completely overwhelmed my inhibitions have been shot to hell. I ended up asking aforementioned I.T guy to model and Emmett so I wouldn't tell Rose, that I know what she thinks we don't know, even though everyone knows, you know?" I was out of breath, out of steam and had tears streaming down my face by the time I was finished because I was both sad and happy that we'd found Alice finally, because I didn't actually want to cancel her show. We'd spent too much money promoting, the loss would be almost impossible to cover especially on top of staff wages for the event and the makeup artists and entertainment.

I was hyperventilating now.

People won't buy clothes they haven't seen on the runway. So even if they're here, they won't buy anything because they won't see it!

I was seeing black spots.

I was a crumpled heap on the floor when Alice pulled me into her lap, her thin arms wrapping around my trembling frame.

"Oh Bella calm down, please. I am so sorry. I should have told you what I was doing. I ran across the road to ask Esme if she would want to model for us. She could model the sophisticated suits and she would look lovely in that long white summer dress. Edward as in the I.T guy and Emmett as in deputy police chief and who did you kiss, that part you kind of mumbled, oh and this is Esme. Bella, breathe, deep and slow, in through your nose and out through your mouth."

I felt her tiny hands on my shoulders as she gazed into my eyes, which were regrettably filled with tears that I could no longer keep at bay.

"Bella this is my baby, I would never have left you here if I thought you couldn't do it. And you managed to get me my male models, thank you. Esme has agreed to model for us, which will be interesting considering you got her sons to model for us as well. But now I need you to take a sip of this," Alice handed me a bottle of water, "wipe your eyes with these," she also handed me a couple of tissues, "and promise me you won't fall," I had no idea what she was talking about, nothing was sinking into my head properly, but I was aware that she had pulled me up onto my feet and was guiding me as her hands wrapped around my waist.

"Leah, go home. If you dare to show up to one of my shows this drunk—fucked up boyfriend or not, I swear I will throw you out the door myself. No one should have to see you in this state, most especially your employers and your mother." I heard Alice scream as she sat me down in front of an illuminated mirror.

Esme had taken the seat next to me, while Alice quickly whizzed off and came back with two other people who I assumed were makeup artists—and then I clicked. "Alice, what are you doing? I can't wear Leah's outfits, and you've nothing else pulled and ready. I'll look ridiculous. Oh my God, what about Charlie? Alice, I can't!"

Alice turned to me quickly, her whole body dwarfed by the clothing rack she was wheeling.

"Bella, calm down. I'm not doing anything to you. Angel here," she gestured to the woman standing beside me with a whole plethora of makeup at her disposal. "will be doing you makeup, Sue will be fitting you—if need be, which given your smaller frame, will actually be a lot easier than fitting Leah. Carlisle, or Dr Cullen, Esme's husband has offered to Emcee for us because even though we have a DJ for this evening he lost his voice at his last gig." With that she went to turn and walk away, as I sat there absolutely stupefied.

"Oh, yeah." She called back, "Charlie said break a leg, or don't—one of the two. You'll be fine Bella. I have faith in you, you'll do great!" And then she was gone and Angel was colour matching me for makeup, at super speed apparently as she quickly smothered my face in creams and concealers and—stuff.

"Hello dear, I'm Esme. I am sorry if I monopolized Alice, she and I were discussing a lot of things I suppose that time flew by." She sounded so sweet, the perfect mother.

"Edward and Emmett are your son's?" I questioned rather abruptly. Feeling a little blunt, I started again. "Sorry, I'll start again. I'm Bella; it's nice to meet you. Now if I heard correctly I believe someone mentioned the fact that you are Edward and Emmett's mother?" She smiled sweetly at me in response.

'Close your eyes please,' I heard someone say, I complied as Esme answer my questions.

"Yes, Emmett's my oldest and by far the more rambunctious of the two. I honestly didn't see law enforcement in his future, well, not unless they were arresting him." I giggled despite myself, but Esme continued. "Edward's a little more taciturn. He's cautious and incredibly analytical. He's never done anything in halves, but I think that leaves him open to a lot of heartache sometimes. I don't know, my boys are so different, but they're thick as thieves, which is something I love about them. Now, sorry for eavesdropping, but if I heard correctly—which I know they did—you and Edward seemed to have found yourself in an almost compromising state?" Uh.

How do you answer that?

Yes, I did lip lock with your son, but it's okay he totally reciprocated…


Yes, Esme, I kissed Edward and I am dying to do it again, maybe I wouldn't have stopped if we hadn't been interrupted by your other son…

"Um. Yes, it was a little carried away, but we both apologized. No harm no foul right?" I tried to sound nonchalant and clearly it worked because Esme began giggling.

"Sorry, you seem to be incredibly embarrassed, I just find it refreshing." I must have looked confused—with my eyes closed—because she felt the need to elaborate. "It's just I know my son quite well, and I am well aware of how attractive he is—he takes after his father. I mean, I know many women who've tried to win my son's affections and they've been politely declined. I just think you must be special or you took him completely by surprise—but I don't entirely believe that. Edward is pretty good at reading the signs, but I could be mistaken—or he could like you."

I felt the flurry of soft bristles as that brushed along the lines of my eye lids and across my cheeks, I suppose it is a good thing that I choose not to wear makeup.

"Um." was all I was able to articulate, because I had no idea what to say.

Thank you? I think he's pretty great too? Is he attached? Can I have his number?

I think not.

In the end, Esme changed the subject and we spoke a little bit more about the show while the makeup artists finished their work and we headed off into our separate fitting rooms. I quickly examined the rack that was sitting on the far end of the room, my name was written in large letters with quick Polaroid pictures indicating everything that went into each outfit. I had expected to recall some of the items from when Leah did her test fittings, but they all seemed different—or maybe I just hoped they were different?

"Bella hurry up!" I heard Alice's voice call as I quickly zipped up the shoes that were assigned to my first outfit, which unfortunately was a triangle bikini that tied on either side of my hips. It was dark and had a pattern that involved hands, apples, chess pieces, ribbon and a really pretty flower, which looked like a type of tulip.

Once I felt everything was situated, I didn't dare look at myself in the mirror. I knew if I did, there was no way on this God's green earth she'd be getting me anywhere near the stage, let alone on it. I quickly shrugged into my robe and headed toward the stage.

I'd never been more thankful for Rose and Jasper in one day, in my whole life; they were opening and closing the show, technically making the rest of us just fillers. I think Esme may have a little bit more runway time because what she was wearing technically wasn't entirely in the show, because Angela was a bikini model but some of the pieces Esme was due to wear had been scattered throughout—kind of.

The line up was simple after Rose and Jazz, it went Esme, Emmett, me—unfortunately— and then Edward. But I was happy that I didn't have to follow Rosalie and Jasper, the very professional models.

"Ok, yes thank you. Bella hurry up get in line please and take off that robe, please Bella, you are wearing the most exclusive bikini ever made by MAB, look I didn't even want to showcase my twilight gear yet, but with you and Edward modeling them I know they will look perfect, it is kind of the same reason that I have done the line up like this. So hurry up and take of the robe, ISABELLA!" ugh. I sighed and quickly shrugged off my long and comfortable robe and threw it at Alice; unfortunately she caught it and just gave me a cheeky grin.

I was freaking out as everyone was being ushered onto the stage, Rosalie, and then Jasper, Esme and then Emmett.

Edward must have picked up on my nerves as he closed the distance between us in the line, his arm wrapping around my shoulder as he tried to comfort me.

"Stop shaking Bella, you'll be fine. I know you will." He whispered lowly into my ear, and I wondered if he had any idea how seductive his voice came off. Either way, even with his comforting arm, I was a wreck.

"Alice!" Edward called, his arm still wrapped around my shoulders.

"Is everything Oh—Okay, um I mean. What's up?" she asked, he eyes dancing from Edward's arm around my shoulders, to both of our faces.

"Alice, I was curious, with this Twilight collection, I thought that possibly the guys and girls line could unveil together. Maybe Bella and I could take the catwalk together, only once Emmett was completely off. I would just have to tell Seth and he could dim the lights as he leaves and put them on again once we reach the end of the catwalk, it would be easy, that is if you wish?" That sounded like a brilliant plan. I still didn't want to do this stupid show, but that was a better plan then the one I currently didn't have.

"Here, his number is in my phone." I said as I ran over to the Alice and pulled my robe out of her grip. I slid my hand into the pocket and quickly fished out my little phone. I typed his name into the contacts and his number popped up. "It's ringing," I said and I handed him my phone.

I didn't even listen as he went through everything that needed to be done. My body was thawing and becoming less rigid; I wouldn't have to step out on that cat walk by myself and if anything went wrong Edward would be there with me—to catch me, god forbid, I fell.

"It's all set up Alice, and Supermassive Black Hole is going to be the music choice, Seth thought it was appropriate." I loved Seth; he was practically my little brother, especially since Sue started spending more time around Charlie's when her husband passed.

She'd started out close with my dad because her husband and my father had been long time friends, but now, she's like an Aunt to Alice and I and a close friend with our mom too. It's just sad that Harry's not with us anymore, but my Dad seems to be in a good place with her, in the closet as he may be and Mom's not so secretly happy for him too.

Alice and I were really happy when we were really happy when we found out that Edward had taken him on as an apprentice—not that I knew who Edward was— it was really sweet and he was really good at his job, and training Seth up.

And just when I thought everything was good, and that I could do this, Emmett stepped off the stage—and everything went bad.



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