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Presenting Chapter 10 Part 1 - Hot Dirty Dancing


My whole body tingled from our last kiss. It made driving to work very difficult, trying to concentrate on the road and having my overactive mind replaying the whole scenario over and over again. I still could feel his lips working down my neck, and smell his musky-earthy, irish spring clean smell that still lingered on my clothes. He had it all. The GQ gorgeous looks, the suave cocky confidence and let's not forget the most delicious lips making him a deadly desire.

Even now, several hours later, it was hard to focus on my work tasks. I found myself drifting off thinking about him and wondering what he was doing right now. Was he thinking about me? Should it matter if he was or wasn't? I was getting mad at myself; I really should put him out of my mind. But then thinking about that last kiss, there was something different about it. It was tender, I felt something stir that hasn't stirred in a long time. It was so frustrating! This mind banter was driving me bonkers leaving me conflicted on how I should feel. Sex was just that, in and out and done. That is, after all, what we both were looking for. To end this physical thirst that was felt every time we saw each other. I only had to get through the rest of today and tomorrow and then I would be seeing him again for our date. It seemed funny that we were going on our first official date. Granted we hadn't had sex yet, but our make-out sessions were pretty fucking fantastic one could almost compare them both. I say almost because I know having sex with Emmett will be five times more satisfying. Fuck I'm horny again.

I ended up making it out of the office early, I wasn't getting anything accomplished and since Dr. Meyer was away at a conference, I clocked out. I have been waiting all day to talk to Leah and tell her all about my morning run-in with Emmett. She is just going to die when I tell her about the kiss.

When I got home, she was in the shower so I had to sit and wait patiently for her to drain the last bit of hot water before she got out. As soon as the water stopped I jumped off the sofa and ran for the bathroom door.

"Leah, are you almost finished? I have stuff to talk to you about." I banged excessively on the door just to annoy the shit out of her. She hated to be rushed.

"Ya, fuck, give me a sec. Can't a girl get a fucking shower in peace?"

I sat on her bed and told her about seeing Emmett at Tim Horton's and our kiss by the car. She thinks we are just completely ridiculous and should just fuck already and I do have to agree with her on that one. She said she wants to meet him before he picks me up on Sunday, so she can check him out and I am more than happy to show off the eye candy.

She kept coming in and out of her closet with new outfits on, Jake was planning a special dinner tonight for her birthday. She came out in this slinky, blood-red sex-dress. It was short, but not whorish, that hugged her curves like it was made just for her. I hated the fact that she looks fantastic in everything she puts on.

"Jake is going to drop dead when he sees you in this. You look HOT!"

"Well he better fucking start realizing what he has." She huffed.

"You know he loves you and one day you will be Mrs. Jacob Black and become the perfect Molly Housewife." Jokingly I pretended to gag. Marriage is so overrated and with the increase in divorce rates, I'd think better not waste my time on 'happily ever after' and settle with 'happy right now'. "I, on the other hand, will be the old spinster with 10 cats, lots of books and my trusty dildo."

We both laughed.

"Seriously, I am not going to sit around and wait forever. How hard is it to pick out a fucking ring? Maybe I will go and find myself a new boyfriend; maybe one 'rich as fuck' and then I don't have to work." She said, trying her hardest to fight back a smile, but we both know she would never leave Jake.

"We know Jake, he's a pussy, and you might actually have to ask him yourself." I said with a laugh.

"Fucking men! Five years and nothing, do we really need them?"

"Umm, yeah...remember I tried girls, not the same! Men do have their…advantages?"

"Ya, well…if you say so…aren't we the lucky ones!" she trailed off laughing disappearing back into her closet.


I woke up this morning full of energy and giddy from my last dream. I don't know what I was smoking last night to come up with a dream like that but God help me I enjoy every minute of it. Having both Emmett and Quil fondling me, caressing every inch of my body was incredible, in a sick and kinky kind of way of course. I couldn't help but smiling just rethinking about it. I suckered Newton into taking my dayshift. Today was Leah's birthday and tonight the gang was off to V.A.D. nightclub. I haven't been out dancing in months so I am super excited. I looked at my clock and was delighted to see that it was early enough to fit in a run. I hated running in mid-day, too many creepers for my liking. I went into the bathroom for a quick face wash and brushed my teeth. I grabbed the first pair running shorts I found, my black sports bra, some random tank top and was out the door within 10 minutes.

When I got to the park, I did a quick scan to see if maybe Mr. GQ was there in all his glory, but I was saddened to see his jeep not there. I stretched trying to stall, hoping that Emmett would show up any moment but after stretching for 15 minutes, I convinced myself get on with my run. About half through around the track, I was in the groove, listening to my I-pod and working up a sweat. I smiled when I passed the spot where my spinster swan was, but this time she wasn't alone, she was actually swimming around with a duck. It was the cutest sight to see. Maybe there was hope for us after all. By the time I made it around a second time, they were way out in the water, just the two of them.

After my seventh lap around the track, I decided to quit for the day, I was sweaty and my clothes were sticking to me and to be honest I didn't smell as fresh as I'd like. I made my way back to my car and checked my phone to see if there were any messages but there wasn't, not that I really expected Emmett to call or anything but a girl can hope. I wondered what tomorrow would bring. I had no idea what I should wear and I was nervous. I was glad that tonight would keep me busy and I would probably drink an excessive amount of liquor to forget about my nervousness.

I needed to make a quick stop by the grocery store before heading home to pick up the last few items I needed to make Leah's favorite, Spaghetti a-la-Bella and coconut cream pie. I parked my car and made my way inside. Of course this wasn't going to be an quick in and out, NO that would be too easy, instead I got a overly crowded supermarket from Hell, not to forget Grandma Ramma-her-cart-in-the-back-of-my-heals behind me. I had already turned and shot her two death glares and a polite "Do you mind!" Instead she smiles and acknowledges nothing making me look like I'm crazy to think this sweet little old lady would do such a thing. I swear to fucking God, if she hits me again, I will shove that cart up her Depend wearing ass.

This was ridiculous, you would have thought it was Boxing Day with the amount of people here. Up ahead there was a couple yelling at each other. When I inched closer I noticed they were arguing over a cereal box. Who the fuck argues over cereal. Does it really matter which box, there is like 20 different kinds there. Between those two retards and the old bat behind me, my patience was wearing thin. I grabbed my shit and abandoned my cart.

Now that I had my last two items I made a beeline towards the cashier. I felt free without a cart, with the ability to weave in and out quickly to get to the front of the store. Just as I made to the beginning of the isle someone turned the corner and I whacked right into the front of their cart sending my groceries flying everywhere and of course I wouldn`t be Bella if I didn`t fall flat on my ass.

"Watch it!" the little bitch shouted.

"Sorry about that…I didn't see you there." I quickly said totally mortified, feeling my cheeks flush. I dusted myself off, making it back onto my feet and began retrieving my fallen groceries. The witch with the cart brushed past me snickering as I bent over to pick up my can of diced tomatoes. With my items in hand I turned to leave.

"Hey…you dropped this." said a voice from behind.

When I turned around, I about dropped what was in my hands. It was him…The him…Mr. GQ holding my bag of sweetened coconut. Shit, there he was all hot and sexy and here I was looking like an idiot. I gazed down at myself and remembered how awful I must look with my hair all plastered to my face, sticky with sweat, and no make-up on. I want to die right now.

"Shit sorry Emmett, I'm a klutz if you haven't already noticed." God I sounded like such a moron. "Thanks, you can't make coconut cream pie without the coconut…"

"Oh well that's my favorite, I'll have to try yours sometime." He said. He was sex on legs, even in his sweats and faded-ass Nike shirt. Everything about him was fucking HOT!

"If you're lucky, I might just let you try a piece…if you think you could handle it."

"I'm a big boy, I think I could handle your..." Looks me up and down and smirks "Pie." Oh fuck!

I don't know if we are taking about food or sex right now, but I'm liking the way he's looking at me. For some reason being around Emmett brings out this newfound confidence and assurance. "Well, not to brag but my baking expertise has been known to bring grown man to their knees begging for more."

"Well I guess I will be in for a treat then." His voice is low and seductive, and his eyes wide with anticipation. It looks like I'm not the only affected by our conversation. Considering this is probably not the most appropriate place to continue this conversation, I give him a quick wink and a smile before starting casually to walk towards the front checkout. He follows, and I catch him checking out my attire, at least my ass looked good in these shorts.

"So Emmett, what you do got planned for today?"

"I'm helping out at my sister's this afternoon then off to work at my buddy's place. And you?"

"Today is Leah's birthday so we are going out dancing tonight, I haven't been out dancing in forever so I'm pretty excited. If you're not busy, you should stop by for a drink tonight after work."

"I don't think I can, I'm going to be out pretty late. What club are you going to?"

"It called V.A.D., I've never been there but the girls at work say it is the best club out there."

"Volturi After Dark eh." He asked as he looked at me strangely, not sure what to think of his expression.

"Is…there something wrong with that club?" Now he had me worried. Was this some sleazy bar?

"Oh no, it is a great club. Actually I know the owner, we grew up together." There is that strange look again. "It's just…"

I cut him off mid sentence "It's ok, don't worry about it." I was feeling so nervous my palms were sweating up a storm. "I better get going, I have a busy afternoon. If you change your mind come by, if not, I'll see ya tomorrow. Have fun at your buddy's." Heat burned my cheeks. I start to turn away and he places a hand on my shoulder.

"When you get to V.A.D., the two bouncers outside are Demetri and Felix, walk up to them and tell them your friends with Emmett McCarty and they will let you and your friends in, if not, you will have to be there before 9:00 or you won't get it."


"No problem, have fun tonight Bella."

"You too Emmett, still you should try and come by, it's going to be fun. Tequila, me in a hot sexy outfit, good music, dancing. What better way to spend a Saturday night?" I said with a wink. He looks at me, contemplated what I just said and steps closer to me. I lick my lips and give him my sassy smile hoping to persuade him into coming and his eyes just watch me. I wonder if he wants to kiss me. I want him to kiss me. He leans forward, his rock hard stomach pushes against my grocery filled arms. Oh god he smells fantastic and my heart is beating a mile a minute. Just when I think our lips will touch, he turns and talks low in my ear. "I can think of a better way for you and I to spend a Saturday night other than dancing…but I will see what I can do." I was tongue tied. With nothing to say to that, I smiled and off he went.


Quil ended up picking me up along with Sam and Emily. Seth's car broke down, so Leah and Jake went to Toronto to pick him up before stopping and getting Embry and Claire. We all met up at the club just after 10:00 pm and Emmett was right, the line up was down the street and around the corner of the warehouse. A group of bleach blonde valley-looking tramp-tarts were giggling and chatting up the two bouncers.

"I'm sorry ladies, but if you're not on the list then you're not getting in."

"Come on Demetri, I'm sure if you look a little closer to the list you will see our names." The one girl practically had her tits on a platter for them begging entrance to the club but they wouldn't budge.

"Sorry ladies, move along." Demetri was standing quite proudly, feeling powerful because he guards the door. What a joke.

I hope Emmett is as well connected as he sounded this afternoon or the only place that we would be getting in this late was Embassy and Jake refuses to go to that club, something to do with getting hit on in the men's bathroom. He is such a baby sometimes.

So I decided to try my luck with Felix. He was built similar to Emmett, tall, broad shoulders, strong features but the face wasn't as appealing. Looking down at my outfit, I had on my ballet flats, short jean mini and black tube top, nothing fancy or chic but I looked damn good in it.

"Hello Felix I'm…" He cut me off.

"Your name?" He won't even look up at me. Kept his eyes on his precious list.

"Umm…I'm Bella Swan… but I'm not on the list."

"Well then I guess you not getting in."

"But I'm…" he silences me with his hand. He is the rudest person I have ever met. Whom does he think he is talking to people like that?

"Move along." His voice full of authority, brushing me and my friends off like we are discarded trash. Stupid rent-a-cop!

"No, I don't think Emmett McCarty would appreciate you talking to me like this. He did after all, invite my friends and I. So talk to who ever you have to talk to and then step aside asshole."

Now that got his attention. Now he was staring at me, looking me up and down, a little too creepy for my liking. I stood my ground. He was not going to intimidate me. He whispers something to Demetri and then Demetri disappeared into the club. Within two seconds, he was back and motioning us in. Wow, I guess Emmett wasn't bluffing about having connections to this place. When we walked in, the cashier at the front gave us wristbands for the VIP area.

"So who's this Emmett guy?" Quil asked.

"Just a friend." I said, not wanting to elaborate any further. "Come on, let's get Leah drunk." Trying to change the subject, but I could see it written on his face, it upset him. I was about to say something else but Seth came up behind us lightly shoving Quil. "Bella, this place is kick ass."

Two "Sex on the beaches", 1 "Killer Kool-Aid", and 5 shots of tequila later, Leah and I were drunk and celebrating. We were dancing all over each other, carrying on like a bunch of idiots, letting loose and having fun. Jake was getting pissy, it was driving him crazy all the attention we were attracting. I think I saw him threaten five guys that if they came near us one more time, he would kick their asses. Quil ignored me all night and left with some random tart. Sam and Emily left about an hour ago in a cab, Emily doesn't like clubs so the fact that she stayed for that long was a big step. Seth and a pretty blonde were chatting with Embry and Clare, and I left Leah so she could dance-fuck Jake on the dance floor. I was feeling pretty good right now, which meant that I was in need of water and probably lots of it.

"Hey suga what can I get ya, another Tequila?" Gena the bartender was my new best friend. I fucking loved this lady.

"I think I clearly have had enough of that, actually can I get just a water?"

"Coming right up suga."

I stayed at the bar chatting with Gena, making fun of all the drunks. She asked all kinds of questions, she pretty much knew everything there was to know about me, growing up in Forks, Edward, everything. It was so easy to talk to her. She was very kind, understanding and funny as hell. I was laughing so hard that my sides were hurting.

"So the girl you were with earlier, the one with the long black hair…"

"Oh Leah." I pointed over. "The one humping Jake on the dance floor."

"Yeah, are those two together?"

"Ya, they are practically married." And I laughed.

"Oh really…I thought maybe…never mind. What about you, are you with anyone?" Gena asked.

"Me…no, I sorta repel relationships or they sorta repel me."

"I find that hard to believe. You're so easy to talk to and you're funny and not to mention, gorgeous." I was starting to get a weird vibe from her. Somewhere in the last couple of seconds the conversation changed directions. Oh shit, I think she is coming on to me. She was staring at me and not in a 'lets be friends kind of way', more in a 'lets have a taste' kind of way. I could feel my face blushing. Damn alcohol!

"Ahh…umm…thanks." This was awkward. How do I get myself into situations like this.

"I'm going to be done work in 45 minutes; you want to come back to my place for coffee?"

I wasn't sure what to say. I didn't want to be rude but I wasn't going home with her. "Umm actually, I can't. I'm kinda meeting up with someone later, sorry."

"Is anyone sitting here." A sexy voice from behind called.

I turned around in my seat recognizing the voice. "Emmett! When did you get here?" He came over and kissed me, soft and quickly before taking a seat beside me. It was almost a tease. I wanted to grab him and have a better one.

"Emmett." Gena acknowledges Emmett but you can tell she is not impressed that he is here. I wonder how they might know each other. I have to remind myself to ask him about that later. Gena grabs a bottle from behind the counter and pours three shots of the dark liquor, one for me, one for Emmett and one for herself.

"Salute!" We cheered and sucked back our drinks, which was disgusting by the way. I am no fan of black licorice. Worst shot ever! But looking at everyone else, they seem to enjoy it. Emmett smirks his sexy lips at me. He looked damn good tonight. I can't help but smile and blush back at him.

Gena leans over the bar to talk in my ear. "Trust me suga, you don't want to get messed up with the likes of him." I look over at Emmett, he was giving Gena the death look, and then I look over at Gena and her worried face.

"Thanks Gena but you don't have to worry about me, I'm a big girl." I grab her hand and give it a squeeze.

Emmett's dark blue eyes leered at her. "Sorry to cock-block ya Gena, but Bella and I have prior engagements to attend to." I guess Emmett doesn't like competition.

She sneered at him and than looked at me. "Suga, if you change your mind, you know where to find me." She walked down to the other end of the bar.

Emmett grumbled something, took my hand, and made our way to the dance floor.

"I'm glad you came." I said, enjoying the closeness as we danced. He wasn't the best dancer, but he could follow the beat. He circled his arms around me and pulled me up to kiss him nice and deep. As the songs changed, we continued this kissing, touching, our bodies knitted tightly together. He spun me around so that my back was to his chest, our bodies still swaying to the music. He whisper naughty things in my ear, and I teased him back by grinding my ass hard into him.

"Bella, you want to get out of here?" His said just before brushing my hair to the side and kissed a line down my neck. I wanted to melt right then and there.

"What do you think?" I said spinning back around, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed more passionately, more urgently then before.


Part 2 – Hot Monkey Sass


The car ride was a sick kind of torture, my sex-filled brain was busy trying to come up with something to say but failing. Silence! What could I say besides I can't wait to finally have your dick inside me. I probably shouldn't have drank so much. I couldn't stop staring at him; I was practically drooling like an idiot over here. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. The liquor definitely didn't help calm down my hormones. Sex with Emmett, what more could a girl ask for. I sighed, how much longer! Where the fuck did this guy live anyways, bum-fuck nowhere? But, at this point I really didn't care, I just wanted to get there. I was getting impatient and my pussy was screaming for action.

I sat up, turning my body toward his. "Emmett, how far away do you live?" I asked, needing the silence to end or maybe just a distraction. I placed my hand on his thigh. Part of me wanted him to pull over so we could get to business. I worked my hand up until it was right on his jean-covered package. He sucked in a deep breath as my pressed palm felt over his well-endowed package, rubbing up and down. Curiosity might have killed the cat but feeling his hard erection, I needed to see it…taste it…take it out for a test-drive!

Seriously, I think there might be something wrong with me…

"Not much further." He said as his blue eyes went from my face down to where my hand was and he shifted, leaning back more in his seat. "Don't have any patience Bella?" His voice was smooth. I watched as the corner of his lip curled up into a smirk. Even his voice was turning me on. "Not around you, I don't." I said as we turned into his driveway. I put my hand back onto my lap. Wow, we finally made it.

He undid his seat belt, and I undid mine, not wanting these restraints to hold us back. He leaned his elbow on the centre console, his other hand reached over his thumb lightly traced my jaw, stopping short at my chin and tilted it up. My heart was beating at a rapid pace, the anticipation and nervousness of what was about to happen was flooding me. No turning back now I told myself.

Everything happened so quickly...


As soon as our lips touched BAM, one minute Bella is beside me next I am flinging her onto my lap. We exploded into each other. A mad frenzy of hands grabbing everywhere, clothes and hair being tugged and pulled, and lips and tongues moving all over the place. Shit was crazy! Her ass kept tapping on the horn as we are moving and dry humping in the front seat. I look down at her mini skirt which looks more like a belt as it is now around her waist showing off her lacy pink panties. You can't tempt me like that and not expect me to touch them. I reach down touching the soft damp silky panties making her moan. She grabs my face and pulls me back into that intense lip lock. I'm getting frustrated that there is absolute no fucking room here, my elbows keeps banging against the centre console and the side door frame, constricting my hand moments on her pussy. I want to drive my fingers right inside her warmth but I couldn't. She giggles and she takes my hands and places them on her ass and she positions her legs in such a way so that she can rub herself right on my dick. Fuck ya! This girl was good.

"Bella," I said, breaking away to catch my breath while staring into her deep sultry brown eyes. Her body all but screamed she wanted to fuck already, begging for me to take her. Her face was only inches away and she sucked in her bottom lips, still slowly grinding into my dick. I needed to move fast before I bust a nut in my pants. This chick was killing me here. I placed both hands on her hips to still her and she pressed deep into my groin letting a soft moan escape from her sweet, tasty lips, showing me how much she liked feeling my hard cock pressed against her. Hot fucking shit, this girl was good. "Let's make our way into the house...so we can have more room to explore!" I said with a wink. She did this little sexy purr-giggle in response.

We fumble and fall entangled into each other as we make our way through the front door, stopping briefly to peel off our coats and shoes before falling up the stairs, Bella underneath me, giggling as she parted her legs so that I fit perfectly in between.

"Let's fuck right here Emmett," she begged reaching down and grasping at the bottom of my shirt pulling it up and over my head. I watch her eyes widen as she admires my body.

"Not just yet Bella, what I have planned," I stopped and placed kisses along her right collar bone starting from her shoulder and stopping at the hollow part on her neck and sucked lightly on her soft flesh. I felt her suck back a swallow before I added "What I have planned for you would be too painful to do it on the stairs." I pulled the front part of her top down, taking the bra and all down with it so that her tits fall free. I palmed her breasts with both hands full. I continued my trail of kisses down in between her mountain valleys. I flicked my tongue over her nipples watching the goosebumps ripple over them before taking one of them into my mouth. I suck and lick one side and then moved to the other side.

"What's wrong with a little pain, I'm up for it if you are." Her voice now raspy and urgent. She was hot as fuck, and my dick was throbbing against constrains of my jeans. She was going to get fucked good tonight!

She pulled our bodies closer so that our chests were pressed tightly together and wrapped her legs around my waist for added support. I considered what she just said, picturing thrusting her deep up and down the stairs, her back would take most of the abuse and my knees would also feel it. Tough decision, carpet burn was a bitch.

Fuck it!

I picked both of us up, my one hand firm on her sweet ass, the other on the wall for support as we made our way up the stairs. Granted, this probably wasn't the smartest idea I have had as we stumbled along, coming dangerously close to dropping her a few times. She just giggled as we made our way up and through the kitchen.

With one clean swipe of my hand I cleared off my table, shit went crashing to the floor and sat her down. She reached up grabbing my face to meet hers and our hands roaming over each others. Our clothes need to go, so while she worked on my pants and releasing the dragon, I managed to have her completely naked in seconds. What can I say, I have many talents. Her soft hands wrapped around my dick stroking up and down, giving her wrist a slight flick around the top of the head before coming back down. Fuck it felt good and I groan into her neck as I sucked and licked and kissed her. My fingers found her moistened slit and I dove them in deep in and out. I had my thumb tease her swollen clit which made her cry out and her legs jerk. She leaned back and pulled me up on top of the table. I brace myself on my hand and knees above her sexy body.

"Emmett I need you inside me NOW!" The look on her face was one I couldn't deny as it matched my own fiery need. Fuck, I needed to be inside her too. She lifted her hips and grinded up and down the outside of my dick, just waiting for me to give in and plunge into her heated centre. She grabs her breasts and squeezes them, tiny moans escape her lips and she is letting herself give into the moment and enjoy herself. Her movements are quickening and her breathing is deeper.

"You sure you can handle this?" I said with a chuckle. I grabbed the rubber from my pants pocket and opened and rolled it on. I place my dick right at her entrance with the tip just nestled in her heat. Instead of saying anything she tilted her hips and pushed me in.

"F-U-C-K!" I groaned aloud and plunged deeper inside her. She dug her nails into my back and let out a small cry. Her pussy was tight, wet, and felt ooh so good. She grabs my face to hers and our tongues slide around inside each other mouths. I continue to pump in and out of her making the table creak under our weight and bang loudly against the wall. She felt like a warm silk blanket around my dick. Her moans and my groans increased with each thrust.

"Oh God!" she cried. I felt the rush of her hot liquid explode on me, almost triggering my own release. I wasn't quite finished with her just yet and I had to get myself under control, fast.

I slipped my dick out and climbed off the table taking her with me over my shoulder. She giggled and kicked her feet as I made our way to my bedroom. I throw her onto my bed and I climbed on top of her getting back in to position. With swiftness I wasn't ready for, she flipped us over and I was on my back. Obviously, she had other ideas in mind, which I wasn't objecting to, I like a girl who took charge. Her body pounced on me like cat catching its prey. Her eyes were wide with desire and a mischievous grin spread across her face. She licked her lips and climbed on top, straddling her legs around my waist so that we were right into position. She inched ever-so-slowly down my shaft until it was completely lost inside her warmth.

She was still for a moment, both of us just staring at each other, breathing deeply, taking it all in. Her hands snake up my torso, pressing firmly on my abs and pecks. I let my eyes wander down, first at her breast, so soft and perky, the left being a bit smaller than the right, not large, nor small but she was proportioned just right. As I descended further down, I noticed a tiny brown mole about an inch from her bellybutton. Then my eyes made their way to where our bodies joined, her lower lips sealed tight over my dick. Part of me wanted to dominate the situation, and pound the shit out of her until I got out what I wanted to get out of it, and then a strange distant part of me wanted to savour this, take my time, catalog every inch of her so that it burned in my mind. She was beautiful…

As quickly as she enthralled me, I was taken out of that daydream state with one lift and plunge of her hips.

"Shit…yay!" I groaned. She rode up and down on my cock, nice and slow at first, then fast and hard. I quite enjoyed watching Bella ride my cock stallion, her tits bouncing and her back arching. Hearing her cry out my name as she has yet another orgasm, I had to move fast. I was barely holding on, any moment I would erupt like a hot volcano. I grabbed her face in to a deep forceful kiss and with her distracted, I flipped us back over, her legs spreading, inviting me back in.

"You have very a sexy body Bella." I said as I very slowly placed kisses on her body, starting with her collarbone, her shoulder. She just purred like a saucy kitten and licked her lips.

"These," I said as I held her breasts in my hands, squeezing firmly. "Are just perfect!" I said as I took one nipple in between my teeth and playfully bite down before doing the same to the other.

"Mmmm," she moaned and bit her lip. She began to rub her clit and slid one finger in and out of her sex. Hearing her soft moan and watching her fuck herself with her fingers was unbelievably sexy. This time I attacked her lips, having our tongues slide together and I pressed my cock against her inner thigh. She removed her wet fingers, from her hot centre, and gripped the base of my cock. She stroked up and down, nice and firm before she positioned me at her opening. I grab her wrist, brought her hand up to my mouth, and sucked her fingers, finally tasting Bella sweetness.

"Bella, you taste so sweet and so good." I said as I lick every last drop.

I pressed my dick deep inside but still feeling like I could go in deeper. I pick up her legs and place them on my shoulders and drove in thrusting in and out.

Oh God….Emmett…YES!", she screamed. I knew I was hitting the right pleasure spot. As I quicken my thrusts not only in speed but in force, she came again, her body in a blissful buzz. Hearing her cries, my body gave in and joined in her release. So…Fuckin…Good!

I slipped out, disposed the rubber in the trash and collapsed with exhaustion beside her, both of us slicked with sweat and out of breath.

"Emmett?" she said breathless.

"Yes beautiful!" I stared into her big brown eyes and grinned my sexy dimple grin I knew she liked.

"That was…wow!" She was still trying to catch her breath.

"Ya!" I nodded, feeling the same way. The girl was good.

A/N: Finally people, they have sex. It took 10 Chapters, a bunch of hot steamy lip-locks but we finally made it. Again, I apologize for the tardy update.

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