Chapter 1


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p.s italic mean's flash back/ thinking

_ _ _ _ 5 years after Lelouch's fake death_ _ _ _

It's been 5 years since the death of Lelouch Lamperouge the son of Charles zi Britannia and Marianne vi Britannia. Everyone saw his death at the hands of the world most wanted criminal Zero, but what everyone didn't know was that his father had given him the mark of immortally.

Now him and C.C are now married and live on a farm no were near their friends and enemies. They lived in a low populated area where they could live in peace. Lucky for them Lelouch had given C.C some money before their plan had went into action. "Honey can you tell the builders to get the rest of the wood we need, for the other side of the bran I at least want our home to be build today" said Lelouch in a broad tone as he sat under a tree reading a book.

"Why me can't you see that I'm doing something important" replied C.C in a board tone as well

"What's so important that you can't even tell the builders to hurry" replied Lelouch As he turned to see her eating pizza while looking at him

"So this is what you think is important, you're just eating pizza" said Lelouch as he tried to grab a piece but his hand got hit with a stick C.C was holding

"Ouch! Why did you hit me with a stick?" he replied as he rubbed his hurt hand

"Because this is mine yours, is over there next to the unfinished living room next to the table' said C.C as she pointed to their unfinished house

Lelouch then got up from the ground and headed to the house but as he was walking, he starting to think, why did he marry her in the first place she nothing like a real wife, she can't cook to save her life even though she was immortal, you would think since you lived for so damn long you would be a professional cook or something, plus she made him do the all cleaning and she doesn't even lift a finger to help him with the animals they got at a good price. As these thoughts were running inside his head he went inside the house and grabbed his box of pizza and headed back outside.

But as he was heading back to C.C he couldn't help but think of the past as well, during the 5 past years Suzaku has been the new zero. And up till now not even he knows that he lived that day

_ _ _ _Flashback to five years ago_ _ _ _

At the funeral of Lelouch aka the Lelouch the demon is what many people called him before is fake death

"Hooray hooray, Lelouch the demon is dead, zero has killed him" said many of the city's people as many of the celebrating . but as many people were celebrating, two people were sadden by his death

"I can't believe he's gone, my big brother he did all this just to make me happy, he killed so many people including our friends how could he do this, I would've been ok if it was just the two of us, I wish he didn't have to die to keep his promise" said Nuannuly as she cried

"I know how you must feel, I know that he must be up there with Shirley, he once told me that they made a promise to meet each other in heaven, I bet he's with her right now" said zero (Suzaku) Nuannuly knew who was under that mask she told him to take off the mask and show people that he didn't die But Suzaku told her the story of how her brother died and how he became the new zero it took her 3 years to get over it but she never forgotten the brother she always loved no matter what

_ _ _ _End of flashback_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ a few hours later_ _ _ _

After the workers had gotten their pay and left both Lelouch and C.C had finally went inside their home? "Finally our new home is done and now we can finally take a proper bath, instead of having all those holes in the walls and have all those cold winters in there two didn't help any" said C.C as she headed up stairs

"Ok so now that we paid the workers, I can also make a proper dinner it should only take an hour or so" said Lelouch as he looked at C.C

"Well before you start dinner you have to take care, of the farm animals and don't forget to pick the apples from the trees, we have to have them boxed for tomorrow" said C.C as she looked at Lelouch

"you're really not like most wife's, you know that, but don't worry I won't forget" replied Lelouch as he headed back outside as C.C headed to the shower

After a few minutes C.C had gathered some clothes and a towel and headed to the bathroom, she then turned on the water and waited a few minutes she taken off her clothes and headed into the shower, but while she was showering C.C began thinking back to the time when they got married Their wedding was not fancy it was a very small wedding a few people they knew from town she didn't care for a big wedding she just wanted to live in peace with her new husband. She liked how life was for the two of them no war no killing and no government to deal with she was happy that after hundreds of years of living she could have the peace and freedom she wanted.

_ _ _ _Half hour later_ _ _ _

After half an hour C.C had gotten out of the shower, she then got dressed she was wearing a white t-shirt with some black jogging pants she then settled up the shower for Lelouch, after that she went downstairs to see Lelouch just heading in

"Hey Honey you can take shower now I already heated it up for you" said C.C as she looked at Lelouch

"Oh thank you, I'll be out in a minute, after that I'll start making dinner, this time how about I make one of my homemade pizza" said Lelouch in a happy tone as C.C smiled

"You know me so well don't you Lelouch" said C.C

"Well of course we are married, so why not be a happy married couple at that" he replied as he headed upstairs

_ _ _ _Another half hour later_ _ _ _

Lelouch was done with his shower and got his night clothes on he went to the kitchen right away he noticed that the kitchen was a mess, he then headed to the dining room and saw the most amazing thing ever. C.C had set up the table with all their favorite foods with 2 candles in the middle and she also saw their favorite dessert's

"Now this is a surprise, I thought I was the one that was supposed to make dinner, this is a first, what brought this on" said Lelouch as he looked at C.C

"Well when you were taking your shower, I thought about all the work you did today, and I thought you deserved a reward, so I decided that I would cook for you today, like a real wife should do for their husband, and besides today is special" said C.C as she went towards Lelouch

"Today? What's so special about today?" asked Lelouch in curiously

"today is a special day, the day that you and me can start living, we worked like crazy to build a good life for us even after the horrible things we both did in the past, now we can forget the past and start our future" Said C.C as she gently grabbed Lelouch chin and gave him a kiss on the lips after a few minutes they pulled back Lelouch then grabbed a the wine bottle and poured them a glass, he then gave one to C.C

"Let's start having a good long life together C.C" said Lelouch as he raised his glass next to hers

"Yes let's start our long life together" replied C.C as they clanged to glass's and then drank their wine, they than kissed again knowing that nothing could ruined the moment

_ _ _ _End of chapter 1_ _ _ _

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