Hey Guys! It's been a while since we have been here huh?

Well I was nominated for an award over at http:/bringmetolifeawards(dot)weebly(dot)com/index(dot)html (you can also find the link on my profile) I was nominated under the Shiny Apple Award. All you have to do is go visit the website, go to Vote and vote for me and this story. I would love it if you guys could do this for me because well, I never have one anything. (I was nominated a while ago but I completely forgot about it )

I loved writing this story and it would be awesome to see it get recognition on the twilight fanficiton world. I also hope that if I win other people will come across the story because I worked so hard on it and I hope you and others have and can enjoy it.

So please, it will take a short amount of time to go and vote.