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Alcohol and lust.

Those were the two things Kyle had decided to pin his current predicament on; that, and the fact that Ian had left her all alone and only under the watch of Melanie. It wasn't that Melanie didn't keep a good eye on her but when Jared entered a room all of her attention was immediately diverted.

That left Wanda completely defenseless.

To him.

And, to every sex deprived man in the room. Most of which he'd been able to defer with particularly nasty glowers that plainly said: Touch her and I'll fucking kill you.

Though, Wanda didn't help his cause to ward off her drunken pursuers nor his resolve not to take advantage of her when she downed another can of beer. Her pale cheeks became even more flushed and her silver eyes seemed to gloss over as she watched everyone around her chatter incessantly. The strap of her white spaghetti strap tank top had fallen off her shoulder just so to give her more sex appeal than she normally held. Which was why, in their drunken stupor, all of the single men had taken a sudden interest in her.

This worried Kyle.

But mostly? It just pissed him the hell off.

What pissed him off more, however, was the fact he shouldn't be so angry. Wanda was his brother's woman—soul—whatever. He shouldn't feel so protective over her. She wasn't his. And she wouldn't be. Ever. Kyle sighed, taking his eyes off Wanda before his nether region could get any more excited. He took another swig of his beer before glaring particularly nastily at one of the drunken idiots who dared to sneak another glance at Wanda.

He gulped down another mouthful of the tasteless beer. Really, if Kyle were honest, he'd admit he was pathetic. It was his birthday, yet all he could manage to do was pine after the one woman he shouldn't and wallow in his own self pity. He was all alone. The woman he had loved, no, still loved—Jodi—was gone. She'd never come back. The Soul that inhabited her body now, the timid Sunny, had assured him she had searched long and hard for an inkling of the woman who had previously inhabited her body. Though, there was nothing. A chill took his heart and Kyle frowned deeply. Perhaps that's why he found himself being slowly captivated by the Soul his brother was enamored with.

She was kind. Selfless. His opposite in every sense of the word. That, and she'd forgiven him for something she shouldn't of. By all rights, he should be hated. Yet… she still smiled at him so casually. Engaged him in conversation. She acted as if he'd never been a right bastard to her. So much so, it confused the hell out of him.

Kyle growled lowly and smashed his can down on the table nearest to him. Why was he feeling so damn irritable? He closed his eyes and touched his forefingers to his temples and rubbed, cursing the blasted party to the fiery pits of hell. It was seriously messing with his head.

The man responsible for Kyle's current mental torture? None other than the infuriatingly eccentric man, Jeb. He was always the one who insisted on monopolizing the events that took place in the caves. Saying since it was "his home, his right." Apparently, it was also in his jurisdiction to throw Kyle an adult birthday party. Alcohol and sexual tension all nicely wrapped up as a delightful birthday package. If the old bastard didn't always carry around that blasted shotgun, he would've done him in long ago.

Although he was at first annoyed by the prospect of the party he was eventually talked into it by his brother, Ian. His younger brother always had a way of talking him into things he was completely against. That and Wanda had been standing at Ian's side, staring at him with her impossibly huge eyes. Half of him agreed just so he could remove himself from her presence. And her fucking adorable eyes. However, shortly before his party, Ian had fallen sick; and, being the stubborn bastard he was, he refused to use any of the Soul's wondrous medicine saying it should "be used for a more urgent matter."

Originally, Wanda was going to stay behind and tend to Ian. Though, Ian—the stubborn bastard—was having none of that. Instead of letting Wanda do as she pleased, Ian asked Melanie to take and keep an eye on her. It had worked at first; Melanie had bustled around Wanda like a mother hen. She wouldn't leave the small woman—er, soul—alone. Wanda had blushed bright red and tried to dissuade Melanie from being so overprotective.

She got her wish when Jared entered. Melanie had flocked to his side and stuck to him like glue.

And, now?

Kyle was having a hard time not killing every bloke in the room making eyes at her. It was driving him absolutely insane. Not to mention the fact that the more alcohol he consumed, the harder and harder it was becoming from him not to walk up to her and strike a conversation. That scenario was a big No-No. Ian wasn't around to keep him in check. And Kyle? He had the absolutely worse self restraint. If he wanted something? He got it.

And Wanda? He wanted her so fucking badly.

"…Mel? I'm… ah… going to … head back now."

Immediately Kyle's head snapped to the right. Wanda had moved from her position against the wall to across the room where Mel and Jared resided. From where he stood and the stance the woman had taken, Kyle could tell Wanda was a little more than wasted. Probably her body's first encounter with alcohol, he thought absently. No tolerance at all. Melanie turned to face her, eyes equally as glazed. She revered Wanda for a moment before a goofy grin broke out on her face.

"Do you want me to waaalkkk you?" Melanie slurred, breaking into a fit of broken giggles at seemingly nothing. "Because I totally caaaan!"

Wanda paused. "…No, That's … okay," she swayed slightly. "I should… I should be fine."

Melanie pouted. "Okaaay, if you say soooo…"

Wanda shifted uneasily as she turned away from Melanie and Jared, making her way to the crooked exit. She walked slow, swaying occasionally, but she seemed stable enough. She would make it to her room alright. As her small frame disappeared around the corner of the entrance, Kyle breathed a mental sigh of relief. His temptress was gone. Perhaps now he could finally enjoy his birthday party in peace.

That thought was, unfortunately, short lived.

No sooner than Wanda had exited the room one of the guys who had be eyeing her, Shitface (as Kyle had affectionately dubbed him when he couldn't remember his name) was quick to follow. This caused Kyle to frown. There was no way he was following the small and frail Wanda with pure intentions. Wanda would be all alone in the dark caverns.


"Damnit!" Kyle seethed as he slammed his drink down on the nearest makeshift table and started for the exit.

"What's gotten in to hiiiim?" He heard Melanie slur behind him as he bounded out of the room and into the awkwardly shaped caverns. Wanda and Shitface couldn't have gotten far before he had gone out of the room after them. Still, Kyle couldn't help but pick up his pace. His heart was hammering a mile a minute inside of his chest—threatening to burst. If Wanda was in any way harmed…

Oh, the things he'd do to the bastard.

"…N-No… please, stop it!" That was most definitely Wanda's distressed voice.

Gritting his teeth, Kyle urged his legs faster, hoping he wouldn't fall flat on his face, which was a bit difficult seeing as he was a might drunk himself. As he rounded a corner, what he saw stopped him in his tracks. Wanda. Sweet, frail, small, adorable Wanda was pinned against the cavern's wall by Shitface. His hands held hers immobile and the most lecherous grin was planted on his lips. It was a grin with intent. A grin that caused Kyle to snap. Before he even realized what he was doing Kyle had stormed over to the man, grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and ripped him off of Wanda.

The man stumbled backwards, almost tripping over his own heels. "Heeey, what the heeeelll man?" Shitface slurred as he tried—and failed—to focus his eyes onto Kyle's face.

"That's my question," Kyle growled, tightening his hold on Shitface's shoulder and slamming him up against the nearest wall. "What," he seethed, "the hell were you doing to Wanda?"

Shitface's expression had gone from confusion to that of fear. "…N-Nothing…," he stuttered.

"Nothing?!" Kyle seethed. "Nothing?! I don't call shoving her up against a wall against her will nothing, you fucking bastard!" With this said Kyle pulled the man away from the wall and punched him hard in the face. The man clutched his nose and moaned slightly in pain as he fell to the floor. Kyle's frown deepened as he took a step forward, intent on kicking the shitface a few times.

"…Stop!" Suddenly, Kyle could feel Wanda's small arms encircling his right arm and jerking backwards. "Please…" she pleaded with him.

In an instant, his anger was vanquished.

Gently, Kyle pulled his arm from Wanda's grasp and bent down towards Shitface. He gripped the man's collar tightly and hoisted him up to his feet. "Get the fuck out of here," he growled. "And never touch Wanda again. If you do, I'll personally wring your neck," Kyle gave the man one last glare before releasing the man. Shitface was quick to scramble away.

Kyle sighed and turned to look at Wanda. However, before he could get a good look at her face, she stepped forward and engulfed him in a tight hug. Kyle froze. He forgot how to breathe. Why was Wanda hugging him?

"Thank you," she said softly. "...Ian."



Kyle suddenly felt sick.

In her drunken stupor, she must have mistaken him for his brother. After all, they did look and sound a lot of like. In a drunken haze, it was no wonder Wanda had gotten them confused. Still, it cut him deeply. If she knew who had really saved her, would she be hugging him as she was now? Suddenly, Kyle felt a rush of jealousy towards his brother. His jealousy mixed with his drunkenness and lust towards the Soul. The rush of emotion and alcohol caused him to do something unforgivable.

He kissed Wanda. Passionately. Fervently.

She kissed him back. Tentatively at first, as if she wasn't used to the fervor. She gasped lightly, deliciously and Kyle couldn't bring himself to stop. Her body felt too good against his. Too fucking good. Letting out a wanton growl of his own, Kyle parted his lips from hers for only a moment so that he could press her—gently, of course—against the nearest wall. Then his lips were once again attacking hers, his tongue slipping into her mouth with ease, exploring.

God, how he'd craved this.

Lost in the heat of the moment Kyle took the opportunity to slide his hand slowly up underneath Wanda's skimpy white tank top that had been torturing him the entire night. Her skin was soft, just as he knew it would be. She shivered at his touch and pulled herself closer to him, deepening the kiss on her own. Feeling bolder, Kyle glided his hand around Wanda's waist and up her back, where it found its prize. Carefully, he unhooked Wanda's bra and slid the straps off her shoulders with no difficulty.

They broke the kiss briefly, gasping for breath.

Wanda looked to him, her eyes filled with so much love it was terrifying. "…Ian," she breathed. "I love you…"

Kyle paused, his actions hitting him like a ton of bricks.

What was he doing?!

This was Wanda his brother's woman.

And he was…

He was…

Oh, shit. Kyle mentally cursed, feeling disgusted with himself. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!

"…Ian?" Wanda whispered. "What's wrong? Why did you stop?"


Fuck, Ian!

Kyle quickly pushed himself away from Wanda. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"For what?" He could tell she was confused. "Ian?"

"Just," he paused, gathering himself together. "Just go back to the room Wanda. I'll… I'll be there in a bit."

Wanda bit her lower lip. "Alright…," she murmured as she squeezed Kyle's upper forearm slightly and then turned to walk towards the room she shared with Ian. As Kyle watched her figure disappeared at the end of the cavern the guilt overwhelmed him. How could he of done that? Not only had he betrayed his brother, he betrayed Wanda's newfound trust in him.

He was such a bastard.

He'd never forgive himself.

Kyle gritted his teeth and punched the wall where Wanda's body had been previously. "I'm sorry, Wanda."

His knuckles bled, but he did nothing to stop it.

"I'm so sorry, Ian," his voice cracked.

Happy birthday, he thought miserably. Happy fucking birthday.






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