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SUMMARY: Miyu is Kanata's personal maid since they were little. (I don't know how often this plot came up… I HOPE not too often XP) Let's see how their relationship progresses…







A ten-year old brunet was lying down lazily on his belly on one of the sofas in his room all the while looking absolutely bored. Suddenly, the door to his room opened revealing their head butler with a blonde little girl. He had seen that girl around the house before, yet he didn't really know who she was and, to be frank, he didn't really care. Both of visitors slowly approached him.

"Kanata-bocchama," the head butler began, "This is my granddaughter, Miyu. She is to be your personal maid and from now on, she'll be looking after you." After saying those words, the head butler left leaving the two of them alone.


The girl stiffly stood-up straight, locked her hands on her sides and yelled, "P-please to m-make your acquaintance!!"

That caught Kanata's attention. He finally looked up to get a better view of the annoyingly loud person.

"What the… You're just a little girl…" he said – still looking absolutely bored. "Don't tell me they've run out of real maids so they sent me a child…"

"How rude! He's a child himself! What's worse, he has this extremely evil aura surrounding him. I thought that the news about all his maids lasting only a month was just a rumor but now…" Suddenly, Miyu's silent conversation with herself was interrupted by a bored voice.


The blonde looked at her master who had sat up. "Massage my shoulders," he commanded.

"O-okay." As Miyu made her way around the sofa, she realized that there was no space for her behind the sofa as it was placed right next to the wall. She paused and looked up to her master, waiting for his further instructions. He merely gave her a bored look as if saying "Hurry up with my massage…" She sighed and pushed the sofa from the wall with her master still on it.

When she finally made enough space for her and was making her way between the sofa and the wall, the same voice interrupted her again, "Nevermind, I'm going to sleep," and the brunet laid back down on his belly.

The vein in Miyu's forehead popped instantly. "After pushing that heavy thing?!?!" She made her way around the sofa, pulled the boy up with his collar and said with full determination, "Master Kanata! If you're going to sleep then go to bed! It's immodest for someone to just lie around like this!"

This surprised the both of them. She let go of his collar and whispered to herself, "Um… I… lost control."

A smirk made its way to the brunet's mouth. "Heh…" he said, "All the maids up until now would only do as I told them to…" He then pushed the blonde which sent her tripping and lying down the floor. He made his way around her and stood just above her head. He stared at her inverted eyes and said with an amused tone, "OK, I'll take you on..."

"But I'm not picking a fight with you!" Miyu retorted.

And that's what started her days of hell. Her job was non-stop. There wasn't a time when they were together that she didn't have to lecture him.


"Don't be picky! Finish you're food."


"Brush your teeth."


"If you don't sleep now, how do you expect to wake up in time for school huh?"


Whenever he reached his breaking point, Kanata would just tell Miyu, "Geez… I really can't stand you…" and then continued with whatever it was he was doing. But one day…


"Master Kanata sure is late getting home today. I'll go prepare his bath for him."

As she opened the door to his room, she heard footsteps. "He must've gone through the balcony again. That reckless boy..."

"Ah, Master Kanata, I didn't know you had returned. I'm sorr-" She was cut off by the appearance of her master before her: all covered with cuts and bruises.

"No, I just arrived," he replied.

She immediately approached him. "Why are you all covered with cuts and bruises?!" She yelled while staring at his busted eyebrow.

He brought his hand up to feel it, "Ah… This must've been when that kid punched me on the face."




"You were in a fight?!?!" She yelled even louder. The brunet covered his ears with is hands.

He sighed. He was too tired to argue so he might as well shut her up and tell her what happened. He went pass her and started to make his way to his bed while explaining, "They started it. That's what they get for trying to pick a fight with me."

The blonde stared at the back of her master's retreating figure. She wanted to lecture him, but he looked so hurt and tired. "I'll let it go this time."

"I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Kanata suddenly said. Quickly, Miyu made her way to him and caught him by the collar. She then proceeded to drag her master all the way to the bathroom.

"What the… Hey! Let me sleep!"

"No! You have to take a shower and clean yourself up first! What if your wounds get infected huh?"

"No way! I'm sleepy!"

They both glared at each other.

"Take a bath or I'll do it FOR you!!" she said with a warning tone. That shut him up. Kanata was sensitive when it comes to exposing his body. Ever since that incident in the school swimming pool (when he was eight, it was his turn to do laps and he just took his shirt off when the whole female population in his class came running towards him which led to him being pushed into the pool unprepared and with 20 girl-anchors around his neck… he lost consciousness after that) he was very wary about being half-naked around girls. Defeated, he grudgingly took a bath.


After a few minutes, he got out of the bathroom, still with the annoyed look on his face. He then made his way towards his bed.

As he sat down, Miyu approached him with a first aid kit at hand. She opened it up and started treating his wounds.

"Geez… I really can't stand you." He said to her. She was too busy treating his wounds to look up to him but a soft smile was forming on her lips.

"He's been saying that for almost a month now yet if he really hated me, he could've fired me anytime."

After a while, she faced him – still with traces of the smile. Kanata quickly looked away, a small shade of red making its way across his face. She suddenly placed her hand to his cheek to turn his face towards her. She then proceeded to treat his busted eyebrow. With no way of escaping, Kanata was left to just stare at her.

When she was done, her hand slid its way towards his cheek. Kanata wasn't expecting that and he felt goose bumps forming.

"Oi, what the…?" The blush on his face was intensifying. Suddenly, Miyu pulled on his cheeks really hard.

"Ow! Ow!" Kanata yelled.

"All done!" she said, her smile reaching all the way to her ears while still pinching her master's face.

"Let go!!" he demanded, and she did.

"That's for getting into trouble," she said. She stood up and, with first aid kit at hand, gave a respectful bow to her master, "Goodnight Master Kanata," and she made her way out of the room.

Kanata slowly raised his hands up to his cheeks, soothing them from the pain they just experience, "She's so uncute" he muttered. He then stared at the door for a while and when he felt that sleep was creeping up to him, he laid down on his bed.

"Thanks," he said to no one in particular.

-Prologue End-

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