For the most part, everything just went back to normal.

There was some distance though, mostly between Alice and I, and of course Jasper by loyalties also.

Rose too, seemed to want to give us a wide birth, and it didn't so much both me as it did burden me, because that distance affected Tanya who happened to love Rose and her 'Bubby Tummy'.

Rose was massive now, almost as if she popped overnight. Worse than all of that though is how much her pregnancy affected her moods and her temper. She was fiery to begin with, but coupled with pregnancy hormones and an obstruction stopping you from looking at your feet and walking like a human being, well, Rosalie became something else entirely.

All of that changed though, and in a hurry too, when we received a hysterical phone call from Emmett at 3 in the morning when Rosalie's water broke. I won't lie, I'd seen Emmett show a wide array of emotions, but this distraught and frightened behemoth of a small child, was nothing like the Emmett I knew and loved.

Edward was quicker getting himself ready, while I was running around trying to wake up and thinking of what we could do with girls.

Edward was shucking on his jeans when he stopped, finally having heard my question. "You start wrapping the twins, and packing their bag and I'll get Tanya."

The twins were still out cold when I pulled first Charlie, than Allie from their crib. They weren't due for their feed for another hour, and I was wondering if they'd sleep through it or wake as normal.

Once I had the twins wrapped up snug, I lay them back in their cribs while I dressed myself. I figured Edward would be with them soon enough.

As I expectedly, while I was getting changed Edward had settled each of the twins into their capsule. He must have grabbed them from their bases after he got Tanya ready.

It took us thirty minutes to be ready to leave, which was great timing all things considered, however when we got to the hospital I guess it wasn't quick enough for Emmett.

We found him without too much trouble, to be greeted by a behemoth of a man curled in on himself as he rocked back and forth.

"Emmett?" Edward asked, settling Charlie's capsule on one of the seats, as he moved to his brother's side. Tanya was still in his arms, but that little girl was still down for the count.

"Edward?" Emmett's voice sounded so small.

Edward looked to me, his eyebrows raised up to his hairline. Yeah, this was an entirely new side of the behemoth. He cast his eyes back down to his brother, when I had no idea what to say or do to help.

I looked around, concerned no one seemed to have noticed or stopped to aid the freaking out father to be. Unless, perhaps they were used to seeing this kind of spectacle in the maternity ward.

Before I could cast my eyes back toward Emmett's practically prone form, familiar heads and of and blonde hair caught my eyes.

Maybe Jasper could help, Emmett, although that thought was gone as soon as I saw the mirroring relief in their eyes.


They didn't know how to help him either. They did hasten their pace though, and as soon as Jasper arrived he took the capsules from Edward and stepped away, gesturing with his head for Edward to help his brother.

I could have laughed at the pitiful look Edward was wearing, if I could find the situation funny.

Edward kneeled down next to his brother, and I could see him saying something to him low tones, but I couldn't make out the words. Jasper and Alice, had walked towards the seating, and had the twins siting in the chairs between them.

Just as I was about to join them I noticed a nurse walking past, her head down, so I grabbed her attention.

"Excuse me?" I offered kindly, and the exasperation on the nurses face had me thinking she was hoping to pass unseen. Unlikely when you're wearing salmon pink scrubs.

"Can you tell me where Rosalie Hale is? Oh, and do you know if his" I gestured with my head to Emmett, "parents have arrived."

"Are you family?" she asked somewhat hopefully.

I nodded my head.

"The whole floor was made aware when Ms Hale arrived, no thanks to him, they're in birthing suite two. Mrs Cullen is in their with Ms Hale." I nodded my thanks, and the nurse left quickly. I didn't miss the glare she shot at Emmett.

I looked to Emmett, waving a bit to get his attention and pointed in the direction of the delivery rooms. He nodded his head and I took off to go see how the mom-to-be was.

The room wasn't hard to find, even if it didn't have Cullen/Hale written out the front.

I was surprised however at the relief that seemed to wash across Rosalie's face when I walked in the room. Esme was at her side, seeming to try and find something to distract Rose with, somewhat unsuccessfully from what I could see.

"Hey Rose." I said evenly with a small wave as I stood at the end of her bed, a little unsure as to how I should behave.

Previous to the whole wedding debacle, I would have simply joined her on the bed and had a decent natter until Emmett's spawn wriggled its way out of Rose. Well, we were still on shaky ground, so I just wasn't sure how to react.

She called us, so clearly something had changed, but maybe it was just a courtesy call. She's from the south, they're courteous right? Her family certainly was.

"Stop thinking so much Bella." Rose groaned, stopping my thoughts from running off. "I called you, I wanted you and Edward here. I was being a bitch, for that I apologise. It was a dick move, I'm pregnant, not dumb. I knew it was an intentional fuck you, because I was jealous. I am. I spent days—weeks even, on end travelling since I was seventeen. You and Edward have the American dream, and I envied you, but it was dumb. Life's too short to be petty and jealous and I'm sorry."

I smiled, crossing the distance between Rose and I, and standing up by her head.

"You're stupid." I told her, before leaning forward and giving her a bit of a squeeze, "But I knew that the moment you started making eyes at Emmett, but I love you regardless. Pull that petty jealousy bull again and I might grow to loathe you."

Esme stood clapping her hands, "Thank you Bella, please, can you stay here I think I might need to speak with my son." I laughed, but clicked that there was more to Esme's departure than her terrified son. She was seriously busting, well that's what her odd little gait had me believing.

Rose and I has a good catch up for maybe half an hour before Esme came back, it didn't pass my attention that she had about four contractions in that time. The last I noticed came pretty quickly on the heels of its former.

"How'd your chat with Emmett go?" I asked Esme, to which she shook her head not really meeting my gaze.

I sighed, before standing up.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm about to grab your man child by the balls and drag him here to be with you."

I felt in a particularly agitated mood, a lot of it having to do with my irritation of being woken up early, but it probably didn't help any that Emmett was behaving like an idiot. I get that he was scared, but how on earth did he think Rosalie felt.

By now, Edward clearly hadn't been too successful in his pep talk either. Now, time for some Bella therapy.

By the time I reached the huddle, even Alice looked riled up as Jasper held her to him. Emmett looked even more pitiful than he had before. I didn't even imagine that possible.

"Emmett I swear to good if you don't man the fuck up you will be eunuch, and given the amount of blade they probably have lying around in a hospital, I don't think it'd that hard. Go. Be. With. Rose."

I was hitting him by the end of my tirade, as he tried to hold his arms up to protect himself, but I just kept hitting him in different places.

He wasn't making to stand though, so I just kept hitting him.

"You were man enough to get her pregnant, now man up and be with your woman while she pushes another human being out of her body. Trust Emmett, you may want to get in there soon because Rosalie was not holding back when she described the harm she planned on unleashing on you if you didn't, and I quote 'man the fuck up'."

Emmett finally looked up at me.

"Go be with, Rosalie, Emmett. Your mother and I shouldn't be the people holding her hand and feeding her ice chips, that should be you. The man she agreed to marry, the man she's procreated with. She needs you Emmett."

"Needs?" He asked, his normal oafish tone floating under the surface of a squeak.

"Yes, needs." And then he was up, a little wobbly at first, but then he was off and I was sinking to the floor in his place, next to Edward, who'd been silent throughout my whole pep talk.

"I don't know how you did that, Baby, because trust me I said something very similar to no avail." Edward said, pulling me into his side and kissing my forehead. Tanya was still asleep, her head burrowed into the crook of Edward's neck.

I was happy Rosalie and I seemed to have buried the hatchet, not that I really had one to burry. I was happy nonetheless, that we seemed to be back to normal.

Every one seemed to get comfortable as we prepared to wait it out. Carlisle already had coffee brought to us in the form of one of the residents I think. He got them all right too, so I was more than happy.

Tanya stirred when Edward waved a hot chocolate under her nose, but soon after finishing the mostly milk concoction she was out of it again. It was like hospitals made my kids sleepy.

Just as the we could see the sun make its ascent into the sky, Esme was coming out informing us Rosalie was getting ready to deliver. She was dressed in scrubs, so clearly she was going to be there for Rose along with Emmett. I'm fairly certain she was going to be more of a comfort for Emmett than for Rose, but I didn't want to say anything. Emmett had already made a fool of himself once, no need to press it.

Not today at least, it's something I would take great pleasure in sharing with my father after Emmett's kid was delivered safely into this world.

"How do you think they'll be?" Alice asked, looking into the capsule. The recognition in her eyes let me know that Charlie was up. She wasn't fussing yet though, so I didn't want to worry yet.

"If their baby is anything like, Emmett, not long at all." Carlisle said with a smile as he passed by with a chart in his hand. I knew Carlisle didn't even work on this floor, so he was probably here trying to get some information.

"Well, Esme just told us they were getting ready to deliver."

Carlisle nodded at Jasper, peeked into the capsules and headed back to the elevators I guess.

"Your dad is weird." I told Edward, as I leaned into him. My fingers working through the ends of Tanya's hair.

"He told me he expects Emmett to have sons." I looked at Edward a little dubiously and he nodded, before explaining himself further. "For starters, can you imagine what Emmett would be like if he had a daughter—look at the way he treats you."

Fair point.

"Anyway, Dad thinks Emmett will have sons that he'll cart around everywhere and do manly stuff with. Apparently I was destined to have daughters, because Dad always saw me spoiling princesses—or something along those lines."

I couldn't help but laugh at Carlisle's reasoning. See, for the very reason Carlisle saw Emmett having boys, was the very reason I saw him having girls. I could only imagine the things Emmett would put my niece through. I saw a chastity belt in her future and everything.

"I hope Rose has a boy." Jasper added to our conversation, and I cast him a questioning look.

He heaved a sigh before explaining himself, I could see even Alice was impatient to know his reasoning. Rose was his sister after all.

"Okay, so y'all know Rose is my sister, and I've been with her supporting her for years?" we nodded.

"Well, I watched the shit she's gone through in the goddamned industry, and I've thrown in jobs more times than I'd ever tell her, because of the way they treated Rosalie. She's gorgeous, it's undeniable and she and Emmett have a really high chance of producing a daughter with the same, if not very similar attributes to her mother, and I don't want to see that kind of pressure on my hypothetical niece. It's a dog eat dog world, and I don't want to see that for my niece."

Alice reached out and grabs Jasper's hand, giving it a kiss as she just stared in his eyes. They were clearly having a moment, and I quickly drew my eyes away, and looked at Edward instead.

He looked very serious, a little v forming between his brows. Before I could ask him what was up, he looked down at Tanya before looking up at me.

"We're not letting this one, or those two." He nodded towards the twins, "anywhere near a runway."

I nodded in agreement, but I knew that if in the end it was something any of our children wanted to do, Edward would lay path a yellow brick road for them to follow to ensure it happened.

He was such a softy. It made him a great father, even if it would bite him on the ass when the kids grew up. What would he say when the were asking for cell phones and cars…

Everyone was settling in for the wait, Edward handing Tanya to Jasper as we grabbed the capsules. Both twins were awake, but they'd been very quiet. They didn't start to fuss until they saw Edward and I.

A nurse had kindly warmed the twins bottles for us, so they twins weren't annoying passers-by and just happily started sucking down their bottles. It was almost a race to the finish, but Allie ended up finishing before her sister.

We ducked off to a bathroom and quickly changed the babies after making sure they'd brought up all their wind. Back in the waiting room, we'd barely made ourselves comfortable again before Emmett came barrelling down the shouting.

"My baby's here!"

The tenor of his voice practically reverberated off every flat surface in the hospital, ensuring that everyone, even those who didn't give a damn, knew Emmett was now a father.

Unfortunately, he wasn't really saying much else so we all rushed to our feet and trailed after him.

Rosalie had already been moved to a new room, making me how long it was after Esme left that she delivered.

We didn't want to overwhelm Rosalie, so Jasper went in first. He didn't stay for long, whispering things in her ear and running the pad of his finger against the cheek of the swaddled in pink infant.

Jasper didn't say in long, but the way he held his phone out I assumed he planned on calling their parents. Alice opted to wait to see them, and followed Jasper. I guess they were trying to avoid overwhelming her.

Edward and I went in together. Esme had left as soon as Rosalie was comfortable to try and track down Carlisle. Apparently she knew every in and out of this hospital and if Carlisle wasn't answering her pages, she knew where she'd find him—passed out.

When Edward and I were in chatting with Rose a nurse came in asking for the baby. Rosalie handed her over quickly, before turning back to us.

"I don't know how you had two Bella. I almost died with one. You know when they that when you hold the baby all the pain is forgotten. They lied, you still feel, you still remember you just have something else to focus on as well."

I laughed with Rose, nodding my head.

"How do you feel anyway? You're a mom!" Edward excused himself, saying he wanted to congratulate his brother, I think it was a little more than that, but I didn't stop him. Let the boys have their emotional moment.

"Absolutely petrified." Rose said with a yawn, "but happier than I ever imagined possible."

"I know what you mean." I agreed, just as the nurse returned with baby Cullen.

This time I was able to get a good look at her, and even a cuddle. I was so happy, my kids were being watched, it meant I could fawn just a little.

I pulled the blanket down a little so I could get a better look at her face. She was beautiful. Her cheeks were still flushed from her delivery, but she was stunning. Some babies look a little alien when they're born. A little on the skinnier side, but not this little girl. She actually looked like a baby, all chubby cheeks, rosey bee-stung lips and she even had blonde eyelashes and eyebrows, and little blonde wisps of hair on her head.

"Did Emmett faint?" I asked, running my finger along baby's cheek.

I looked up at Rose to see her biting her lip.

"I promise I want give him grief about it."

My father would do that for the both of us, I just wanted to know.

"When the doctor said she was crowning, he decided he wanted to have a look. I don't know what affected him more, that fact that my vagina was stretch stretching around a human head, or the fact that he could see said human head. There was a male nurse in with us though—flaming gay—and he caught Emmett before he could hurt himself. I wanted to laugh so badly. I guess I can now."

I laughed, Rose chuckled a little herself too.

"Did it hurt?"

"Not as bad as I expected, the pleasures of modern medicine I guess, I mean she weighed nine pound, eight ounces. I still feel achy—for lack of a better word, but I feel good. I'm glad I didn't opt for a C-section. I don't think I could cope with that kind or pain."

I nodded, in complete understanding, and hoping I never had to go there again.

Emmett and Edward came back, both a little glassy eyed. Emmett went straight to Rose, hoping up on her bedside as she slid their little bundle of joy into his arms. He made her look so tiny. Which I guess she was, but in her arms she looked so utterly fragile I snapped a picture and show Edward, to which he smiled.

"Bro, you never told me what named you picked out." Edward said, eyeing the baby.

"Oh, ugh, right. Rosie?" She just smiled, before moving to sit a little higher in the bed.

"Tristan May Cullen, we named her after my Grandmother."

"It's beautiful." I said quickly, before waving hello to Tristan.

I noticed the little girl in Emmett arms started to fuss and whine, and Rose reached out immediately. Her baby settled in quickly, but I was guessing a nurse would be in soon to help her breastfeed.

I couldn't help but smile at how naturally Rose seemed to be taking to motherhood. I knew from experience it wasn't easy, in fact it was the hardest thing I had ever had to come to terms with, but Rosalie, was a natural. She was already acting like one of those mother's everyone envied.

Emmett clearing his throat snapped me back to attention. Emmett had apparently been spending a couple of minutes trying to reign my runaway thoughts in, and talk to me.


Edward wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in to give me a quick kiss on my temple.

"Well, you have every right to say no, because we were being d—penises." I shook my head at his correction, that was no better. "but Rosalie and I would like for you two to be Tristan's God Parents."

I turned to look at Edward and the shock on his face mirrored mine completely.

I had no idea what to say, and clearly neither did Edward.

"Say 'yes'". I heard a voice from the door, to see Alice and Jasper. Each holding a twin, while Tanya held on to Jasper's free hand.

I guess my kids were up.

Even though a took a few minutes before I could gather my voice, I did say yes. As did Edward.

"We'd be honoured."

"Alright!" Emmett boomed, stunning three pairs of little ears while Tanya just laughed.

Edward and I didn't stay much longer. Rose needed some rest and I knew Carlisle and Esme were chomping at the bit to meet the new Cullen.

When Edward and I got home, we pretty much passed out straight away with all of the kids in the bed with us. I don't know how the managed to sleep some more, but they did and I was happy because I got a solid two hours before I was being woken up.

Lunch time the following day Rosalie and Tristan were released. Rose had no complications, and Tristan was a little trooper latching and suckling in her first attempt. That was so Emmett's genes.

We had a welcome home party of sorts for them, everyone bringing a couple of dishes and gifts. Charlie even had a few kind words to say to Emm before reaming him about his fainting spell.

In the end though, it felt nice, it reminded me of why I loved my family so much. We weren't always the most conventional, but we loved and we loved hard. We were a family, and I pity the poor bugger who tried to mess with us.

Not just because Emmett and Charlie can legally carry weapons either.

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