Happy 4th of July! Thought I'd kick off the holiday with a special little horror story of my FAVORITE TEEN SUPER HEROES, just for future reference. So, enjoy the first chapter of my story!

Chapter 1

"Formal Invitation"

"A ball?" Jinx scoffed. "You've got to be kidding me. And Raven approved? Robin approved?"

"Yeah, how'd you get them to agree?" Kid Flash asked, both talking into the same communicator.

Beast Boy smiled devilishly into the screen, "Blackmail for Robin and I just begged Raven for an hour until she got tired of me. But nevermind that, as I said before, you are both hereby invited to the 'Masquerade Ball', held at the Titans tower on the 4th of July!"

"Beast Boy, do you even know what a 'Masquerade Ball' is?" Jinx asked, looking a little reluctant.

"Yes, Raven told me its a masked ball. Now are you coming are not!?" Beast Boy asked, getting a little impatient.

"You and Raven sure have been spending a lot of time together lately." Kid Flash teased, wiggling his eyebrows. When Beast Boy opened his mouth to argue, Kid Flash continued. "But yeah, sure, we'll be there. Right Jinx."

"I guess." She mumbled.

Beast Boy's face lit up immediately. "Good, it's a formal costume party, so please try and wear a disguise. And don't forget to bring a mask! Beast Boy out!" And then the screen clicked off.

Jinx closed her communicator and looked at Kid Flash with a slightly annoyed expression. "Well, we might as well go shopping now."

"Sure. I wonder how many people are going to show up."

"It's Beast Boy, he's probably gonna figure out a way to get every Titan there is to be there."

Beast Boy turned away from the screen to examine the work that was being done: Starfire and Robin were taking care of the food and decorations, Cyborg was helping to make sure that all the guests were invited and coming, and Raven was . . . Wait a second-. "Hey, where's Raven?" Beast Boy asked, noticing a Titan was absent.

"She's in her room Beast Boy, doing the research just like you told her to." Cyborg answered, already dialing another number on the computer.

"Yeah, that was a pretty good choice for her, she's read enough to know a general idea about what happens at a masked ball, she's probably just making sure she remembered everything." Robin said, then he paused and picked up a list to show him everything about decorations and food she'd already given Starfire and Robin. "She told us she's only half done, but I think we're pretty good with just this list."

"Oh! That reminds me!" Beast Boy said, somehow Beast Boy had been put in charge of the planning. "How far is everyone ahead of their work?"

"We are very close to becoming finished with our task, Beast Boy." Starfire answered, hanging up one of the phones. "And over half of the decorations and food have been ordered."

"Yeah, and we only have to call the Titans East and a few other people before we'll be done." Cyborg answered, seeming to be just about ready to call them.

"Great, I'll go ask Raven how she's doing, and if she's on the same page as everyone else, then we'll all go shopping for costumes." Beast Boy waited for everyone to agree before walking out of the room and down the hallway. This was going better then he had planned.

When he reached the door, he stood up straight before knocking three times on the door. "Raven, you in there? It's me, Beast Boy."

A small shuffling sound was heard before the door opened to reveal Raven with her hood off with her usual blank expression on her face. "Hey Beast Boy, something wrong?"

"Nope. Just wanted to see how you were doing, you've been in there a while."

"I'm fine, is there something else you needed?"

"Yeah, we're all going to go shopping for our costumes in about," He glanced at the clock on Raven's side table through the door. It was 1:27 p.m. "Half an hour, so if you need to do anything or take a break, now would be the time."

"Okay, thank you Beast Boy."

Beast Boy smiled. "No problem, you seem to be in a very good mood by the way, is it the party?"

"Not really." Raven responded, "But it's not often that we get the day off."

"Ain't that the truth, alright then. Later Raven!"

Raven nodded goodbye and then shut the door, leaving Beast Boy out in the hallway. He smiled, it wasn't often him and Raven had a casual conversation without arguing, it was nice to just talk to Raven sometimes.

July 2nd, 2:15 p.m.

The Mall

The Titans had decided to split up into two groups, Starfire and Raven were in one, and Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin in the other. It was only common sense that they split the girls and the boys up.

Currently, Raven and Starfire were in a store specifically that had multiple types of dresses so that they could both shop at the same time. Starfire was leaning towards a pink dress that was very much in character for an occasion such as the one they were planning. It looked very nice on her, and Starfire ended up buying it.

Raven wasn't having as much luck as her friend, most of the dress were very . . . revealing, for her taste. She was getting ready to go into a different store when she heard Starfire squeal in delight, most of the heads in the store turned to look at her friend zooming towards Raven, feeling too impatient to walk like a normal person.

"Raven! You must come look!" Starfire said, grabbing Raven's arm and pulling her towards the back of the store.

Raven felt very uncomfortable, as most people in the store were watching them, some giggling and others smiling just a bit. "Starfire, calm down! What-?"

Starfire then stopped dragging Raven and pointed, "Look." She breathed, staring in amazement at the dress.

Raven stared as well, it was very perfect for Raven. "Friend! Try it on!" Starfire urged.

Raven reluctantly picked the dress off the hanger, "Are you sure?"

"Positive friend! Please, will you merely just try it on?" Her friend begged.

Raven sighed and began walking towards the dressing room, soon followed by a still squealing Starfire.

The other boys weren't having that much trouble picking out tuxedos, it was the masks that they were having trouble with. Since Robin already had a mask (and all guests were required to wear one, including men), they weren't sure if he was supposed to get a different one, or keep the one he had on. Cyborg and Beast Boy were having fun trying on the biggest and most ridiculous masks they could find, and then, after they had finally finished and all of them had bought what they'd needed, they got a call from the girls on Robin's communicator.

"Hey, you finished?" Raven asked, looking at something to the left of her.

"Yeah, you guys ready to go get some lunch?" Robin responded.


"Oh friends!" Starfire was suddenly on the screen, "You must see the garments Raven and I have gotten for our costumes! They are most amazing! Especially the one Raven has acquired-!"

"Starfire!" Raven hissed.

Beast Boy took the communicator from Robin then. "Ooh, Raven, you bought a dress?"

Raven looked away, seeming to be debating on whether or not she was going to be irritated or embarrassed. "Shut up."

"Alright team, we'll meet at the food court, Robin out."

The team entered the main room, already having dropped their bags off in their individual rooms. "I never said there was anything wrong with wearing a dress!" Beast Boy shouted, trying not to laugh as Raven continued to discuss his earlier remark.

Raven pointed accusingly at his face, "You're laughing." She pointed out, turning back to go back to her room. "Honestly Beast Boy, just because I've never worn a dress before in front of you all doesn't mean I wouldn't."

And with that, she walked back out of the room to finish her research. As soon as the door closed, Beast Boy fell on the floor laughing and 'mysteriously' a pillow was thrown at him from the couch without anyone touching it.

Jump City, 253 years ago, 8:30 p.m.

"Emily!" Winifred shouted, running all around the forest to try and find her little sister. A shuffle in the bushes made her grab hold of knife handle in her pouch around her belt, slowly heading towards the moving bush. "Emily?" She asked, slowly moving towards the bush.

Suddenly her little sister came running out from the bush, "There you are!" Winifred hissed, releasing the handle and using that had to grab her little sister wrist. "What are you doing out here? Mother's been looking for you!"

"I was protecting our spot!" Her sister defended herself, walking over to the large opening and hugging the tree.

"Our spot?" Winifred questioned, "Since when has this been our spot?"

"Because we were here first! I don't care if it only has one tree and lots of bushes and a river that's too loud. This is our spot, and I'm not leaving our spot unprotected."

Winifred smiled and placed a hand on her five year old sister's shoulder. "You can't protect our spot if you pass out on duty," Her sister opened her mouth and then closed it, unsure of how to respond. "Exactly. Don't worry Emily, I'll protect our spot no matter what."

Emily smiled and she watched her sister nod and run off in the direction of their house. Winifred watched her go before turning back to the tree and taking out her knife and carving 'E.S.' and 'W.S' in it.

"Come on Wini!" Her sister shouted, coming back and waving.

Winifred quickly put the knife out of view. "Alright Emily, I'm coming!" She said, slyly placing the knife back in the pocket before chasing after her sister.

Jump City, Present Time, July 3rd, 3:00 p.m.

Starfire signed for another package that had come in, they all had been ordered for immediate delivery, and since they were the Titans, that pretty much meant the next day.

"Thank you." Starfire said, handing the clipboard back to him.

"No problem little lady." The man said, tipping his hat to her. (Me: I just think that's so respectful. I don't know why.)

Starfire walked back into the tower and the moment the door opened, piles and piles of boxes created a short (in height) maze. "Friends, are we . . . moving?"

"No Star," Robin grunted, squeezing through a tight spot in between some of the boxes. "These are the decorations, the foods coming tomorrow."

"Oh, then, shouldn't we unpack all of these boxes?" She asked, flying up to open the box on top. She pulled out a some of the lights that were supposed to go on the stage they were supposed to build near the window.

Robin shrugged. "Sure, we'll probably have to get the rest of the team helping us though. Otherwise it will take way longer with just the two of us working."

Starfire nodded and flew out of the room, going to search for her friends.

Starfire knocked on Raven's door, surprised to hear voices inside. "Raven, is everything alright? I have come to request your help in the preparing of the decorations of the festivities but if you are busy-."

The door opened and Starfire's eyes widened. "Beast Boy? What are you doing in friend Raven's room."

"We've been planning how to set everything up." Raven answered, appearing behind Beast Boy. "We we're just about to come show you all. Come in Starfire, you can help us carry the plans into the living room."

Starfire nodded, getting over her initial shock and helped carry some boards into the main room, leaning them against the window.

"Okay guys, me and Raven have made the plans on where everything is going to go-." Beast Boy began once everyone had entered the room.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there green bean." Cyborg interrupted. "You and Raven worked together? And finished? Without arguing?"

Raven crossed her arms, "Yes. Despite popular belief Cyborg, Beast Boy and myself can be civil."

"Yeah, I know but, why?" Cyborg asked.

"Why what?" Raven snapped, getting annoyed.

"Why would you work together anyway?"

"It was Beast Boy's idea." Raven began.

"Yeah, I thought since she knew the most about this stuff, I'd ask her to help with the decorating plans."

"Oh . . . right."

"Now if you don't mind," Raven hissed, feeling a little annoyed at the interruptions. "We'd like to show you what we've planned out."

"Go ahead." Robin replied.

Beast Boy bowed, trying to be in character. Raven rolled her eyes. "Okay, so, here's what we're going to do." He pulled the 'curtain' (blanket) off of the pictures then and they received utter silence. "Well go on, say something!" He urged.

They were shocked, Beast Boy and Raven had made this? Together? It was absolutely amazing. There were three blown up pictures of the main room, one of the left side, the middle, and the last was the right side. Each was magnetic, and the decorations had been made into magnets so that Beast Boy and Raven could move something without wrecking the picture. The lights were all drawn on in a few places they couldn't fit magnets but they still looked good. Their were places for where the curtains were supposed to be set up and everything. All they little details had been thought of and placed somewhere on each picture.

"Most glorious friends!" Starfire squealed, clapping her hands with enthusiasm.

"Yeah guys, it looks awesome!" Cyborg agreed.

"Yeah, how long did it take you to do that?" Robin asked, eyes wide from under the mask (Me: I think that's so weird).

Both looked at each other, "I don't know, maybe-?" Beast Boy began.

"A few hours I think." Raven finished, guessing what Beast Boy was going to say. She turned back to them then, "It took me a while to teach Beast Boy what the theme should be like and then we spent the rest of the time making this." She gestured to the pictures.

"Well then, let's get started." Robin stood up along with everyone else.

Beast Boy nudged Raven with his elbow, "Do you think we did good?" He whispered.

Raven nodded and smiled, just a little. "They love it Beast Boy, we did good."

He grinned before going off to help them open one of the boxes, Raven shook her head and followed him. Beast Boy was one of her only friends, but she knew that she would never get him.


(And don't worry, the horror hasn't even sort of started yet). Heeheehee (I am mocking the ferby prank call, look it up if you haven't seen it, it's a proffesional prank call).