Lingering Moments

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How This Came to Be

I stepped into Charlie's house and put down my small bag. Charlie followed me into his house and put down my larger suitcase. He paused, then with little effort stepped around me and gave me a little smile which I knew, because I had it so many times before. Not just dad but, people close to me, and people who knew I was ill, gave me the 'I'm so sorry' look.
"So Bells, here it is. I hope you don't mind but it is a little cramped." He said with a sad tone.

"No dad, its fine." I tried to give him a reassuring smile. My dad is Charlie Swan, chief of police in Forks Washington. I'm moving in with him today for a couple of months. The reason why it's only a couple of months is because I am going to die soon.

You see, I was diagnosed with bone cancer when I was twelve years old. Since then I have had nine surgeries and countless hospital stays. Because of the caner, my bones are more fragile so I have also suffered some brakes in my years. I am very fragile. Sometimes people would treat me different because of my condition. I always felt like I was walking around with a giant sign that said 'Look at her, the sick girl, she could break at any moment'.

When I was about fourteen, I went under treatment and I was in partial remission which means the cancer cells shrunk. I thought I was good for a while until earlier this year. I am now seventeen and I was informed that my cancer had come back.

My mom Renee was devastated along with my father Charlie. I lived with Renee in Arizona for most of my life. When I was a baby, she left my dad and moved away with me. She remarried when I was about ten years old to a man named Phil. Phil was a nice match for my mother so I didn't mind him.

I would visit Charlie over the summer but when I found out about the cancer, he decided to visit me instead. No one wanted to risk me traveling in my weakened state. Charlie would visit constantly but I didn't mind.

When we all thought my cancer was under control, Charlie started visiting less. I understood, he has a job and I didn't want to keep him from work.

When we found out my cancer came back, everyone was scared. We decided that I would start chemotherapy and see what happened from there. The doctors said if I didn't, I wouldn't live long after my eighteenth birthday. That gave me roughly eight months.

We decided that I would start the treatment the following month and just enjoy one month of pain and vomit free bliss. Charlie started visiting more again and it was nice to have my family around me.

The month after, I was set to start chemo, my mom and Phil went out for breakfast beforehand without me the day I was suppose to start because I didn't want to get even sicker then I knew I was going to get. They went to a diner that was off of the main highway and I stayed home and slept for a while.

Charlie was going to come back to Arizona for my first chemotherapy treatment but couldn't. I didn't mind much, I want him to have a life outside of being concerned for his sick daughter.

My mom and Phil were supposed to get back from breakfast early but they never came home. I received a knock on the door and was told the news of what had happened to them. On their way home, a driver hit them from the side and sent them off the road and into another lane of traffic. There car went directly in front of a tractor trailer.

That's when I decided not to go through with my chemotherapy. I realized that death happens and it can't be evaded. It can be put on hold but why do that to myself? I know I am going to die eventually do I decided just to let life run its course how it originally planned on doing it.

When Charlie came back for the funeral, he stayed here with me for a couple of weeks. He told me he had to go back and that I had to move to Forks with him. I knew it had to be done so I didn't even put up a fight. I wanted to be close to my mother's grave but what else could I do.

Charlie wasn't happy when I told him my decision to stop treatment and let the cancer run its course on me. I only had six months or so left to live so I would enjoy them with my father. I wanted to live a normal life until the end.

Since I wanted things to be normal, I wanted to go to high school. Charlie said I didn't have to but I wanted to at least try to accomplish most of what I can and receive the extant to my education. He gave in and said he would register me at Forks High School.

Before I was sick I went to school like any other child. After I was diagnosed, I was homeschooled and I have been ever since. I think High School will be an interesting experience.

Now that I'm here, I want things to just go on like nothing is wrong. I made sure that Charlie wouldn't tell anyone about my sickness. I don't want to be treated any differently. He agreed and reassured me that no one knew aside from his close friend and his son from La Push, a reservation right outside of town.

Even though I wanted my life to be normal, I knew it wouldn't be. I knew I still have to take medicine daily for pain and other things, I knew I had to go for checkups with an oncologist, and I knew in a matter of months I would be dead. I don't fear death, I only fear for after.

Poor Charlie has lost so much already. He sort of lost me and my mom when she left him, he then almost lost me to cancer, he did lose my mom in the car crash and I was going to die soon. I am the last of his family and I'm just scared that no one will be here to look after him.

"So Bells, I know you want to go to school so I bought you a car." I was touched. Here I was, about to die and he bought me a car. Something that wouldn't have any use shortly.

"Dad, you didn't have to do that. Soon there won't be anyone here to drive it." Charlie frowned. He always gets sad when I talk about my impending death. I don't want to upset him. "Dad, I know you don't like when I talk about it so let's just forget about it completely. Ok?" I smiled a half hearted smile.

"Sure Bella. I won't even think about it. For now, you are just my daughter who is starting her first day at Forks High School tomorrow." He said proudly. "No doubt you will be the smartest kid in class."

Charlie and Renee always thought I was some sort of genius. The truth is that when you are constantly in a hospital bed or stuck at home, there isn't much to do besides read and study. I love reading and I have made is a goal of mine to read as many books as I can before I die.

"Thanks dad." I blushed. "I think I will just go upstairs and sleep for now. Do you mind if I keep my medication in the bathroom?"I asked.

"No, not at all. Go right ahead. I'm going to start making some dinner. I will call you down when it's done so we can eat." He suggested.

"No thanks. I think I will pass on dinner." He gave me a disapproving look. "I will eat breakfast before school tomorrow."

"Alright, I usually head out early but since it is your first day I will escort you to school to make sure you get situated. You have permission to carry around any medication you need. I have a note from a doctor for you." My face must have looked shocked because Charlie tried to ease my worry. "Don't be concerned, they don't know what it's for."

"Alright, thanks Dad. Goodnight" I said as I walked up the stairs into my new bedroom. I wanted to get some sleep tonight because tomorrow is my first day in my new High School. Let's see, I haven't gone to a legitimate school since I was about fourteen, I am slowly dying, and I am starting in the middle of a new semester. This should be interesting.

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