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Once upon a time there was a boy who was called Kyon. This was not his true name but it eventually overshadowed and then replaced the true name, and thus Kyon he became.

When he was young he dreamed of the world beyond the sight of mere humans, of Espers and Aliens, Time Travellers and Dimension Sliders. At first he searched for them with religious fervour, but in time came to accept that the fantastic, if it truly existed, was not his to find.

But one day he met a girl who embodied his search, and what he had long since lost. Her name was Haruhi and from that point onward Kyon's fate would be forever intertwined with hers.

As they progressed on the path of time Haruhi gathered the mysterious and the unknown towards her; but for all her searching she forever failed to see the fruits of her search before her. Kyon was the one who blinded her to these things, he hid the Aliens, the Espers and the Time Travellers away from Haruhi, for to let her find them would mean the end of all.

She despaired at the ordinary, uninteresting world that she existed within. She raged at the fact that despite everything she had done the world had failed to grant her even a glimpse of what craved. Yet she was calmed, the leaden weight of the ordinary lightened from the presence of Kyon and the rest of her followers, her SOS brigade.

Once day however, her count came one short. And again, the next day Kyon was missing once more. She questioned those around her, she spoke to his sister and parents, she searched high and low, yet Kyon was no where to be found. No matter how much his parents searched or the police investigated, it was as if he had dropped from the face of the earth. Only the rapidly fading marks of his life was left of him, and in time Haruhi came to understand that this was yet another mystery to whose answer may never be found, perhaps not even by her...


I winced as the familiar thump of the TARDIS landing reverberated up my legs. Somehow it always caught me by surprise, despite having experienced it well over a thousands times.

"So, where are we now?" I asked, causually thrusting my hands into my suit pockets.

"Early Twenty-first century Japan!' Exclaimed the Doctor, looking more alien than ever as the green light of the TARDIS console lit his features.

I stood stunned for a few seconds. "I take it that I won't be able to come this time?" I asked, almost hoping for the Doctor to shake his head.

What do you mean? Of course you're coming!" The Doctor looked up at me and flashed a million-wat smile that reminded me painfully of why I avoided this time period. "I need someone familiar with the lingo!"

I raised a sceptical eyebrow at him. "The TARDIS translates every language known, and unknown, to humankind at any period in history, besides, you've never needed a guide when we were on some planet in who-knows-what-galaxy."

"Aww," The Doctor pouted. "But I thought you would want to see all your old friends". God his whining voice is annoying!

"I don't." I said bluntly. "And besides, they wouldn't recognise me now anyway!" I took a small lemon-drop-confectionery from my pocket and popped it into my mouth after taking off the foil. It wasn't an outright lie. I was chronologically (that's according to the TARDIS clock by the way, you try keeping a track of your age in a time machine and see how long it is before you develop a migraine) twenty-four years old now. Nearly a decade had passed for me since I had first stepped into the TARDIS. But I still appeared similar to my sixteen year old self, however there was still no way anyone from my old life would believe I was Kyon.

I still despise that name with every molecule in my body. Just to be clear.

Well, I know that Haruhi wouldn't, she would assume someone was playing a joke on her and I couldn't tell her the truth or she mght have become self-aware. I suppose the other SOS members might believe me, especially Asahina, but to be honest I think that would be worse. Anyway, I still looked pretty much the same as I did a decade ago, albeit wearing a buttoned-up suit, complete with a black overcoat... dammit! I was even dressing like him now!

"But you're my good luck charm!" The Doctor pouted again, looking like an idiot for the millionth time. Great, first I was a minion/punching-bag for Haruhi and now I've been demoted to a lucky charm for the Doctor.

I sighed, "look, I don't like coming back here, okay?"

The Doctor hesitated for a second, his eternal grin faltering before coming back at full force. "Aww, Is someone a little bit shy?"

I bit back a sarcastic response at the last second. "You know that's not the reason." I said softly.

The Doctor sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his silly expression fading to disappointment. "Look.. there's a reason for why I want you to come along, all right?'

I nearly refused again, but I knew that The Doctor wouldn't ask me in that tone unless there was something bigger than me and my issues going on. "... Fine, but... tell me the truth, will I have to see Haruhi and the others again?" My stomach clenched in anticipation of the answer I feared.

The Doctor just bowed his head, I let out a shuddering breath. Well, looks like you really can't run forever, I thought bitterly, not even through all of time and space....