FGB One Shot

The Honeymoon

We walked hand in hand to our room, me leaning into Jasper, as we slowly ambled down the hall way. Not really in a hurry, content just being together, but wanting him, wanting him to make love me to me as his wife. Jasper stopped us at the door, opened it and smirked at me. I giggled as he lifted me up and carried me across the threshold, kicking the door closed behind us. My arms wrapped around his neck, I kissed him deeply as he held me tight to his chest. As the kiss grew in intensity Jasper slowly began lowering me to my feet. Jasper pulled back from the kiss and just looked down at me, his eyes traveling up and down my body hungrily. The way his eyes darkened as they went, the way his tongue flicked out across his lips made my entire body shudder.

"You are so damn beautiful Mrs. Whitlock," Jasper whispered as his face drew closer to mine again. He kissed my lips gently and began placing gentle kisses across my jaw and down my neck. He kissed across my throat and paid equal attention to the other side of my neck before his lips moved down my shoulder. His hands slowly moved up my arms which he kept at my sides, while his lips kissed and nipped their way to the strap of my dress.

His hand met his lips at the strap and both straps began their trip down my arms under his fingers. His lips content to remain on my shoulder. I felt his arm wrap around my waist reaching up to the low V of my dress and the zipper closure. The zipper came down slowly as his lips traveled back across my shoulder, his tongue licking at my clavicle before the kisses retreated down to my breast. His mouth pushing the fabric down as the gown began sliding against my body. As the dress hit the floor Jasper's mouth found my bare nipple and his tongue circled it lightly as his hands slid down my sides.

Jasper's hands stopped, his mouth sucking my nipple into it, my hands rested on his shoulders. He pulled back, taking my hands in his and once again he inspected my body. It was his turn to shudder. Jasper just stared at the shelf corset panty less garter.

"Holy fuck Bella."

I tried not to giggle as his entire body responded to the sight before him. It was by far the sexiest lingerie I had ever worn, including the fashion show I gave him when we first met. I was so happy to be able to make him respond like that. I crooked my finger to him, licked my lips, stuck my chest out and whispered to him, "Come and get your present Mr. Whitlock."

Jasper cocked his head, licked his lips and slowly stalked his way back to me. The look in his eyes made me so wet that I could feel the moisture between my legs spreading. Jasper stopped right in front of me and his hands began sliding down my sides as he dropped to his knees in front of me. His arms wrapped around my hips and he began kissing up my thighs as his tongue flicked against my skin.

My legs shook and I panted for breath, trying desperately to stay in control. I felt his tongue at the apex of my thighs and a moan escaped my lips. His hands slid over the garters, which he left in place as his tongue swiped my wet slit.

"Oh God, Jasper" I couldn't help myself; it left my lips before I could stop myself.

He responded by smacking my ass and I nearly lost it. Biting my lip, I spread my legs wider for him and was rewarded with his tongue rubbing roughly over my clit. I wasn't sure how long my legs would hold me up they were like noodles already, and he had barely touched me. My hands fisted in his hair, gently pulling at it as his tongue flicked quickly against my clit, teasing at my entrance.

My breathing coming hard and fast, my hips trying to rock against Jasper's face, but he held my hips too tightly against him to allow it. I fought against screaming out for him already as his tongue plunged into me, flicking at my walls.

"Jasper, oh fuck, Jasper baby, my god," I whispered, panting and mewing.

He kept up his flicking motion, circling my walls, his hands cupping my ass squeezing it roughly, almost too hard; the slight pain turned me on as his tongue fucked my pussy. I felt his hands spreading my ass, his fingers running down me as he gripped each cheek, his thumb pushing against my tight puckered hole, circling it.

"Oh, uhhh, oh Jasper..." I moaned out unable to keep quiet.

Jaspers fingers slid against my slit collecting the wetness spreading and running it back, his thumb pushing its way into my ass.

I screamed out, FUCK! and my walls clenched as my body shook through the rippling tide of orgasms that started.

Jasper smirked as he knelt back and stood, kissing me passionately.

"Bella, that stays on." Jasper took my hand and led me to the bed, as his eyes devoured me yet again.

"Whatever you want, Jasper"

"I'm sorry, but when you wear something like that, I can't control myself."

"Jasper, we have the next eighty years for slow and sensual, I wore it because I want you, I wanted to drive you wild tonight."

"Bella, you drive me wild every night."

"Now, up on the bed, on your hands and knees."

I giggled and climbed up on the bed, shaking my ass at him. I felt the sharp sting as his hand came down across my flesh. I bit my lip and braced myself for whatever was to come next.

Jasper walked to the other side of the bed in front of me and stripped out of his clothes, tossing them to the floor while he stared at me, his eyes filled with lust and need. He crawled up the bed toward me on his knees, not stopping until his cock was right in my face. His hands lifting my chin as he brought it to my mouth, tracing my lips with his glistening tip.

My tongue flicked out, licking the pre-cum from his tip, kissing it softly. Jasper pulled my head back by the hair and pressed down on my chin with his thumb, my mouth opening wide as he thrust into me.

I closed my mouth around him and ran my tongue down the length, gently sucking and licking as his hips began rocking into me. Jaspers hands guided my head.

He stopped me before I could bring him to release. "No, that's not how I want it Bella."

He crawled around me not letting go of my hair and entered my quickly from behind, his other hand rubbing my ass as he thrust in and out of me faster and faster, whispering into my ear the entire time. "I love you so much Bella."

We spent the entire rest of the night that way, not making tender sweet wedding night love, but taking each other the way we always have, the way we both needed and craved, the way that defined us, that made us so incredibly passionate toward each other.

In the morning we met the others, just on time to leave for the flight, grabbing muffins and coffee for the ride.

I was sure everyone in the house had heard my screams the night before, but nobody said a word and it seemed no one had had any sleep. We piled into the limo and Rose started pouring Bloody Marys from a pitcher.

I laughed and took one, sipping it slowly, leaning against Jasper for the ride to the airport. We slept most of the flight and I felt fine by the time we landed and drove to the dock to embark on the ship.

The ship was simply magnificent. It was everything the boys could have ever dreamed up. Each couple had their own suite, luxurious was an understatement. It was like being in your own private paradise. We all unpacked and spent some time in our rooms.

Jasper and I decided to go explore the ship awhile before we were set to meet up with the others. We walked hand in hand around the decks, checking out the Main Salon, the dining room, there was a deck boasting a hot tub and a conversation area complete with a fire pit. The craziest thing was the water toy station. The ship was so big that it held what I could only think of as garages for speed boats and jet skis. Jasper was like a kid in a candy store, I knew he couldn't wait to jump on one of the jet skis and take off.

We checked out the on board gym and it rivaled the one Jasper had built at home. I was looking forward to doing yoga with the girls in the big open floor space. I laughed my ass off when I spotted the portable pole on one side and pointed it out to Jasper. He nearly passed out when I suggested dancing for him later on.

Surprisingly, Rose and Emmett were the first two we ran into on the ship exploration. We found them in the disco, Emmett dipping Rose under the disco ball, his lips on her throat, Rose smacking the back of his head.

"Hey, are we interrupting?" Jasper teased.

"No, asshat here thinks he's Casanova all of a sudden, and I still can't even walk straight." Rose laughed.

"Oh my god, ROSE!" I feigned shock, but honestly, it was Rose and Emmett and I think they rivaled us when it came to the bedroom.

Emmett just puffed out his chest as he set Rose back upright on her feet and wrapped his arm around her waist.

The four of us headed to the outdoor dining area to meet the others and arrived just as Peter and Char walked onto the deck. Tyler and Liz followed a few minutes later. We all sat down, the waiters came out with a tray of Bloody Mary's and our salad course.

It reminded of Sunday family dinner, I just sat back and watched and listened, the boys bantering back and forth and the girls mainly ignoring it and carrying on their own post wedding rundown.

Jasper turned and looked at me and squeezed my hand in his on top of the table and kissed my head. "Everything okay Bella?"

"Perfect." I said looking out at our family.

Every meal was the same, one big happy family, laughing and joking and arguing and teasing back and forth.

We decided to just hang out on deck that afternoon, lounging, and swimming. Everyone was still tired from the days before. After lunch we all changed into our swimsuits and met back at the pool deck, we talked and drank and enjoyed the sun. Later the boys took the jet skis out for awhile.

In the evening Emmett treated us to his version on Tone Loc's Wild Thing on the karaoke in the disco. I don't think I ever laughed quite so hard.

When Emmett started stroking himself while singing, "Couldn't get her off my jack she was like static cling But that's what happens when body start slappin' from doin' the wild thing" I thought we'd sink the ship from laughing so hard. Rose turned redder than I had ever seen her and finally just shook her head and danced in front of him, grinding against him.

We danced and drank and each took turns embarrassing ourselves singing. When I heard the first chords of Joe Nichols I jumped up and grabbed Rose, Char and Liz and hit the dance floor.

She said I'm going out with my girlfriends
Margaritas at the Holiday Inn
Lord have mercy, my only thought
Was Tequila makes her clothes fall off

My hips were swaying, my hands grazing down my sides, the only thing I saw, Jasper, smirking, watching me as I kicked my shoes off toward him.

She'll start with kickin' out of her shoes
Lose an earring in her drink
Leave her jacket in the bathroom stall
Drop a contact down the sink

I pulled the earring off and tossed it to him. My sweater jacket followed it. Jasper was laughing as he held out a shot of Patron for me and stuck a lime between his teeth. I danced my way to him and saw the other girls doing the same towards their husbands. I did a grind against Jasper's thigh as my hands slid their way up, under his shirt my tongue licking its way behind the shirt. Jasper wasn't laughing anymore and I could feel his arousal tugging at his jeans when I hooked my leg around his hip and opened my mouth for the shot glass. Mouthing the glass, wrapping my arm around Jasper's neck I tilted my head back swallowing the fiery liquid.

As I made my way back up, opening my lips, dropping the glass into my hand, my eyes locked on Jasper's. His eyes were so dark and filled with hunger, by the time my lips crashed against his for the lime his hands were on my ass, lifting me, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I felt his hands sliding up my back, my tank top rising with them. I could feel Jasper's steps as he walked us, but didn't bother to open my eyes to find out his destination. I didn't realize, or care, where we were headed until hearing the last of the song through the ship's speakers he was setting me down on the edge of the hot tub pulling the shirt over my head.

She don't mean nothing - she's just havin fun
Tomorrow she'll say oh what have I done
Her friends will joke about the stuff she lost
ya tequila makes her clothes fall off
oh Tequila makes her clothes fall off

My jeans were sliding down over my hips and down my legs. I was left standing against the hot tub in nothing but a thong, Jasper pulling his jeans off in front of me. I had no idea what had become of the others and really, really didn't care.

Jasper's strong arms lifted me and he stepped into the tub with me in his arms, knelt me down on the bench facing the jets, aimed right at my core. His arms wound around me, playing with my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers and thumbs. My hands reached out for the tubs edge, bracing myself, the water crashing hard against me, Jaspers fingers turning me to a wet noodle. I felt his body against my back, his cock twitching against me.

I heard the words he whispered into my ear, as he slid inside me. "You are so fucking sexy Mrs. Whitlock; I can't keep my hands off of you, or my dick out of you."

"Then don't," I whispered back.

The sensation of the water streaming from the jets, Jasper pounding into me from behind, our playful banter, I came undone entirely too fast, Jasper followed right behind me.

I collapsed back into his chest, he kissed my neck and shoulders and we sat just talking for awhile in the hot water, the jets circulating the water around us. A fire burning in the fireplace on the deck casting an orange and red glow against the ocean and bouncing off the deck. The cooler air, the heat of the water and the fireplace providing just enough warmth to contrast it.

Things seemed to slow down then, the ship seemed to hum and buzz under its engines and the world around us just stood still. There wasn't anyone else but us, just Jasper and Bella, alone at last, together forever.