A little fragile


The cold, murky water was rising by the second. My feet were immersed, and my toes began to crinkle up; I hated that feeling. I didn't understand why I was being forced underneath the surface of the water, why my body was shaking or why my mind was collapsing in on itself. Two strong hands were pushing my head down, further down into the darkness.
Panic mode settled in. I realised the seriousness of the situation, and it was then that my lungs began to aspire, and I stopped breathing.
Startled and breathing heavily, I awoke. My thoughts were spinning around my head, making it even more difficult to concentrate. For some unknown reason, the colours on the walls were changing from a shade of blue, to a solid purple.
"Freaking hell. I am going mad." I muttered, beginning to sit up. I had to prop myself up on my elbows before I could go any further; my body ached.

Chapter 1

As the sun broke through the blinds; my eyes closed. I couldn't handle the brightness and saturation of the colours. It was no use. Even when I closed my eyes, the colours seemed to worm their way into my head. There was only one option left; get up and face the day.
I groaned at the thought, convincing myself I'd rebel against the world, by staying where I was for as long as I wanted to; yet I sat up anyway. Twisting through my bed covers, I found my way onto my feet.
"Ana, breakfast's ready!" Ugh. That's the annoying sound of my mother's voice; what a sound to wake up to.
I trudged down the stairs, acting like a fed up child. "Mum, could you not shout so loud, I have a headache..." I mumbled to her, sitting down on by the table, my head in my hands.
"I have to. If I don't, you don't get up. Simple" She replied cheerily. I had to give it to her, for a single mum with a 'problem child' she didn't look at the bad side of life.
"Anyway, it's your first day at your new school today" She grinned at me, one of those smiles that stretched from ear to ear.
"I'm not going" I mumbled again. I seemed to be mumbling a lot to day- then again, that's what I do.
"What?" She asked with disbelief in her voice. I didn't want to make her unhappy, but I did not want to go.
"I'm not going" I repeated, slowing it down for her benefit. I couldn't handle school, not after last time...
She leant in, looking me in the eye; I flinched back. "You are going. After everything you've put me through, how dare you tell me you're not going"
"Oh, not this again! " I said louder, now on my feet. "We moved because YOU wanted to, not me. It's not my fault what happened, not my fault you're boyfriend was a psycho and tried drowning me! "
I was screaming now, the anger built up from my past was just falling out now.