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Three days later found Kurt and Kitty settled back home at the mansion. Her expedition had been mostly a success in her eyes, except for the whole almost getting raped part. She could really have done without that.

She went down stairs to find everyone assembled for dinner. Ever the rambunctious crowd she felt right at home nestled between Even and Logan. Beast was talking about his latest excursions to that nature reserve or the other and Scott and Jean were beside each other eating quietly. Well Jean was, but Scott was threatening to blow up someone's main course if they didn't stop charring his. Oh yeah, this was home, just the way she liked it.

The Professor made a mental announcement causing his students to look to the head of the table. Here at mutant manor he was the head of the family. "Everyone, I hope you all had a nice, relaxing, spring break. I trust you are all ready to start up at school tomorrow," he smirked at the typical looks of dejectedness that came from his pupils. "Once more, I would like to say welcome to Neal, I hope you are settling in nicely, and I have a surprise for you all. We'll be having a long term guest staying here at the mansion until further notice. She's studying to be a mutant anthropology major and is working on a series of books. Kitty, I'm sure you'll get along great with her, since you already know her so well. I would like you all to say 'Hello' to Abbigail Pryde."

Neal stood up out of his seat and raced to the doorway where Abbie stood. He lifted her and spun around in a large circle before setting her down once more.

"Thank you Professor. Hello," she stared awkwardly at the people around her. "Um…I guess you already know that with books come research, so if you all wouldn't mind-. Aw cuz don't look so down. Everything is confidential, well almost everything. You know the usual names, and specifics like that, but I promise I won't embarrass you or Kurt in front of your friends while I'm going to school here." Abbie smiled cheekily as Kitty turned scarlet and some ways down the table, Kurt turned deep violet. "Oh, whoops, did I let that one slip," she said.

Kitty rose and phased through the table as she crossed the room to threaten her cousin within an inch of her life. Most things about spring break hadn't been mentioned and everything was being played off as though nothing had happened including the copious amounts of sex that had been had.

Abbie raised her hands in mock surrender allowing her sketch book to fall free from her hand scattering her papers everywhere.

"Wow, these portraits are amazing Abbie you did these youself," Jubilee stated in astonishment.

"Yep, those are all from what I observe when I'm around people," she stated.

"WOAH, woah, meow," Even was holding back nothing, nor was he thinking as he spoke. "Kitty, what have you been doing?"

Everyone gathered around the boy as they passed around the sketch he held.

"Kurt, my man, way to go."

"What ah you talking about Roberto. Even, hand it here," he stated shortly. He grabbed it from Even and looked in horror to the picture before him. It showed him a head taller than Kitty as they both stood among tussled sheets on their knees. His tail was snake around one of her thighs with her in one of her lacy bras and sheet wrapped loosely over her other hip; both of his hand firmly on her hips. Her hands both went behind them as she had put her fingers into his hair pushing her chest forward. It accentuated all the muscles of her arms and torso, while his mischievous nature was his emphasis. He was the deepest shade of purple anyone had ever seen as Logan took it from him.

"Elf, what in the hell were you thinking," he growled.

Charles took the picture as Ororo, and Beast looked on.

"Oh my," Charles stated properly, as did Hand when he put on his glasses. "Abbie, you may want this one back now."

"Oh, wow," Scott handed a picture to Jean who inspected it closely with Amara and Jubilee looking over her shoulder.

"Um, Kitty, I had no idea you were into this kind of thing," Jubilee stated.

Kitty took the sketch and looked at it.

Nearby Abbie was explaining, "Only a few of these are from dreams I've had, but most are from-"she when she was cut off by a back hand from her petite cousin. She held a sketch in her hand and was fuming mad. Logan held her back as she proceeded to shout at Abbie.

"You, bitch, how could you? How did you get this?" She was crying as Logan held firm to her arm.

Everyone looked to the sketch that was now on the floor. It showed a picture of Kurt, collared with a chain tether, arms behind his back, blindfolded and kneeling on the floor. "Kitty stop it. I'm sorry, I didn't draw this until after you guys got back. I had nightmares after you left that night…I saw these horrible images of Kurt and he was like this and you were raped and I didn't want say anything so I drew these."

"Raped? Kitty?" Jean looked to her.

"I wasn't raped," Kitty shouted as she fell to the floor. Kurt went to her.

"You all have a lot of explaining to do," the Professor stated, "Now, go to my study and I'll be there shortly."

They walked to his office and spilled their collective guts. Charles was, sufficed to say, shocked. Kitty had played it off before that they hadn't done the presentation, she hadn't come out and that nothing truly happened. She had never mentioned Kurt's kidnapping, her near rape nor being drugged. They were let off the hook, but Kitty went to Kurt's room and the two curled up hoping never to have to repeat those events to anyone.

Kitty made up with Abbie and soon they were on good terms again and Abbie started working on her books.

A few weeks later, on Kurt's birthday, Kitty was told that her whole family had been informed of her mutant status and the she was still their choice for matriarch if she would take the position. She said 'yes' elated about her family's choice.

She got off the computer and put on the last piece of jewelry she needed. She snuck down stairs, making sure no one was there and headed for the back door. Kurt's birthday was today and she had a surprise for him.

Kurt was already outside on the side lawn. He had almost everything he could ask for, except one. He had cake, gifts, friends and family, just no Kitty; not yet anyways. He was talking to some of the guys when they looked suddenly to find Jean, Jubilee and Amara beating out a steady beat on a set of drums that sat in their laps.

Kurt looked around curiously until he spotted Kitty coming around the corner of the house. He was floored as he sat on the stone wall behind him. There was applause for a moment as they took in her dress. She wore a crop top that hugged everything snuggly and several sets of bangles. She wore a skirt that hugged at her hips and had baggy harem pants beneath it. As she spun once she pulled out a scarf that flowed easily with her movement adding to the intrigue and mystery, which in the setting sun, was a tempting sight.

She came forward, shaking her hips and moving in rhythm with the drums. She moved lithely as a snake and graceful as a cat, the coins and tassels about her hips accentuating her movements. Kurt was mesmerized, 'so this is how she learned to do some of those things I like so much.' He was only too pleased to comply when Kitty pulled him up to dance once around him, her hands moving gracefully as she pulled the veil with her. She lightly ground her hips into hips as she pressed her back to his resulting in a very loud purr. She turned and put the scarf around his neck and twisted it within her hands, drawing him in for a kiss.

Everyone was all cat calls and whoops and hollers as Kitty strutted her stuff. The boys drooled and the girls requested tutoring. Kitty was proud to give Kurt this gift, while all the while boys were jealousy.

"Aw man, what's up with that. No offense to Kurt, but what's a fine girl like Kitty doing with him anyways. What's he got that I don't?"

Kurt 'bamfed' behind them, "What can I say? Chicks dig the fahzzy dude." He laughed, having taken nothing that the guys said seriously. He didn't even care all that much, all he cared about was that Kitty was with him.

"Hey man, what are grinnin' all goofy for," Scott asked.

"Boys are so clueless," Jean stated as she walked over. Kitty continue to dance it beat with regular music as some of the others joined Kurt, including Kurt, still grinning his fangy grin, making Kitty shiver just the way he liked.