Fred receives a howler

The morning air was crisp outside, much like any other November morning in England. But inside the Great hall it was warm. Most, if not all of the students at Hogwarts had accumulated in this warmth. Two of which were Fred and George Weasley.

Much like any other morning the twins ate their breakfast and chatted together, no doubt hatching another prank to play on Filch. However, this morning they were interrupted by the appearance of a small, prim owl that flew down to land between their bowls of porridge. In its beak was a small, vivid red envelope. Fred quickly noted that it was addressed to him, just as George exclaimed that it was in fact a dreaded howler. How ever the poor owl clearly had no idea which of the identical twins before it was to receive the message and stood there looking between the two, waiting for someone to accept it.

Not wanting to receive the howler, Fred preceded to inform the bird that he was in fact George, whilst motioning towards his brother which a cheeky grin. George immediately countered by exclaiming that he was George. The owl was not amused by this mockery. She dropped the now smoking envelope to the table and flew off away. George picked up the envelope and passed it to his brother with a mocking politeness. Defeated, Fred accepted it. Neither of them could work out who had sent it. The name was written in handwriting that was clearly not their mothers. It was a rounded, bubbly print. A style adopted by many teenage girls.

Overwhelmed with curiosity (and the fact that the envelope had begun making a horrid gurgling sound to accompany the smoke) Fred ripped apart the seal. Instantly a shrill female voice filled the entire hall.

You slimy piece of flobberworm excrement!

How dare you crush my best friend's heart as if it were nothing?


She is not just some bludger you can beat away with a bat!

Next time you break up with a girl beware of a friends' wrath and watch your back.

That is of course if anybody would be stupid enough to date a buffoon like you.

You weren't even good enough for her anyway.

May you be beaten by a bludger!

Once the shrill voice had ceased and the envelope shrivelled up into nothing, the twins looked at each other, equally bemused smiles on their faces. Fred instinctively turned to look over at the Ravenclaw table, where a girl was staring back, triumph smeared across her face. Her friend seated next to her crouched low, too embarrassed to look up from her toast due to her friends overreaction. George, who had followed his brother's gaze, pointed out that she was actually quite cute. He stood up, walked over and started to work some magic, much to the surprise of the girl.

Fred turned back to his meal as if nothing had happened.