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Salt Daal was a good man; I inherited a lot from him. He was a world renound explorer; He discovered new fruits every single day! And every fruit he found, he would first show me and tell me about it. Then when I was your age, I began to cook with them. He was very supportive of my chef dream. On the day I left to go on my own when I was 18, he left for an adventure of his own. 10 years later, I got a call from him, and I was relieved to hear he was okay. He had told me he found a new fruit. But this was different. This fruit upon consumption changed the eaters DNA to give them super powers. He spent 100 years studying all of the types of the fruit. He wrote all of his studies in a book. But then, He vanished. 10 years later I heard he died. I traveled a week until I found his funeral. When I got there I found his devil fruit book. No one knows how he died.___________________________________________________________

Chowder sat in silence for a while "WOW!!! HE WAS AWESOME!!! I WISH I COULD HAVE MET HIM!!!"

~yep, he was…. Well, you got a big day tomorrow so ya better rest up~

So Chowder slept the rest of the night, unknowing of the adventure that tomorrow holds.

"Students! We will land very shortly at the school" said the intercom waking many students.

"Curry, are you nervous about school?" Chowder said as he organized his food loc- I mean backpack.

"Nah, I've been here before, nothing will surprise me." Curry said as he looked cool and collected.

Gorgonzola, which was across the isle, leaned toward Curry and Chowder. "Hey Curry, I think, if you're going to this school, what kinda apprentice are you?'

"Mixed martial arts, I'm a fighter!" Curry answered looking tough.

Panini, who was in front of them looked back at them. "Hey, your almost as cute as Chowder." Panini said dreamily

"Hey, I thought you crushed on me?" Chowder said whiningly.

Curry laughed "You do like her!"

"SHUT UP!!!" Chowder yelled.

Panini looked back at Chowder "Don't worry Num-Num's, your still gonna be my future husband."

Chowder looked confused "I can't tell if that's a good thing…"

The group began to walk out of the plane and Gorgonzola, Chowder and Panini looked at how big the school grounds were. There were 5 school buildings, 4 lounges for the students, 2 cafeterias, 1 huge teachers lounge, and 4 hotels for the student's rooms. "WOW!" Chowder said with glistening eyes. "I second that." Gorgonzola said. The 3 stood there for a few minutes. Curry stood there for a second, but not even near as long as the others. "Yo," Curry said "if you were wondering, were all in hotel 1. And, we better hurry or the trolley to the hotel will lea-"Curry was cut short upon hearing the trolley doors shut. "Damn! We gotta hurry!" Curry said as he started running to the trolley. The others came to their senses and followed him. The trolley began moving, adding to the frustration. The 4 four were barley able to catch up. Curry, who was the fastest, caught up to the trolley and jumped into the door.

"Pardon me," Curry said politely. "Could you stop for a minute so my friends can get on?" The driver, unknowing what to do, said "O-Ok."

Chowder, Gorgonzola, and Panini walked in panting. They sat down in the back with Curry. "How… did you…get that fast" Chowder said, still panting.

"Dunno, just natural talent I guess." Curry said. The 4 sat in their seats, 3 feeling dead, 1 listening to music. You guess which is in which..

After roughly an hour, they made it to their rooms. Coinvidently, they were in a row. Gorgonzola and Panini both met their roommates. Gorganzola's were 2 nerds who were glued to their laptops.

Lets hope they wont talk to me Gorgonzola thought.

"Hello!" The nerd with glasses said.


Panini's roommate was nearly here human counterpart. She had pink hair, same shirt, same pants, same jewelry, ect. The only difference was their hair style. Everyone entered their specified rooms, including Chowder and Curry. The rooms all had basically the same decore. Green walls, brown floor and ceiling, cabinets, T.V., and mini-fridge.. They also had they also had 2 or 3 beds. " Well, I'm going to go on my laptop for an hour before the assembly. What about you?" Curry ashed.

"Assembly?" Chowder asked in reply. Almost as if it had been cued, a voice traveled on the intercom, and said:

"Attention. In exactly 1 hour, there will be an assembly about how the school year will play out, and how you are supposed to act at school, ect. Remember, excacly one hour."

"Oh." Chowder said. "I'm probably going to take a nap. Didn't sleep well last night." Moments after saying that, he went out cold.