K-ON! Portable Performers by Morning Blue

Chapter 1: Sleepover!

Tonight was a special summer night for young Yui Hirasawa; it was a sleepover night! She had to get by Mio and Azusa's reluctant desire to spend one of the finite nights of summer vacation they had sleeping over their friend's, only accepting when Yui told them it would double as band practice. Ritsu and Mugi had no objections from the start, thinking it sounded like fun. The five girls, earlier having hung out together for the day, were now arriving at Yui's place. Right before entering, though, Mio popped the question,

"We ARE going to practice, right?"

Unfortunately for Mio, Yui who was too busy talking with Ritsu about what to order for dinner.

"Sure, sure", Yui half-hearedly answered as she went back to talking with her friend. Mio just sighed.

That night was a fairly busy night; pizza, movies, and some practice (though not a lot). By the time it was all over it was 12:30 A.M., and all the girls were full from eating. Their instruments still laid out in the living room, Yui and her friends decided to sleep in the living room, while her sister Ui went up to her own bedroom to sleep. Before doing so, she gave them each separate pillows and blankets to sleep with.

"Thanks, Ui!" Yui said to her sister as she went upstairs for the night.

"You're welcome", she replied. "See you all tomorrow!"

"What a great night! Yui, let's do sleepovers more often!" Ritsu said to her friend as the two placed some pillows on the living room to sleep on.

"Definitely, Ricchan!" agreed Yui as she placed a pillow on the floor to the right of her friend.

"Those movies sure were fun to watch!" Mugi added, sleeping just to the right of Yui and Rtisu.

"We're not kids anymore, guys. And I wished we practiced for more than 20 minutes", Mio sighed, placing her pillow on the opposite side of the room. "Though I do admit it was fun..even if those movies were scary.."

"I wish we practiced more too, but that pizza was delicious!" Azusa smiled as she placed her pillow on the ground next to Mio. "And I liked those movies."

"Azu-nyan, sleep with us!" Yui whined. "It's lonely over here!"

"Um, no...", replied Azusa, imagining Yui hugging her in her sleep like a teddy bear.

"Hey, let's watch another movie!" Ritsu suggested as she almost turned on the T.V...until she was smacked upside the head by a fast-moving Mio.

"No! It's late!" Mio noted.

"Oh come onnnnn, Mio-chan!" Yui asked her nicely with puppy dog eyes.

"Oh all right, but only ONE!", Mio told the cheerful Yui as she popped in another DVD.

"Ricchan, I got the DVD you wanted!" she told her friend, showing her the cover of the DVD. It showed 2 dolls that were apparently pulling on the head hairs of a human male of around the age of 20 or so. The man had light brown hair, green eyes, and was about 5'8". He was dressed in a blue suit of sorts. One of the dolls attacking him had long, blonde hair, green eyes, and wore a red dress. Another doll had short, black hair, blue eyes, and wore a dress that vaguely looked like a Victorian maid outfit.

"Oooh, Doll Attack'! I saw that movie before. It's really funny", Mugi said, smiling as Yui started up the DVD. Mio, meanwhile, curled up into a ball, scared already by the concept. Azusa comforted the poor girl until the movie's opening title, after which she joined Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi in watching it.

The movie itself was pretty weird. Apparently it was about an old man who found a way to bring inanimate objects to life. Seeing his granddaughter's dolls lying around, he uses them as test subjects. The dolls then wreak havoc across the city, eventually settling in at a Japanese salary man's house, where they torture him ona daily basis. Eventually, though, the three get along, especially when the mad scientist's granddaughter finds out he brought her dolls to life.

"Those dolls are very cute. I wonder what it'll be like if we WERE that small? Wouldn't that be fun, Ricchan?" Yui asked Ritsu, who looked dumbfounded.

"I guess it would be neat, but I wouldn't be able to play the drums", she replied as she ate more popcorn.

"I would like to be small too, if only for a while. It would be fun looking at the world at such a fun perspective!" Mugi added between sips of soda.

"I..don't want to be smaller than I already am", Azusa whispered to herself.

"Are you kidding?! Azu-nyan, you'd be even cuter tiny!" Yui teased the girl as she hugged her.

After the movie ended two hours later, all the girls were finally off to sleep. Their memories of the movie, about the tiny dolls and their interaction with the gigantic world around them, was not lost on them, unaware that their lives too would become much bigger.

To Be Continued..