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Confusing Experiences and Hidden Feelings

by Kaeera & Latrisha

Chapter 1: The Trio together

Summer...a word which lets you immediately think of a warm sun, holidays and ice-cream. It's a time nearly everybody enjoys;when the sun is shining, you see more laughing faces than ever. However, there was one boy who did, indeed, not like this special time of
the year, and his name was Harry Potter. Summer, that meant usually spending six horrible weeks with the Dursleys, something which could really not be considered as pleasant holidays.
But this time he had managed to escape; his friend Hermione had invited him and Ron to stay the last week of holiday at her house. This shortened his time with the Dursleys to five weeks, still a long time, but he had survived it (although he had needed many letters and cakes from his friends).

And now he was here, sitting in the train with Ron on his way to Hermione. It would take him one wonderful year until he had to face his family again. Harry sincerely hoped that this time, he wouldn't have some dangerous adventures like usually, but he really doubted it. After all, living at Hogwarts was dangerous, especially when you are the Seeker in the Quidditch team.

"I wonder how it will be at Hermoine's house.", Ron suddenly said. "Do the Grangers have gnomes, what do you think?"
Harry shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno; they are muggle, they probably don't know what gnomes are."
Ron wrinkled an eyebrow and snorted. "I hope it won't be too bad."
Harry yawned. "Why bad? I'm sure that it will be great; Hermione can show you all the muggle things, for example a telephone, then you can call me.", he grinned, remembering the last and only time his red-haired friend had tried to call him. It had ended in a disaster, but when he now thought about it, he found it quiet amusing.
"Bah", Ron snorted again, "Muggle things. They make life way too complicated."
"Well...", Harry started, but he was interrupted by the loud-speaker. "Hey, the next station is ours!"
"We have to get out, Ron."
"Oh, okay, I'll grab my things."

* * *

The boys left the train and stepped on the platform. Ron felt confused for the first moment; all the muggle looked so...different. Nobody did wear robes; indeed very uncommon for the young magician. Then he remembered that this wasn't his world anymore, it was the world of the muggle, of telephones, subways and not-moving photos. He hadn't told Harry about it, but he didn't like the thought of spending a whole week at a household without magic, even if it was Hermiones. There were so many things he didn't know, things which were normal for his friends; the telephone for example. It had been so embarrassing when Hermione had told him what he made wrong. In his world Ron usually acted as guide for Harry (Hermione didn't need him; he doubted that there was one book in the library she hadn't read, how could a single person know that much??), he didn't want to change that.
But then again, on the other side, he was quite curious. His father had told him so many things which sounded really odd...and, well, funny. He still hadn't decided which feeling was more intense; curiousity or fear?

Lost in thoughts he followed his friend along the platform. Next year they would be in 6th grade, all three together, Hermione, Harry and him. And soon was his 16th birthday, something to look forward to.

"HARRY! RON!", a loud scream interrupted his thoughts. There was Hermione, about 50m away, jumping up and down. Ron had to hide a smile when he saw her. It just reminded him of the day he had first met her - in the Hogwarts train, five years ago. She had been the typical best-pupil-of-the-year, fixed on the rules and unaware of the meaning of friendship. But that had changed. With the years she had experienced the fear, the touch of adventure - and she had been friends with Harry and Ron during all the time. The trio was famous in Hogwarts; everybody (without the Slytherins, of course) accepted them, or - sometimes - even admired them. One reason was, however, the fame of his friend; there was no one who didn't know Harry Potter, the kid who survived Lord Voldemort.
Sometimes it could be hard; he was often considered as nobody compared to Harry. And often he felt jealousy growing in his heart. But it had, fortunately, become better with the years.


Change of POV!
(A/N: There will be more such POV changes in the story. I know it comes a bit sudden, but I wanna that you have all insight into the 'person's heads. Hope you aren't angry!)


It was nice to see Hermione again. I would have never admitted it, but I really missed her voice during the five long holidays week. Of course, I enjoyed holidays, and the idea of going back to school and...learn....didn't make me feel better, like it did to Harry. Well, that was understandable. Everybody would enjoy school more than the Dursleys, even I.

"Hey Ron!", Hermione shouted and hugged me and Harry. "It has been a long time, huh?", she smiled and her eyes were sparkling.
"Don't tell me that you missed us.", I said, "You could have had the company of sooo many great books..."

I could have slapped myself. Why was I always that....unpolite? Argh! But the words were said, and Hermione's smile disappeared. Harry glanced angrily towards me and I shrugged. My mouth was always faster then my brain.
"Don't start like this, Ronald Weasley!", Hermione answered in a harsh tone, and I tried my best to look guilty. She shook her heard, the long brown hair flowing in the wind. Oh no. Now she was angry...

"My father and my mother are waiting outside in the car. Let's go!"
She turned around quickly and stormed ago. I felt helpless; wasn't she a little bit overreacting? After all, she knew me and my big mouth. Sighing I took my bags and followed her.
Harry soon stepped beside me and hissed: "Don't be such a jerk, Ron!"
"I know, I know!", I muttered, staring down on my feet. "But she's overreacting, isn't she? Okay, I admit, it wasn't one of the smartest comments...", I noticed Harry's expression and added hastily:
"and no the nicest, too, but she doesn't have to be so angry."
"Maybe she has her reasons...", Harry said slowly.
I looked at him. "What reasons?", and he sighed. "Sometimes you just don't see the obvious, isn't it so?"

The obvious? Well, it was obvious that Hermione was angry....Annoyed I decided to let it drop; it was not worth it, and certainly Hermione would cool off with the time, wouldn't she? She did always, after all we didn't normally survive one week without fighting.

On my way through the station I discovered some really weird muggle things. First of all there was a big clock on the wall, but there were only numbers on it! Hey, what was the use of such a clock? I mean...at home, the clock always tells me when I am late or so, but this one? It tells me that it is 'five'???
I shook my head. The muggles were really strange. It was far more practical to have a clock which says where you are and if you are late than such a...thing!! Really!

Hermione, still a bit angered, lead us through a big hall on the parking place. I stepped out of the building and....gasped. Cars. CARS! So many of them! Of course, cars weren't unknown to me; after all my father was working in the ministerium, but so many of them...that really left me stunned.
"Wow.", was the only word I could bring out, when I continued staring down on the vehicles.
Then I heard someone giggling.
"What's so funny?", I asked and turned around. It had been Hermione who had giggled. And Harry was smiling, too.
"Just the way you looked when you saw the scene here!", she grinned, and waved towards the parking place, "Like a little kid who sees a big city for the first time!", and she continued to laugh.
My first intention was to snap at her, but I remembered her previous outburst and pulled myself together. And then, it was nice to hear her laughing again.

"Come on, my parents are waiting.", she shouted and stormed down the stairs, to a big red car. We followed her a little bit more slowly.

I had to admit that I was a little bit dumbfounded. I wasn't used to such an...enthusiastic Hermione. First happy, then angry, and then again happy - a 180° change in one minute??
Had she always been like that? Or was today a special day?
Then I remembered a talk of my mother with Ginny, which I had overheard(really! It was accidentally! Don't believe me??). There she had spoken of some days in the month, on which girls can be a little bit different...Maybe Hermione had one of her days? Although I didn't quite understand what my mother meant with that...

"Stop the thinking, Ron", Harry said friendly and slapped on my shoulder. "We should better get into the car."
I nodded and greeted Mister and Misses Granger, who had left the car. Hermiones mother was a little bit taller than she, had the same brown hair and green eyes. She looked very nice, and I immediately liked her. Her father was a little bit taller and seemed to be friendly, too. He shook my hand and said: "Nice to meet you, Ron. After all this time you are friends with my daughter, it's really a pity that I learn to know you this late!"
I had to laugh. "Well, you know me now, don't you?"
"if Hermione told me the right things, you must be a very nice young man.", he grinned. I felt that my ears were going pink, and so did Hermiones face, but luckily her father decided to leave this topic alone and welcomed Harry instead.
"Hello Harry!", he shouted, "I have heard many things about you! Let me tell you that you are very welcome at my house."
And his wife added: "We hope you will both enjoy the time here, especially you, Ron, if it's the first time for you that you are in the muggle world."
I just nodded and said my thanks for the kind invitation, remembering my mother, who had told me to be polite at the Grangers household, or else 'she would do something I would really, really hate'.

Oh well. Mothers!

To be continued....

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