Running Atlantis was insane but never dull. Sam was in her office when Rodney ran in yelling

"General O'Neill's coming in for a surprise inspection within the hour."

Sam was truly surprised. Jack always let her know when he was visiting. It had to be a special surprise for her." Sam thought.

She was excited because she really missed her husband.

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Sam stood while the wormhole opened. If she hadn't had such strict military training she was sure she'd be fidgeting.

As Jack walked through Sam smiled her brightest smile that she always saved just for him. Problem was he didn't smile back. He didn't even smirk. Something was really wrong. He looked liked he dreaded being here.

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When they got to her room, Sam shut the door behind them and waited for Jack to speak.

"Carter," whenever he reverted back to Carter and they weren't in bed it only meant bad news. "This isn't working."

Sam's face was the picture of shock.

"Carter, we need to do something. I can't live in Washington and never see you. First, it was going back to the SG and then it was Atlantis. When are we going to be together? "

"But Jack, I thought things were going fine. We're happy. . . aren't we?"

"I had an affair Sam!" Anger and fury took over Sam

"Is this about sex Jack! Really, you can't live without having sex while I'm in Atlantis! I thought I knew you better than that!"

Jack's voice was so quiet that Sam had to lean in to hear him

"It wasn't about the sex. When we were on SG1 together I still got to spend time with you. I can't even remember the last time we just sat down and talked together." Jack sighed. "I came here because I can't live without you. I love you and I want to make a change, but I can't be alone Sam. . . . I've felt for a long time now that your job has been your affair."

Sam began to cry "That's not fair Jack"

"Maybe not Sam, but can you even remember the last time you saw me face to face"

Sam could barely sob out what she wanted to say. "No"

"What I did wasn't right Sam but I want to make it better, whatever way we can. I want to go to counseling and I want us to finally have a life together. I've put in for retirement and it will be finalized next month. The question is . . . what do you want Sam."

Sam could barely speak. She loved her job. She had made the mistake once before of choosing her job over Jack and she'd almost lost him and now she had done it again. This time if she chose her job she knew with 100 percent certainty that she would lose him.

Jack stood waiting for her answer as Sam realized that, truly and honestly, . . . she would beg him to stay if she had to.

She reached out her arms and Jack finished the hug.

"I don't want us to be over Jack. I love you so much."

"We aren't over Sam. A lot of it is my fault. I should have chased after you, but now I'm never gonna let you go. We'll make it Sam. We're meant too. I love you more than you could ever know."

Sam pulled back and saw that Jack had some tears too.

Sam smiled. She felt safe and happy. "But you understand now that I need the social security number of that skank from before and you owe me a lot of blue jello"

"5,000 lbs of blue jello it is, and why do you want her social. . . oh. . . you can't kill her Sam"

Sam's smile turned into a smirk, "I wasn't going to, I was just going to hack into the government files and make her a wanted terrorist"

She could see Jack was really confused which made her giggle a little bit.

"Hey! No giggling."

She knew that it wouldn't be as easy as they was trying to make it seem now. There were trust issues that would have to be dealt with and priorities to organize. But with counseling , love, and commitment, no matter how clichéd it sounded, she knew they could and would make it. They had to.

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